Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Perm

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Perms are dangerous if they're not done right. You can actually permanently perm frizz into your hair. NO THANK YOU. If you're going to get a permanent wave treatment go to someone who is highly skilled at that treatment.

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Would you ever get a perm?

      1. Jennifer Dunlop

        Already have curly hair. I dont even understand why ppl with beautiful STRAIGHT hair curl theirs...its a nightmare to live with..a...night...mare!

      2. Tiffany

        Oof no

      3. Ray Sunshine


      4. DDcorn Maynez

        @ Brad Mondo no i wouldn't cause i have naturally really curly hair not kinky and i honestly don't think i could handle getting straight hair for a long time because i dont know if i can handle straight hair hairstyles

      5. Shannon B

        I’ve had one before, but i dont think i’ll do it again. Not at home at least, because it barely worked when i did it lmao

    2. alexa k


    3. Sol

      My mom permed my hair for YEARS I even did myself one time! This is just a HUGE YIKES! F in chat... Humongous... Giant... F in the chat XD I was screaming at my phone.. I probs looked like a crack head lol

    4. Snow Brockdorf

      Brad calling me stunning while I’m sitting here watching in old pajamas and greasy hair lol

    5. Hailes Music-beat

      I got a perm and had to get it redone because my hair was box died. The second perm that I put my hair through was a week later and only lasted like 2 weeks I am really against perms now. I would rather braid my hair every night than go through that again.

    6. XxXShevampXxX

      As far as the first one goes, I feel like the color of her hair made is SO much worse. Now this is just my personal opinion but yellow "blonde" hair will never look good with a perm. Actually, yellow "blonde" hair looks pretty bad regardless of what you do to it but perming it in particular is It's no. Lol. And with all the damage she's done with the bleaching and perming, I feel like it would probably just melt right off her dumbass head it she tried to "fix" it at this point by dying it a different color. And I kinda feel like maybe the hairdresser panicked when she took was taking her hair out of the rods cuz she saw she had got the curls ENTIRELY way too tight so maybe she was going in and brushing it with what looked to be a hair pick thinking it would "loosen" things up a bit. And as we all saw, all that did unfortunately was add a shit ton of god awful frizz. She would've bee better off just leaving it alone. Ridiculously tight curls>ridiculously tight FRIZZY curls As always, I enjoyed the commentary and learned a thing or two about why I should NEVER get me a perm😂😂😘

    7. Jeannette Aceves

      I let my aunt do it when I was 16...she fu***d up my beautiful hair!!!! Till today my hair gets frizzy and all tangled bad!! NEVER I MEAN NEVER perm your hair with someone who is not a professional!!!!!

    8. Stephanie Logan

      "So that's the part you listen to... wearing gloves..." 😂🙈

    9. Bridgot Jasso

      I’m literally getting a perm in 1 week and you be scarin me but my mom is doing It(super experienced) so I’ll hope for the best🙈👏🏾

    10. Tanja swanson-williams

      I freaking love you. My Mom makes me perm her hair every 6 months. I'll definitely record it for you next time😂💕

    11. candela masare

      I thought his arms were fully tattooed And it scared me

    12. maddi reid

      Can u pls make a video on ideas to do with your hair when ur bored of it cause I rlly need something new but u r scaring me away from trying anything!

    13. Dawn Dennis

      Omg! Why soo many ads 😭😭

    14. AJ Mesama AJ

      ramen noodle chicken noodle nana Batman

    15. Meadow Spanbauer

      his intros always make my day thank you brad

    16. Zarkaylia

      I need a style/care advice vid. I got armpit-long naturally strawberry blonde hair (non-treated) and I'm super pale, I want it super long once in life, and I lost like half of it to a bad cold last year so it's dreadfully thin now. Don't even know what can be done with it without ruining it completely.

    17. Nissa Maez Hartman

      Your shirt is straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. Jenn Wojack

      When that last girl took those out, all I could see is Nancy from Stranger Things.

    19. Ren3g4de R4cc00n

      Brad keeps calling us beautiful I think he thinks we’re all mirrors

    20. Jeep Playz

      I thought this long sleeved t-shirt was tattoos all over his arm but no lol just noticed now

    21. Hey lai lai Loves

      I thought they were real tattoos for a min lol 😂

    22. Yvette Channel

      “ DANGER “

    23. Shana Lee

      Her hair looks great

    24. Hannah Dietrich

      Am I the only person who gets a perm to straighten my hair No? Okay

    25. Angi Lee

      You should react to Avrey ovards perm video!!

    26. Emilia 04

      Brad: What‘s Up beautiful How you doing today you Look stunningggg Me: laying in bed with a doublechin and looking like i just woke up ‚Thank you i know💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️‘

    27. Lindsey Nicole

      If I ever got a perm. I would legit watch one of these videos before hand and if they started to do it wrong I would tell them "that's wrong Brad Mondo says so!" 😝

    28. Adrianne :P

      This girl that went to my old school got THE WOOORST perm. She literally had a bald spot at the back of her head

    29. Alyssa Bowen

      Brad is the Jeffery star of hair

    30. Makeup by Ashton

      Talk about lack of materials

    31. Flowerchildkait V

      I remember in Hair school our teacher wanted us to roll the rods in under 20 minutes. 😅

    32. Got Opinions

      Brad be killing this outfit

    33. Jennifer Smith Jamieson

      The second girl should go to a decent hairdresser and get a pixie. She would look super cute and pixies are the "Etch a Sketch" of bad hair decisions.

    34. C Bo55

      Ramen you say.... .:stomach "yum":.

    35. Now United

      My hair is heat damaged & I really hate how does it look plus my hair is very curly & short so any advice ?

    36. Now United

      If Brad could just see how my hair is heat damaged he will die .

    37. Sandy Lee

      bro yo hair looks like some ramen noodles no wonder you so salty shawty

    38. Rose Faoiltiama

      it would be so awesome if Brad and Naomi Jon could collab for a reaction!! I would love to see how their personalities would go together and for them to have fun and have a cool new experience! :)

    39. REDinitial

      Brad, not everyone wants the beachy modern waves. Some of us want to look like a Roman lady of nobility.

    40. UltimateDorito

      When you said she was going to "perm the frizz into her hair" my skin literally started crawing. Oh god. Oh no...

    41. DisMuh Face

      Just wondering, I havent died my hair in about six months. And wanted to perm my hair. The question I have is, should I get it done? And is it better to go to someone I know and trust that has been to beaty school recently? Or go to someone (professional) I don't know and says that they love to do perms and do them often? I was a bit sceptical when she said she loved to do them.

    42. Ella Englishby

      My mam remembers giving blow dries to ladies with perms in her own salon and she said they used to get perms done because it would help their blow dries to sit better. Imagineeeeeeeee 🙈 I have naturally curly hair and I'm cringing at the thought of that first girl's hair being brushed then dried without a diffuser. Gahhhhhh 😂

    43. Geneva Brown

      Brad:"ooh you look stunning!!!" Me laying in my bed with my dog looking like ive died and then woke up in the same clothes: "he must be taklking about you annie"

    44. Ali T

      brad the audio on the video you were watching was muted(probably by accident), it wasn't that the video had no audio

    45. Jaionna luv

      Who else thought he got full sleeves 😂😂 until they realized it was a shirt

    46. Real_TayDM610

      I literally laughed the whole video! So funny 😂 thank you for telling me what not to do Bc I definitely would be one of these ppl💀

    47. nefelibata

      the title said ramen noodle hair and I immediately thought of mark lee during limitless era 😭

    48. Imani Eagan

      As a person with tight curls I’m offended that you talked so much trash about the first girl. Maybe that’s the look she was going for? And even if it wasn’t some people are born with those types of curls 🙄

    49. maria papadopoyloy

      Brad: Reacts to ramen noodle perm Me: *slurps ramen silently*

    50. ayesha khan

      God I love u

    51. Sylvia Kalege

      Why tf did I think brad got 2 full sleeve tattoos.... and why does it lowkey look kinda good 🧐👀

    52. savannah vick

      This is how my 80 year old grandmother does perms at her salon. So 90s omg.

    53. Darcy Doll

      Accccck cringing so much watching her brush out that ramen perm. Having naturally curly hair I never ever brush out my hair when it is curly, like ever. I imagine permed hair would be the same especially a fresh perm. What the actual hell?!?

    54. Bella Dicola

      haha my hair looked like ramen noodles last year🤣 i bleached my hair but the ramen lookin curls was natural👀😭😂

    55. EbsCorps

      that's an old school hair dresser right there.

    56. genevieve robinson

      ok but kinda love the ramen look just me?

    57. Henna K

      Only idiots get perms. Why the heck would anyone want curly pubic looking hair on your head 🤮

    58. Thelma Green

      Theres no sound to that video because you have it muted.

    59. Ailed Barrera

      The first one made me feel kinda bad, my hair is naturally curly like that and everyone seem to hate it. Is there something wrong with my hair?

    60. Tor Tor

      Lmfao you always got me dying. Your videos are the best. 😂

    61. Michelle Rasmussen

      Hello Beautiful!!!

    62. Linden Rathburn-Beaudoin

      Sleeve tats come on man

    63. Miho Kenyana

      The reason you can't hear sound is because you muted it brad😂🤦‍♀️

    64. Miho Kenyana

      Them fake tattoos tho. No no no honey DOSENT suit you at allll

    65. w i s p y r h e u m

      When your naturally curly hair looks exactly like this ;;

    66. Anna Stripinis

      You know what? She happy XD

    67. Becky Pamplin

      When your ramen noodle hair is completely natural, and Brad Mondo is @ing you...

    68. emma cook

      brad: this video has no sound so if you're wondering what they're saying idk either also brad: 🔇🔇🔇

    69. Corrina Corrina

      Haha that’s NOT.....the smallest perm rods out there did you forget red rods?! What do you expect from a kitchen beautician😂😂😂😂😂

    70. AeroCard

      That was the most heartwarming intro I've ever heard (>;_;)>