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    The news story that swept the nation: a Zumba instructor who lead a double life as a prostitute. With never-before-seen interviews from men on the List, local media and even her husband, the special will delve deeper into the operation, those involved, and just how this scandal took place in the small town of Kennebunk, Maine.
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Leonard Chornomaz

      That pizza boy has classic delivery boy fantasies. He sounded like he was making it up on the spot.

    2. Longhaul Brown

      Get these women off the episode it made me laugh at the . I don’t think they understand men how we think . The women look down on her while men really like her .

    3. talgwatr

      And may I add...ALL you "body-positive" SJW feminists morons....This story ALONE should tell you at least 1 thing....:...Stay in shape or at least a bit of "big panties allowed!....guys/men want an attractive in shape even somewhat in shape female......REGARDLESS of what they may say

    4. talgwatr

      hahahahaha...where's my local "naked Zumba" teacher...…...BTW...after ...uuuuummm...investigating Lexi...….she sure looks like she is ENJOYING "working" for the state...…...I would have glady helped her....hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    5. Rose H

      Pizza guy was way on there XD

    6. Golden Goodra

      Wow, that woman was such a threat to society. Good job, puritans.

    7. Kathleen Abdullah

      I just don’t understand how her husband can stand by her side after the hundreds of men she’s slept with and then went and slept with him right after what is wrong with him he thinks damn I’m never going to get another woman what looks as good as her yes she may look good but I bet her downstairs don’t look that good anymore I would of left her because once a cheater always a cheater she can’t use sexual abuse as an excuse that’s a poor reason I grew up in care from the age of 8yrs old I was sexually abused for 3years from the age of 8-11 that’s not an excuse I’ve been married since I was 15yrs old I have two beautiful children a 13yr old son and a 11yr old daughter using your past as an excuse doesn’t cut it with people who have been through the same as I have you push yourself those things what happen in your past push you to be a stronger person and push you to prove everyone you can be someone I had a very abusive father growing up who made my mom choose either him or me and she chose him and I went into care but I don’t play on that or use that as an excuse I push myself to be the best person I can possibly be yes it still hurts it doesn’t go away but it does get better and it makes you more protective of your own children and family but don’t use that stuff as an excuse for being a prostitute that really angers me when people say that stuff like oh I’m a alcoholic or I take drugs because I grew up in care or I was raped or I was abused I went through the same damn thing and I know so many people who have and they push themselves so hard to be the best they can be and prove all those people who hurt them that they aren’t going to ruin your life your going to succeed in life while they are still the same lonely sad pathetic people who will never ever get anywhere in life that’s what I did and I do this for me and my husband and my children so don’t dwell on the past do it for you do it to prove all those haters and people who wanted to see you fail prove them wrong if I can do it so can all of you out there who are also effected by things in your past don’t turn out to prove all those people who thought you will never become anyone right 💖all the love in the world from the uk 🇬🇧

    8. Claret Mug

      I was Looking at the price range on her list. I would give her $100.00 QUICK !

    9. James Barela

      Her husband is an idiot. A cute idiot! But an idiot. He sounds dumb defending his hooker wife. And spare us the "sexual abuse" b.s.

    10. Saleem Khan

      Her husband stand by her story because she is bread provider and she will be out of jail in few months time and then we will start zumba classes in different county

    11. Rosella Valela

      She did not destroy families. The men who went with her destroyed their families. So tired of blaming the prostitute

    12. Gabriel Ravi

      She did it because she wanted to..No excuse for the lusty greedy loose bitches like that whatsoever.. people like that can corrupt all young people and the whole town and society.. obviously her and her pimp husband made fortune out of it.. look at her massive diamonds

    13. loretta Jefferson

      Is her boyfriend/husband crazy to believe this.

    14. David Perez

      this what maine needed look at all the fatties... women in maine

      1. Houdini

        For real woman need to take care of their men and keep themselves attractive or its end game.

    15. Dion St. Michael

      20 days?! 😂😂😂

    16. Callaway Van Zeeberg

      Pastor seems to throw Mark Strong under the bus at the end... "...all of us have secret sins, but Mark got caught out..."

    17. Regina G

      Umm so if they got the wrong Paul did they get the right mobile number? And there were video evidence and license plate number... Im sure the police would've done a thorough check before releasing the names.... You sir, aint foolin nobody.....

    18. Psychic Medium Ella Dawn

      They all took it “seriously” so they can watch her videos for free as “evidence”

      1. Zar O

        Psychic Medium Ella Dawn 😉😂😂


      Wow..... life in this town must be so much fun....

    20. Sweetie Pie

      that insurance guy was paying big bucks for those videos , money flow... I feel bad for the husband

    21. Sweetie Pie

      women dont complain if you aint massaging your man in a robe and naked under there

    22. Hector Colon

      Every single john doe is a effing snitch and a traitor,you are a disgrace to my manhood and you have betrayed a woman who has given to the cause of what manhood is about #realheroesdontwearcapestheywearskirts

    23. Daniel Bonner

      How about arresting those christian peados ffs...absolute nonsense 🤮

    24. Tim Martin

      100 bucks for 45 minutes. I would have been there three times a week.

      1. Houdini

        youd be broke

    25. Tim Martin

      If I were that pizza guy I would have been on camera butt naked.😂😂😂

    26. Rene Roux

      This town's police is pathetic its not such a big deal her husband is a simp too

    27. cristina camarena

      Awesome story to tell your grandkids!! Love that she rattled the whole town 🤣😂

    28. Eric Goebig

      14:00 “They do what they do” perfect lines for why us men screw around & look for a woman who’s a giver. Obviously this woman was a giver with a awesome high libido. The married fellas hooking up with Alexa needed her more then ever cause there wife’s are more then likely dead fish in bed. All more reason why brothels need to be legalized nationwide. This woman would be a top regional manager for that line of work. You women got it made with all the crap us men go through to get laid. Either we’re bending over backwards & being nice for u twats or were complete assholes with 6 packs that u twats get wet about. Bring on the brothels because a dead fish is not worth a lifetime.

      1. Houdini

        best comment

    29. kay sav

      I think ten months in jail was harsh! She has been publicly humiliated, fined by the courts, and owes the IRS. That is enough punishment! If she got ten months, the pimp should have also got ten months!

    30. 1-Last -Chance X

      This law needs to change. THIS was not a crime. Go out and get REAL criminals!

      1. 1-Last -Chance X

        It wasn’t. It was consented.

      2. Houdini

        Its a crime

    31. Eddie A.

      Shes gorgeous but she's a bad actress

    32. Bub & Dayja !

      Yes they bored lmaoo

    33. BangersAndFud Gaming

      well thats 653k more views on her ponrhub account haha

    34. Barbara Ann Brugman-van Romondt

      husband in denial

      1. Houdini


    35. Cynthia

      I agree with miss Scott. It was an unintentional giggle. The town seems to be tongue in cheek while talking about this huge scandal! She is a very beautiful woman and I'm sure many men were taken by her...😉

      1. Houdini

        So you seem to support whores must have something in common.

    36. Humphrey Woof

      There can be No prostitution, without the men who pay them!! Supply and Demand, a 2 way deal, charge both equally = !!!!!

      1. Houdini

        @Humphrey Woof So a kid with a joint should be charged the same as a guy with a ton?

      2. Humphrey Woof

        @Houdini Absolutely! It's against the law

      3. Houdini

        So drug user should be charged with the same as a drug dealer?

    37. Ella Grace Design

      20 days!!! What an anti climactic ending

    38. Sophie Lala

      Pastor is a loon

    39. Sophie Lala

      Well, she is the only female in town that doesn't look like a rhino

      1. Houdini

        so what your a pig

    40. totall

      girl was only trying to put food on the table ffs lol lol leave her alone and someone give her my number please lol lol

    41. Ryan Bail

      This case was blown out of proportion. It's just a bunch of men getting massages with happy endings...

    42. bjrn2010

      This could be a highly successful tv series.

    43. D B

      sounds like most of the town will miss her

    44. David McAleer

      What is so wrong with this? The hypocrisy of the locals is staggering! How did Alexis make money without, it seems, a plethora of clients? And the pizza guy confronted with a very sexy naked woman - he's a liar or a wimp.

    45. chinablue kurvinus

      Reminds me of Epstein the pedophile and Clinton , the ex moron president

    46. chinablue kurvinus

      It turned out most of these guys were having a good time with her ,what about the mayor ?? Hahaha

    47. chinablue kurvinus

      Boink king and wanking in Kennybunnk ? ??? Ha???

    48. M Steen

      The husband is a dumbass

    49. Sunny Van Gloria

      You cheating and betrayed your married vow and children. U get stoned back days.. u are lucky

    50. Ashtral

      Funny how the only people who are pissed in this comments section are bitter, jealous (probably ugly) women

    51. Ashtral

      Went straight to phub after this!

      1. Houdini

        snap one off?

    52. Rick Modderman

      The ‘List’ everyone is talking about... Who’s got it and when do we get to see it? 😂😂😂😂

    53. ownerofyourblackass

      they want to keep their identities private????/ lolol you mean their privates private. lolol expose them all show the list!!!!!

    54. Moremi Williams


    55. Nephew Slim

      Who else went straight to pornhub after watching this 😂

      1. Nephew Slim

        Rick Modderman yes

      2. Rick Modderman

        Her videos are there!

    56. James He

      I cannot believe that all of the doughy middle aged women of this town have it in for this young attractive woman

    57. D

      I don't buy Jason's innocent husband act. He's on pornhub in at least two videos "loving" his wife.

    58. boat buddy

      She is free to give more blow jobs to who ever is willing to pay.

    59. boat buddy

      She weren't looking out for the johns,she helped destroy their lives.

    60. boat buddy

      What bullshit.

    61. UofA Razorbacks Fan

      “Eve eve eventually I left”

    62. Amberlin McHugh

      No woman in college and capable of running a business could be that stupid. The real question is DID SHE DO IT WITH STEVEN KING

    63. Leilani

      Pizza guy is funny! 😂

    64. Leilani

      Oh COME ON! She's beautiful! All you people calling her a "HO" is saying you wouldn't have slept with her had she put her hands on you? Mmhmm.

    65. Leilani

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I'll bet he would have stayed had there been NO cameras in that house lol

      1. Rick Modderman

        Leilani speaking of camera... all her vids are on Pornhub.... I searched her name there...OMG! (Out of curiosity of course)

    66. Patricia Haarloo

      Alexis be strong. People are eager to judge. Pray Alexis, the Lord knows everything. I sure believe you Alexis. Be strong. Power sister

    67. Juliet Katakanya

      She deserved to be killed i don't feel sorry for her

    68. Whatyoudo

      I dont get it, how can they expose all the guys names? Sounds wrong to me even if it is illegal.

    69. oz93666

      Her handler told her to get names and car number plates of clients .... For what??? this looks like a blackmail enterprise or similar , probably with some government connection.

    70. Jenn Swim

      Ya'll killin me with the comments!!! LMFAO!!