Hands On Mistake - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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    Miles opens the door to a WORLD of germy problems. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: bit.ly/2uRn6Ox
    Audio from: Always Open # 91
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    Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky
    Animated by: Quinn Weston
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    The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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    Published on 4 days ago


    1. Jesus Olivares

      Patient Zero identified

    2. Prof West

      Hands on mistake: A Memoir by Michael Quinn

    3. virginiasmiles☺

      Wait wait wait wait did he reference Macbeth

    4. Theherooftime61702

      Out damned spot!

    5. Danny Caracciolo

      Miles caused the Green Flu, I'm calling it

    6. FROWNY45

      Omg. Imagine jaune dealing with that😂😂

    7. Jaylon Jackson

      How old is baby Yoda

    8. Michael Van Camp

      Miles tells the best stories 😂😂

    9. Jared Smith


    10. JackalXD

      so when the new season of gen lock coming out?

    11. Seanical

      What I got out of this is Miles puts his toilet paper on the roll backwards.

    12. clouddragon1932

      Ok but like couldn’t you also just interpret this as this guy being too mentally weak to break the status quo of “shaking someone’s hand when offered”. We all might do it, and it’s funny that we’re all so weak, but like still, it would’ve been better if he’d have just said “nah I haven’t washed my hands”?

    13. Marine's Myth

      That wasn't the only person that was getting "hands on" at someone Rooster Teeth Related during November 👦👊👧

    14. Chris

      Is miles the voice of the duracell battery bunny

    15. Tramaine Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT

    16. Tyler Moore

      Good morning, Vat-Tech calling!

    17. Ad Revenue

      at&t guy is an enemy stand

    18. Max Padilla

      Why is the toilet paper the wrong way

    19. Mikayla Black

      I think I've seen this animated before? I'm not sure how or where, but I've definitely seen it. How was it only posted yesterday?

    20. Mr. Seemingly Expected

      Does Miles sound like Adam Conover to anyone else?

    21. Davy Hurst

      Props to the animators on this one

    22. Thread Bomb

      I mean, when does opening the door to strangers have a good outcome?

    23. Daisy Tapia

      You have no idea how *LONG* I have been waiting for this part of the Always Open podcast to get animated! I am so happy right now!!

    24. Raios Ephi

      Mass jaundice happen that day

    25. Aella Lee

      How did you leave the bathroom without washing?

    26. Nobody432

      0:22 I N V E R T E D Toilet Paper

    27. dyeanotherday

      Kudos to Miles for the Lady Macbeth reference.

    28. stillatin

      That chump logo is pretty cool

    29. vanesaloves asia

      This video made my day 😂💙

    30. Seth White

      I was doing a poo while I watched this. Small world.

      1. Winter Renala

        Same lol

    31. blossom Stelmasczuk

      You could have said you are a germaphobe

    32. DJ_229


    33. FirstName LastName

      F to that guy

    34. theholycinnamonroll :3

      This but with David and Jaune-

    35. ShadowKnight Soul

      I need to remember not to watch these when im eating

    36. Reji Lashinsky

      I have a similar story except my hands were previously covered in dog blood (for hematology reasons not psycho reasons) the blood flaked off and I forgot to wash my hands afterwords. Vet techs should always wash their hands.

    37. RoadToFame L

      If you see this comment please sub to my channel thxx! Have a good day

    38. Mark

      Oh terrible habit

    39. TheScinja

      Someone in the animation department is playing games. They had the audacity to draw the toilet paper roll on the wrong way!

    40. SuperAmbalamps

      Uh oh~! poopy~!

    41. Maineiac fishing

      Jeremy building himself a lifeboat on the chance rooster teeth collapses

    42. InfinityLDog

      The toilet paper is on backwards

    43. Captain Firepower

      Who the heck are u?

    44. bbr64 bbr64

      For the engagement!

    45. ALONE

      1) Subscription 2) Like on comment 3) Write in comment. 4)And have you +1 super-duper active subscriber (I)

    46. Nothing2SeeHere Mister

      I needed Miles.

    47. Aveture

      I want to believe the kid uses hand sanitizer between going to a new household.

    48. Wraithdagger

      I just opened the door on the Mormons, told them "Go away we don't want any". Simple, effective.

    49. Ring Prower

      Once I say the title ''Hands On Mistake'', and the first scene was a toilet, I knew. This episode would make me finally feel happiness in my soul.

    50. Blockbreaker13

      Anyone else annoyed they drew the toilet roll the wrong way round?

    51. CoolDude 225

      2:09 “YOU’RE PATIENT ZERO!” lol

    52. David Taylor

      If Miles cared about having germ-infested hands, he could've just told the guy, "I'm sorry, sir. I want to shake your hand, but I just sneezed and I don't want you to get sick." Never fails.

    53. Becca Fett

      Commenting because of the algorithm!

    54. Daryl Thomas

      December 6th my birthday and so as Ryan Haywood

    55. Achillez

      Maybe the animator just forgot to animate it, but it looked like Miles forgot to wipe, and then went ahead and shook that guy's hand xD

    56. I Ate A Republican

      The first thing i realized was the way the toilet paper was facing. I hate it.

    57. Vincenzo Siesto

      Great weather It’s snowing

      1. Vincenzo Siesto

        Not when u have a paper route

      2. Stormfather

        Sounds great to me

    58. Rwededyet

      Have you seen "Nobody's Looking" on Netflix? The lead character is like the Brazilian version of Chris.

    59. Ray Vun

      why would you answer the door if you weren't expecting anyone?

      1. Ray Vun

        @Stormfather if i'm not expecting them, then they have no place being at my door. Don't come knocking without calling or texting first. And if you don't have my number, chances are i don't know and don't want you in my house

      2. Stormfather

        @Ray Vun except you are. That's literally what doorbells are for. If you're expecting someone, chances are they won't even need to ring it in the first place.

      3. Ray Vun

        @Stormfather no. I'm questioning why he's answer the door if he wasn't expecting any visits. If someone rings my doorbell i don't answer if i'm not expecting someone

      4. Stormfather

        Did you just question why a doorbell exists?

    60. Viewer

      Miles hangs his toilet paper the wrong way

    61. OrangeBridge 93

      Anyone know when gen:lock season 2 coming out

      1. ray taylor

        why? it failed on season 1, it wont make is pass s2

      2. Ray Vun

        on google it says it'll premiere on hbo max in spring of 2020 exclusively for 90 days, and then it'll go to the rt site

    62. Marco Pohl

      that's why we invented brofists

    63. Okami Jones

      Did Miles meet David from Camp Camp 😲😲😲???

    64. Dylan ross

      Toilet papers wrong

    65. Rezinant.

      Does Miles wipe with his right hand? I didn’t know people did that

      1. Thread Bomb

        Unless it's beaten out of them, people tend to wipe with their dominant hand.

    66. Viperphoenix

      With all due respect to the RT and AH crew.....RWBY seems to be tanking lately cause of internal conflicts, GenLock I havent heard anything from in a while, now we have this Chump show?.....I'm worried Jeremys baby is gonna suffer

    67. Hampus Näslund

      He would have never known.

    68. burns0100

      This is why you never rush taking a poo.

    69. Argenis Raul

      This is why you always wash your hands kids.

    70. Nate Higgers

      Why's the toilet paper backwards?