Halsey - You should be sad



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    Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. bklynp718

      Awful. Her voice is so "enhanced" -- why even bother? I could just ask Siri to sing me a song.

    2. Egg With 1,000 Subscribers Challenge

      What are comments about? 99% --> G-Eazy 1%--> How good Halsey is :3 .001% --> What comments are about ?

    3. Olivia

      That Shania Twain leopard print shot is a GODDAMN MOMENT

    4. Aimeé-Louise Aird

      A lot of shania twain vibes from her passed vids

    5. TheApexRabbit

      We all know why we clicked on this clip :) :3

    6. Pishon

      You shouldn’t be sad or regret for the wrong people in your life, let it be lesson to learn, we all are wrong yet we all learned ❤️


      🔥🔥 how many of us still listen to this in 2020 This voice is fascinating 0:45 🔥🧡 👇 👇🔥


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 coment if you listen to this all the time This voice is fascinating 1:23 🔥🔥💘 👇👇🔥💃



    10. V8SKULLS

      Love Halsey to death, kinda of reminds me of a Shaina Twain video

    11. stotrst

      O jeito q ela olha para sua alma me deixa de perna bamba.

    12. ٣. ٢


    13. xman870096

      I like the song, catchy lyrics, great sound... But I would have done the video differently. I get that art is 'subjective' but for me I like a video to 'somewhat' express, or illustrate the lyrics that are being sung....

    14. Kaillen Dee

      This song sounds awesome but does anyone else think that the visuals clash with the song?

    15. GBRL

      It's all good n' stuff. Tits and stuff... but tbh ... this is one of the worst videos i've seen in my life. This is beyond terrible. What the actual fck? Edit: With the sound on it makes total sense. The song is even worse.

      1. Evelien Hoving

        Well then just don't listen to it? It's quite easy bud.

    16. Mike M

      I wish she'd sit on my face

    17. *db*

      How tf is the video related.

    18. Zohaib Ahmed

      No limits eazy is a fucking soldier

    19. DriveR

      Halsey good

    20. Andrew Zap

      the formuals there


      G eazy : i will leave halsey.......no problem to me Halsey : I am fan of Jhon wick🤙

    22. Erin Adele

      Halsey is rocking that leppard print outfit. Haven't seen that since Shania Twains 'that don't impress me much' music video. I must say tho. I'm impressed!

    23. Gamer's Survival Guide

      This music is garbage

    24. Tim Strafford

      My bad

    25. Mathew Morgan

      I don't get it. This is a terrific song. How does this video make any sense? Who thought this was a good idea, as opposed to ... literally anything else?

    26. Harrison Maynes

      US-new still has the best sound quality for free music, but the ads have gone up since last year

    27. Sasuke Uchiha

      Anyone notice the shania Twain reference in the video?

      1. Femme Fatale

        Sasuke Uchiha I’m old enough to get it lol

    28. dazzjazz

      Music to look at. As good as photos to listen to.

    29. gloe lov

      Halsey. Great~~ I will cheer even now worldwide one top singer

    30. JRN

      Somehow one of the outfits reminded me of the "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video. ^^ I liked it.

    31. James

      Video doesn't match the song. It's like they took a video from another song and just overlaid it,

    32. PKthe Cartoon

      gonna start this comments by saying.............

    33. Raya

      That outfit looks like shania's from That don't impress me much

    34. Kayla Mayeux

      Gaga, Shania, Xtina, & Carrie Underwood vibes.... fuck g easy. Ashley/Hasley is too good for him! She is a beautiful soul. ❤️

    35. Alejandro DelMango

      Great song but holy fuckballs this is trashy.... like what went wrong in your life if you need to dress like that for attention...

      1. Evelien Hoving

        Easy, just don't watch it then. No one is forcing you to

      2. Alejandro DelMango

        Femme Fatale not my cup of tea. Thanks.

      3. Femme Fatale

        Alejandro DelMango yet I bet you’ve enjoyed many pornos right ? HYPOCRISY

    36. Brittany O

      Imagine if the light sang this to mankind ... ... I'll wait for the collective, "oh, shit 🤯"... Be over here, with my sign.. ✌️

    37. Ashley Kutcher

      Such a BOP

    38. K. P.

      2020 has the best songs ive heard for a long time so far❤

    39. Jocélio Ferreira

      Ho my God!!! Perfect!

    40. Rickard Lundberg

      No self esteem? Disgusting video - grow the f up.

      1. Evelien Hoving

        Says the person without a profile picture

    41. sophia melo

      gente, é a halsey ou a boca rosa?????

    42. Tom McCauley

      damn.... the shania twain throwback....

    43. largedoinks420

      how to stoop down and be toxic too

    44. Cheyanna Dyck

      Halsey is like one bad ass bitch. I haven’t looked up to someone like her in a long time. Like maybe rihanna when/since I was 8? But I’m 23 now and I have loved this woman for years. Such a inspiration. So powerful and beautiful and honest and raw ..... need to see her in concert ❤️

    45. Luke Huelsman

      What if you're not into money, drugs or cars...

    46. Darren Eilertsen

      I would be sad coz wow

    47. Boy Rose

      누나 나 죽어~

    48. T Moloi


    49. Kristax6 x

      Songs good. The video could of been so powerful but instead went for a.....southern orgy?

    50. meiguoren007

      I want to send this to my ex but I’m going through no contact to heal v.v.... He took me for granted and used me. I’ll never forget the things he did to me.

    51. Derek Zurovetz

      The Shania Twain references in this are 🔥🔥🔥

    52. mopar 1

      Here from hot ones

    53. Karolina

      Absolute banger! But confused how the video is so different to the song.... lets get nakey nakey nakey. Is this classified as legal porn?

    54. marcos vinicios

      Lady Gaga G.U.Y looks different hahahahaha ♥

    55. starfire2125

      There were earlier inklings of her hotness but my.god

    56. Madds Rose

      2:21 shania Twain moment?

    57. Venus Padro

      The bad-ass songs keep a'coming. Get chills listenin' to: us-new.com/online/video-tDYf4_56sZo.html

    58. Christi Kurkjian

      Thank you for writing this song, it's so true. Your words are how I feel w/my ex boyfriend and my ex roommate. Love the outfit tributes to Shania Twain too!

    59. Austen Stokes

      Imagine modeling your whole personality after a whore and then being surprised when you get treated like one. Modern society.

    60. Shayna Glastonbury

      is this what a cowboy orgy looks like?

    61. etRoxy

      This is the weirdest song!!

    62. Eldon Slick

      Stupido waste of time!

    63. FTS

      I'm glad you made this. You are beautiful and you deserve better.

    64. jods

      Watched on Hot Ones and listened for first time here . Awesome voice and absolutely SHITTTY anti women theme to this video!!! Fukkkk these young women artists for this!

    65. needle eye Shazam Bacchus


    66. del cullen

      Shania twain with less clothes

    67. Daniel Vergara

      Never heard of this artist before, but she sure can write lyrics, and knows how to deliver them.

    68. drew dolce

      Jesus this video is awesome

    69. r3d_ti3_guy

      Challenge Accepted.

    70. brianna peters

      who thinks she looks like LIV TYLER