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    The handstand blasts your shoulders and abs, but it takes more than just brute strength to nail this impressive move. Learn how to shore up your balance and body position with this complete handstand breakdown by former USA Gymnastics Champion David Durante.
    Handstand Tutorial for Strong Dudes | Hero Moves | Men’s Health
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. alexis de mones

      Excellent tutorials by a real pro! High time professional gymnasts seized their share of the gym tutorials craze and this is how it's done. Congrats David Durante.

    2. justin zhang

      I have light head every time I do upside down

    3. justin zhang

      His arms bigger than his thighs

    4. smusick1955

      How about a follow-up on training the press to handstand?

    5. mre786

      I love this guy’s videos! Does he put out any workout programs or have any blog or newsletter or fitness products?

    6. RK calisthenics work out channel

      Hello sorry the calisthenic workout affect growth and stunt growth?🤔

      1. RK calisthenics work out channel

        @Nicolas Araya yeah😅

      2. Nicolas Araya

        Nooooo, actually as being natural movements they are way better than weights if you are young, not saying weights are bad, just the movement is more natural