How to Cook a Fast and Easy Dinner

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    How to Cook a Fast and Easy Dinner! Take the quiz at and get your recommendation. Use code Lia to get 25% off your first order of Care/of! Leave a Like if you enjoyed my transformation and to save the turtles! Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    1. Maddie Nolen

      I love you lia and I love me some good risotto like if ya agree

    2. blottz

      Rez otto

    3. Gïłłîãńš Gåćhā

      I know this isn’t a food allergy but I have severe eczema It’s a skin disease if you’re wondering😅

    4. Black Lotus

      Me:*look at kitchen* Also me :* looks at her kitchen* Me talking to myself : dang she have some nice clean kitchen

    5. daz wuzzup

      Who else is here to just check out lias juicy booty? 🍑 🤤😍

    6. John Lawerence

      You're wonderful thank you for being so sweet and fun to watch

    7. Ainsley Laurent

      No one Literally nobody Sausage:blames everything on Ash... 😂😂😂

    8. Fortnite Fan

      Finally some good hecking food

    9. Code: WhiteZT

      Lia:Owns mansion Also Lia:Doesn't own a lid you can literately get from wallmart

    10. Aditya Pharande

      title doesnt say tasty or good food i wonder why!!

    11. Theonlinecat !

      “Who’s the fool now” SSSniperwlof~2019~

    12. con Ba

      "my sleep schedule is pretty messed up right now" Lia 2017....2018....2019.....2020.....2021

    13. Nick Nice

      Your the best!

    14. DIY Queen

      Lias kitchen is bigger then my hole living room and my room

    15. Kat Play's

      Oml I can't tell if that beanie has creepy as heck eyes on it or cat ears. My vision keeps switching it and im slightly freaked.

    16. Evie Barker

      my dad is gluten free

    17. Evie Barker

      my is gluten free

    18. Ching G

      You should have a US-new contest and the winner gets you to cook for meThem.. xD

    19. life with shay

      You should cook more lol and please play more games not that I don't like your videos I love your videos 💜🥰 and didn't you have more dogs😂😘 love you

    20. woo hoo

      this house gives me anxiety

    21. It’s Yo gurl Skylie

      “True story “ so if yall want pizza all you gotta do is get toast bread and ketchup and some mozzarella cheese put it in the microwave for about 1:00 and boom easy pizza hack

    22. Yung Daggerdick

      I’ll love for you to be my baby mama

    23. xXPolarBearLover27 xX

      Any won else wana know WhO iSh DaT dUde In ThE bAcKrOuNd!?!??! (Plz comment who he ish and save meh from confusion🥺)

      1. jungshooked tae

        Sausage, he's Lias bf :v

    24. unknown 828

      Um so confused is this sniper wolf's second channel???

    25. marisol pedroza

      Lia : who toke my cup Man: blames dog Lia:who toke my lid Man: blames dog

    26. Kasl10108

      LIA:WERE IS MY LID HER DOG: wat a lid?

    27. Isla Freeman

      My sister is gluten free

    28. Itz Diana_!

      C O P Y S T R I K E

    29. Jordon Grager

      Wtf Lias a smerf

    30. Jordon Grager

      Ewww Lia is a vitamin girl o ewwwww

    31. Sue Sisters

      DO YOU EVEN HAVE A RICE COOKER!!! Also I’m starving tooo I’m SOOOOOO hungry🤤🥔🥖🥞🥪🥘🍛🍙🥮🍦🍩🍠🥨🥓🌭🥙🥫🍣🍚🍢🥧🍭🍪🥐🧀🥩🍔🌮🍝🍱🍘🍡🧁🍬🌰🥯🥚🍗🍟🌯🍜🥟🍥🍧🍰🍫🥜🍞🍳🍖🍕🥗🍲🍤🥠🍨🎂🍿🍯

    32. Maiti DIngmon

      "Salt makes everything better" My eyes be like "No"

    33. ArtZ nerd

      Lia:Fight me you Milktoast an tolerant fools Also lia:I have a gluten allergy

    34. AM Deer

      yo that kitchen be bigger than my house

    35. Mister Car Auto Sales

      you are a nice house do a house tour

    36. Amber Smith

      Hi lie

    37. JayJay

      Are you sniper wolf

      1. jungshooked tae


    38. Mario El

      Prison rules

    39. adwoa asare


    40. sugar 1234

      Is she Mexican in real life

    41. King Jackle05

      My lactose intolerant brothers rise and we shall take her down

    42. Jason Khawaja

      You got a Booty

    43. Andreas Padamshi


    44. Andreas Padamshi

      It's 3:20

    45. Jennifer Brinnon

      I bet digital stole all the Lids when he came over.

    46. _manthalovepie _


    47. Ogvic 13

      Nice booty tbh

    48. Peter Vue

      I have Tonsillitis ☹️☹️

    49. Wyld

      this b!tch can't cook.

    50. Jimmy Two-shoes

      If anything your pantry's bigger than my mom's house

    51. Tavon Hawkins

      It is weird looking at you with that blue mask on, no effects

    52. the wolf pack

      i have adhd, trouble controlling my emotions, and im pretty sure sleep problems, so i take medicine for all of them.

    53. the wolf pack

      i totally haven't been taking your stuff! why would i do that?...

    54. Effo/Fatou !!

      Please do a night routine, you looked all cozy at the end ❤️

    55. Mammothmans


    56. Dwayne Johnson

      "Rishotto"😂😂 "Riccota"

    57. Sydney Walker

      Her pantry is bigger than my future😭😭

    58. Sparky Gaming

      Is she sssniperwolf?

    59. Jalen Warren

      WHY DONT U COOK US SOME LIKE if u want some too

    60. Carizard Kid

      I know you u are sssniperwolf How many channels u got man?

    61. Gracie Layne

      Can u please do more cooking videos I love them😁

    62. Aesthetic Wolfie

      She be rich

    63. Simone Cifuentes

      One year later....... She still lookin fo dat lid

    64. X_GENJI_X J

      Hey, I just wanted to say that I love so much your videos and that your are the most beautiful women ever and beyond the multiverse.

    65. Linda Mcconahay

      Gese both u& your man has a beautiful house/kitchen,its toooo white for me though,i like color goin on in my house though,i have a turquoise& robin egg blue kitchen!different strokes fer diffferent folks,i guess!

    66. XxGolden _FoxX

      Lia’s video order: Gaming, Cosplay, Game dances, summer days, shopping, asmr (kinda), riddle solving, MORE shopping, house tours, MINECRAFT!, moving house, more tours, Sharpie advert (idk what to call it) and cooking! Who knew she could cook AND take care of her hair 😂😂

    67. Jaselle Jaramillo

      lol me and my kichine

    68. Red TF2


    69. Barbara Martinez

      Sniper wolf with the drip

    70. Marz Barz

      'puppy police' 😂😂😂