Highlights: Fields, Dobbins Tally 4 TDs Each in Win | Ohio State at Michigan | Nov. 30, 2019

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    Ohio State's Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins each accounted for four touchdowns in a 56-27 win over Michigan.
    #OhioStateBuckeyes #MichiganWolverines #NCAAFootball
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip

      This game is dedicated to all those ESPN analysts saying LSU was better than Ohio last week!🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

    2. RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip

      Fields is a beast! I love this kid!!!

    3. Vice TOLUCT

      Why does the thumbnail look like a football player trying to roundhouse kick another football player?

    4. helen pritsoulis

      ,connect to utube..miss my music

    5. doliio volay

      The only thing that slows down Ohio St is bad weather (Wisconsin and Penn St).

    6. Norman

      At least Michigan kept the Buckeyes from scoring 60 this year. That has to account for something doesn't it?

    7. bocoy noiu

      THAT TEAM UP NORTH “When does the mercy rule take into affect?!” GO BUCKEYES

      1. doliio volay

        When Amazon ads make you so angry that you want to break everything😠😡

    8. Michael Krick

      I've heard some of the Michigan fans have decided to become Ohio State fans so they can root for a winner.😉

    9. bodoti qwiu

      The only thing that slows down Ohio St is bad weather (Wisconsin and Penn St).

    10. Stepheon Norris


      1. bocoy noiu


    11. afutla qian

      A bigger margin of victory than 62-39 last year. Who predicted that!

    12. Bronco

      56 to 27 that's a damn shame..SMH

      1. Bronco

        @bodoti qwiu Michigan's offence and defense is mono perspective ; they leave a lot to be desired ..being monolithic in nature leaves them at the mercy of those who can figure them out, and basically know what they're going to do..John harbaugh refuse to come out of that box..

      2. bodoti qwiu

        Amazing to me that don brown still does the same thing and expect different results why do u think u can blitz every play and leave safeties on wrs one on one vs safeties. He’

    13. Jayden Huddleston

      0 - 5, couldnt have done it without you jimmy

      1. Jayden Huddleston

        @qopoy dnon well we don't utilize our defense and offense like ohio state, they were alot more focused than us, ohio state starts training in august for this game, great opinion tho!

      2. qopoy dnon

        terrible coordinator that gets credit for looking good vs bad teams

    14. Dondre Coye


    15. rick collins

      I love how Ryan day ran off the field, he was running like people was throwing stuff at him lol

    16. eioshen boboi

      This is not a ‘rivalry’ anymore. It’s just a slaughter, year after year.

      1. eioshen boboi

        Anytime Michigan loses is a good thing

    17. Darnell Butts

      Josh metellus was getting that work

      1. eioshen boboi

        Harbaugh's khakis are officially wrinkled forever after this brutal beatdown.

    18. maxwell foster

      Jason Day is garbage

    19. maxwell foster

      Go blue

      1. eioshen boboi

        poisoning by page four.

    20. RedHeadRedemption

      At least Harbaugh's khakis are wrinkle-free

    21. Dan Haddox

      No matter what I give both teams horns down

    22. Primus Gaming

      We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan the whole state of michigan

    23. Angry Bird!

      When Amazon ads make you so angry that you want to break everything😠😡

    24. S A

      Chase Young didn't get a single sack or even half a sack all game. Where was Mr. Heisman hopeful during this rivalry game?

      1. bowen voowy

        Jim Harbaugh is 3-2 against Michigan State, but he's 0-5 against Ohio State. Sparty and Brutus both enjoyed this big Ohio State victory. Michigan State barely beat Maryland to

    25. MORBID


    26. Jaymison Calhoon

      OHIO is the goats like if u agree

    27. david rice

      i’m kim jim

    28. Matthew Martinez

      Amazing to me that don brown still does the same thing and expect different results why do u think u can blitz every play and leave safeties on wrs one on one vs safeties. He’s a terrible coordinator that gets credit for looking good vs bad teams

    29. David Tonkovich


      1. David Tonkovich


    30. Ken Arthur

      Harbaugh's khakis are officially wrinkled forever after this brutal beatdown.

      1. T South

        Nothing that a storeful of starch can't fix.

    31. Zarni Woop

      Anytime Michigan loses is a good thing

    32. Alex Prelipcean

      Ohio State is about to crush Wisconsin again for the big 10 championship mark my words. No Heisman for Justin Fields he’s so overrated. They will lose to LSU in the national championship.

      1. Chaosgamer

        LSU doesn't have a defense which that will be their downfall. Joe Burrow will get crushed.

    33. Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider

      Even in those few TTUN highlights, you can see how much holding the Skunk Weasels got away with. The most blatant example of B1G officials foremost rule: "When playing Ohio State teams are allowed to commit clear and blatant holding with impunity."

    34. Brooks Hooley

      Do a shot every time Michigan fans: - blame the refs - tout academic standards (spoiler alert, the standards for OSU and UM football players are the same) - accuse OSU of cheating - insinuate OSU pays recruits - call Ohio the worst state ever - call OSU "Ohio" - reference "tatgate," a nearly decade old joke If you read mgoblog, you'd die of alcohol poisoning by page four.

    35. B Fox

      Offensive did good u ask me just a few mistakes

    36. B Fox

      Defense seemed slow and little up from

      1. B Fox


    37. CrownJules

      Okay but you forgot the part when Michigan started untying everyone’s laces 😂

      1. Donna Naples

        LOL that's great GO BUCKS!!!!

    38. Jelani Wood

      Well color me shocked that Harbuagh lasted long enough for this to happen again. He's usually done and moved onto to another fan base to tease with "success" by now.

    39. Tally Kimble

      When is enough, enough they lost 8 straight and the last 2 they go destroy maybe next year Let's go big blue

      1. Tally Kimble

        FSUOSU25 I agree with that

      2. FSUOSU25

        Hey bud you still have a very good team. They just have to put the pieces together and make it work. I think Jim should stay. He'll figure it out. He needs help from his coaching staff though.

    40. R McElhaney

      Jim Harbaugh is 3-2 against Michigan State, but he's 0-5 against Ohio State. Sparty and Brutus both enjoyed this big Ohio State victory. Michigan State barely beat Maryland to become bowl eligible.

    41. Mike Emery

      Im from Boston and love college football..It doesnt matter to me who wins this matchup, i just want to see a great game..From an outside view, Ohio State is just so dominant right now and if this game was in Ohio they would of won by 40+..Michagan is so overrated every year and they beat up on bad teams..They are always pre-season top 10 and fold as the season goes on and the competition gets harder..Ohio State is the real deal and this has become a one-sided rivalry..

    42. R McElhaney

      The only positive thing about this game for Michigan is their offensive line kept Ohio State's Chase Young from sacking their QB Shea Patterson.

    43. R McElhaney

      JK Dobbins rushed for 211 yards and 4 TDs. Dobbins may have earned himself a trip to New York City with that performance.

    44. Wolfgang Ireland

      Hey if you need someone to actually make good audio for you videos let me know.

    45. Ken A

      OSU Buckeyes! From another college football fan from another part of the nation you're the best! Beat LSU!

      1. FSUOSU25

        I really hope they best LSU if they meet. Go Bucks. Take care bud.

    46. Supreme dawgo

      Josh Metellus is the main reason Michigan ever loses. Take. Him. Out.

    47. Supreme dawgo

      I feel embarrassed to be a Michigan fan. Wherever I go I feel ashamed of my team. Jim Harbaugh when is it going to happen!!!!??!????!?

    48. elise and phils bullying channel

      Don brown and harbaugh is an embarrassment to Michigan football. And should be ashamed of themselves.

    49. The Great Chain

      I've been the Buckeyes fan since Bo upset Woody & my number one Ohio state Buckeyes 😠 we never said " THE Ohio St ! It's Ohio St 😭😞😠Jack Tatum 😂 I was bummed out after the 1969 3 intercepted passes by the Buckeyes. Win this year for your old fan, the GREAT CHAIN Revolutionary Christian Psychedelic Rock Band. Revelation 20:5

    50. Junior Quarles

      That Justin Fields throw after he came back into the game though!

    51. zaxx19

      Ok, it is now a done deal. UM ISN'T an elite program anymore, it just isn't and given a million reasons, it almost certainly won't be returning to the glory years of 20-40 yrs ago. tOSU is an ABSOLUTE JUGGERNAUT who for various reasons will probably be a top 10 program for the forseeable future, probably top 5. This isn't a rivalry in the classic sense anymore, it just isn't...these are two different teams, programs, cultures that don't really intersect anymore.

    52. Junior Quarles

      Like Wisconsin and Penn State, Michigan appeared to look competitive in this game, but somehow found itself down by at least 2 scores at the blink of an eye with no chance of coming back.

    53. Gloria Evans

      During the press conference after the game, Harbaugh told one reporter he wasn't answering "insults". They were legitmate questions and Harbaugh knew that. He's 0-5 against this team so I don't know how he label the questions insulting.

      1. Jason Lyle

        Harbaugh always acts like a sore loser and has no class at all. I mean he's a big baby on and off the field. He said I will answer your questions not your insults. They played better is all he could come up with. I mean I can't stand to even listen to him talk. 7 mil a season and this is what you get every year. Ryan Day has only been in one game and already has more wins. LMAO 🤣🤣 🤦

    54. KingCapricorn115

      You can have your Heisman, just gimme Justin Fields and we'll take the chip. 🏈

    55. scott šzabo

      this game was not important. Harbaugh was looking ahead to the Outback Steakhouse Bowl, and planning the annual team field trip for next summer.

    56. ORONA ARCE

      Ohio state is in🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Micah Heard

      18 for 43 is just down right pitiful, especially when you do have quality receivers. I've kind of liked Shea Patterson because he came from my home city of Shreveport, La. He made it alot harder to route for after yesterday. I don't think all the blame should fall on Jim Harbaugh, he just puts the pieces in places. The pieces themselves have to execute the goals they set forward. Jim needs to take another try at the NFL and try for Dolphins, Bengals, maybe Packers, Titans, and IMPO The Falcons!

      1. Micah Heard

        @FSUOSU25 LSU has had BAMA type of talent for a long time, we were just playing stone age football. Our defenses were terrific but all Les Miles wanted to do was run the ball (which did work ALOT but not as much when it truly mattered). I'm guessing Les was too much of a softy (way bigger heart than Belichick and Saban) to fire Cam Cameron who was literally ruining our offense and not taking advantage of quality QB talent like with Brandon Harris. That kid could sling a ball 60 yards without trying. He'd do great in our new offense. I think Les had made promises to Jordan Jefferson at some point or another and when Jarrett Lee made his first two major mistakes (two ints) against Bama and he never saw another throwing attempt even when JJ was playing shitwater in the NC against the tide. JJ had always been a garbage QB with no brainpower fast enough to contemplate so many progressions in order within a matter 2 to 4 seconds. Jim Harbaugh needs to go hard for a great QB and RB like I said. It seems LSU is always getting the 5 star RB's. John Davis-Price, John Emery Jr (who I want to see shine like a diamond next year. He never seems to get more than 2 or 3 attempts a game which leads to him not being able to get in rhythm so that he can run smoother, faster, smarter, and harder. Emery burnt all the nation's best freshman running backs in a 40. He's a freak!!!

      2. FSUOSU25

        @Micah Heard I couldn't agree with you more. Jim definitely needs to go harder when it comes to recruiting. That's one of the biggest issues that has doomed him. His coaching staff needs to help him out. It's as if they are non-existent at times. Also, what you guys are doing at LSU is something great. The formula that's there is working. Anyway, hopefully Harbaugh can get something going next season. He needs to get a new staff or add a guy to the current staff that will get the job done.

      3. Micah Heard

        @FSUOSU25 I think he just needs a solid QB and Running Back Duo! A RB that can punch 3 to 4 yards most of the time after contact, and a QB that completes efficiently and limits miscues. His system isn't terrible he just needs to get over himself and stop dabbling into every play from every angle. Hire a highly respected offensive coordinator and or maybe a defensive coordinator that has a good/great/amazing resume (John Chavis). Then for the most part, let them do their job until you see that they can't perform to his standards. Look at what Ed Orgeron is doing at LSU being either the best or the second best? Hes the one that came up with their new offense? No, he did do some crafty and intelligent hiring by picking Ex-Saints assistant coach Joe Brady. LSU looks reborn from their old ashes like a Phoenix all because Ed decides to take a step back and let what he assembled do their jobs correctly. He's the ultimate supervisor and motivator. I think Harbaugh is a bit more talent in terms of coaching knowledge and tactics/strategy than Coach O but he never has the patience to just orchestrate a beautiful symphony instead of tampering with product he has no buisness controlling in any way. Jim needs to grow up and really hit recruiting hard so that he can possibly stand some kind of chance in their conference next season. He does have them a noticable amount more motivated than in their first loss from Wisconsin and even more now then later on since the Penn St loss. Atleast they managed to score 27 against OSU's *"most complete"* and *"best"* defense in the country. I did think Mich's defense would hold more weight of the Buckeye's offense than Penn St did, but sadly Michigan got torched by OSU plain and simple. Jim stays 100%. If he did get fired, I would definitely take him here at LSU and just make Coach O the Team Motivator/Sideline Manager or something like that (pay him around 500,000 a year ((I'd take that type of money just for motivating a team, calling a talking to recruits, possibly coaching the D or O Line's 100% of the time. That would be easy and enjoyable money to make.)) would be plenty enough and Harbaugh could really have an elite level recruiting system to his disposal. Imagine the ex-superbowl (losing) Coach taking on Saban everything single year with equally if not more talented players. Yes, I know this is most definitely never going to happen kmsl My most wanted Coach tho is... *JIMBO FISHER.* I think he would compliment the team we have this moment extremely well and would utilize certain areas of the team in ways that no other Coach has could think of or manage. Jimbo already has chemistry with LSU having worked there as offensive coordinator I believe under Nick Saban himself. It would be such a great fit and I think he'd also work well with Joe Brady! Either way I'm glad my LSU tigers have a new system that is actaully competing tooth and nail with every team they've played!

      4. FSUOSU25

        Yea its definitely not Jim's fault. If he stays at Michigan it'll benefit the team. He's one of better options for now.

    58. Cartier Rick

      Run defensive is terrible don brown

    59. Cartier Rick

      Jim harbaugh u might want to recruit a dual threat quarterback elite

    60. Cartier Rick

      Defensive tackles are weak

    61. Cartier Rick

      Michigan u need some elite corners and defensive tackles and a great pass rusher our corners are weak

    62. 56 - 27

      The kickoff was disasterious for Michigan.

    63. Stacey Shelton

      Anybody gets in our way I dont. Care its georgia lsu Clemson or anybody else u gonna get steam roll buckeye nation

    64. Harlan Yoder

      On to the next one! 👌🏻✌🏻

    65. Jimmie Rustler

      Call me crazy but I think the gap is closing and UMs time come. OSU loses Dobbins, Young, their whole secondary most of their receivers and someone in Ohio is due to call Fields a slur thats gonna have him transferring to Oklahoma next to replace Hurts. I think with all that attrition and Jimmy in year 6, Michigan can get within 24 pts in columbus next year.

    66. SuperOmnicron

      Michigan just doesn’t have athleticism in secondary and needs more team speed. Harbaugh should be assessing a lot of things..... it’s tough. Ohio st was just. Clinical in this beat down.

    67. Pete Kondolios

      My kids wouldn't watch the game with me, they just say that the Bucks have to stop scheduling these cupcakes at the end of the season.

    68. Ron Smith

      Breaking news jk dobbins is mailing Hutchinson an autographed shoe. It smells of victory

      1. Logan Shuman

        That would be hilarious. He should actually do that.

      2. Frk K

        Yes that was pretty dirty of them to take his shoe off. Glad the ref saw it and called the penalty.

    69. Brandon Moncada

      Had Michigan beat us, these comments would be filled with nasty comments.

    70. John DeF

      Why cant you advance a muffed punt?