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    My friend Greg came over to help me make some holiday cocktails. Go subscribe to his channel How to Drink:
    This week on Basics, I'm going to show you how to make some of my favorite drinks for the holiday season, like hot buttered rum and eggnog.
    + Eggnog
    8 eggs (yolks and whites separated)
    1/2 cup sugar, plus 2 Tbsp (divided)
    2 cups steamed milk
    Whole cloves (2)
    2 cups heavy cream
    Bourbon and white rum, to taste
    + Gin Punch
    1 orange, peeled
    1 lemon, peeled
    1/3 cup sugar
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup water
    1 bunch fresh sage (torched)
    2 cups Lapsang tea
    3 cups gin
    1/2 cup Triple Sec
    4-6 lemons, juiced
    Lemons, oranges, and blood oranges for garnish
    Hot Buttered Rum
    1 cup brown sugar
    1 Tbsp cinnamon
    2-3 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
    1 stick melted butter
    Dark rum
    Boiling water
    "Chill Masters", "Best I Can" by Blue Wednesday
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    1. I Putu Tara Adi

      please make stinson hangover fixer elixir to combat the drink

    2. TheSodeska


    3. Benjamin Locks

      How is this the first time I'm seeing this? So glad to see H2D on here! I love both of y'all! Keep it up.

    4. Flawless Director

      What about Glogg?

    5. Zanon12

      Babish: here to help me is Greg from how to drink Me: *points at screen* "OH MY GOSH ITS GREG FROM HOW TO DRINK" I love Greg and the guys over at HTD

    6. Tom Kenning

      My original holiday cocktail: Vodka, cranberry juice, apple juice, simple syrup, cinnamon, garnish with a whole cinnamon stick

    7. Memes

      3:04 babish wants to facetime

    8. METHODS

      The voice over guy deserve a news reader job..😁😁

    9. Reed Amundarain


    10. Kimberly Boyle

      nobody: literally no one: not a soul on this earth: babs: nobody likes a sloppy nog

    11. Jacob Short

      Could I omit the alcohol from the eggnog for the youngins?

    12. A Random Rock

      I don't drink. If I did, then I'd drink myself silly.

    13. Adrian Böhm

      I always thought babish is huge and Greg is I dunno, maybe 1,70m (or 5“7‘ for weird people)

    14. Jude Mitchell

      Classic Greg pouring half the bottle over his hands

    15. Madelyn Dull

      *TwO ShOTs of VoDKa*

    16. Chasms Chance

      6:47 Babby has a super power

    17. Wyatt Oxley

      We’re gonna need 5 or 6 more of those

    18. Smilys Prid

      greg sounds like ron swanson

    19. Zack Ciesinski

      Hey Babish - awesome video! I made this 3 times over the holidays and my friends/family could not get enough. QQ - could you sous vide the eggs prior in order to not deal with heating to 160 degrees? I cooked the egg yolks accidentally a few times, so wondering if that would work instead. Thanks again! Keep it up - love all your stuff.

    20. Rito Root


    21. Flaming Flammenwerfer

      "If you look at anything from this time period, everything gets garnished with fresh nutmeg." [Townsends loved that.]

    22. Sam Recktenwald

      Replace the water in the hoe buttered rum with apple cider, it’s delicious

    23. Christopher Sikes

      "Cut your finger just a little bit." And off the neighbors cat. Dude, how much force were you putting into that? You put the damn razor into a different time zone.

    24. Jean jean

      "Blood orange" Hes so pretentious. Shut up its effing red

    25. Fabian Schröter

      Two of the greatest channels combined. Just great

    26. Derek Beatty

      For the gin punch, if you were to not use booze, what would you use?

    27. Mohit Patel

      I love the matte cling wrap

    28. Chloe N

      At least 5 or 6 more absolutely 😂

    29. DJ Douglas

      ...I need to try a hot buttered Evan William's BIB. It already tastes like honey butter as is, and at 15-18 bucks, it's a phenomenal drink. Try it with a hot cider

    30. Fernando Hernandez

      tell me why i can smell the the orange and lemon skin

    31. Rohit Rocky

      The guy’s kinda clumsy 👀

    32. people's republic of liberland

      *Coquito* > Eggnog *COQUITO* *SUPREME*

    33. Khamis1203

      Whoa never thought I'd see another favorite of mine How to Drink on here!

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      This is on my top 10 anime crossovers

    35. MR. Bucket

      How To Drinks Orange Whip cocktail is low key an excellent Christmas cocktail

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      All wrong. You gotta mix bottem shelf vodka with Gatorade. It's the only way to survive extended family.

    38. boob slime

      too much work. i'll just drink straight out of the bottle.

    39. Yen Chu Wang

      OMG it looks so good

    40. Peyton Armstrong

      *no one likes a sloppy nog*

    41. Thunder Cunt

      In germany hot buttered rum is called crog

    42. Huey

      Ham cubes and shrimp fried rice? What?!

    43. Teina Kore


    44. Spacialvekter

      I absolutely adore Greg and I'm glad to see him getting more play on bigger channels. That being said, Greg, stop wasting booze

    45. tawtawta gWRgRWhETE6j

      omg hungrybox

    46. Meg Anderson

      "Let's ward off some existential dread." HOW DID I MISS THAT ON MY FIRST WATCH?!

    47. Star Destination

      the cook who has a bartending friend what a perfect duo

    48. Marwand Kochai

      monkfish turducken from Malcolm in the middle

    49. Ty Ty

      Lol how to drink. You drink copious amounts of alcohol with friends and family. finishing this off with a prairie oyster at about 11am, with a wash of baking soda and water at about 3am if you have heartburn.

    50. ihrie82

      Just thought you would like to know that the family was expecting great eggnog and they now think I'm an alcoholic. Your recipe is not for casual drinkers! Plus it's literally impossible to make a non alcoholic version. I'm going to be sticking to Babish and staying away from "How to Drink"!

    51. Samuel Rees

      I read the title wrong and saw "Holiday Cocktails ft. HowToBasic". Can't say i'm not disappointed.

    52. exomi

      That smoky earl grey like cocktail though😍 This pleases me as a British person that loves gettin smashed

    53. Riley Hallworth

      Sloppy nog. That smells like dont drink that.

    54. Paul Schroeder

      Drinking with Babish!

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      About how much total gin punch will there be once made? Thanks

    58. nord dragon

      Best episode of babish.... ever

    59. Jimmy Ma

      Just saying you shouldn't put your chopsticks in the food and letting it stick up like that when you aren't eating. It's a sign of bad luck as that's what people normally do when they are using the food as an offering to the dead.

    60. Joey Castle

      Heyo, just made the butter rum PLEASE TRY IT.

    61. Squee Alien

      Babish!!! I hate mushrooms... Or I thought I did until I had Chicken Marsala at this fancy Italian place, and OMG, I need to know how to make it. Please do a 'how to cook mushrooms' episode!!!!

    62. Kevin Simmons

      What brand is the grater that is being used around 5:53 in the video? It appears to be more efficient and of better construction than mine so I want it

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      the crossover i have been waiting for! magnificent :)

    64. Evan Weaver

      Someone made a video of all gordon ramsay cooking videos by saying over and over “just a TOUCH of..” I feel like someone could do the same things with this channel by saying “let those flavors get to know each other” over and over again. XD

    65. wildhearses

      Baltimore: old bay and I guess egg nogg?

    66. John/Jenna Sequa

      I made the hot buttered rum for my brother and mom. But we had every liquor except rum so I substituted bourbon for the rum. Soo buttered bourbon. It was a sucsess.

    67. tdizzle 4shizzle

      Typical Greg. Always spilling his booze lol. Love it though.

    68. Jack Reilly

      Can you make the egg whites mixture ahead of time and store along with the nog, or do you have to make that at the time of serving?

    69. tripleverbosity

      Greg really struggling with that jigger.

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      Ah he took my advice to shut up and get me drunk

    73. Ben Aaron

      That hot buttered rum recipe is simple and right up my alley. Happy holidays, y'all!

    74. Isaac Denomy

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    75. Charles Almqvists

      After I made the eggwhites and let it sitt until I mixed them a water kind of substance form in it and the egg whites became fomy. Am I doing something wrong

    76. Garlic Girl

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    77. awfxg124

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    80. gnomeman gnomington

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    82. Dustin Aliberti

      Hey babish any chance you could do a sous vide basics video it would be awesome to see how you do different things with it

    83. Roobix_


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      @0:58 The cloves just get set next to the stove. Plenty of flavor just knowing that they're in the same room as you.

    85. Christian Favier

      So much better than the last cocktail episode thank god. Thanks for doing the research this time babby

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      Hey, does that eggnog recipe work without the alcohol? Like if we just like regular eggnog?

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      Hey, Babish! I've got the same instant-read thermometer as you!

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      Thank you for introducing me to How to Drink new favorite channel! 💗🙌🏻

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      One of my favorite holiday cocktails is the Peppermint Patty

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    97. Braden West

      Question, why torch the sage before extinguishing it in the mixture? Does it give it a smoky charred flavor or something?

    98. ccandrew111

      My official Christmas cocktail this year will be the Tom Collins. Not that there’s anything particularly festive about it, I just love getting plastered on gin

    99. Stonemansteve II

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