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    Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the rebroadcast of the Grilling live stream, where I make kebabs, stuffed pork tenderloin, and smoked chicken wings.
    Thank you to ACE Hardware for supplying, delivering, and assembling the grills used in this livestream.
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    1. CameronSuter

      This is the most relaxing thing to listen to while I work.

    2. muss

      i would have add some cheese in that pork

    3. Maui Meowee

      Too slow and your to far from mike.

    4. T SMITH


    5. T SMITH


    6. aaron milgrim

      Why are u telling these poor people to overcook their pork so badly. This is why most people think pork loin is dry and not great cuz they are cooking it to death. 145 is the guideline for the Feds to be safe to eat. 165 is killing that poor meat. Love ur show so much but pink pork is a good thing

    7. Paolo Roncal

      please make the volume higher :)

    8. Helen Short

      4.3m subscribers and only 2.6k likes?

    9. Jory Mayer

      Imagine gatekeeping food, What's he trying to prove by giving people a hard time for cooking thier meat more than he does?

    10. Jim Helgerson

      I think if you had spread your purée thinly over the whole loin and put your greens lightly over all and then rolled,I think you would have had better luck rolling the loin.

    11. I Feel Famous

      I LOOOO OOO O O O VEE DINO BBQ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. rommel tolentino

      this is the most boring video ever!!!!!,,,,,aside from beating up a tenderloin..........damn,,,,,,

    13. thomasino2

      Soooo much talk.... not prepared.. Bored too fast!

    14. Slayerofnight3

      GHhhHug HMm m m. Mom. M mm m m mm. Mm, m m m m. M mm hhhhhhhhhgm. Mm m. Mm, m m. HHughhhg mm. M. M you can guy

    15. Travis Longo

      It looks like the first time he ever grilled

    16. Tired_David

      No charcoal? Garbage.

    17. Dawn Hendershot

      Hello guys

    18. Baboo Choo

      If your going to be sarcastic at least be right in the first place ... is onion poisonous to dogs is garlic more poisonous than onion ? then you have the audacity to say meat is poisonous to dogs as if they were wrong in their comments 🤦‍♂️

    19. robbie G

      I replay this whole grilling

    20. Top Pay Position

      i don't eat at 125. Medium rare is 140 to 150.

    21. Leonardo Andy


    22. Kynz

      I had US-new muted and played knife party in the background. This has been fun ❤ thanks for your time 😊

    23. Tyler Morgan

      You can eat pork at 145 now. They changed it a few years ago. I’d highly recommend trying it. Juiciest pork ever

    24. SmokeyBrew

      Babish, I just want to say, regarding capsicum... Cut them in half, length ways. You can easily take the core out of both halves and the size is uniform slices. Better than waste or odd size cuts.

    25. BigManBilly

      At what point in the middle of the night did I start watching a grilling live stream?

      1. Catnium

        the point is to see how much food he just trows in the bin and suddenly come to the realization of how waist full we actually are.

      2. Offrealm

        yooooo same my guy

      3. Miochi

        @Dorene Johnson and I am not am totally sure however I

      4. Miochi

        etc etc etc etc etc etc and I will be cancelled the if we in the comes and options for

    26. Leann Miller

      Maybe wash you hands after petting your dog!!!!

    27. Demontrey Carroll


    28. Crawkid

      It was a bit painful watching you throw away chunks of meat, could have been used in a stew or stirfry or...something

    29. Brennan Prochnow

      5:21 Minecraft Steve going “oOh”

    30. Rosie Maybee

      I heard if you don’t cut off the root end of the onion you won’t tear up

    31. Rosie Maybee

      Glad your not cross-contaminating 🙂

    32. Rosie Maybee

      First time here

    33. Pep Lijb


    34. Bardock SSGSSJ

      3:20 that's what she said

    35. Hyland Capin

      Wash that board that you have been leaning on first

    36. primalgodzx

      Bro I was high and feel asleep and woke up to this and it looks fire

      1. KtB V Banana

        me too!!!!! omfg

      2. Google Plus Blows Chunks

        Same here, That barking dog, tho!

      3. FreshSoulBeats

        What the actual fuck ????????.... just woke up right now to this. Universe be crazy sometimes

      4. Sammy Martinez

        Yoooo ...damn son.. same shit happened to me lol

      5. pyroarchy

        hey me too lol

    37. DripL

      I love your music when are you going on tour?

    38. Kewl Beans

      babbish on hot ones?! :o

    39. Gee Foo

      Nastiness, Rumbling, waste of time EVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW!

    40. Carlson Ngolah

      why is this mans throwing out perfectly good slices of meat, i dont een know how to feel rn

      1. Nathan Mason

        I swear I'll make him pick it up with his ears, and throw it in his mouth brooooo.


      Damascus steel kitchen knife hell yeah

    42. Baby Shark

      I watched this in my sleep

    43. prophet760

      2:09 dumb lol

    44. EmancipatedSquirrel

      I hope the dog didn't eat the garlic..

    45. Maggie Brice

      This show was a damn hot mess. You're petting the dog..then handling're all just babbling on at times..not making any sense..don't go live unless you've got it together a lot more. This was just a train wreck.

      1. prophet760

        this was bad 2:09 he drops half the chicken he made and numerous times walking away to wash hands on hand supplies and just another person that makes basic common sense food and gets paid

    46. Freddie Hankins


    47. do not speak

      why so many dislikes

    48. Matthew St Pierre

      5:21 minecraft sampled babish so

    49. Romain Gonzalez

      I like the concept and everything, but am I the only one jumping at all the things he throws away ? Maybe it's a compost or they don't throw but it definitely looks like it, and we're talking about perfectly edible portions thrown away. If the center is the best part, it doesn't mean "throw the sides" but anyway..

      1. TheMrjacobjones

        same thought here

    50. Drake Carroll

      I’m a stoner in the chat

    51. Ugandan Knuckles

      me: falls asleep watching someone brew beer google: lul lets gooooooo bois! brain: wakes me up to someone beating his meat. me: ...

    52. joe guy

      ur hands shake so much ... have a drink we dont care lol

    53. Kyle Oliver

      Why do you seem so nervous?!

    54. albert hall

      watching wolfe pit fell asleep woke up 2 this crap

    55. Damaged262

      Yes Babish, we're joining you, just please, PLEASE don't have salt fall down off your hairy arms!, If you'd like to do it, go nuts, but do a quick burn of the hair and a brush off ;-) (Had to fix your name, my computer just hated you having a single B not a double B, computers are some pushy asshats.)

    56. Nathan Kettell

      If nothing happens, people are just going to click off the video

    57. Pedro Ramos

      No it is not badd for your dog to eat garlic it can't prevent your dog from getting fleas if you add that to their dish of food each day Your dog will not have fleas is a natural compound that keeps the fleas Off You're special pet

    58. Caius Jones

      Why am I here, I fell asleep and woke up with this video playing

    59. Lombardiclese

      Watching him smack the edge of that knife on the metal table constantly was almost nauseating, ugh. Chef pet peeves lol

    60. Dakota Flamand

      nice video. 3hours of that dog barking and your tatto's. i like how you actually sat down. shut that dog up. and talked to the camura.

    61. Asap Koo

      Before I leave. How the fuck did I get here 😭😂😂 woke up and this shit been playing for a hour + 😭😂😂😭

    62. Tak Eugene Ogihara

      I want to subscribe but......these videos are best on mute

    63. aakkoin

      grate stuff

    64. albert hall

      watching paint dry

    65. tristan rozenczveig

      Moving down in the world Why live stream

    66. Sam Ronayne

      Non binary person watching this cause it started autoplaying in the background. I see how it is Babish.

    67. Toggle Mutt

      This was so awesome!

    68. VaguelyUseful

      PSA ~onions, garlic, leeks, and chives are in fact damaging to dogs, a small amount irregularly wont cause much trouble although smaller breeds can be particularly sensitive to N-propyl disulfide. but long term ingestion can cause gastrointestinal irritation and at worst anemia and organ damage. But don't take the word of a stranger on the internet, spend 5 mins of ya life doing some research into it.

      1. Go to Sleep ASMR

        VaguelyUseful llohas loopl

    69. Robin Puglisi

      "Ate the veg, give bits plz" ~babby 2018

    70. Erron Black

      1:29:32 brussel sprouts are disgusting. The only vegetable that I’ve almost thrown up from because it tasted that bad.

    71. Uglyprincw

      I was on doordash live support with headphones on at 4 minutes in when they were chopping onions, heard him fingering the camera and the copping and thought I was listening to someones mic unbeknownst to them while getting 100 messages from doordash at the same time.

    72. Catsoup

      These are so nice to listen to in the background and occasionally look at when you're doing stuff on your computer

    73. emily antoinette

      I need to know what knife your using. I need to invest in it. Is it the same one from the basics video?

    74. max wasserman

      "I just like to wait a minute."

    75. Scott Korin

      "I'd go so far as to eat it as a dip" should be a BWB t-shirt.

      1. Scott Korin

        Same with "don't be afraid of your pork".

    76. Chris Fischer


    77. SmellyPotatoes Mc

      Yo Babish, I was wondering if you could make Pani puri from slumdog millionaire

    78. BramDoesStuff

      Kai premier Tim Malzer knife?

    79. Gmurek 76

      yes behind the babish

    80. Pytro24 - Gaming & MuseScore Cover

      I never thought this Day will Come, he Streamed to Cook live

    81. Ret Gnu

      Would you consider signing up for hell's kitchen?

    82. King of Ebla

      Wait, he threw them wings in the garbage? Wow he wasn't kidding, he's got the hipster values right

    83. Jane Weldon

      Wll you be using charcoal ?

    84. o_rango Aka HoneyKix

      He's so handsome

    85. emanuel corlat

      I like how he points to stuff describing the beautiful surroundings but you can't even see where he is pointing

    86. Volitudo

      if its possible, maybe add twitch chat? (But its not your aesthetic tho but... twitch chat D: )

    87. reaperruup


    88. Kai Johnston

      I'd love it if he was constantly practising the cocktail and drinks techniques. Just getting absolutely hammered as he grills the pork. Also, would you kindly make a video with you and atlas.

    89. Shadow Lenahan


    90. DIO TV


    91. Martha Steward

      What brand is that gorgeous knife?

      1. Jason Zimmer

        Martha Steward Darude- Sandstorm

    92. Pineapple Head

      make turkey and skittle sandwich from the benchwarmers movie !!!

    93. Jack Shillito

      How about making the burger dog from uncle grandpa

    94. phillip motbey

      Why not mack the strudel from mystical beasts and where to find them 🥧🥧 I know that this is a pie emoji not a strudel but there is none so in know you may say why emoji at all than I will say you know nothing Jon snow NOTHING

    95. joem1120

      GoT Sansa's favorite lemon cakes

    96. DaBomJr

      Can you tell by the way I use my voice I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk

    97. Dejion Jon

      I am so stoked on him doing this haha

    98. your-pseudo-boyfie

      am i the only one who got distracted by Atlas every time he wandered into the video

    99. Michael Daubert

      Garlic isn't good for dogs

    100. Jovani Batuyong

      You should make the ice cream from 2 girls 1 cup

      1. Robin Lundqvist

        Jovani Batuyong so shit in a jar?

      2. Better Lifestyle

        Jovani Batuyong thats a yikes from me