Honest Trailers | X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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    Say goodbye to the Fox X-Men Franchise as it goes out with a fart!
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    Honest Trailers | Dark Phoenix
    Title Design by Robert Holtby
    Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
    Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen

    Published on Month ago


    1. teoteous

      I honestly forgot this movie came out already.

    2. Wulf Rache

      I hate j Lawrence Soo much. She was worst part of all of these movies by far. 2nd worst part has been Sophie tho. She was perfect for Sansa ... A complete POS selfish garbage person that she was/is.

    3. srinivas kasina

      Jake Gyllenhaal for Nightcrawler🤣🤣🤣

    4. spideydew20

      The return of....TASERFACE!!!

    5. Nate Boyd

      I don't get it. It's like Star Wars hiring Rian Johnson again. Just defies all logic.

    6. Sa Mah

      Maaan was this movie terrible and her acting really sucks

    7. Ross Larsen

      Original series Miystique was incredible. A million times better than Jennifer Lawrence in that role

      1. Hassan Ali

        THANK YOU!

    8. Razor Reznov

      This movie makes X men Last stand look better First they had wolverine duh atleast in that movie wolverine stabs and kills Jean I was expecting wolverine to kill this annoying Jean All i want is a quicksilver movie X men franchise needs a reboot

    9. Nejictorr

      I actually thought the movie wasn't terrible. X-men movies are like watching 6 year olds in a play, it's bad but just fun to watch.

    10. Alexander Du


    11. Kevin Godding

      Great movie

    12. The Ghost

      Mystique was such a waste The original mystique said less and was awesome

    13. Bobby Yaya

      Hated this movie like crazy, I always liked the XMen franchise but this was just a damn shame to witness.

      1. DevilMayhem666

        They one was actively trying to be different from the other X-films and be more of a psychological thriller than a superhero movie. The second act is more suspense driven than action driven.

    14. NeWorldVision

      The acting in this movie was awful

      1. DevilMayhem666

        How so?

    15. lofthouse23

      I seem to be the only person in this Universe that really enjoyed this film.

      1. Petir Garda

        fear not, i like it too, i like watching all the X-Men characters come alive on the big screen doing their mutant powers thing. The Story? well, that's a different story to tell XD

      2. lofthouse23

        @obiskystar anikin Then that makes me special! Yay!

    16. Amish Verma

      Do X Files

    17. Steven Venables

      This was so funny and I agree but I still love every xmen film

    18. Derrick Jones

      that was a rough one

    19. B. A. P.

      "Just like the human body, craps itself"...couldn't get through the first group of fart sounds, lmfao, I'm dying. Professor X w/ that fart "oh-face"

    20. melissa onik

      Wait they spend 200millions, on what exactly?

      1. DevilMayhem666

        Massive reshoots. They director was actively making it small in scope to try something different.

    21. The GOLDEN LOG!

      X for respects

    22. Samuel Schönenberger

      Good to find out that skipping it was a good decision

      1. Samuel Schönenberger

        @DevilMayhem666 Barely saw any marketing to be honest Well I don't live in Murica so that might be a reason

      2. DevilMayhem666

        It’s not that bad. The marketing was extremely misreading and a lot of people ended up misreading the plot and tone they were going for.

    23. H&SAnimations

      6.66 the sacred number

    24. person noname

      All xmen movies have been disappointing.

    25. AhavaShinobi

      I’m always suprised how much hate the two jean movies are, because I thought they were both good. The wolverine movies were definitely the worst xmen movies (and I am including Logan, btw. Not a huge fan of that movie, despite all the love it gets).

      1. DevilMayhem666

        X3 is not really a Jean movie.

    26. heatraizer666

      "So what are Magneto's and Jean's powers?" 3:20 Jazz hands!

      1. daggern15

        Constipated jazz hands

    27. slade tuner

      Dark Phoenix AKA The Anti-Avengers Endgame

      1. DevilMayhem666

        It was never made to be a finale.

    28. Kunal Gulati

      Actually you press "F" to pay respect

    29. Jeremy Smith

      Not sure why the rating for this movie has stayed so high it really isn't that good. Only xmen movie I would watch again is Logan I think.

    30. Sapphire Morningstar

      why would they bring back the same director to not only write but direct this film? why didnt get the one who wrote & directed logan or days of future past? i feel bad for the actors

      1. Sapphire Morningstar

        @DevilMayhem666 studios need to stop meddling then

      2. DevilMayhem666

        Simon Kinberg only wrote a draft for X3 that got heavily rewritten by Zak Penn due to studio muddling.

    31. Devon Duran

      Do the animated spiderman series

    32. kykis9

      I watched this not even expecting to enjoy it, but I actually liked this movie more than anything touched by Bryan Singer. As disappointing as the X-Men movies have been, this is easily one of the best. I mean, did you see Apocalypse in the last movie?! C'mon, give Dark Phoenix a lil credit. Kudos for no Wolverine and killing JLaw's Mystique. We almost had an X-Men movie this time.

    33. sandile mabaso

      This guy talks funny 😂

    34. raedwulf61

      And the end of Turner's career....

    35. Charles Iannini

      Old magneto had a farm🤣🤣🤣

    36. Charles Iannini

      Logan should have been the ending to the franchise

      1. DevilMayhem666

        It is. This was just a prequel which they had planned before DOFP even came out. This was never made to be an ending.

    37. ItzMery

      do lion king 2019! PLEASE

    38. Enceladus Eve

      Fassbender is amazing than anybody in the world

    39. ne0tic

      Sad that this movie were so bad... Well at least Michael Fassbender was still great as Magneto!

    40. Uma Chan

      This movie blew and I'm sorry but Sophie Turner can't act. In order to get her to act emotional the director had to take away her juul.

    41. hafiz nazri

      This is such a hot mess that I thank god i dont follow the mcu, or watch infinity War.

    42. What are you looking at

      Lol who even watched this shit? I didn't even bother to watch the trailer

      1. DevilMayhem666

        The trailers are pretty misleading.

    43. Philippe Cardinal

      You should make one for Dick Tracy

    44. Daniel Zuk

      It's always Hollywood's fault

    45. Adele Taylor

      I hope the inevitably remake treats Storm better. She was always such an integral part of the X-Men. Maybe after the success of Black Panther they will have the balls to bring her to the forefront.

    46. adela42

      My favorite X-Men story line and they butchered it twice. It's really pathetic. At least I have Honest Trailers to take away some of the pain.

    47. Arg Galinato

      Speaking of series endings, when will you do an Honest Trailer for Suits? "Folder slapping! Walking out! Mudding!" It practically lends itself to all kinds of openings!

    48. Karanvir2001

      Locke- would love to see what you can do with that.

    49. Master Skywalker

      I watched it with below less expectations and I had an oke time. So that is a positive right?

    50. iReiGN xx

      Odd how out of the 3 X-Men movies that guy made, I think The Last Stand is the least disappointing at this point lol

      1. DevilMayhem666

        He has worked on four actually. He worked on a draft for X3 that was heavily rewritten by Zak. Then the screenplays for Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix.

    51. YouOnlyLiveTwice

      Yep...glad I didn't go see this. Please, just STOP with the X-Men movies. Being very briefly mentioned in the Deadpool films is honestly more than enough screen time we need from them

    52. Patty McLaren

      they could have gone sicko mode and let jean destroy the universe just cause, let thanos shake in his gauntlet, its the last movie why the fuck not, but no, we got this

      1. DevilMayhem666

        Why? They all died in Logan anyway.

    53. Jay


    54. Ben V

      Thanks for the movie. Don't want to invest the time or energy in watching all of these.

    55. Jane O

      They keep doing these crappy X-Men movies yet they're still not making Gambit happen. He was my favorite ever since I was a kid and he's one of the more popular X-Men. Did no one really think of making his movie, or even putting him in the other X-Men movies???

    56. Anonymous

      Sonic X reference??

    57. MadSnowman

      6.66 mill subs. Nice

    58. Johnny Newell

      I thought this wasn't that bad...I enjoyed it actually..

      1. DevilMayhem666

        Screen Junkies misread the plot and tone of the movie.

    59. Jim Garrity

      If I had the choice of watching this movie or Terminator 3 over again, I'd watch T3.... damn it's depressing just typing that...

    60. Roee Rosenzweig

      What is it with Sophie Turner being involved in shitty franchise endings?

      1. DevilMayhem666

        This wasn’t made to be a franchise ender despite what the marketing would have you believe. It’s okay on its own merits.

    61. Marcus MG

      "Old Magneto had a farm" had me dying XD

      1. Ujang Ujang

        @Patrick Yeh yES

      2. Patrick Yeh

        Yeah me too

    62. Marcus MG

      Rocket Raccoon is gonna get a laugh out of this. The Ravagers too, maybe. And Ayesha. And Yondu.

    63. OOF.

      Jean grey could beat scarlet witch

    64. OOF.

      2:46 was that a throat slit??????

    65. Yoda Man

      funny how "the highest high" and "the lowest low" are both ryan reynolds as deadpool. we love you ryan!!! it wasnt your fault!!! neither was green lantern.

    66. schattentaenzerin

      Nerds might be easy targets, but they learn. This time I resisted!!! Glad, I didn't waste my money.

    67. Andy L

      just watched this movie and man they did nightcrawler dirty.

    68. MinisterC

      It was pretty terrible

    69. blueboyV

      honestly, it wasnt that bad. definitely not the best, but i was expecting the absolutely worst only to get something that was decent.

    70. David Zboch-Alves

      Do Samauri Cop!!!