Higher | Mecha Kingdoms Skins Teaser - League of Legends

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    We must rise above the past if we wish to have a future.
    Mecha Kingdoms launches with five new pilots on January 15, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. PT.

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    1. kami-no-kaze ,God's wind,

      It's basically Lego Ninjago

    2. PowerXInfinito


    3. ElleR2


    4. Ækonn

      So its like a megazord ? :O

    5. Chikin Spicy

      No k-pop song? No purchase.

    6. Bruce Vaughn

      So basically... Optimus Prime Jax

    7. Ceej Lor

      this is the voice of optimus prime

    8. Antoine Pizaine

      "Imagine if I had a real weapon! "

    9. finnz zein aincrad

      im JAX and i am Optimus Prime.

    10. Srdjan Jovicin

      Why I can't buy Mecha Kingdoms Draven it says he is unavailable?

    11. Rein Rusty

      Is it hard to just give him a real weapon? That will be better

    12. Saad TV

      JAX : i jax, now stand mountains tall... Malphite : Wait...that's illegal...

      1. Saad TV

        @Meowvin ok boomer

      2. Meowvin

        Saad TV not funny, didn’t laugh

    13. KaBluey

      Nasus,Galio,Urgot,MordeKaiser,Darius,Gragas : ArE YoU sUrE AbOuT ThAt

    14. 치킨타올

      한국말로 번역좀...

    15. Zed

      I'm wondering when jax will get a REAL weapon

    16. Grangis Jefe

      I just like to think of jax punching his way out of his own robot to get at the other guy like that bit in gurren laggan

    17. Noteseton

      Will we get a theme song though?

    18. IsahiPlaysLOL

      So this is basicaly Pacific RIM but in lol

    19. Win4Respect

      He still doesn't have real weapon

    20. Kiryuusai

      Oh man i love Gundam

    21. PineapplezzTV

      Gundams? Gundams.

    22. Ōkami Amaterasu

      Get in the robot, Jax !

    23. Kean Mandal

      Sounds like optimus prime .

    24. StigmB

      Everyone talking about his weapon, no One talks about what this could be or become 0:07

      1. Tontsch Sven

        Just a dragon from trailer.Nothing else

    25. therockergamer


    26. kdjdjsj ehehe

      Thats mythic or legendary?

      1. Sh0ckbIade


    27. Black List

      Void Optimus prime ?

    28. HelloHellNO

      where is ur shojin jax?

    29. Ragoons GG

      Jax: "I, JAX, NOW STAND MOUNTAINS TALL." Also Jax: Bot? Hello? Help? Leash???? TEAM?

    30. wafflepiepancake

      So is this his actual Lore? Or something for fun?

    31. -L Alice


    32. Sang Woody

      0:15 here click it

    33. Rowell

      guys the new evangelion teaser looks amazing

    34. Harrison Deguzman

      Optimus prime voice cover?

    35. Trash Panda

      Please bring the animated login screens back! ♥

    36. JThunder731

      can anyone make this an hd wallpaper??


      MECHA?....... Me:MEH......

    38. jigsaw g.ş

      Like naruto


      🙏🙏🙏 0:42 🔥💟 december 19? 👇👇👇👇👇💖

    40. Soraka


    41. Max Parker

      stupid garbege voice

    42. Hernán Bherny Apaza Uscamaita

      What's Mecha???

    43. The New Baris Berat Balci

      0:25 Mecha Kingdoms logo

    44. Trick Ster

      Are they fighting the kaiju in pacific rim?

    45. ASTRO JinJin

      Jax: "I, Jax, stands mountain tall." Me: Let's just pretend I'm not seeing things. also Me: Well, at least give the statue some credits because, you know, he did most of the work... like lifted you up... just to fulfill your dream 😂

    46. Samuel Luna Caceres

      Ao Shin?

    47. Dan Tran

      Is this part of the official runeterra lore

    48. marieles ortega

      Jax 😎

    49. Charming nowhere to hide

      "I,Jax stands mountains tall" Sylas: hold my cho gath ult

      1. Mihai Matei

        Because cho'gath himself is irelevant in curent meta

    50. Allan Borges

      Ok, o Jax tem um megazord, agora entendi.

    51. Dauske

      Aku has thown open a portal

    52. jc j

      tencent jax?

    53. Хитч

      I'm Optimus Prime

    54. Kilian Starzengruber

      Ah yes, this pleases the Chinese Market 👌

      1. bofooit gojo

        15:34 My car's display brightness can be changed only when headlights are on. Tried that Doug?

    55. Yoon 읭 Ryoon

      its morphin' time

      1. Emily An

        Je crois fermement que je vais recevoir des milliards en 2020 au nom puissant de Jésus-Christ.

    56. Israel David

      para donde se fue el dragon

      1. Emily An

        Je crois fermement que je vais recevoir plusieurs voitures de luxe en 2020 au nom puissant de Jésus-Christ.

    57. Rimnao

      I dream or they pass through an mecha ornn?

      1. bofooit gojo

        Je crois fermement que mon étoile brillera en 2020 au nom puissant de Jésus-Christ.

    58. bofooit gojo

      And he still doesn't have a real weapon


      como castran sus pinches anuncios que suben >:v , nunca van a ser vistos por completo, mejor vallan a estudiar pinches adictos

    60. SimplyPage

      .... so... what about Ornn?

    61. Jade Chavez

      It looks like a new game

      1. bofooit gojo

        Je crois fermement que je serai le milliardaire de ma famille en 2020 au nom puissant de Jésus christ.

    62. ekopuji santoso

      Report jak wepon lenteran 😡

    63. Ask to seduce Miss

      No matter how big is his back it's still can't *ucking carry my whole team

    64. JawzDawg

      Hey the animation framrate matches the in-game framerate now! nice

    65. Bảo

      Will these blessed gifts turn into a giant robot when the team is losing 🤣🤣

    66. Fabreeze Kun

      I wish they made a mecha event where they will fight giant monsters

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Je crois fermement que je vais me marier en 2020 au nom puissant de Jésus christ.

    67. J

      Mecha kingdom huh? What's next Blood guardian?

    68. qRazvan03

      "I, Jax , have a dream"

    69. Spicy_boyyy

      Why the heck he sound like optimus prime lmao

    70. StrayPaolo

      Like an angel with cruel and merciless intent, go forth Jax and you'll become a legend!