Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Cutting Their Own Bangs And Regretting It

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Bangs, bangs, and more bangs. So many people take a leap of faith and cut their own bangs and regret it.
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Vallie Pallie

      I didn't even cut my own bangs and still regretted it lol Update: I'm 8 minutes into the video and am now thinking about having bangs again Okay.. I made it through the entire video... no bangs/fringe for me lol

      1. Vanessa Ashwell

        @ABsoLuTe TrASh piss off hun x

      2. Gina Quinn

        @H O N E Y B E E, hi when I was a teenager about 30 years ago living in California my foster moms name was Honey Bee! I have never seen that nane other than her. She was the most wonderful woman. I am a happy successful adult I believe because of her. I must never get to see her or talk to her so please humor me when in my heart your name reminds me of her and I feel all happy. Who ever you are I wish you joy 😊

      3. Marley Hill

        @I N S E C U R EE yup. I wear drastic hair cuts or hair colours for me at home! My hair cannot take major cuts or colours or styling. fine short 4c plus major 75 percent shrinkage. curly 1 inch straight 4/5 inches. I flat iron/straighten 3 times a year.

      4. Chloe Unicorn1708

        I had a fringe and i didnt do it myself but i hated it and im glad i grew it out XD

      5. achanwahn

        YES! Staying strong! 😂🤘

    2. Keva Wilsman

      Yes, please give us a bangs how to vid.

    3. Meow Meow

      I remember I got bangs cut professionally, and I hated them until I trimmed them myself During my session I got purple hair and bangs and I think I intimidated her by how much change I wanted lmao. she cut my bangs soo long though and they were in my eyes

    4. SʅყSαႦ

      Me: I wonder if I would look ugly if I get bangs...? *5 days before school* Me: *chops off butt length bangs*

    5. Mei Fernandez

      I cut my bang in such crazy ways in the last 2 or3 years that I'm not even regretting the ENDLESS amount of time it takes to grow back

    6. Keva Wilsman

      Wish I had watched some sort of tutorial after I bought a beautiful wig and tried cutting the bangs. I ended up with Krysten Ritter I only use it when I am feeling goth so it looks like I did it on purpose. I am not mad at it though. She will forever be my woman crush. Her and Eva Green.

    7. It's A Mixed Up World

      Just remember if you do bangs, record it!

    8. Viewer Viewer

      Omg I knew he was gonna go on about brown hair & it's depth again😂😭😂😂

    9. Queen J Jay

      YOU ARE A GLOWY PERSON, meaning you are beyond joyful and warm, whenever i get moody, i just put your channel, I LOVE HOW GORGGGE YOU ARE

    10. Kelsey Horan

      i need a bang video

    11. Angela Stout

      Yes make the video!!!!!

    12. gloria


    13. lovic pk

      I would loooove a video about bangs, which face shape they go best with and all that info you mentioned.

    14. Oliver Vilca

      the third girl looks very pretty with bangs.

    15. Caroline Couch

      Lol I literally just cut my own bangs yesterday

    16. Crysta Queen Charlenne

      We want the "should you get bangs" video so i can also possibly get banged

    17. Kimberly Ruiz

      Watched your other fringe video and I ended up cutting them. I regret it....... I have curly hair so you can imagine how that went.

    18. Samantha Braxton

      I swear, I was nervous laughing when she cut the font of her hair off. NO honey lol

    19. Moschino Jae

      I came out of the womb with bangs

    20. Alisas Dreamworld

      I´ve had bangs since the beginning of my life. I´ll never cut them. They grow way too fast and cover my eyes in like a month without cutting.

    21. Heidi K

      YES PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON BANGS AND FACE SHAPE! I have been without bangs now for 20 years and every time I’ve considered it, wondering if it would frame my face well and add body, I chicken out BECAUSE of the commitment...especially since my hair grows even slower than most...

    22. Bec Horowitz

      My hair is the longest it's ever been and soon I'm cutting off all of it and shaving my head (to like a 5 ??? I think)! I'm so excited! All my friends are going to help me and I'm donating the tied parts.

    23. Kiara Jacobsen

      I am a Banggirl

    24. J. Momp

      I literally have the fattest crush on brad and I have no idea why.

    25. Aneyzha Rodriguez

      I use to be a bang girl then I Converted

    26. Mary Kate

      I love Loepsie and knew she was gonna kill it!

    27. Amelie Nicolas

      "My childhood was a little rough" I know Bro, I have brothers... (Edit: BTW do you?👇)

    28. NotTheModel17

      I would love to see a vid on what bangs to get for each face shape and personal style!

    29. Makenzie Briddle

      Vereena looks cute thoo

    30. Neve Antoniou

      brad: “my childhood was a little rough..........mhmm.” I love him 🤣

    31. mo Mo

      They wanna get bang! 😆

    32. Budgie Related

      Brad. You are literally just like my sister. SHE THINKS EVERYONE LOOKS GOOD IN ANY HAIRSTYLE AND ANY COLOUR😂 Like it’s good-cuz support. But if I ask her should I cut bangs she’s like “HELL YES” and then I ended up looking like shit💩

    33. MayafromMurrland

      When I saw the original video I thought “Brad needs to react to this”

    34. Hanminie한미니

      Glad that I’m good at cutting my own bangs ahahahha been doing it for 3 years and I cut my bangs every month cuz it grew so fast *sigh.

    35. Scarlett Howard

      Anyone else want brad mondo to react to all of Vereenas hair styles?

    36. Sam Krazy

      YES bang video

    37. It's Me Lili

      my bangs would literally take 4-5 months (barely) to grow out, i have to cut them every 2-3 months or else they look like sh*t..

    38. Olivia Grace Wood

      Please make a video on bangs, I never know how to cut and style mine

    39. xRaikou

      lol same my mum cut like 8 inches of length away from my hair, I was like k thanks bye and those girls are like OMG 1 INCH HAIR

    40. Jis- ELLA

      And from vereenas little first bang stage came the bleaching non stop and dying non stop.

    41. Sophia Fields

      who else is sitting here watching this with bangs that are still growing out lmao

    42. iexclipse

      Omgg brad gives me Backstreet Boys vibes yass

    43. Lindsey R

      Yes! Make a bangs video please!

    44. Arigato Kiss

      Omg love the last girl’s hair!

    45. Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

      Oh my god it’s our queen Vereena in the first clip.

    46. Virginia M

      It’s just hair! Cut it.

    47. catimini39

      I did a bang and just pulled it back end of the story

    48. Rachel 976

      I lowkey liked the first girls bangs

    49. Jennifer Williams

      Yes, give us a bang video! I would never do bangs again, but I wanna know about bangs and face shapes and such.

    50. Robyns хσх

      i had bangs an it was so ugly 🥴

    51. Rikachoo

      The last girl is so stunning damn

    52. Eline Langes

      If uou can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?!

    53. A Disney Girls Dream

      Bangs really do take forever to grow tho I went and got bangs at the salon and she did a terrible job and I’ve had them for almost a year haven’t cut them or anything and they aren’t even to my chin yet I just want them to fit into my pony tail again

    54. Clare M

      i had bangs from when i was 3-9 and they’re still growing back out four and a half years later 😬

    55. Princess Roxy

      Yaaaaaaasss pls a bang videoooo❤

    56. Gaby Macias

      “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else, CAN I GET AN AMENNN”🙏🏻- queen Ru

    57. Anne Pickens

      Yes bang video please!!!!!

    58. Aleks Monoxide

      I have big fluffy emo bangs and I need a good tutorial xD

    59. Sam Morgan

      I would love a video about abngs. I used to have them like twice in my life and always just let them grow back out. I was never sure if it was a good look or not (I got asked out a lot less last time I had them so I kinda assumed it was a bad look), or what style would work for me and none of my hair stylists were ever open to me just letting them take the reins on it

    60. Demi Blackshaw

      Pls do the next video about bangs

    61. C B

      The last girl looked so freaking cute

    62. Isla Giles

      Me I got them cut professionally then I just trim them myself to keep them from being too long I’ve had them for a couple months but this round imma grow them to my my chin and keep it there. But once they grow out it won’t look too bad bc I have layered hair bc my hair is just so thick

    63. Karmen Vega

      Zoey Dechanel w/o bangs is a completely different person

    64. Mya Aubin

      So true! We all wonder about bangs. They are so cute on some people that us non bang girls want to try it at least once in our life.

    65. alyia b

      Bang video!!!!

    66. Rebecca Burgum

      Drink every time someone says bangs.

    67. Kaitlin Frost

      I don't regret my bangs, I thought they were cute. I got them September 2018 and started growing them out June 2019. It's a long process lol.

    68. Jessica Taylor

      Yes make a bangs video! I almost cut some a few weeks ago (mental breakdown) but luckily I didn’t!

    69. Alex Ashcroft

      Yes! Bang video 👏👏👏

    70. Jacqueline M

      PLEASE DO THE BANG VIDEO! I love having bangs, but I want that knowledge of how to be my most snatched, banged self I can be!