Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Perm

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Perms are dangerous if they're not done right. You can actually permanently perm frizz into your hair. NO THANK YOU. If you're going to get a permanent wave treatment go to someone who is highly skilled at that treatment.

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Brad Mondo

      Would you ever get a perm?

      1. Adrianna Fowler

        Brad Mondo No because I have bleached my hair and it’s very long and already kind of wavy on it’s own so I want to keep it healthy

      2. lachelle jordan

        Brad Mondo yes

      3. thelw krepes


      4. Nat.W

        If its done on really short guys hair then yes

      5. Kk

        Brad Mondo no I’d don’t think I can cause when my hair is wet is a little loser that the ramen noodle hair in the beginning lmao

    2. kendal clark

      I lovvvve tiny tiny curls, sooooo... wait why is it shocking to want tiny tiny curls..... I like the result lol until they were roughed up... I just wish the individual curls were thicker... Now I don’t know why she brushed it and didn’t use a diffuser but oh welllll...

    3. YG Williams

      That last girl stressed me out.

    4. Yanni J

      Damn this what my hair looks like naturally 😭😭

    5. Ester Ferreira

      I promise you brad. I’ll never get a perm. If not for my sake then yours 😊

    6. Biased Jungkook

      Bitch I have never been more fooled I THOUGHT THOSE WAS REAL TATTOOS FOR 5 seconds 😂😭

    7. Tricia Kornegay

      My mom’s friend gave me a perm when I was 10. She was not a hair stylist. She was an accountant. It turned out great. My hair didn’t fall out, get frizzy, or crunchy. Probably 1 in a million.

    8. Luna .

      "I wouldn't be using rods at all I'd be using these like long metal rods" Brad what😂

    9. Aziza Uli

      Funny how perms does the opposite for curl types.

    10. Carly Cote

      16 minutes of brad dying lol🤣🤣

    11. Bear

      When the second girl talked about the smell.. I felt that. My high school shared the building with cosmetology students and you ALWAYS knew when it was perm day

    12. Donut.Gurl. —

      brad: "oooh you look stunningggg" *me on toilet* 0.0

    13. Slm Ali

      After seeing this. I don't think so

    14. Julia Brouwer

      EVERYTHING is wrong in that video, it is a whole mistake. It is giving me anxiety ffs.

    15. Sarah Ashley

      This is exactly how my grandmother used to have her hair permed for about 30 years, and I'm assuming this lady has a lot of older clients which is where the mix up came in when the girl said I want a perm lol

    16. showgirls around the world a dancer family

      Would never rinse upside down...

    17. showgirls around the world a dancer family

      Its called "spiral perm" the rods need to be piggy backed and bigger do the nape of the neck first then the sides then the front last with solution......I went to 2 beauty colleges and one was Sassoon...been licensed since I was eighteen. .so where did you go to school? Spiral is a beautiful perm style ...who wants surfer wave perm ..geez...I would have done a card on this girl then a test curl before I ever started her hair ..but then again that is why customer tries the at home job so they can pay us pros to fix it...

    18. Lexi Brown

      I really wanna get a perm but I bleached my hair because I dyed it red and it wouldn’t come out so I had to bleach it. My hair is naturally blonde though. Idk what to doooo

    19. Bushy Jodes

      As a EX hairdresser , and a lot older than you , yes not many do perming. Miss and hit , spiral with twist, ringlet , but the one u will like the best is my ex boss used wooden perming rods , yes she was in her late 60s .

    20. Sally Sloan

      I used to perm my own hair for years and loved it, I once tried going to a salon to get a perm, I turned out looking like Bozo the clown, I did a reverse perm when I got home and did my own from then on.

    21. Lord Trigon

      Bye bye bye..

    22. Christina Carlson

      My mom perms my grandma hair & it’s the sweetest thing ever. She always looks forward to them 🥺

    23. Kaylakay love

      I got a perm It took 2 hours to put all the rods threw my hair I have super thick hair worse thing i did in my life i couldn't brush my hair anymore :( Had to de-perm my hair and its still curly till this day and frizzy I'll tell you what lesson learned D:

    24. Becky Stubblefield

      This makes me so thankful for my awesome stylist who does amazing perms for me! 🙌

    25. Sydney Stoyko

      Maybe her chiropractor told her to lean forward at the hair dressers, mine did but I don’t listen lol

    26. Mika Tannehill

      I got my hair permed once but it didnt hold. 🙄 my hair wont even hold curls

    27. Jerica Gibbons

      I hate doing permd my teacher says we should be able to wrap them in 17 minutes

    28. Martha Harper

      Is it just me or did you guys think that his shirt sleeves were actual tattoos😂😂😂

    29. LEE DAVIS

      I like the first girl hair...

    30. Brea Sutherland

      Ok. THIS time, when you say "don't do it at home", I'll listen. Imma still watch your bleach fail vids while I bleach myself tho.

    31. Sharra Miller

      Oh girl we had to do so many perms in beauty school 🤦‍♀️ with the perm papers too it was so stupid

    32. Ava Schroeder

      You actually turned the sound off

    33. fatima keefah

      I always watch his videos when I have a face mask on or a hair mask sometimes both and I be looking like shit so when he says hey beautiful I feel so bad lol

    34. Bianca Martin

      First girl looked cute to me lol

    35. Lishy Bear

      Brad says I'm stunning... I'm laying in bed with my hair wrap and lemonade 😂

    36. khloe delania

      Brad plz pin me

    37. Anny Cristal

      i think you're SOOO cute ;-;

    38. P. Shaw

      My mom used to get her perm at JCPenny. Back in the 80s.

    39. Frances Zunino

      Am i the only one who wants ramen soup now??

    40. Arden Crosier

      Why do people want perms?? Curly hair is so crazy to manage and the frizz is INSANE

      1. mia morales

        Ig some people are willing to put the time and effort in to have the hair texture they want.

    41. Medina Nanic

      Idk if it has something to do with it....... but the first video was on mute

    42. Nikki Knapp

      No, because i have super curly hair (african hair) so no thank you its already a pain in the butt.

    43. Juli P

      Brad 💜MONDO💜 you are who I watch wen I need my endorphins HIGHER (daily)! I got my hair spiral permed approx. every 18 months from 14 to 42. My stylist used 2 size rods grey/white 4 a natural look. BEAUTIFUL ❣My hair was super healthy, long-mid back 🤯natural blonde, I used the best products on my hair. I loved it & would like 2 get another w bigger rods, I really look better. But everything you said to do RIGHT was always done on my hair. I wldn't even have my hair pick out afterwards or FRIZZ so air dry. My hair was so pretty and it looked natural. I had & gave a couple of perms in the 80's & they always turned out great cuz we listened 2 my Aunt, the Stylist in another state. I ADORE your VIDEOS & thot u deserved some good perm stories, LOL. BTW-My BF(still is) had the same thing done. We were called Page & Plant after a cpl of Super Rock stars, cuz of r hair color. LOVE YOU 💜💛🧡💚💙❤

    44. cass scribner

      i literally quit cosmetology 2 and a half years in because i was so sick of perms

    45. Natalie Harris

      When I was in cosmo school I hated doing perms 😂 I was decent at it, but hated how boring it was 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    46. Rebecca

      That's the kind of perm your mom would give your auntie at home in '89

    47. Sydney Brianne

      Why do you always walk out of the frame before you start your videos?

    48. Juli

      maybe it’s because i have naturally tight curls but i think the first girl’s hair looks cute but 🤷🏽‍♀️

    49. bbeetea

      ok but the tattoo sleeves... they gotta go

    50. Robin Barby

      i dont think it didnt have any sound i am pretty sure you may have accidentally put it on mute

    51. Kim Mazurek

      Brad : “there is no sound on the video” Also Brad : ‘has mute activated on video’

    52. amberley1213

      I am OBSESSSSSEDDDDD with you 😭😭😭

    53. Lifewithmyia

      It’s actually cute...

    54. kayla hegler

      Bro all I gotta say is HIS sleeves ARE LIFEEEEE

    55. PaganBorn SpiritBear

      I’ve tried 3 perms in my life. All but 1 looked like crap! I have a large spot, that doesn’t seem to take to perms well, at least not whilst using traditional perm rods. The one perm that actually came out, was done with spiral rods. I’ve only seen rods like these the one time. They were about a foot long, with grooves cut in that the hair was wrapped around. It was the one and only perm I’ve had that I can actually say, I loved!

    56. LeonSnake

      Why this ramen hair look like my mom's natural hair XD

    57. Caitlyn Dicroce

      Me eating tortilla chips at 3am wearing pjs with a salsa stain and looking up confused when Brad says what's up beautiful

    58. Skelly MacAullen

      I once got a perm... my hair was so straight before that it fell out in a week and didn't stick at all.

    59. Keira Frazier

      Brad: there’s no talking in this video Me: it’s muted look down

    60. Cheryl Mailloux

      I FKN hate perms and Ty lord for my naturally curly hair!!

    61. Ginae Ramirez

      I love that Brad says “you look great today” at the start of his videos. 9 times out of 10 I look like a burnt chicken nugget in an old sweatshirt and sweatpants, laying in my bed, when I’m watching his videos. 😂👌

    62. Kookies and Tae

      Now I wanna eat ramen :( Thanks

    63. Jacque Minor

      The fact that for a minute I thought that someone managed to use ramen to perm their hair. Feel kinda dumb, but at the same time.... It is US-new

    64. elise hamilton

      the clothes iron will fix the 80's hehehe

    65. elise hamilton

      that perm got left inda 80's wdf

    66. NolaRedd

      Hell no!!!! Please! Please go to a cosmetologist to get your hair professionally done, if not please follow the instructions that given if you want to try to do it yourself.

    67. Franchescaa E

      Brad : " OOOuuuUuU you look stunning!!" Me eating Cheerios while laying in my bed with a face mask and teeth strips on

    68. Yvez Gonzalez

      Brad : you look stunning Me : in a t-shirt eating straight up Chile

    69. Oh shit what

      I really want to get a perm cause my hair is naturally really straight and boring but I know perms are so incredibly damaging I'm not sure I'll ever actually do it :D

    70. luner._ _.evelin

      I’m I the only one that thought he had tattoos on his arms