How the alleged college admission scheme worked



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    Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens of parents, sports coaches and college prep executives accused of carrying out a national conspiracy to get students into prestigious colleges, according to a massive federal indictment. #CNN #News

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. vavasssc

      NO WAY... Could it be....? The Liberal Elite Hollywood colluded with, lied to and bribed and cheated to get their privileged kids ahead in life!!! Say- it aint- so!! Lock em up throw away the key and do the same with the other Ratchets.

    2. rich corcoran

      Will Huffman and Loughlin be making guest appearances on O.I.T.N.B. ?? lol

    3. Chloe F

      What about season five for fuller house this is just sad:(

    4. Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person

      I hope they prevail, because of the kids that were hurt and the fact they actually had the audacity to do this.And the amount of money that was used and they have the nevre to not even admit remorse?? That's just so distrubing ,They made an comment,We gotten away with it didn't we??? Prior to the bust!

    5. Dez Mentz

      Honestly, when you click on a news site to watch a true report and their ads recruiting to impeach the President? I don't want to discuss politics, I just wanted to see Aunt Becky go to jail🤷

    6. Dez Mentz

      Only came back to tell you your ads suck and....

    7. Melissa Garcia

      This is so frustrating!!! I also think about how the system is even more rigged...why? Are you going to tell me that these IVy Leage schools would not automatically accept former presidents children and celebrity’s children? They got got but the schools at also at fault! It so frustrating because this is even bigger than what they are making it seem! Just say....

    8. Susan S.

      Rich ruthless people with no morals.

    9. Day Williams

      At least Felicity admits her wrongdoings.

    10. Brittney smith

      I bet somebody was getting blackmailed

    11. mack5595

      So my college degree is cheaper.....

    12. Sagethewise01

      I want to know what caused this to be addressed now? I'm in my 50's and this has been going on since I was in collage. Literally for decades! Don't get me wrong this is long overdue, but why now? What happened?

    13. Flak Jack Ed

      Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman may as well retire. $$. Their Hollywood careers are over.

    14. Nadeen Sivic

      Hang on. The universities had no idea it was going on??? Sorry but is this a joke? Universities only survive from Pharma grants and rich folk donations!!

    15. Tina Huston

      So they were content to have kids who DID earn their way not get in while their spoiled kids get their spots. That's what these people think of us "little people." Put them in prison.

    16. Chris Boone

      So, in the end, what did it profit? Anyone who is greedy of gain it takes the life of its owners. It's better just to work your way...


      Oh well

    18. ROBBY Andrews


    19. Dangerous Don

      don't all super rich do that?

    20. Sharkbait In New England

      You two dumb, yes DUMB ass, filthy rich parents ought to be ASHAMED of yourselves!!! All of the HONEST and HARDWORKING kids and Families are the ones screwed over because if dishonest and ridiculous human beings like you.

    21. getfit40

      Boring and obvious. Rich people use their influence in all domains. Is this shocking? It’s disgusting, but nowhere near as bad as the other things going on around the world. I mean, Jussie Snollett....that’s some real BS.

    22. ba sook

      CNN should look into Trump's educational scandal, his business ideology is falling apart

    23. Wonder Woman

      How embarrassing to have your parents themselves have no confidence in you. Think your not too bright!!!! Definitely Laughlin, she really may have messed up the best “gig” her daughter could have had! Well, her and the girls will pay big now!!! Interesting to see if they ever make it back??

    24. That Guy

      But somehow couldn’t stop the Florida high school shooter you tipped of about huh.

    25. misfit matters

      I wonder if this could help solve the college admissions problem. 😊 If this really has been an ongoing problem, colleges should openly set aside 'x' number of spots open to wealthy families who choose to use $ donations as leverage. Everyone else gets in on their own merit. 1) everyone knows about it, no big deal 2) wealthy families can compete among themselves 2) Or - would wealthy families & their kids want to be known for getting in through that program? It might even discourage it from happening at all. I'm sure there are holes in that idea, just a thought.

    26. J P

      Those people are unbelievable...

    27. Cynthia Luce

      Maybe Lori Loughlin can get a role playing a stripper or some sex toy that steals men's wallets or goes out with them for money

    28. Mariyam Khandwani

      As the movie cheat India is released. Watched an old crime patrol episode from years ago about the same issue .

    29. Ian Olson

      I’m pretty sure there’s enough evidence and coverage to verify this. I really hate how to say “alleged” on stories that go against your political bias. I’ve seen it time and time again from CNN. I’m pretty sure they never used the word “allegedly/alleged” with the Russian collusion conspiracy.

    30. lizzy nicholas

      Come one everyone in the royal families of Europe have been doing this since colleges were first being built. Take a bit of time to look at the British royal family and their education history. You will see people who never should have been able to go to Cambridge University or Oxford University some would even question if they made it through high school but they wind up in the best universities. The rich have been paying bribes or donating to build a whole new building or wing at a university in exchange for their kids to get in forever. To think this is something new is a joke. This has been going on ever since these elite colleges were first built how do you think they even got built in the first place. Wealthy individuals wanted to have a great university to send their offspring to over the years generation after generation so they paid for these universities to be built relatively close by their family's large estates. The financing of the building of these universities were all under the understanding that all their generations would automatically be allowed to attend, and this is all still happening today. The only difference is that the list of university donors has expanded but it is all under the understanding that their kids will all get in regardless of qualifications or merit. The media makes it out to be some big shocking revelation that this is happening, everyone knows this has been going on for hundreds of years. Money buys privilege it always has and always will and that is not really going to change anytime soon. I would bet these parents are going to get community service and a big fine no real punishment. This practice will continue as always how else do all these universities get all new buildings or major renovations every 30 years so they can charge all these crazy tuition fees they charge. They can not charge 80k a year if the university is a dump now can they. This entertainment ride will only continue if wealthy families continue to donate fortunes to these schools and the only way that is going to continue to happen is if their offspring generation after generation are guarenteed acceptance regardless of merit. This case will not change that fact regardless of how much each of these university's social studies departments cry and moan about social inequity as a mere cover for the fact that equality it not happening on their campuses when it comes to their admissions process.

    31. Mark Sanders

      Rumor has it that Mosimo Giannulli is busy designing his fall prison wear collection....

    32. krisluvkev

      What is funny everyone reporting on this knows about it and how many have done it and how many in hollywood have done it

    33. Linda Lowther

      this is like an athlete getting caught taking steroids...everyone knows everyone does it. you think below average IQ Bush got into Yale on his own merit? lol

    34. spam lite

      Millionaires been buying their kids in to college forever. Most do it by giving money for a medical research wing with the family's name on it. Hollywood leftist went cheap and got caught.

    35. Habslayer

      From Full house to the Big house

    36. Kathleen Martin

      If a university website states their accepted ACT & SAT 25th, 50th, & 75th percentile score requirements for prospective student applicants, THEN those universities MUST expel all of the children from this scam, BECAUSE, the scores submitted were nonexistent because they were fake and cannot be used for entry into the university. That equals an incomplete application.... & ALL scholarship money would need to be paid back in addition to jail time (depending on the financial source) because alot of times those scholarships are affiliated with federal funds.

    37. sussanah Zimik

      So will there be any tv actresses left to play any shows?

    38. Ana Logo


    39. Mastermom 85

      THE SCHOOL WAS Involved!!!!!!!!!!

    40. shaun71

      "Alleged" - LOL!

    41. Heather Williams

      Did it bother anyone else that that guy’s nose was whistling in the background of the video the whole video?!

    42. VD Strat

      We can complain or take action. Contact Netflix & Hulu. Let them know if Loughlin & Huffman are not fired from their shows and the providers continue to air them that we will cancel our Subscriptions. The only way to fight this kind of corruption is to hit them in the bank account. I just informed Netflix that if Loughlin isn't fired from Fuller House and Netflix continues to carry the show then I will cancel my Monthly Subscription. I refuse to let my daughter watch "Family Programming" that enriches a dishonest celebrity criminal who is actively hurting honest children and families attempting to earn their admission to college fairly and honestly.

    43. plutorama

      Huffman was my favorite Desperate Housewife. Gotta say I didn’t picture her ever doing some dumb shit like this. I’m a little pissed at her, to be honest.

    44. dawn zeraus

      Is James Franco included? he cheat his way too.

    45. Hayley Estep

      Desperate housewives is right...

    46. Montero

      Felicity u could do better than 15000 c’mon now and Lori you must request a refund girl!!

    47. Katie Bistiglione

      Wow real news!!!

    48. Joseph Ybarra

      This is just the tip of the iceberg...

    49. Chanel 584

      Wow......You can be dumb as a box of rocks....... amazing! Humph Someone was probably running OJ's (Olivia Jade) website too.

    50. Hunter W

      There's an awful lot of college officials lamenting right now that they have to put that new Lamb purchase on hold; good for their asses!

    51. Silence is Golden


    52. Larissa Ngwe

      Can we stop calling them children or victims? They are university freshman. They are young adults who knew what was going on. The real victims are those who worked their butt off and still got denied

    53. Rebecca Cummings

      Ryan Murphy needs to recreate this in American Crime Story

    54. Voice Of Reality

      Even rich white goyim are being denied a fair they have to pay. I said fair...meaning the bimbo's would be tested...IQ.... What a waste of time.

    55. s b

      Release the other names..not just the stars!

    56. BOONIQUE

      So Asian students are protesting because they are being unfairly filtered out.. Meanwhile "white" students with affluent parents are given a handicap.. At least the schools are not giving *ALL* so called "white" kids a handicap like it has throughout most of American history.

    57. Mike Nike

      Seems unfair to me if it’s true... just like affirmative action

    58. Brenda Christopher

    59. Richard Mattingly

      What a farce, there has always been a back door admissions scheme at many colleges and those who lost out should be more upset the athletics fake or otherwise cost them a spot than a few idle rich kids.

    60. Who's Who

      Fake Schools

    61. Who's Who

      This is what leftist do

    62. Mario Meyer

      What's the problem they are paying to get their kids in, the money goes towards the university, if their idiot children could not get in on their own, they'll eventually flunk out !!

    63. Mohan Gahalot

      What is the matter with disliking this video i mean tell FBI to investigate these ppl im sure most of these must be those bribing parents checking our whether they were named or not

    64. Mohan Gahalot

      It happens all around the world

    65. Drum Major

      Everyone have a degree now of days they are worthless!

    66. Garden Lady

      It’s about time. This is an investigation I support and hope the consequences for all those involved are swift and severe 👍🏻.

    67. Live Free

      This is America. Nothing new. Everything is conducted on an unleveled playing field. There’s no such thing as fairness with these people.

    68. L m

      This isn't even a problem in Ghana so im surprised this has been taken so seriously. People using their wealth to buy a future for their children especially in medical school

    69. Sam Sunwoo

      The jail have VIP cells.

    70. Sam Sunwoo

      Education is just another accessory for rich people....sad

    71. Marlo Stanfield

      Stupid and nonathletic white people cheating to get ahead...TOTALLY NORMAL....... NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

    72. Mariposa axy

      Do they think their kids are that stupid that they cannot get into college on their own merits?!

    73. James Grant

      Greedy pigs. cnn is still a POS

    74. Sharon Anderson

      I'm so disappointed in actress Lori Loughlin. I watched her in "Full House" and Hallmark Garage Sale Mysteries". What's the matter with these people!!

    75. Delahunta

      how is this scandal racketeering... seems more like fraud as there was no violence or coercion

    76. Angie's Doing It

      The swamp is draining. LOL

    77. Angie's Doing It

      They have been doing this for years. Nothing new. Bush paid to have his papers done and his parents paid to get him through college. This is old news.

    78. Mo Jo

      Hey remove all the rich white kids because if they were black it wouldn’t even be up for discussion what would happen.

    79. J. Felicity

      Let's show our children how to behave - show them that this is the way people behave as adults. Morality and ethics begone.

    80. Brenda Butler

      It's depressing. There really isn't anything that is honest anymore and of course money rules.

    81. Karla Duczynski

      Honestly it is no shock also for the rest of the world to watch this. The FBI manages to catch these schools + rich people's frauds in only 50 cases when the whole system of elite universities is based on this. But good for the FBI! Also don't get how they only focus on the celebrities when all the people arrested are big players in USA's (and the world's) capitalism?!

    82. Carol Kalonji

      Who else doesn’t care about this story ? 🖐🏾

      1. joanne mercer


    83. rashida7777

      For a "Christian" country there seem to be very few morals.

      1. Jill ThePrivateinvestigator

        If you knew anything about Christianity, you would know we are born sinners. Quit putting your judgemental rationale on God's shoulders. 🤦🙄

    84. 18degreez North

      This is like having the money to pay someone to help you get abs but instead you pay someone more to Photoshop???

    85. 18degreez North

      ok so your rich, why not just use the money to pay for exclusive programs that actually make you interesting and athletic? I can't see the down side to that?

    86. roadrailn

      Let Lori Loughlin Loose

    87. The Chosen One


    88. Abigail

      The best punishment for these families would be a permanent job at Walmart with no chance to move up in the company.

    89. Lovegrace21

      How rude!

    90. Monnie Mon

      I bet all of the parents who successfully got away with this over the years are like WHEWWWW 😅😅

    91. Shirley Farrington

      What I am thinking is that she may not be found guilty, so I don't think she should be fired from the companies she works for. It's such a thin line, meaning they may have hired this college coach and when she sent him pictures of her girls were working on some rowboat machines but not really in real rowboats, then the coach may have been the one to put their faces on someone else who were on real rowboats in the water. Just saying........

    92. Edward Chavez


    93. Miso Mama

      Trump should be on this list with his track of buying off FORBES and the other financial reporting entities. wouldnt be surprised to find out he and his dad could be part of this scheme..its so down Trumps ally to have been involved in this. the only the feds got involved is because of the FED financial aid program that colleges offer. its called Title IV funding. the caveat is that the more graduates able to find employment within their field of study within 6 mos of graduation the more Title IV funding the college receives. so logically if famous people are enrolled, it draws more people to enrollment to edge the college's goal of getting more Title IV funding and of course theres the problem of students who earned their way by way of meeting all enrollment requirement being pushed out by those looking for the short cuts. The take away is this: colleges have turned to a business model rather than an educational institution. thats to be blamed on the Gov as well because of their policies in awarding funding to colleges. this should be a starting point for the Fed Gov to overhaul its processes regarding college funding programs. its really not that complex of a scheme.

    94. David Collison

      She changed her mind on the second daughter because the second daughter is not a moron like her parents and didn’t need any help to “get into” the liberal indoctrination centers.

    95. David Collison

      My kid is a real moron. How much is it gonna cost me to get this POS out of my house?

    96. Angie P.

      And this is how the rich stay rich folks!

    97. Meredith Nolte

      I’m not complaining, but like why now?

    98. GirlwthCurls

      I would really like to know the other parents that were part of this than just the 2 celebrities. They act like they were the only 2.

    99. Virgo 11

      This has been for decades and it’s no secret. Why are people so surprised?! I’m ONLY surprised because it wasn’t swept under the rug! THANK YOU for prosecuting. Make an example and arrest the students and coaches also! They KNEW what was going on! Look at how many rich kids go to elite schools they obviously aren’t qualified for...

    100. Myra Urot

      How come these only 2 are named. Where are the other names of parents who alleged who paid for their children’s college admission?