Honest Trailers | Spider-Man: Far From Home

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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. AR Ramos

      Please say: Wallopin' web snappers!!!!

    2. martinw490

      Lol- Debbie Downer! Please please please do an Honest Trailer for the movie Predestination(2014 Ethan Hawk)....... PLEEEEEAAASE?

    3. jimmyodog

      can you review Alien

    4. River Stream

      Do Midsommar & John Wick 3, please

    5. Skywalker

      Could you do updated honest trailer for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Titans, Black lightning and Legends of tomorrow before they do crisis on infinite earths in December?

    6. TheJazzMan333

      2:13 Too soon dude! xD

    7. Bill Rulon-Miller

      No, seriously, make him Hob Goblin, you cowards!

    8. Love Group Computer

      Zendaria? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Diggorydies

      That info about Flash is depressing though.

    10. E Brock

      Seriously was sandman taken from the other spiderman?

    11. FyrFlyr

      Could you imagine if the worst portrayal of Peter's love interest is the one he doesn't break up with?

    12. Tacoma98

      1:06 this Spider Man is way Disney Plus.

    13. El Camino B


    14. Spider Dream

      Spider's super like 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸

    15. sana vohra

      Petition to add "into every generation, a slayer is born" after every video

    16. Sarmila Basu Mallick

      i felt very depressed after this

    17. Imran Abdullah Khan

      "Only begun, this drone war has"

    18. Midnightsnakescreen

      Please say " some people need a high 5, .. in the face,... With a CHAIR!"

    19. X Man

      Do an honest trailer for once upon a time even though it ended years ago

    20. TRIB Flick TV

      ha ha so funny

    21. Bineet Roy

      "An adult male not perving on his aunt." Honest Trailers 2019

    22. Alfonso Perez-Borroto

      If you are reading this comment, i hope you will be a successful youtuber!

    23. Plague Dox

      HAHAH debbie downer had me crackin up

    24. Disgraced Ape

      It’s just the Lizzie McGuire movie

    25. Jason VanHart

      Could you please do the Young Justice TV show?!?!?!

    26. Ask Drew

      4:44 - truest 10 seconds ever spoken.

    27. Najir Gaming

      4:46 straight facts

    28. Harshy Harsha

      Now that season 4 is coming out, I think you should a Rick and Morty honest trailer,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    29. Roshan Bhandari


    30. krunal11127

      Only thing I don’t like in movie is characters of MJ .badly written and casted

    31. Elle Echt

      When Gwen died I lost it 😆

    32. Shawn Bailey

      3:42 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    33. Niranjan Prakash

      2:16, dude!? Not cool

    34. Hashim Lewis

      "And Every Non-MCU Film Maker" WOW! On The Nose With That One!

    35. ZoeBella

      Currently your channel has 6.66 million subscribers 👹 Wow 😲

    36. TheHavocArtist

      Adam West is the strongest and most bestest Batman!!!

    37. sgtraytango

      I know the trailers looked shit but damn, this movie looks like the same steaming pile that the MCU crap is. People actually pay to see these, then whine about the DCEU? Jesus christ....

    38. Zem Werk

      do babes in toyland!!!!!!!!!

    39. J Karns

      Yall shpuld do rat race

    40. Marco Quiroz

      So if everyone who bleeped out reappeared in the same spot they were when they disappeared does that mean that there were hundreds of people's bodies falling from the sky?

    41. twelve11

      Weak Honest Trailer. But I guess that means the movie was good.

      1. Shura Valentine

        nope the interaction between spiderman and the girl ruined everything. they wasted so many time just for the sake of teenage sexual interaction rather than the main plot. it's a failure for me as a spiderman fan but a success for a horny teenager and the director.

    42. Clark Barrett

      OMG, Gwen Stacy banging her head off the floor! So wrong, but so damn funny too.

    43. Not yet a hamster

      This isn't a superhero film, it isn't even a coming-of-age film. It is a dumb summer comedy for teenagers (or the Gen Z, fucking centennials). I'm a Gen Z and Zendaya dark-nerd humor made it for me. And also: yes, they ripped-of 90's and 80's teen-comedies THE WHOLE POINT IS THAT THE AUDIENCE DIDN'T WATCHED THEM; so they can do the ripp-off without being called-out. Since you guys are Gen-Xers, you could see that a mile away. Yes, Hollywood don't have any creativity anymore, JUST ENJOY SPIDER-MAN SLAM HIS HEAD ON A FUCKING BELL, and get hit by a train (my fathers gasped, some you you rolled your yes, but i laughed).

    44. H Betsuie

      I hate this new Spiderman version. He's a little boy constantly relying on Ironman to save him/help him. 🤦

      1. Darsi Padilla

        Finally! Someone with functioning braincells. I'd rather watch Peter B. Parker adjusting to family life.

    45. Jessie B

      "just get a job at Hammer Industries" YO, that would be so funny

    46. Evan Froendt

      JOHN WICK 3

    47. Julius labra

      Hahahahha this is so funny!

    48. Tyler Muschara

      No George or Val in the Batman competition?!?

    49. TRtherocknroller

      Me watching this like: what? Mysterio’s a good guy? Umm...ok.” *mysterio steals the glasses* ”Ohh ok here we go”.

    50. Spartan


    51. Kenny Laysh

      "Could mother not make it?" HAHAH, suck it, FLASH! :P

    52. Nathanael Jacob

      They should make Brad the next villain.

    53. morningchaps

      Zendaria (la la la la laah) is may be the single greatest belly laugh you guys got out of me - and that's some reasonably stiff competition (I'm looking at you, Yoda Sings About Seagulls).

    54. nick webb

      Well the eiffel tower is a radio antenna

    55. Funny Moppy

      Guys, watch HISHE. It was way funnier.

    56. Damo

      debby downer hahaha. i love these random references

    57. Grey Mabasa

      lmao yall took it too far with the Gwen Stacey "break up"

    58. Some Guy

      I tried to click your Batman v Batman v batman link and it just says "video unavailable".

    59. T Davis

      Do "Raising Dion"

    60. Jang Jalloh

      Say: It rained spiders and bats in Sierra Leone

    61. Kana Beats

      I'm so glad they worked out the movie thing cuz I need me another spiderman after that cliffhanger

    62. VerminP Crock

      sersly, I've never clicked away from one of these before....imagine how dull the movie is

      1. Waluigi Time

        It's ok to be wrong

    63. KissedByFire16

      oh my god the sad trumpet on Gwens neck break XD

    64. Candy Chan

      Controversial opinion but Phase 4 will become a mistake.

    65. Frank Horrigan

      What happened to secret identity and why on every movies Spider-Man reveal it to someone :)

    66. the derp samwich

      Worlds most commonly lost item the rights to spiderman

    67. mattwo7

      3:59 Pft yea I _wish_ Phase 4's lineup looked like that.

    68. mattwo7

      2:42 Right because this is _totally_ exclusive to the MCU. Also three of those villains were _specifically his_ both in the MCU and the comics.

    69. oystamanza

      worst honest trailer ........ ever. Are you guys even trying anymore?

    70. Abnormal Zone

      Spider-Man fans everywhere....get your engines lubricated, here I GOOOOOOOOOOOOO