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Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade

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    1. Jen

      Another moral of the story is to stop supporting these kind of people. Unsubscribing and not watching her videos will teach her more than our words can.

    2. Vanessa Rinderhagen

      You have no idea what its like for others who arent as privileged as you, as some people here have suggested, i agree you need a reality check and you should go spend some time with those who dont have it easy like you do. There are some who cant even afford to have an education in the first place. Stop with the make up and clothing videos and maybe spend your time helping those who are less fortunate in life.

    3. et cetera

      You don't deserve a platform. You took spots from deserving people and don't want to be held responsible. Use your fame to spread positivity and growth.

    4. Jay Hong


    5. big boo

      'A new report claims that Olivia Jade Giannulli knew about the college scam perpetrated by her parents, Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who allegedly paid $500,000 to the University of Southern California to have their daughters fraudulently admitted as recruits to the college's crew team. The popular influencer was reportedly “honest” with everyone - including her parents - about her disinterest in college from the start, a source told People. They also said that Olivia Jade would have “never gone along with it if she thought this would happen” and “blames her parents for everything.”All this has Olivia Jade “angry” with her parents, and the influencer is spending the majority of her time with her friends and boyfriend, model and musician Jackson Guthy. “She just wants to figure out how she can rebuild her brand,” the source told People.' - People Magazine December 5th 2019

    6. John Doe

      who is she & why is she has that many views?

    7. Noger

      But like why the fuck would she be apologizing to u people tf

    8. saoirse early

      what happened isn’t completely your fault. people make mistakes and your human so obviously you would and every one watching this i’m sure has made a mistake in some point in time. so i want you to come back. your a youtuber who i always watched and enjoyed watching. people shouldn’t be hating on you for something that’s in the past and is being dealt with. ignore them because you made a mistake and it may of been one people don’t agree with but hey you win some and you loose some. so to conclude i say you should come back as there’s still people who want to watch your videos and still support you.

    9. Ali Hoosein

      This video, the dislikes, and the hate comments show that your ‘US-new Influencer’ career has definitely come to an abrupt end... bye again 🖐🏼

    10. Anne Booms

      Girl your parents are facing 60 years and you’re sitting there making US-new videos

    11. Lisa laws

      You people are so pathetic. Yeah keep attacking someone when she SHOULD be moving on with her life.

    12. Zev V

      Go back to hiding in ur cave!

    13. Laura 99

      Wow why does people hate her so much? I mean is just because of the college situation? I don’t understand why would hate her like that in the comments... she is saying is hard for her to come back and you decide to not believe her and in a sort of punishment just talk shit like you are some authority figure that needs to find justice for what she did or some sort of saint lol also, I think we all know how social media affects us everyday, Olivia is not a special case I am sure that hearing only negative comments has hurt her a lot. Think about your actions

    14. Natalie Garcia

      This video was so pathetic she said some “this is the best I can do” like girl the best you could do is stay your ass off the internet period🤣

    15. Professor Bosshardt

      No apology? Dafuq

    16. Ahmed Mohmed

      Why EVERONE acting like they parents killed somebody. Every parents did something to their children. We aren't perfect. We love you. Keep your heads up

    17. SoyPetTurtle

      Why am I the only one that literally doesn't care how she got into school or if she pretended to be an athlete or whatever. I literally dont give a fuck or find it to be a big deal. Also if you wanna be pissed at someone be pissed at her parents, it definitely wasn't her idea.

    18. Melania MoneyPenny

      You are a HORRIBLE role model for young people.

      1. big boo

        I agree Melania

    19. Robert Harriage

      Shoulders are a little small for a rower

      1. big boo


    20. gauche_81

      What did she do?

    21. Andrej Alavanja

      She probably got arrested

    22. Branden Vincent

      Gotta love these so called "Influencers" Only thing you ever influenced was your mom's prison term. 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Mikayla Jaber

      i aint even mad. i think of all the strings your parents could pull, college makes the most sense, my parents would probably use fame and money for education too if they were able to. so many doctors pull strings and oh look all their kids are doctors or lawyers or other big shots. so many actors/models/celebrities pull strings and all of a sudden oh look their kids are famous and following in their parents line of work, not working hard for it at all. parents pull strings when they can and i think id rather see her mom trying to get her an education than to be some famous actress or something else that doesnt have as much worth to people.

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Mikayla Jaber she robbed someone else of an opportunity at a better life I’m fuckin pissed

    24. duracellplus06

      🙅🏻‍♂️ SAME AMOUNT OF LIKES AS DISLIKES!!! 🙅🏻‍♂️ LET'S DO IT GUYS!!! 🙅🏻‍♂️

    25. JamesMitchell451

      Maybe Olivia is paying person whose spot she stole at usc to delete all the negative comments. Then maybe I’d be nicer

    26. TheRealDeal


    27. Mike Wilson

      The right "time" to come back to US-new, is never. You don't "miss" US-new, you miss getting free money with your worthless, bottom of the barrel content. You are terrible.

      1. big boo


    28. Gorilla Filmmaker Now

      This is not the exception to a rule, it is the rule. Rich folk pay their way to the top and don't need to be any good at anything. #trump

    29. JamesMitchell451

      Hey Olivia: you can’t delete all of our negative comments. Delete one of them: two more shall take its place

      1. biggyunit

        What comments were getting deleted. That’s messed up, but not surprising.

      2. big boo

        I was wondering why like 5 of my comments were deleted

    30. Chesly Houser

      you are a flake, you've always been a flake. If you insist on scaring people, do it with your sculptures.

    31. Amit Parekh

      Good for you for pushing through and YES come back. People make mistakes shit happens

      1. biggyunit

        Oops. I mistakenly got on this row machine for my college application. Silly me.

      2. JamesMitchell451

        Amit Parekh cheating, bribery, and theft are hardly “mistakes”

    32. Denise Van Vleck

      Please just go away and live your life.

    33. muffu13 - Paula L

      Awww I'm glad you're back

      1. JamesMitchell451

        muffu13 - Paula L I found another bot

      2. big boo

        Fake account

    34. Mae Ellis

      Wow, I’m shocked the comments are on

    35. Katol

      How's college?

    36. Fousey Fube

      What the fuck is she saying?

    37. Catch That tea

      Blah blah fucking BLAAHH

    38. donya elena

      hi, please be kinder to each other. regardless of what did or didn’t happen, people change & learn from mistakes. if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. i’m glad you’re back olivia🖤🖤

      1. biggyunit

        JamesMitchell451 Hopefully that is the case. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets something. Just look at all the gullible people in these comments. They will believe anything a celeb says and give them money too. This video screams of her publicist testing the waters, not her missing the viewer.

      2. JamesMitchell451

        biggyunit lol not sure she can do that anymore. All the big brands cut her off. Karma can be so awesome sometimes

      3. biggyunit

        JamesMitchell451 That and she would gladly take your money for her brand. She cares more about that than the viewer.

      4. big boo

        @JamesMitchell451 amen

      5. JamesMitchell451

        I have something to say: fuck her and stop defending someone who’d likely take your spot in college in a heartbeat so she could go party

    39. Jessika Frier

      Can someone please tell me what her involvement was and why everyone in the comments bashing her for not saying sorry? I’ve just never heard her involvement just her moms...


      You fucked up... Let's see how long it takes people to forgive you and make you think everything is good again.

    41. W A

      Yeah but.. You're allowed to say sorry, right?..

    42. King Cola

      What she really misses is the life she thought she had before it all blew up in her face bcz it was just a delusion. She needs to get out there and make a real life for herself, one that includes sincere hard work and earnest effort and putting others ahead of herself. It wouldn't hurt to start with her parents, showing some support and concern for them -doing so privately and not hustling to get it pasted on social media. Build up her family, build a real life for herself and just drop the internet fame and money, she doesn't need it, no one does. Its pretty much a big wasteland and she's not the only one who's ever gotten caught up in it, won't be the last.

    43. SinisterChild


    44. David Popa

      Ok honestly why are people hating on her yall treating her like she actually murdered someone. Colleges have been fucking students over for as long as it's been around but that okay cause its "legal" fuck all that bUllshit

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Why are you trying to defend her? She’s a millionaire. She don’t need people to defend her

    45. Brenda R

      Bro people are so dramatic. Everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them, reason why i think she deserves a second chance. I was never subscribed to her channel before but i just subscribed and im gonna support 💙 BE KIND no one is perfect to be judging others, leave that to God

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Brenda R and it makes me happy because I know she’s reading this or someone close to her is otherwise the negative comments wouldn’t keep getting deleted

      2. JamesMitchell451

        Brenda R a mistake?!!! She committed a federal crime!!!

      3. Brenda R

        Okay then don’t watch her videos and do you. Just because she made a mistake doesn’t mean she has to stop living her life lol if being “very judgmental” makes you happy then go ahead lol😂

      4. JamesMitchell451

        Nah. I like being very judgmental And of course no one is perfect But she literally destroyed people’s dreams just so she could party

      5. Eric Mathew

        Olivia jade is a Queen!! So happy she's back on US-new!! I wish people would stop saying mean things in the Comments. It makes me super sad that people are rude to her:(

    46. westongracie33

      She literally said she can’t talk about it. So she can’t apologise bc that’s admitting what her parents did. Also she’s still basically a kid, if you’re parents told you to do all that stuff you would. You trust you’re parents and do what they say bc of that. She shouldn’t be punished for this forever. And all of you’re horrible comments are just hurting her. Yes it was an awful thing, but should she really have to deal with all of your comments

      1. westongracie33

        Also she was probs only 18/19 when this shit happened

      2. JamesMitchell451

        westongracie33 she’s not a goddamn kid. She’s like 20+!!!

    47. ashwhole666

      Maybe mommy and daddy can buy her positive comments, f.o.h.

      1. big boo

        @ashwhole666 lmfao

      2. ashwhole666

        Oh in that case good to see ya back , now gimmie my money

      3. big boo

        They are

      4. big boo

        They are. There has been much more negative comments but they were deleted. And the family is offered cash for positive comments, I was told by someone on the inside

    48. Obama Kush

      Yall makin a big deal but it happens everyday, who the fuck cares, let her live with her mistakes, u dont have to give her shit for it

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Disagree. I think she’s earned what she’s getting

    49. kayla colbert

      Ballsy too keep the comments on

      1. JamesMitchell451

        kayla colbert not for much longer I’m betting

    50. Bel B

      Life is too short, we are all humans with mistakes, some bigger than others but there’s no need to keep bashing her it’s been months of her going through it I’m SURE she learned a big lesson so guys stop it. If you hate her then don’t watch her videos...talking shit isn’t gonna change anything in your life. She’s a really sweet person who made a mistake. Life goes on

      1. biggyunit

        Maybe I am being cynical. I don’t see a sweet person but a person portraying one to build a brand off gullible viewers. She comes off as someone more concerned about her brand and image than caring about the viewer. This video screams of her publicist having her test the waters. It’s working because there are people who will believe whatever a celebrity says.

      2. JamesMitchell451

        Bel B no. Life doesn’t go on for those who are stuck working a lower end job because this stupid entitled brat took their spot at USC and robbed them of the future they deserved just so she could party with her friends on campus

      3. Eric Mathew

        Yess Olivia is the most sweetest person tbh!! I have been a fan since 2017 and im so happy she's back!! I wish people would stop being rude in the Comments. I wish people were more kind in this world!! It's super sad that people are being mean to Olivia!! She's awesome and the most sweetest person ever! I wish her the best!!

    51. Ellen

      Lol I literally just clicked to dislike. So glad I’m not a fraud. I got my degree with REAL scholarships ☺️ ❤️

    52. Emma Bunch-Benson

      The thing that also doesn’t even make sense about all this BS is her parents could have easily paid for her entire college career out of pocket-they already could cheat the system with they’re wealth..but because they’re so greedy and disgusting they went to these lengths and double cheated and lied and stole. Not all criminals are the same...some steal out of desperation, of struggle, others, because they can.

    53. Print Stuff

      You were not legally allowed to cheat your way into getting admission when you are not qualified! Good job taking away a spot from a qualified applicant. If your parents had so much money to bribe, why did they not hire a tutor for you? Why couldn’t you work hard to earn that spot

    54. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

      Why are people so crabby at her? Go yell at Onision US-new's predator!!

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀 he’s disabled comments so I can’t do that.

    55. Sophia Gonsalves

      There are way worse things going on in the world and it makes me sick that people still want to bully Olivia. Nobody is perfect so what makes everyone so free to judge? Give her a break and work focus on your flaws guys

      1. big boo

        How much they pay u bitch

      2. JamesMitchell451

        I’m flawed but at least I didn’t rob someone who’s 1/250,009th as wealthy as myself of a future because I wanted to party on campus

    56. Ansley Sinclair

      No apology?

      1. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

        She said she can't talk about anything. That includes an apology.

    57. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

      Love you 💖💖💖

    58. Amir Hamid

      Please Don't Come Back

    59. Gabby LaRue

      If this was any normal civilian people wouldn’t be having such a fit. It happened. Move on. People make mistakes. It’s apart of life. If you were ever a true fan of this family, you would be able to forgive them. There are worse celebrities doing a heck of a lot worse things. Just drop it.

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Gabby LaRue but I’m not a fan and I don’t feel any sympathy for them

    60. Miki N

      girl you have NO REMORSE. people can forgive and move on when someone has apologized, recognized and regrets their actions. you do none of that

    61. Mary Kate

      Stupid rich people

    62. Mia Vasquez

      I don’t blame her

    63. Nicholas Vollaro

      Complete denial goes hand in hand with elitism

    64. Dominiquebeauty

      Why couldn't you just study and make it in on your own

    65. Sara Brown

      “I’m back to US-new because I... need the money. Mommy and Daddy can’t afford to money roll me anymore.”

    66. Shane Lylick

      Fuck you jade! Get flexed on you dumb bitch😂

      1. big boo


    67. Flamingo With 100 subscribers


      1. JamesMitchell451

        Flamingo With 100 subscribers same.

    68. Kac chan

      *i don’t even know who you are...*

    69. Ptao Tom

      hope they lock you up for 30 years. If 110,000 people disliked this video , how do you think you're chances are with 12 people deciding your fate. You're done!

      1. JamesMitchell451

        Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀 she fucking bribed government officials

      2. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

        Are you serious? You think what she did was bad enough to earn 30 years. 🙄 She just lied. Everyone has lied before!

    70. Mister Joe

      She's so much prettier on this video without the pounds of makeup.