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    Published on 50 years ago


    1. Mike Gates

      Master of manipulation in my arsenal. 48 laws of power. Art of seduction. In sheeps clothing. The art of manipulation.

    2. ben yosep

      Was he talking about Sinful the P? Think I seen that show.

    3. Carlos Rosa

      It’s battle field for real I’m dealing with a wick right now

    4. Goalden Child

      🔥🔥Top Notch Izm...salut 👑BOA

    5. Jonathan Gant

      When she made me out of zone I stopped talking to her for 4 months . To get her in the right frame of mind. I hate to say it but I enjoy it . Latina you just have to make her feel like a slut.

    6. Shakam RaishLahab

      Truly disgusted at what i see outside my car window right now nothing more sick then a black woman with a hairless cave beast.

    7. Darren Hawkins

      What's up BOAR, This content is real only guy's that understand what you saying he's gone deal with you, the people that don't have the cards that we're dealt, will not listen leave go let them chick's make your ears bleed listen to that mess you'll never be able to learn the rest.

      1. Book of AlphaRonomy - Dr. BoA

        Salut bro

    8. ace

      Most definitely gotta post the rest of this video it got too good at the end 💯💯

    9. King Cease

      Salute Book of Alpharonomy - I'm getting caught up now, appreciate the shout out.

    10. AR Lifestyles

      Basically sales.

    11. Frank Mazzie

      As I think....as I AM....AS I'LL be..

    12. blqfire

      (Beta Simp Mangina ) Hey dr. Boa you said ........ hey that's not right unsubscribe... Lol..

    13. Ahch Wordz

      The mind I mind my mental behind the temple is a temple...If you build it they will come, control the mind and the rest will follow..🗣 S/O to you Doc this is real talk ✊🏾

    14. Tony Armstrong

      That intro sounds like eight ball now. That's a blast from the past

    15. valdez byrth

      I'm vibing to this ball and g on this early road trip

    16. Ian McLellan

      Dawg you need to post the rest, whole video was like out of a book. Timeless info

    17. cнιna wнιтe

      The King 👑 is here🙌🏾

    18. Hugo C

      caught the live stream half way in, just watched it from the beginning in full. great video Dr BOA, this was a hard hitter. seems like it got cut short :/ stay up salute to u boa and all the alpha men tuning in

    19. Geromie FC

      Shame it cut off Shit was just about to get 🔥