How the Thunder failed to win a title after drafting three MVPs in a row

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder had Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden on the same team under the age of 24. They made a run to the 2012 NBA Finals before losing to LeBron James and the Miami Heat. From there, it was all downhill for OKC.
    Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
    Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
    Graphics and edit support by Mike Das
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Ricky

      Youd could wear a thick sweater with a full turtleneck and drink tea (but when you sip it hold it with both hands)

    2. Valin

      Lesson is Cheap Owners kill franchises

    3. daniel kus

      12:23 what does that mean

    4. Spectrum

      Not giving Harden a chance to prove himself then giving him away is the biggest mistake Presti made

    5. Josh Gen

      Because they had the lowest IQ I’ve ever seen.

    6. Anton Smith

      Cursed for snaking Seattle. Karma.

    7. Excelling DEICIDE

      Incredible research that goes DEEP! Now this is what I call journalism📰🗞💯📈

    8. HighburyAFCSoul

      Don't even call the Warriors team the greatest team of all time. There are at least 8 better teams off the top of my head that can rip them to shreds

    9. ABock4

      As a Thunder fan, of course this video is painful to watch. But I have faith in Sam Presti’s ability to draft, and the Thunder have an embarrassment of draft picks now mostly because of the Paul George trade. We also got Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in that trade, and I think that he’s a future star. Adams is a dependable center. The point is, the Thunder have plenty to build around, and will have their pick of college standouts for years to come. So the statement by some that Lillard’s shot ended the Thunder’s franchise is absolutely ridiculous. Do the Thunder have some rebuilding to do? Of course. But we have a loyal fan base, a proven coach in Billy Donovan, and an organization that has a history of drafting well. We’ll be back.

    10. John Doe

      Sad part is Westbrook and Harden will never win won

    11. Horatio Hornblower

      Just come up with the plan that all the "stars" make near max evenly to keep the core together. Assuming they wanted to.

    12. Nicholas Tiew

      Honestly the thunder deserves a championship they choke to much

    13. Shawn 186

      At least they still have Aquaman.. lol

    14. Panzerkampfwagen 1

      The Pittsburgh penguins drafted three future hall of famers/two mvps in three consecutive years. Then they won three Stanley cups in eight years 😂

    15. akult isgod

      russell westbrick

    16. poopy poopsys


    17. Clint Zuleger

      At 5:35. The future Aquaman.

    18. Nikola Prahov

      so sad

    19. Alex Y

      You guys should do a video on the 1998 Minnesota Vikings

    20. craig johnson

      man i really thought this thunder squad was gonna take over the whole nba.

    21. glorious leader

      That's what yall get for pulling my Sonics out of Seattle

      1. glorious leader

        @A Cat damn Kitty, take a joke. Just wishing Ill will on the team that was once mine. Logical? no. reasonable? probably not. what i'm going to do till I die? Undoubtedly.

      2. A Cat

        Lol so you are blaming OKC and their fanbase for that? Blame Seattle for not being able to keep their own team in their city

    22. pellman87

      Why the cringy music? Jeez

    23. Jaydyn C

      This I’ve watched many times and it makes me sad 😔 because my Okc fell apart right in front of my eyes

    24. Jelly Maguire Maguire

      A parade of high level players Durant Westbrook Harden Ibaka Oladipo George All gone and no rings for OKC

    25. David Pimentel

      move back to seattle

    26. Curtis Harvey

      This will forever be insane. If they would've just taken the risk and paid Harden no doubt we would've gotten a Thunder Heat rematch. And with more experience under their belt it at least goes to 7 games who knows what happens then. But this is the problem with a lot of small market teams they usually don't know when or even how to pull the trigger. That's why the Spurs and Raptors front offices are forever respected.

    27. D00MTR33

      How can the Warriors be the first team to blow a 3-1 lead to the Cavs when they just came back from being down 3-1 themselves?

      1. D00MTR33

        @Flying V no, I meant they were down 3 to 1 before and came back to with. So they can't be the first team to blow a 3 to 1 lead since the team they played before blew a 3 to 1 lead to them.

      2. Flying V

        D00MTR33 makes no sense. Refs? Getting too cocky thinking they could win? That’s what killed them I think.

    28. Ben Wellman

      How does your channel not have 1mil subscribers. Maybe my favorite and most underrated sports youtube channels there is

    29. Creepy Cheese.

      let me keep it simple for you. Russell westbrick is a player you dont wanna play with. People didnt like playing with kobe either, but the difference is, kobe actually won games.

    30. Jezuz Gomez

      3 nba stars lose to lebron🔥🔥

    31. Curt

      If only OKC had Aquaman at that time...

    32. Elreezy

      What's the music in the video? Because I am thinking of making my own collapse series on Facebook... Called: Downfall... Which represents the rise and even fall of voice over personalities.

    33. C Brown

      Pat fn Beverly

    34. t w

      They deserve it. Trash organization.

    35. rico pesos

      Am i missing something when did u ever mention the James Harden trade to Rockets or them losing the finals to Miami Heat ??

      1. A Cat

        Lol did you watch the video

    36. King in the North #kawhitown #wegotnow

      “I’m commited to OKC” signs a 4 year and 5 year extension deal respectively, after 2 years of going out in the first round of playoffs IMMEDIATELY requested trade ROFL

    37. Brock Samson

      How much we are real sports family Guy that runs almost cried

    38. Philipe Yan

      SonicGate Karma payback...shame on Bennett for robbing Seattle of OUR SONICS!!! Our drafts!!! Greed of Mankind

    39. Vincent Chen

      If Durant went to join the rockets, which we all know he wouldn't because 1. He said that in the Ibaka show, saying "I'm cool with that~ Let's Move on." if i recalled. 2. He signed 4-year contract along with Kyrie so GG. but let's just say if !!! That happens. I believe all Thunder Fans with root for Rockets if the Rockets won the title of the trio combination. This is just a sad story timeline in the end.

    40. Kordell Farmer

      4:42 when you but and try to continue to keep going but just can’t

    41. Daniel Cruz


    42. imapiuuump

      But the Heat had other plans for them 😂😂

    43. Keimahnee Brown

      They need to go back to Seattle, I miss my Supersonics

    44. geotechms

      This was extremely well written, thanks for the video

    45. Chet Patel

      crazy to think they had three future NBA mvps on that team and underperformed.

    46. Brandon The Drum Daddy

      This story sad as hell! I remember every waking moment of these events happening

    47. Alexander Chrystall

      Mate this suck for OKC fans. It must be so heartbreaking getting your hopes up just too loose them every year. Granted OKC have tons of picks and I have no doubt they will be a force in years to come. Also super happy that OKC did right for Russ. He was always loyal and them pairing him with Harden was just a thank you note.

    48. amonstersmusic

      Hardens choke vs the Heat in The Finals, Beverly causing Westbrooks injury in the next playoffs, and Steph Currys Warriors ultimately ruined OKCs chances

    49. Ofentse Modiselle

      They should make an OKC movie and call it Sonics

    50. Squanchy Digs Your Squanch

      They were just way too young & inexperienced.

    51. Kevin Kim

      They didn’t play together. It’s a team sport.

    52. Smallvillefreak616

      “For a haul” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    53. Smallvillefreak616

      They drafted them, but they didn’t want to pay Harden and traded him.

    54. Mark Flores

      Miami Heat beat the young OKC by flopping.

    55. Waleed Imtiaz

      By putting all their eggs in the Westbrook basket.

    56. Beeman 2892

      Houston now they are reunited

    57. Antonio LaMontagne

      Simple answer: lebron

    58. WildSandwich

      They're cursed forever for what the owner did. Period.

    59. Ded Channel

      Harden seriously bro whats 5 million less when you already getting 40mil plus you wouldve won a ring!!

      1. Mac-Gustave MULONDA K


      2. Diallo Miller

        Ded Channel its what he deserved plus he didn't know he was gonna be making 40 .. the cap recently expanded

    60. Alejandro Serrano

      Looking back at it know, its just too crazy. OKC had future 3 MVPs in their rooster, developing together. They reached the finals with a young team. Harden is currently the deadliest offensive player. Westbrook averaged a triple double twice. Durant has 2 rings and fmvps. even Ibaka has a ring now. This team was Golden State before Golden State. Easily coulda been the greatest dinasty ever

    61. Weston Wheeler

      Choking is Oklahomas way. Chokelahoma

    62. Uh

      Where are all my fellow sad OKC fans? 😪 ⬇️

    63. New Phone Who dis

      In short: Injuries and being greedy when it came to Harden

    64. Reignman96

      Its the curse of the Super Sonics

    65. Pages 11

      I really hope they end their careers in okc

    66. Cross Crease Hockey

      The curse of the sonics

    67. Scott Lawrence

      My boy furkan korkmaz was waving bye to Damian after hitting that game winning 3 in his mouth Saturday 🤣🤣👋👋

    68. KvnDWr

      This is depressing AF and I'm not even an OKC fan.... KD used to be my favorite player until he went to GSW

    69. balltalkdeep

      OKC had it all but idk if Harden woulda developed the same with Westbrook and Durant on the team. Also, we don't know how chemistry would develop between those three over time as each grew more into their individual potential; they coulda butted heads for all we know

    70. KING KONG

      KD and WB is just a choker , thats it