Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen

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    No olive oil. Water isn't seasoned. It's not even boiling.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. SkullCrusher 6025

      I wonder, does he season his own dick to get some head from his wife? 👁👄👁

    2. Elf Elf

      I never season water... because i dont want to eat much salt.

    3. Dionna Poland

      I love Gordon Ramsay but the moment he calls me out of my name we are going to fight!

    4. Real Frosty The Snowman

      2:14 Wow, well said.. really convincing... definitely seems competent enough to stay to me..

    5. Real Frosty The Snowman

      0:00 it's so obvious that she doesn't ever cuss and only is because she's on the show. Between this, and her going "fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." In another episode, she's just so cringey it's painful and embarrassing to watch..

    6. Watch_me_l0se _

      1:58 *sudden bad breath*

    7. Shadsy The Hedgehog

      Gordon's finally gone completely mad if he wants seasoned water

      1. Shadsy The Hedgehog

        @jeezuschryst Oh. Alright

      2. jeezuschryst

        @Shadsy The Hedgehog You want it to properly absorb not just stick to the outside. That's basic pasta cooking...

      3. Shadsy The Hedgehog

        @jeezuschryst That sounds odd. Can't you season it afterwards?

      4. jeezuschryst

        Huh? You're supposed to add salt when cooking pasta. The pasta absorbs it.

    8. Raptyrn

      You haven't seasoned the water, it's tasteless! "I-it's water.." You've burned the water, how did you even fucking manage that one, eh? "I, uh.."

    9. Burnt with a Cigarette lighter

      need to put salt

    10. Kevin

      1:39 Jared Leto ?

    11. Drew Rycerz

      ngl if you under season a spaghetti...there's somethin wrong with you lol.

      1. Amber Galway

        I add fresh cracked salt to my pasta every time....... some people are dense.

    12. Introvert Tingz

      Once you hear Gordon say “COME HEAR ALL OF YOU” just know it’s over with

    13. Cock A Doodle Doo


    14. Ples No

      'oh no no, come here' - it was at that moment she knew she fucked up

    15. Nicholas Sahadeo

      I wonder if his children and wife were in sum training or sum TV and people would be telling them they're useless and to fuck off, how he would feel

    16. amrei.0201

      am i the only one that is bothered by the way they pronounce “giovanni”

      1. Giovanni Diaz

        Yea ur the only dumb bitch

    17. Barbara Dyson

      I found out ramsay has 16 Michelin stars.

    18. Anti-Time

      Jean phillipe sounds like the type of kid that tells on you for not having a pencil

    19. TheMessenger

      "Fawk me." "Yes, Chef."

    20. Schuriken

      Gordon : Your tears are too salty. Fok off

    21. music 4 the soul

      I personally would not take insults without dishing them back.

    22. Right Wing Militant

      Chef Ramsey has earned the right to be arrogant

    23. Miklós Tamás

      2:35 No food leaving the kitchen Customers getting restless... Guy in blue shirt

    24. Miklós Tamás

      1:43 -Robert Saying something -Danny: 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    25. katondragonrider

      2:00 when you realised someone passed some hella rank gas.

    26. Geert Matthys

      Gordon drinks water Its soggy and too moist! Look at this! Yes Chef!!

    27. Hite W

      You have to season everything in this show.

    28. Joseph Stalin

      Gordon: Is the ice fresh? Owner: No chef it’s frozen. Gordon: *FUCK ME* Owner: 👁👄👁

    29. Taquitoe

      ok now that title is just bs

    30. Tunir Ghosh

      The water is too bland

    31. This Is Real -Mental Health and Advice-

      Omg Colleen is this your first time with Gordon. Honestly watching her EVEN SAY ANYTHING TO GORDON IS LIKE SEEING A DOG TRY TO EAT CHOCOLATE LIKE SHE CANT EVEN MAKE SALADS!

    32. Filmsparks

      1:18 arrogant? he's trying to run a business

    33. M C

      My dad used to say my mom burnt the water

    34. FB0102

      4:59 lmao savage

    35. BlueFox The Cutest

      I don't know how scallops are supposed to look so Im thoroughly confused. (Its because I don't like scallops)

    36. Tan Rui Qin

      You mean Gordon add olive oil in pot for boiling spaghetti? What a noob! Hehe!

    37. Di. Bollati

      "He does make me yell.." 2:35 😏

    38. Alexandria Jackson


    39. Bhaby Lux

      I would pay to watch all this in real life

    40. Tung.T

      Gordon surely hates Americans :)))

      1. Lil Curry

        Everyone hates Americans :)))

    41. Don Johnson

      2:17 why does he walk in and out the door

    42. Brandonjoon

      "Come on guys, bring some orders. The ladies are ready to kick your butt." *It was at this moment, she knew, she f***ed up.*

    43. Finkel - Funk

      Gordon: *drinks a glas of tapwater* "IT'S FUCKING BLAND."

    44. adelheid

      this water is *bland*

    45. MrGhostman Ghost

      i have work with a chef somewhat like gordon ramsey... but less grumpy... lots more less... but he still push me like i want to hang myself... but being me, rather die then give up halfway... i just when with it... but through time, i saw improvement with myself... not much, but still, noticeable... im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the way he pushes me, i never been proud of myself... i work with him for 6 months only... within that time, i for ever be thankful to him for showing me who i am... for pushing me to the limits, to show me my true potential...

    46. RomanowRomanow Aleksiej

      Gordon during the rain: Dirty!, Watery!, Not Seasoned! Bland!

    47. Golf Wang

      One of these days I would really like to see some Marine Corp DIs on here 😂😂

    48. Hugh Jass

      The water is not seasoned! *Puts in Kool-Aid power*

    49. Danielius Botvich

      *Gordon drinks water* Gordon - it's bland

    50. Linosek279

      “IT’S BLAND” “Chef, it’s water” “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY KITCHEN”

    51. DaBoogie

      Gordon is my hero. “IM JOKING YOU STUPID COW.”

    52. DaBoogie


    53. Penta Pen

      The water if Fcking RAW!!!

    54. Penta Pen

      The water if Fcking RAW!!!

    55. Joseph Stalin

      Colleen is clearly a misspelling of karen

    56. Joseph Stalin

      Colleen is clearly a misspelling of karen

    57. Jerico Nox

      I feel kinda bad because I have the exact same shit memory and I get yelled at for it. It must be awful being yelled at by a celebrity because of something you can't help.

    58. Richard Constantino

      I stg, Gordon ramsey has the best diss lines! "What a muppet" "you silly cow" 😅😅😅

    59. The_Vladiator 1221

      Now we’re just waiting for the day that Gordon asks if the ice in his glass of water is fresh or frozen


      dry water

    61. Private 1

      whats with these 1-2 letter names😂

    62. L S

      "I should have tasted it better" ??? So what you're saying is you should have tasted it.

    63. Wolfest A

      4:57 girls when they make excuses for their abusive boyfriends

    64. Aqua Lake

      Gordon: (Goes swimming in sea and accidentally gets a taste of seawater) ITS DRY! BLAND! UNDERSEASOND! UNDERCOOKED! WET! INEDIBLE!

    65. V R

      YOU CAN'T GET AHEAD! YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD! damn Gordon ended her with that one 😂😂😂

    66. Nathan Mitchell

      “You can’t get ahead, you’re not that good”

    67. Sirius Anime

      Look at all that food I will never enjoy....

    68. CheddarBeezy

      “Forgot there were customers out there” Then who are you cooking for?

    69. Gee Right

      How do you like sex? 🗣RAW fuc*%*# R A W!

    70. jaden dubbert

      nobody: gordon: SABOTAGE!!