HUGE Grass Bubble POPS... (AMAZING)



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    HUGE Grass Bubble POPS...comment if you've ever seen a massive grass bubble or ever popped one? so satisfying! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    HUGE Grass Bubble POPS... (AMAZING)

    Published on 9 months ago


    1. gacha pink

      Mother nature's pimples

    2. Emily Unciano

      8:54 *Look at her knee.*

    3. Sasha Vixell

      I want to take a ground bubble take a knife and just slice it off my ground

    4. Sindy Teran

      It doesn’t swallo it the water pipe breaks and the water goes out but the grass blocks it

    5. JC Martinez

      I would let it grow and make it super big and then pop it

    6. Kelsie Baker

      So satisfing

    7. Kelsie Baker

      Love it so satisfing

    8. Elianni L

      jokes on you its real sushei get it

    9. FuzzySamurai22

      “Just stuff a finger in make a hole” I THOUGHT IT WAS FAMILY FRIENDLY LIA

    10. Eddie Avila

      Wham bam yes ma'am

    11. Deda_Buttercuppy 2525

      Wait so if those are called land blisters that means the earth is in its puberty and were helping to remove the blisters cuz the other planets are making fun of it..... Plz like if its funny.

    12. MyDogAndMe Nipdog

      i Want to Caninball on the bubbles

    13. Aleksa Baksys

      I would either jump on it or I would cut around with a knife or scissors then let the water explode

    14. W Bliss

      Am I the only one that wants to jump on a grass bubble haha 😂

    15. paytonstar 18

      This is how flash floods start lmao

    16. Tennille Softley

      Lia your asome

    17. Duy Duong

      You live in Arizona? I’m going to Tucson for a field trip. I LIVE IN ARIZONA and I attend cortina elementary

    18. TheWeaponsGuy

      *Get my boots I’m going hunting*

    19. JunisJill

      I live in some where where it’s always damp and I’m surprised I have not got a grass bubble yet

    20. fellecia istokova


    21. The Unicornverse

      7:23 I love how she has no idea how this happens and she has no grass but she acts like she has done this and acts like a Professional

    22. Anna boi

      Am I the only one who wanted ppl to JUMP ON TOP OF THE BUBBLE

    23. Sunny dog

      Grass: hello th- Water: *NAH*

    24. Cindy Holley


    25. Jojoplayz! - Jolie Sola

      Don’t worry I pop my own pimples and I say “yasssss!”

    26. Wolf girl Addy

      Leave it

    27. David E Kersey Sr

      I wonder what would happen if you were like at school in the field and one was there and you ran on it with your everyday shoes and didn’t know it was there would it pop? Like sprit to it and not know it was there???

    28. Kuzuha Togashi

      water gets trapped between a lawn and a membrane laid to limit weed growth underneath. The water cannot drain and causes the ground to balloon. ... But the water is still clogged in the muddy lawn bubble.

    29. Nihal Laljibhai

      i Wanna slab it with KNIFE

    30. Alexandria Conway

      i just wanna see someone do a canon ball on it

    31. unicorn gadban

      Haha hahaha

    32. unicorn gadban

      Wame bam yes mame

    33. Rea Ko

      Grass bubbles. I WILL SWALLOW YOU ALL

    34. Rea Ko

      Is the grass alive or something

    35. Kabir Bilal

      Does anyone else not think that she looks the best in this vid than any other one?

    36. Zhiirou

      Me: *_jumps on the grass bubble like it’s a trampoline_*

    37. tea lun

      I have that in the bathroom wall😤

    38. Its_luna

      I saw one! a dream.

    39. LittleLoi MonkeyingAround

      People Who Think Their High: Ooo the ground is moving. SssniperWolf: Don’t fall in.

    40. Meep Morp Music

      Her talking about how satisfying popping a pimple is. Me, almost traumatized from seeing myself pop a pimple on my own face.😖

    41. Jenny Poz

      I want to jump on it

    42. Phoebe Mammoser

      It is from sheet grass things

    43. John Mague

      I want to see some one jump on a grass bubble and the break it then it turns into a pool because it was so deep Idk why I wanted to see that but ok 👌

    44. Jaylon Gary

      If I find grass bubbles I well stab it

    45. JayAK婀


    46. sugar cookie cut

      *Even the grass gets a little chunky sometimes*

    47. Blue Diamond

      My bro calls me a fanomanom 😑

    48. XxKitCatXx :3

      I’ve never Seen a grass bubble

    49. Camille Duncan

      Haha lol😀

    50. Zhuoyan Fu

      I wanna do a handstand and land on it

    51. leo nataleequeen

      I would use a land pimple as a trampoline

    52. Sakura Chan

      I remember I rampaged a grass bubble

    53. Tiffany Darling

      I literally just looked under the video and saw her shirt in a little Lia video buying outfits blindfolded

    54. Misty_midnight Playz UwU

      The ground is going through puberty

    55. Galaxyfoox SS

      I wanna stick a water hose in it and continue to fill it with more water then pop it but it will be more epic

    56. Sofia’s Reviews

      How it happens: it involves the water cycle it’s water that the grass Collects and starts to form a bubble and is on the upper layer of the grass and not under the dirt a few feet down or a sprinkler is underneath the grass (the grass grows over it)

    57. newnew head

      wam bam hell nah fam had me dyingXD

    58. Joey Poil

      All those grass bubbles were on manicured lawns so they were all irrigation leaks that were left too long. Soil with lots of clay does not saturate as well and water always chooses path of least resistance which in these cases, is up. Grass and their roots are weaved together enough that they bind like carpet... That was the lamest comment of my life... Or not idk

    59. Bryan Nguyen

      Earth's pimple

    60. Katie Candy

      I live it a place with ton of real grass but I have not see on yet.

    61. Itz_ DevilAngelGaming!

      I have a pimple rn and im to scared to pop it 😂

    62. TwentyOneTacos

      pop it

    63. llamalover 2.0

      i’d keep it

    64. David Poynter

      Bent and Zosia grass are more of a vine, normally grown in southern states. They are used on golf courses because the roots grow down only about an inch or two and requires less watering to keep them green, normally grass can grow feet into the ground because it’s looking for water. It’s even hard for weeds and normal grass to grow within the vine.

    65. Sarah Klimkewicz

      Do you have a nother channel

    66. Makda Alem

      So.. we had one at our school it was os big some people fell 😂 idk how but thy did there so dramatic

    67. gamerboy98 2007

      I had one time in my front yard, and we ran over it with a weed whacker

    68. Krista Meekins

      The grass bubbles look like my dogs butt

    69. Alexis Galindo

      a grass bubble is made when water is traped in a pocket in the dirt

    70. Sarrinahs Playhouse

      I have never seen a grass bubble pop