How Tarantulas Grow | A Perfect Spider House

One morning Sue found a spider in her bathroom. Unlike some other people, she thinks the spider is adorable and she wants to make him comfortable. While she's ordering a new terrarium for the spider, slime Sam is watching over their new guest. And Sam discovers something amazing. The spider is shedding, he's growing this way! 2:15
After this process, the spider needs to rest. And he's ready to move into his new home once it's assembled!
This DIY spider terrarium is big and spacious. Sue adds some nice details, like a fake pirate skull, some plants and a large piece of wood for the spider to crawl all over.
Check out how awesome it is 6:35
The spider will be comfortable in Sam and Sue's house. They are experienced pet keepers.
They've got a giant snail and red-eared turtles and even an ant colony
Do you think this pet family will grow even more?
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    Suggest names for our spider friend, guys!

    1. Rukia Hassan

      Alex like my brother

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