He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER



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    I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
    The challenge? I had to play them all.
    Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Davie504

      *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

      1. Into the Polaris

        Everyone call the police!!

      2. Shwan Anwer Ali

        I don’t have Minecraft at all so boom and I give you a SLAP👋

      3. wiz oz

        1 former 69 $ guy (Antonio Romero), 2 Davie, 3 pro guy number 10. Pro guy is the hardest but without the groove of Davie and Former 69 $ guy

      4. Tariq Stringer

        oompa loompa lookin ass ur copying mr beast, just shuttup

      5. Tom Brady

        I slapped it twice just for you

    2. sanojraj ghimire

      I slapped the like five times.🤔 does it count 😂. Nice video btw

    3. Benjamin Ungle

      you did it right bro

    4. Jonatan Isla

      yes! only 50,000 subs left for the revelation of the Italian voice SUBSCRIBE NOW!!

    5. Mr Beast


    6. Stragliotto

      Achei fácil

    7. Armado

      S L A P P

    8. Michael Coonts

      Am I the only one that unlike a Davie video so I can re-like it?

    9. Victor Poblano

      Lol good video

    10. Charles S.

      $7 dude was cool! But you can’t beat the PRO! Slap like on this comment, Davie504!!!

    11. Uwe Baganz

      Slap, slap and slap

    12. hAIsE GAMING

      So nice men.... Fans from. Philippines

    13. Supah Kent

      Les Claypool would be proud.

    14. Daniel Malm

      what headphones do you recomend for beginners who dont want to get evicted?

    15. Keith Ferreira

      awesome video, really enjoyed your talent and humor!

    16. kisstharing

      not gonna lie, haven't seen a davie video in a few years but its crazy to see his face, he used to just do base videos but now he seems to gone pewdiepie style, i like it

    17. Needlenose Music

      $32 guy makes my hair stand up in a good way. The last one is amazing but I want to hear a 20 min rendition of $32 guy.

    18. FGC_ Roofer_07

      #3 was my favourite

    19. Miguel Woelke


    20. Gabie Dubin

      when i slap like even before davie asks to because i know where it leads

    21. Dinzoro

      Ex-69 dollars guy

    22. Rafiely Guerra

      B ass

    23. Rafiely Guerra


    24. Leonardo* da*Vinci

      No, no! I'm going to delete your Minecraft account! 🤣

    25. afutla qian

      Take a shot every time Davie says "NOW". Warning: You might die.

    26. The Slavinator

      #10 looked sped up. I call "hack". Otherwise #3 was my favorite bass part.

    27. james morgan

      close but 10 was way better...

    28. air null

      did you play the last one slow and speed it up?

    29. Francesco Salvadori

      None of them nows the concept of to be musical

    30. Martin Martin

      Triple camera guy FTW! :D

    31. Anna Marija

      My Minecraft Steve felt offended.

    32. Casper S�

      Has anyone ever counted if slapping like as many times as Davide says will leave you unliked or liked on the vid?

    33. iRADIKALEX!

      Over reverb

    34. Paul Lamb

      I have to say you are one of the or THE best bassist I have heard. Keep it up =-]

    35. Daniez Ginanjar

      You're using HACKS!!

    36. Frobonetic

      10:42 the most iconic duo

    37. jakobv8

      Wasn't the 7 dollar guy Scott from Scott's bass lessons?

    38. Salih Emir


    39. imjst mikey

      He's intense 😠 he's like the Russian from Rocky 3 of base playing....or was that 4 🤨 Which cares......if I'm wrong.........I'm wrong

    40. juicy Cup


    41. Mike Davis

      very impressive, but can you play anesthesia (pulling teeth) while getting your teeth pulled

    42. LELS Panda

      you look like ricardo

    43. Rizal Fadli

      Davie.. Your video make me slappy.. zzz zzz

    44. Matteo Bertolotti

      Like slapped

    45. Paul ofTarsus

      I play bass and cant play any of those riffs so they are all hard :) But the hardest one was Davies.

    46. prodmali

      i slapped like davie where is my therapy session

    47. stephen s

      Why so many adverts in this video 😡

    48. Silvio Richetto

      Fantastic Dude!!!! It's fun to watch ... You Rock!!

    49. Noneya Bizz


    50. KiSBe Losm

      136 $ bcz HES A *PRO*

    51. Kama Za


    52. Diogo Machado

      Very impressive, but can you play like "Júnior Bass Groovador"?

    53. andrew Goreham-Smith

      Dude, your approach to learning these and putting this on US-new is really ballsy. I like it a lot. I cannot believe I haven't found you sooner. I'm a guitar player primarily but this is amazing. Liked and subscribed!

    54. Jammin' with Jambo

      Nimber 5😎🎶👍🏾🎶

    55. Ramir Torres

      but you are russian, russians are more badass than other countries

    56. Alz Raiz

      I saw the first slap like moment in the video so I liked the video and Without pausing the video I went to kitchen and when I return he said slap like again.. So I disliked the video.... Normally he said it three times I. E. Slap like I just saw two only so ended up disliking the video.... I'm disappointed! 🤨 JK I slap very hard on the like button.

    57. Mario Pineda

      Not enough. I NEED MORE BASS!!

    58. Tjatniel

      Well, the best was Charles because of him I found your channel, he really kill it 💯

    59. ReHWolution

      Giuro, ti seguo da un sacco (anche se non con costanza, ammetto), ma non sapevo fossi italiano. MITICOH!

    60. bBenny

      Are you italian?

    61. Get Those Nerds

      Loosely followed the channel for a long time, finally subbed for the fiverr content.

    62. Matt Keating

      $32 - 1 because it fits my music style the most. Time sigs are life.

      1. basslass

        Thank you Matt! Cheers from $32 #1!

    63. Bang Supa

      did this guy play in C9 team?

    64. Keyla D

      Impressive but can you play flight of the bumblebee on bass

    65. Leo Ja’afari

      Damn man watching you is better than movie

    66. The Hat

      Take a shot every time he says slap.

    67. brian paras


    68. PK Undergr0und


    69. Frédéric Leclère

      Davie I challenge you to get into a bass battle with Charles Berthoud ! Because we all slapped "like" ! OMG

    70. Rodger Cochran

      You get what you pay for. $136.50!