Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

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    Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction
    We had Tucker's friend Riley over for the week and Tucker just could not handle it whenever we showed Riley any attention. This is how he reacts when I give Riley a hug!

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    Published on 9 days ago



      Where is the "Ohh God, I wish that were me..." comment?

    2. ちなCRAZY

      tucker made 4.3k youtube accounts just to dislike

    3. Viola Heart

      Beautiful dogs haha

    4. Miles Davila


    5. Kamadev888

      I'd jump all over Linda too.

    6. Ryan Mae Sweeney

      Lol they’re so adorable! This is so my girl Sophia. 😂

    7. NICE person

      are* - R

    8. NICE person

      the captions were so not old wre they anyways??!- R

    9. NICE person

      HOW IS SHE NOT SCARED OF THE DOG...! honestly are they twins?? Im having a urge to touch it XD The girls lucky but also not lucky (dog saliva could be bad for HER!)

    10. Mina L

      They literally think they're the alpha. Actually only the younger one. You act like such an omega of the pack

    11. Greetings

      I thought it looked kinda disgusting.

    12. Moon Light

      you are gorgeous and your dogs are so cute

    13. 1joshjosh1

      Are you some kind of supermodel?

    14. redstang70

      Lol i know the feeling. My dog is insanely jealous like this...its cute but crazy at the same time lol

    15. Sheets Choc

      Tucker is a smart dog lol. He sees the camera and understands that Linda is going to cause him trouble 😂

    16. meyhemmolly

      Goldies are soo awesome!!

    17. Mr Matto1

      Am I the only one looking at here feet

    18. Kloak-n- Dagr

      People with baby talk dog voices....suck

    19. Ellie Hijlkema

      The dogs are the boss

    20. unkonow


    21. kartik kaushik

      So qtttt

    22. ddavel5441

      And she's a great cook too!

    23. elvis hards

      Jealous chops

    24. MaKav3li Dz

      Damn gurl u so T.H.I.C.C 😋

      1. MaKav3li Dz

        @Toxic_Spirits01 01 0:44

      2. Toxic_Spirits01 01

        MaKav3li Dz bruh wtf

    25. Zee Elle


    26. Duo Pan

      I am also a good boy!!!

    27. bob osef

      if youtube have no monetisation, it's juste few years ago, you and your dogs was alive. At that time, will you film yourself with dogs in bed acting gentle ?

    28. Prabhakar SLS

      can you help me train my golden retriever puppy like few tips please

    29. lucid_delirium

      Her feet must smell of that sour dog smell..

    30. Julia Jilly

      Cant beleeb dis...🤣🤣🤣

    31. werto pan

      I want to hug you too

    32. nanupelu

      I wanna be her dog...

    33. Topu

      The jealous dog wants to do her 😂

    34. D.L .G

      All this video told me is that her dog don’t listen lol.

    35. Tamara Bossler

      Uh oh 😂

    36. Dara Doyle-Hughes

      This just brought pure joy to me. Been smiling for the past 3 minutes and 11 seconds.

    37. Veronica Aguilar

      This thing has nothing special is like another dog a reacción is normal

    38. Roger Goaterer

      White people

      1. Rob

        Black people

    39. Оксана

      Идиотский канал ..Зоофилия какая то...


      Lucky dogs 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

    41. vinu balakrishnan

      What dog breed is it ??

    42. Juliet Olivares


    43. Kimberly Francis

      Gosh dang it Linda is mine!...I gib up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    44. sb

      Awesome video and Linda is hot!👍

    45. Angela Hamlett

      So cute! ♡♡♡

    46. Joe

      I guess I'm not dead inside just yet.

    47. Lucyharbron

      I felt so sorry for Riley 😭

    48. Call Me Jey

      I really hope i could get my pomeranian a friend. It's sorrowful when he has nothing to do when im at school.

    49. Kamala Sreevalli

      i love tucker he is so cute dudee

    50. Benjamin Sam

      As cute as they are... They seem like a task!!

    51. AhmツD_

      waaaaaaaaaaa let me hug my do- oh wait... MY CA- i don't have any pets tho :(

    52. Gavin MacGregor

      My second favourite dog behind a Border Collie.

    53. Ссал на Путена

      Телка классная

    54. Ukbossraptv 174

      My dog buster is the same but he’s a Yorkie very possessive and jealous over me

    55. Yolanda Gu

      I like dogs but this is disgusting. Imagine the hair and germs all around. No thanks

    56. lilac819

      Her hair is so pretty

    57. zain Jasim

      They are cute and adorable

    58. Hamid Safaipour

      It was so beautiful.

    59. Tanuz M

      I thought it's only one... But there are two of them !! Double fun !!!! 😍

    60. Kenneth Cline

      She is annoying as hell

    61. Vilma Ortiz

      Yo quisiera tener un perro...

    62. Just Rico


    63. Wolf & Fury

      I used to Hug Wolf & Fury like that! Miss them.

    64. Marc Lévesque


    65. Joe Scope5

      Linda low key super hot

      1. Toxic_Spirits01 01

        Joe Scope5 can u stoppp

    66. AUMAN36

      I’m getting a golden retriever puppy in 3 weeks and I’m so excited to get it

    67. kiran kumar mishra

      Those dogs are some beautiful

    68. Beyond Infinity

      Cute dogs but getting them on your bed ... yuk bed is for humans for sleeping n fucking not for pets

    69. ddcrush

      I can’t watch this video without wondering if abuses her dogs like that one other US-newr

    70. Roman Blecha

      dogs are cute, Linda is hot ^^