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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Cringe uwu

      Emmn...pa cuándo el otro episodio

    2. Isaiah Partida

      Lyle Mcdouchebag selling Hazbin merch. by anybchance are you delling....... vengeance?

    3. angel dust

      hello everyone

    4. Pattira

      My wallet : nonexistent Me: I- I want My wallet : I’ve died already please don’t.

    5. อิทธิวัฒน์ บริรักษ์

      Can you chipping to thailand?. If i want to buy it.

    6. Вова Кун


    7. oodfind

      Pls make hazbin hotel 2 episode

    8. khaz

      Those prints are legit

    9. Jeff mates

      For some reason my mind is telling me to recommend you to try reanimating Stylo by Gorillaz but with the Hazbin Crew and Charlie's limo

    10. JMAAS


    11. ꧁GRIFFST3R0071 2.O꧂

      Anastor and Angel Dust keep selling out because they are the best characters.

    12. blair insertlastnamehere

      We're gonna need some more brief easter eggs of characters randomly popping up in the background of the show they don't belong in.

    13. Joeleitor 02 XD

      Hey i am from Spain i can get that merch too?

    14. Jesper Larsson

      Nooooo “6 December 12:01”

    15. Game Form Stars

      Hi my name is game form stars and I love ur video's and I know I'm a small channel but I would like to promote your show on my channel so that way u can have a bigger audience and will make people want more please let me know if you interest here where u can contact me rj082396@gmail.com or send message on discord @Zamasu#7017 please I would like to help u

    16. Spinel The Floof

      I NEED THESE N O W (also, please make more episodes of hazbin hotel)

    17. Illuminate

      can people stop making fun of themselve for being poor,Lile seroiuslg have self respect

    18. El Jack

      u better do second episode, *or else...*

    19. Super x Saiyan

      I feel like you guys should just connect everything you have to do with hell and just make a badass hell series

    20. zombie 13

      ordered a hoodie plz be litty

    21. itzel Family flores

      MOXXIE MEET KOWALSKI Instagram.com

    22. Shannon G

      Me and my friend were arguing about which is one is better Alastor or Angeldust? Well we decided it was Alastor you know why? Because people keep shipping them, not saying its bad but in our point of view its gross. So that's pretty much what i wanted to say.

    23. Tator_ Tiger

      BUT LIKE WHERE IS THE ALISTOR PIN? Why you hurt my feelings

    24. sigil

      But when do we get more episdes

    25. Grand Moff

      Damn I really want those dadcaps and 5 panels to come back :/

    26. McKell Bowler

      hey when does the full hazbin hotel actually come out?

    27. Rose Heart

      But why I all I want to do is buy it for Christmas for my family that all I want is a pin of Luna and let it die young top and tow different stick book I. Add to my cart and want everything I was. Doing I pay for it nothing happened

    28. Rose Heart

      I Try everything to get it I did everything you said I sing in with a new account and password and is say are you a robot no I'm not. I as qwickson yes and I pay on my. PayPal account and I did everything you said on the website

    29. Rose Heart

      I Try is not work for me I really want to go on it but I did pay on it but I not now want worng with website I did order on line but it did take it on PayPal but I have nothing come back to me or a email or nothing

    30. kiara monster

      Hello i have a question when is come out is chapter two of hazbin hotel,sorry my english is bad

    31. depressed cat

      well sales end on December 2nd right well i'm watching this on December 5th

    32. Rgmagi

      Maybe next time

    33. kadarak1

      Why I just discovered HH and HB, I don't have money to buy t-shirt ;_;

    34. squibblesthehusky

      Wheres the loona merch?????

    35. JadedFire

      Damn I didn't see the full title in the noticlafcation and I was hoping this was a crossover 😂

    36. cloudy boy

      If I ask these for Christmas my parents will find out that I watched Hazbin hotel- _and I'm not supposed to_

    37. Smiling Trap

      Azomadre, yo aqui intentando entender todo XD

    38. Manuel Miranda

      Creadora de hasbin hotel necesito que terminé la serie porque está muy buena te garantiza supermega cosas hermosas buscando de corazón los fans de la serie está muy padre pero es que nada más está el primer capítulo y nos pone triste

    39. Alice_ AL

      Me: oh boy i need this one! My wallet: 0$.00€ Me:mom can this be my Christmas present?not other shit stuff My family:nO wAy

    40. клауд

      when will the second series !?

    41. William Afton


    42. William Afton

      I'm going to you & your video's😥😢😭😭😭😭😭😟😞

    43. Red6919

      Use coupon code SHARKROBOT now for 10% off your entire purchase! I just bought a Hazbin Beanie and a Deals in Shadows - Unisex Large. : )

    44. Vasilisa

      My plans for the New year: revisit Harbin Hotel and Helluva Boss 20 times. (Sorry for my English, I'm just Russian)

    45. NooTooT

      0:53 yes we might not get it.

    46. Zury Plays

      Honestly we need a adult cartoon like hellofaboss

    47. plantsome123

      I wish vivziepop would make a animation of my character named planty........it's just a wish it's not like it's gonna come true it's just a dream I know it won't happen........hope is in me though ;-;

    48. NoDrama Llama

      I want the plushes to come back

    49. doom slayer

      Doom slayer shirt

    50. Donna MacDonald

      I have a question: dose it not ship internationally? Cuz I bought a sweater and a shirt also a pin but I got an e-mail and it said that the order got canceled


      Me: i need that awesome shit My dad: are you fucking crazy? You are satanist or something else? Me: oh crap But really that merch is awesome

    52. Sans man 49

      In the words of Queen... “I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want now!”

    53. Jose Alvarez

      I'm actually questioning when is part 2 of hazbin hotel coming out?

    54. AbsoluteChaos

      Me: literally discovered this an hour ago Also me: buys a shirt

    55. Blueflower1594

      There’s something satisfying about the fact Alastor and Angel keep running out of stock. You go boys

    56. DingDOng Pingpong

      WHat!?? No Angel Body Pillow? WHat is this?

    57. sailorcarr

    58. Alex Solomon

      Can we PLEASE have a pin of charlie in 28:14 of hazbin? Its all that i desire

    59. Alastor Rose

      2.58M subs. Awesome!

    60. Castle Cat

      *I'm Lyle Wrath-*

    61. Sarah Marie

      I missed the Loona and Nifty pins and now they're sold out! 😭😭

    62. Just Some Girl with a Mustache

      Oh nOoooooo don't tell me the Nifty pins have already ran out :(

    63. Squid Ink

      I'm a new fan so idk how this feels but I bet all the original fans with original merch feel so proud that this has become such a fucking sensation. This has taken off in such a glorious way I'm so excited to see where it goes.


      The shop doesn't have the niffty pins AAAARGGGGHHHHH

    65. Jessica Garcia

      No sé lo que dices, pero, vi unas camisas de la serie y me dieron un montón de ganas de comprar una :''c ♥️

    66. Animic Mind

      How special indeed my dear friend also how are you?

    67. 卐 stalinskakolbaska 卐

      Теперь я знаю на что потрачу деньги в ближайшее время