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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Aaron Hartsfield

      That costume is the best thing ever

    2. Billy Williams

      us-new.com/online/video-Z3u7hXpOm58.html rate this please

    3. macholonium24

      1:26 8th most viewed youtuber 2019

    4. Nathaniel Gmitter

      Where has marcus been in the last couple of vids

    5. Irrelevant_ Demxn

      Wheres Marcus ;(

    6. Matter Doesnt

      The smelly armpit isn't doing lufu any favors considering the last videos where she said she showers rarely and also marcus said that. Makes her seem mangy

    7. Noah Bavaro

      Where is murcus

    8. Izgubljena Devojka

      Me: *looks at the thumbnail* "Who do you hate the most??" Me: hmm *looks at KreekCrafts video above* HHMMM

    9. Jayden Pawlik

      The armpit smelling one is from the beer pong video

    10. Aestheticガチャ

      Someone should be under the cornhole.

    11. galactic offital

      When lazarbeamm leaves muslike sister. First I go across the world to get her and then Muskie and lazarbeam are to kill each other

    12. Fernando Milian

      What ever happened to marcus?


      Cray+ tannar=perfection.

    14. Don Kimbrell

      Click Football game who loses has to do a shoei

    15. Bot Boi

      I've always known cray and tanner would get together

    16. engjell jaho


    17. Madan Jallow-Baro

      fuck I forgot Marcus left

    18. Diego Lafontaine

      Tbh Elliot will probably end up like lazarbeam and go out with Tannar

    19. Declan Fuchs

      Who did Kath kill

    20. TWBS_Sammy

      Idk man Cray look kinda fresh with that pepper on

    21. Braydon Hallman

      What happened to Marcus?

    22. MCNightwatcher

      10:35 Anyone noticed anything weird at this time? The bag she was throwing was red and when it landed it became blue 😲

    23. Caedmon Doane

      7:09 lazarbeam

    24. Xxfrazzatron Xx

      Am I the only one who heard the bit about how she killed someone

    25. Albin Gottberg

      Crays face when lufu cheats, priceless!

    26. Shay Cfggg

      Is kath pregnant

    27. Big Furg

      Where is your merch in videos. I can't handle Muselk flexing his expensive T-Shirts every week. Need you to wear that sweet sweet Click merch team

    28. Embrace Mini

      Where’s Marcus

    29. Eunkyung Park

      Where is marcus

    30. Shade Valentine

      Lot of personal attacks in this one.

    31. Bryce Vern

      Tannar is perfect the way she is

    32. Joseph Pardilla

      I'm just gunna say it the extended dream team should play click in overwatch

    33. Daniel H

      IGN: Too much thighs 7/10

    34. Ice CreamSam

      Elliot has the worst fashion sense because he wears muselk merch

    35. michellesbader1

      #road to 2.5M

    36. Jack the Galaxy

      I think craig pretty hot so you get it he evenshly has to where a chilly costume

    37. Jack the Galaxy


    38. Jerome Gotto

      When has kath killed someone?

    39. Garkair

      We all know cray really would have said f*** bazz bc of paris

    40. XxGirlyxPlayzxxx

      Am I the only one wondering where Marcus is

    41. Haidy Elghannam

      Anyone low key ship tanner and Elliot

    42. Ethan Jeffrey

      Lazerbeams content is being used us-new.com/online/video-nm0-gpd30aM.html

    43. mustang the kitten


    44. Holden Macom

      Me: loves soy sauce Elliot: think about drinking the ocean


      Sink it right in that hole - bazz

    46. Billy Tango

      Tanner and Cray totally suit sorry lannan

    47. The Octopus Gamer

      Elliott is the one with the huge ego

    48. Pranjaljain ,

      7:58 cray looks like Thomas Shelby!

    49. Karina Villaester

      I think lanan watches the big bang theory because he said the word bazingga

    50. Egg Roll man

      Why does loserfruit look like she is so careful about walking?

    51. Spencer Jones

      where is marcus

    52. Careless Boat


    53. Zen Fxcts

      It seems like tanner likes cray

    54. Jordan D

      These Australia people are crazy bro I love it

    55. Dillon Rodgers

      Where's Marcus

    56. Wyatt101 Cook

      Or play mincraft wth you guys I have a US-new channel

    57. Wyatt101 Cook

      Can I join click

    58. Ayaz Zarif

      Where is Marcus

    59. SamsoniteX

      Who did she kill?

    60. Viswesh B.R

      2:25. Lannan: he’s family Me: Wait already?

    61. Yugen Ukiyo

      Marcus: Leaves Click to focus on his channel. Also Marcus: Hasn`t uploaded in a month

    62. Depresh

      The fanfics

    63. Crispy chippp

      If click ever sees this u should react to your draw your life

      1. Crispy chippp


    64. Liam Wilkinson

      Click is they Australian sidemen

    65. vihaan yadav

      5:35 when I get less than I expected in exams

    66. AkoKirch

      4:01 cray and muselk 2019

    67. JK EL

      I could actually drink a whole shot of soy sauce i love soy sauce

    68. Ash Blaxland

      elliot is such a show off to the camera

    69. Default 69

      The number of like is his many takes Muselk had at the cornhole shot | | \/

    70. Zac A Roo

      Kill Elliot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!