Here's The Truth About White Castle People Don't Know



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    In a sea of fast food competitors, White Castle stands out. Perhaps it's the small size of its iconic sliders, the mystique of its busy late night hours, or scarcity in certain states, but the company has been successful creating a "crave-worthy" business. Here are a few fun facts you should know before your next White Castle run.
    Step aside, Harold and Kumar: Martin Kessman was a frequent customer of White Castle for an impressive 50 years, but he eventually became so overweight that he could no longer fit himself into the booths at his local Nanuet, New York, location. So Kessman sued White Castle in 2011 under the Americans with Disabilities Act for not providing him with six more inches of, quote, "gut space."
    This lack of gut space became a real problem when Kessman tried to squeeze into one of the booths and injured his knee in the process.
    Rather than shun White Castle burgers for good over the cramped seating, Kessman simply had his wife pick up his slider supply. The lawsuit was eventually dropped once White Castle renovated the location, providing proper gut space with new seating.
    Watch the video for more of The Truth About White Castle People Don't Know!
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    Gut reaction | 0:18
    Hamburger holiday | 1:02
    Hamburger history | 1:45
    Messin' with Texas | 2:46
    Plenty of imitators | 3:50

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    1. Mashed

      What burger restaurant do you want to learn about next?

      1. Langolier

        @Kidd Davis _ There hamburgers are delicious. Their are none like them.

      2. Ghost Noodle

        You should do White castle a third time

      3. Cesar Quintanilla

        Ponchos Mexican buffet

      4. R Dm


      5. Dennis Mitchell

        I’ll never order or buy White Castle burgers until they order a plain option without onions or pickles

    2. IlIICEjunkrat YT

      White castle started in my city and I never Evan ate or see one.

      1. ry

        Just go to grocery store. They taste exactly the same. Went to one for the first time today and do not understand the hype. They were cold in parts of the sliders and gross.


      Definitely need this chain in the Maryland, DC, Virginia surrounding areas ASAP!!

      1. ry

        No you don't. They are gross

    4. Joseph Tabar

      I love White Castles, but the last time I ate them, I started throwing up an hour after eating 3 double cheeseburgers. I was sick the entire day.

    5. Nathan Battilana

      We don't have it here in australia is it better than burger king?

      1. Nathan Battilana

        @Namkim yeh true pretty hard to beat the whopper with cheese love that burger

      2. Namkim

        Nathan Battilana nah not really

    6. justgayjim

      Colorado was the first state to legalize weed and we don't have a single White Castle. When a dispensary opened up next to the Taco Bell in Aurora it increased their business so much they had to add on a third shift. White Castle listen up! When we get the munchies we CRAVE White Castles (much like Harold and Kumar)

    7. Biscuits Gravy

      Someone suing White Castle for not a enough gut space, gtfo and lose some weight fat fuck, that is ridiculous. You are the reason you are fat, not White Castle, take a walk every once in a while shit...

    8. R Brown

      NO taste, No flavor. not worth the effort......

    9. aircooledhead

      After seeing this, I went to the same WC my dad used to take us to, 60 years ago. The inside has been updated, but outside it looks the same as it did when I was just a pup.

    10. Stigs TV

      King of the sliders.


      This is, and always will be, my favorite fast food burger place in the whole wide world. The memories alone of growing up eating their burgers, fries, onion rings, and drinking their wonderful milkshakes. Is the Icing on the cake. I LOVE WHITE CASTLE FOREVER. I AM HAPPY THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS. I LIVE IN FLORIDA NOW (THEY DO NOT HAVE WHITE CASTLE)😥😥😥😥

    12. Design & more

      Fat slobs sue for "gut space"? White Castle needs to print disclaimers on their wrappers and boxes to warn against overeating!

    13. Eric Falcon


    14. Yoni Maestro

      Come to South Florida (West Palm Beach). For the love of God!!

    15. Jack Meyers

      I ll take Little Tavern every time

    16. Brian C

      They have best milk shakes

    17. Ronnie Carter

      There is at least one remaining ROYAL CASTLE in miami on 79th St & 27th Ave.... still going 💪🏾 strong

    18. TJ Martinez

      Its the overall size, and bun to meat ratio, so you get the best flavor in every bite. reality.

    19. Dennis Mitchell

      I don’t eat there because I like my burgers plain. They only have them with pickles and onions. The home version too. Why?

    20. Stelios Kontos

      chicken littles from kfc are not long gone , i just had one last week

    21. GrinFlash

      4:50 *BLACKED*

    22. juan tamayo

      I love White Castle

    23. Pearl the rebel

      The frozen ones are so good

    24. Brian Moya

      Im from corpus Christi where Whataburger was born and I wouldn't mind having a white castle here

    25. Ghost Noodle

      When you eat so much food, you get so fat you cant eat, so you sue the chair for not being further away

      1. Christopher Peery

        Thats our screwed up legal system for you

    26. Mohag

      all the white castles in ohio closed they gone

      1. Scott Smith

        I live virtually right across the street from one in Cincinnati. Regular customer. (Regular has a double meaning here. :) )

    27. ultraaa combo

      How much are this little slider? You would need like 7 to fill up idk.

    28. Voice of TRUTH!

      Just dead cow between bread, get over it people. Dead flesh is dead flesh, no matter where you get it.

    29. JonnyUFO

      I'm eating white castle right now while watching this

    30. Day Lily Gardener

      Recently opened White Castle in Scottsdale AZ sold 50,000 burgers the first day and had to close to restock and give their employees a break.

    31. Kelly Penrod

      All I heard when I started driving crosscountry 50yrs ago was how great white castle was, so the first time I delivered in Indianapolis, I was across the road from a white castle shop so I was hungry and went over to see what they had. BOY, WAS THAT A DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE!! I wanted a burger, what I got was a bag of bread and not enough meat to MAKE A FKN BURGER!! WHAT A JOKE!! Wendy's, or Burger king any day! I hate micky D's, but even they're 10x better than white crapstle!!!

    32. Kathleen Benally

      Whos here at the Grand opening in Scottsdale, ARIZONA?🍔🍔🍔🍟




        uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh missed it!!! did it have 7 african american's hanging out and a person that materializes who gives the food. MEMORIES OF THE WHITE CASTLE on the East coast, misty water colored memories...i'm going to see another one soon..cross my heart and hope to........

    33. Ice Viking

      I used to love White Castle. Unfortunately I got severe food poisoning after eating 6 of their burgers one day. It was so miserable. Haven’t had any of them since. It’s been over 5 years.

    34. Gregor Samsa

      The truth about White Castle: Ted Cruz is a bitch

    35. Lawrence Lewis

      I was in a WC in Ohio- There was an 800 number to call for comments and questions. I asked if they would ever open a place in Canada. I left my info and about 2 weeks later I received a phone call from a WC executive and a letter from them with a map of every WC restaurant in the U.S. But, unfortunately, they had no plans to expand into Canada. I've read about the company, they have always packed their food in cardboard, not plastic clamshells like you-know-who and only use 100% American beef. Plus I've read that if you get a job with them and show a little intelligence, they make you a manager and if you're on the ball, you can have a good career with profit sharing, stock options, 401K pension and so forth. I still wish they would open up in Canada- Toronto to be exact.

      1. JxT1957

        they dont have white castle in florida either

    36. R Dm

      Ate white castle 1 time. Had the worst diarrhea of my life for 2 days,i see why they call them sliders,kinda how they flew out later...,more appropriately blasters... never again!!!!

      1. Scott Smith

        You need to eat them on a regular basis. Lots of onions. You'll be more regular.

    37. JxT1957

      We have Krystal in Florida. Krystal burgers have fatter buns than White Castle burgers.

    38. Brian Salomon

      5¢. Buy 'em by the sackful

    39. Chris Dominguez

      The patties look too thin like theres more bread than actual meat patty No thanks I'll just recreate the harold and Kumar scene at in n out or at five guys burgers lol

      1. UxCANxDOxIT

        Chris Dominguez that's the point. That's why you get twenty of them

    40. Joe Powell

      We have Kyrstals in Georgia! They're good

    41. oVo Jose


    42. JAMIE Lewis

      If you're in Texas try Taco Casa, Taco Bueno and Golden Chick.

    43. Barbara Short

      They didn't even mention Krystals!

      1. Robert Richardson

        I know. I could eat at either one. Both are good

    44. Mike H

      I'm in Houston and Let me assure you Ted Cruz he is loathed here...

    45. ScrapTime

      Sued because he's fat as fuck. Oh America.

    46. kirk stinson

      Ok. I watched the video. So, where's the "truth about White Castle"??

    47. heart attack on a plate

      love white castle

    48. EL BOHIKE

      Thank God for the good review. My favorites

    49. Pastor Paul D

      The good senator of Texas spends most of his time in Washington DC assholes , that’s why he gets to eat white castles youdumb liberal morons

    50. jboneiii

      There were also "Blue Castle" burger joints in Los Angeles some 30+ years ago. Didn't compare.

    51. Busy Bee

      We don't have White Castle where I live, but we do have Krystal.

      1. nero eagle

        Doesn't compare to the original

    52. Ellen Davis


    53. Ellen Davis


    54. Mark Ehrlich

      Love Them No Imatater Can Compare

    55. road trip

      Where else do people on a drunk or maryjane munchies line up at 3am

      1. ojars zvaigzne

        Yeah, It's fun to go to your local "Black Shack" after the bars close. You get to meet some "fine" individuals while waiting in line!

      2. Robert Richardson


    56. Jesse Allin

      Burger King had sliders and they should bring them back cuz I don't have white caslte 😩

    57. Leslie Brooks

      I love White Castle

    58. Anthony Miller

      My most awesomist, best ever, most favorite, one of a kind, latest night, laxitative, more for your dollar, favorite 🍔 hamburger of my life from way back when!! Oh, and it was a great place for me and my buddies to cruise and show off hotrods! Yeah, they're good..

      1. Joel Shalom

        You damn right about that laxative part lol

    59. M C

      America is shameless. Feed our citizens trash and fattening foods, while making it look like they are doing a good thing. You have to be retarded if you are still eating this garbage in 2019.

    60. Horse Power05

      I stopped at White Castle's years ago their hamburgers are good and that chicken was also good very good food

      1. Jason Styles

        Years ago, so you haven't been these since? How come?

    61. Mike Skorup

      Does anybody else miss the Canadian white castles with the horse burgers

    62. Land Tuna


    63. Randy Luna

      So fat people over cuz they love to eat but then they turn around and bone the place they over eat

    64. Tony Girard

      Krystal is the biggest copy cat of White Castle. They can't touch White Castle! Don't even come close! Many people in the South think they're the same but they haven't had White Castle.

      1. Joel Shalom

        Krystals is horrible lol

    65. Ramennoodlesand Tacobell

      *_are they in florida i’ve never been_*

      1. Ramennoodlesand Tacobell

        Ronnie Carter *_thank you_*

      2. Ronnie Carter

        Just recently got word of a White Castle being built i Orlando soon.. 🍀

    66. M Ld

      People dont care

    67. Anonymous Trucker

      I'm surprised you guys didn't mention Krystal's as an imitator, unless....

    68. Puff Dragon

      I once had a girlfriend who lived in Columbus, Ohio, (well, actually it was Grove City) who took me to a White Castle restaurant for the first time. It was amazing. They sold these tiny hamburgers, square in shape and fairly oily, but they were great. They were real cheap, so you could buy a whole bunch of them.

      1. Puff Dragon

        @Apotheosis Yes, it's oil. Seven grams per hamburger. They may be cooked on a bed of onions, but the burger still has a lot of oil in it.

      2. Apotheosis

        That isn’t oil. That’s onion steamed hams flavor. White Castle burgers never actually touch the griddle. They’re steam cooked on a bed of onions.

      3. Tony Girard

        Buy them by the sack!

    69. Drew Grows

      Last time I went to White Castle I wound up in Guantanamo bay

    70. Betty Davis

      Hey get white Castle at freezers in Walmart and lots of other grocery stores..yes...

      1. Tony Girard

        They're not the same but they're not bad though.