He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER



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    I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
    The challenge? I had to play them all.
    Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Davie504

      *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

      1. Thermoplaye φ

        Slap me daddy

      2. Cade Graal


      3. Viet Cuong Vu

        Davie504 But I don’t have a minecraft account.

      4. Ziad Tariq

        I like ur cringe it suits u

      5. Adrian Laulajainen


    2. Acrolein

      When he says Fck.. I spit my tea.. Yooo wtf

    3. lamuwu

      davie looks like a real life cursed emoji

    4. Full donates

      I think Davie is funny as hell but parts where he says stuff like ‘I need groove not random improvisation’ or terms like “I like the MELODIC parts” goes to show he really doesn’t know much about music. He knows what sounds good.. not WHY it sounds good

    5. Ape Beats

      Davie504 you are the 💩my friend. I wish I could slap bass so epico but I was born with a very rare condition known as nobasio rhythmic handitis which means my hands are incapable of slapping 😭 So I had to get a big round stringless bass that I play with my foot. It also has many smaller stringless basses around it and connected to it that I slapp with sticks because of my condition. I hope you dont think less of me.

    6. Tazza di tONNO

      7 dollarsssss. EPICO.

    7. FuzeX10

      Everything is changing triple camera guy, 69$ guy : (

    8. Inmar Perez

      You ask me to slap like so many times it ended up on not liked wtf >:(

    9. Akechi Goro

      What Bass brand is he using? I need that B'ASS

    10. Ejlive1997

      Bassist number 6 just used a Eminem beat

    11. Heather O'Day

      "We need groove, not random improvisations." - wiser words were never said. I wish all musicians had this tattooed on their foreheads.

    12. TheDarquon


    13. Ariel

      136.50 the pro guy is the best

    14. Mint Yg

      Ok but like how mich money do you have?

    15. Teresa Luz

      You're something else... I like you.

    16. Mang Dadibee

      slapp for the accepp hiz subbb butan

    17. Aizek Kemp

      You are awkward

    18. Grape Icies

      How can someone be so monotone yet such an agent of chaos all at the same time

    19. leo ss

      i slap you ev.d .

    20. Luka Ravn Schmidt

      136 ofc. he did verry well

    21. Kazma Yasui

      Hey Davie, I would like to recommend you a Japanese Bassist 熊吉郎, I adore his covers and would like you to take a look at it

    22. Joshua Jasso


    23. Arthur com H

      I think he's the 'The One Above All' at bass and he's testing some IDIOTS who think they're the best.

    24. Arthur com H

      This guy's just the best poker face ever.

    25. Псих Марковски

      Do you ever blink ?

    26. Moses Shapiro

      The pro was insane.

    27. Abuzz singer83

      ngl davies B A S S riff looks sped up ngl

    28. 張曜隆

      cameraguy LMAO

    29. Entity PG3D


    30. Softe Cat

      Last one did the best

    31. Jackson Butler

      8:39 is my favorite

    32. Jb Darst 2


    33. UMid Nazarov

      класс )

    34. GroudonFanatic

      I feel like the 4th guy was getting way to into a mediocre sounding bass line, at best LMFAO.

    35. Naku X


    36. Feeling Good

      7 dollar is the best!!

    37. Ritik Agarwal

      78 was good

    38. yamuna e

      Come on, you really look as if you didn't eat for 2 days. Buy you really got talent.... You are fit for an announcer in airport "please slap you partner passenger because that guy has been sleeping slapping with his bass".

    39. ChordMusic2

      Don't have a Minecraft account

    40. Lewis

      Slapp like now on this comment for more epical comments ,subscribe now to davie504

    41. Anime games


    42. crkrcksteady

      Why does he look like he constantly has the flu in every video?

    43. Allo Ca Va

      The pro sounds better than Davie

    44. Chhuanawma F1s


    45. Ebby H

      'the S L A P P part was easy" "it was very hard"

    46. Brennan Pederson

      quintuple camera guy's riff was kinda similar to Southbound Pachyderm by Primus

    47. David Davis

      I think this challenge will be EPIC... it will be so Epic that the loser will take one hour of bass lessons from the winner and posted on both channels... I know they already challenged before but a rematch would be EPIC

    48. Wyatt {

      I usually like to use a red and yellow popper in the small pools but I've recently switched to 20 lb line with a purple salamander. Thatsa how I slap de Bass

    49. mathew thomas

      3 minutes of cool stuff

    50. Anonymous

      Lmao!!! 12:29 you see him Look at camera after realizing that was Hard 🤣.. "he used, -Dis Technique " im laughing !

    51. Regina.campos Cam

      You can play a rosalia song like fire bird please

    52. Алена Храбрая

      I'm not sure, if it's important for jazz, I'm more about "death metal" i.e. hard rock etc. Your playing sounds like mess against what these players did... As if you rendered notes and how you recognized "techniques", but it's still not the music guys provided you. Again, I'm not sure, if it's important for particular music style, but probably if I buy some CD with jazz-rock or maybe "fusion", it would be the difference between albums I buy and albums i would never buy. Still, video is very good, I like most of "bass lines" you bought!

    53. Joshua Santhumayor

      Video starts at 4:11 thank me later😅😅

    54. rippoxxx

      The dude is funny..

    55. Chus 78

      Davie i guess you can slapp my comentó and give it a 💝

      1. Chus 78

        Well let’s see?

    56. Boxed In Gaming

      Slapppppppped the liek butt-on too hard

    57. Harmel Basaysay

      I think the best is bassist number 8, because the bass riff that he made was so good he forgot to send it

    58. Desiree Trieu

      I just found him randomly? I don't even know how...

    59. Kliff justine Tumlos

      Bassist #7 is probably a Filipino HAHAHA

    60. Zakary Lauzier

      H E P L A Y T H E L I C C

    61. Scott Conger

      I just SLAPPED, yeah im a slapper.

    62. Josh Lee

      37 dollars was amazing in my opinion. He's probably also a pro

    63. Lonewolf

      "That was really really hard" the little kid in the comments says, HEHE THATS WHAT SHE SAID

    64. Daniel David Hinkle

      Davie says "hard" but how the hell is he making it look so easy?

    65. SubZero


    66. PrlmNT

      this nigga funny af

    67. Firman Syah

      Review chenel ALIP BA TA. form is Indonesia

    68. Checkov HD

      definitly number 9!!!

    69. Indus S

      what’s with glove guy? why the glove?

    70. Loren Collins

      12:26 it was at this moment he knew..... He FuCkEd up 😂