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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

    Published on 25 days ago


    1. Angelica Nuñez

      Let faze rug be on the team it would make a big change bc like you said he's a deadly shooter.

    2. Frisky Pvp

      I’ve been a hooper all my life I love basketball my favorite player left the pelicans his name is Anthony Davis now my favorite player is khawi leonard

    3. phillip lavakeiaho

      Good D good D

    4. Neychot

      does anyone notice that Kamal's jumper is literally just like Draymond Green's?

    5. Michael Oulacha

      I’m crying 😂😂 9:43

    6. Paul Docherty

      Number 4 is nice lmao

    7. Uriel Valladares

      He was bragging before the game so he lost 😂💀

    8. Niybear Nation

      “I don’t got no foot fetish but I’ll suck some toes.”😂

    9. mah hoops

      Pick me up bruh😐💪

    10. Alia Aljunaibi

      I wanna see you go sup-rise Dennis at his house i think it would be nice :))

    11. Angie Tracey

      I have the same shoes!!

    12. Kevin The Goat

      Right when i watched the video i died like if u did too

    13. Kevin The Goat

      Hes so dumb 0:01😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. T A Y A

      Come one Kamal, numba 71 opposite team is LiT 🔥 🤣 he can carry his weight you do the same boyyyy

    15. Lil Peel

      This niggah acting like he just lost the nba finals

    16. Ryder Russell

      What shoe do you wear for basketball Brandon

    17. Greedy GUITAR Bastard



      U and junior need to have a 1v1

    19. Hayden Hunt

      He didn’t wear the headband this one time and they lost😭

    20. Nengi Princewill

      Brandon is so... Read more

    21. JTL 006

      I thing PHX will go to the playoffs

    22. smart clever

      Kid has a championship shirt but "doesnt" have the luxury to go buy shoes fuck off

    23. Łïłÿ Šëńpäí


    24. Łïłÿ Šëńpäí

      He show some love for Dennis in the comments Dennis we love you!

    25. Simple Things

      *Brandon: You can titty twist both my nipples and both my ass cheeks and this game will still hurt* 😂😂💀

    26. Luis Ordaz

      Stop giving this nigga stuff he so ungratful ffs help ouy people in need

    27. Marvin Sarfo

      I love how brawadis family and friends are there like it is a NBA game

    28. Rafael Sanchez

      How come Brandon wasn't taking no shots at the end like if you think Brandon should of shot more at the end

    29. Skade

      faze rugs bro?

    30. Edward Biglang-awa

      Bullshit ass calls but it’s ok we get them right back

    31. Victor Barrera

      Anthony cusses A LOT

    32. -_-Crytix

      This is like the warriors vs raptor 🤣 the Raptors stopped the warrior's 3p lol

    33. Cesar Macias

      They played horrible

    34. Jenny Petri

      Hello its Me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Brawadis

    35. Camden Cerese

      Brawadis allready bought junior some Paul George’s are they the same ones

    36. Thomas Shelby

      19:09 that’s what she said 😂😂

    37. Omar Ftw

      Where is the nba draft reaction video ???


      Jay messed up and shot that 3 at the end

    39. DYM dubstepper

      Quote of the year : Anthony,keep the sweat in it you can sell it for more😂😂😂

    40. Emma Kernan

      Junior is gonna be the best looking man when he’s a few years older!

    41. furries are mean

      Just stop

    42. Alexis Watkins

      Have Anthony say, “ I am Mclovin”

    43. SpYdeR

      Why PG3's they are so uncomfortable

    44. woodpushervinvin

      “I don’t have a foot fetish but I’ll suck some toes” lol! That’s my everyday motto

    45. Valentin Alcaraz

      Who else wants to watch more basketball video's

    46. Ben Puglise

      I bought the same shoes a day before this vid no cap😂😂😂

    47. TheRiC4NGamer

      #47 was a beast lmao

    48. Josh Nye

      Logic said that quote first

    49. Andres Recendez

      Junior always wearing the same shirt

    50. Ashley Cx

      Because of you I deadass never thought my knowledge of basketball would expand 😂😂 my interest has grew ive been wanting to play w a group of people who would be down to play girls vs boys that’d be dope asf but my girl friends aren’t down 😭😂 not their thing . Also just ps Love ur vids, seen u grow over the years and I’m looking forward to more content .

    51. Diya Patel

      Ayyyy trending!!

    52. Justine Gonzalez

      The scene with the fan was so heartwarming

    53. Natalie Rodriguez

      Happy birthday brawadis 🥳🥳!!! Hope you have a great day👍

      1. Scout Trooper

        Shutup bitch

    54. Elite Shooter97

      Don’t feel bad same thing happened to the warriors bro 😂

    55. AAA Legend

      Happy birthday Brandon I hope 24 treats you the best I love waking up to see that you make a new video

    56. Josue Rodriguez

      You and Jackie should date again

    57. Toby Koko

      like this if brawadis should race Logan Paul

    58. F F

      Shoulda suprisd him witht hte ZO 2's

    59. Kristofer Ramos

      woah yu on the trending page

    60. Antoine Obeid

      This is shit

    61. Fernando Medina

      Broo same yesterday we played against a team called bees but soccer and we won!!

    62. Danielle Serna

      14:43 is the caption

    63. Jomar Valles

      Yow brandon i hope one day i can play with u on basketball bro😁😁

    64. Shyla Silva

      Happy birthday Brawadis

    65. Xxwild Gamerxxx

      Brandon not trynna be rude but Anthony cool but We don’t always want him in ur videos

    66. Zi Tops

      Your video is trending

    67. Sofia Pena

      happy brithday i am your bigget fan!!

    68. FaZe Random

      Why didn’t you pull up against Laurence

    69. David Alvarez Zaragoza

      What happened to the shoes Brian have to JR in that one video

    70. KAMI失敗