Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen

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    No olive oil. Water isn't seasoned. It's not even boiling.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

    Published on 11 days ago



      Beileve it or not but u actually have to put oil and salt in the water so the pasta will taste good

    2. Galaxyglatis

      1:32 was that Seth from pawnshop?!?!? Or was it a guy that resembles him?

    3. Melana Cook

      i hate these damn customers, like you came here KNOWING that they take awhile yet they still complain like “iTs tAkInG tOo lOnG”

    4. Cristian Pacheco

      “Put more spaghetti in” Ok chef ! “I’m kidding you stupid cow 🐄 !”

    5. Sara Shakib

      If I hear tomato butter sauce one more time I'm gonna loose my mind.

    6. Hawks Yt

      Why the hell is this stuff so funny

    7. Fatha Omar

      She’s not normal !!!! 😂😂😂

    8. KWRBT

      Water is supposed to be seasoned???? What does that even mean? And 6:23 --- How hard can it be to make spaghetti? Is it really that bad?

    9. Nico Burgio

      The title of the video makes Gordon look like a twat.

    10. Gardi Delgado

      No one: Absolutely no one: Hell’s Kitchen: ONE RISOTTO TWO BEEF WELLINGTON AND THREE SCALLOPS

    11. Mikol

      Ramsey is so toxic 😭

    12. John Buxton

      Gordon: Drinks water Also Gordon: Dry, bland and lacks seasoning!

    13. nEgIlAT

      1:44 my man Gordon ain’t getting away with that voice crack 🧐

    14. Jerry Ao

      His name is J, what if his last name was Cole

    15. K A

      switch to flag down system and have people pay attention, infinitely more effective. can't expect staff to guess from vague eye contact...

    16. Whiskered Shrimp


    17. Whiskered Shrimp

      2017: i bet gordon ramsay will say season the water one day 2019: here we are

    18. Sunday BG

      Ramsays like this because he wants them to be able to perform well under situations like this

    19. Abood Ashoor

      And i thought the gordon ramsey saying the water isnt seasoned memes were just myths.

    20. siena corrigan

      “you’re PATHETIC” “...yes chef!”

    21. Moosic


    22. Hold Door


    23. Ultimatium

      i bet he seasons his ass wife before eating it

    24. Smashing Man 45

      New video: *Gorden Ramsay complains that the seasoning is not seasoned*

    25. A L

      Bro... It's just salad. When he made her repeat it like four times over, how does she mess it up??

      1. Jon Dale

        Cause of the pressure hes putting on her lmfao it's funny as fuck watching him make people mentally crumble from just repeating a simple order, think about it if it was anybody else asking her to do it she would be fine hahahah

    26. BasicallyEastacia

      “WHEW SHIT!!! She’s not normal. She cannot be normal.” 💀💀💀

    27. Bear

      Cesar salad with cooked shrimp wtf

    28. Christoph Reiss

      WHERES THE TOMATOBUTTERSOUCEEEEEEEE?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!

    29. Moe From The Northside

      The kitchen is a morally bankrupt place. The overarching value of working in the kitchen is rank. The kitchen is full of disrespect, racism, perversion, and sabotage. Not the place for someone who has a consistent and accurate sense of morality. Definitely not the place for someone who believes they deserve respect and a fair shot to work based on skill and work ethic. Ego will always win here.

    30. tigurius555

      You- you don't put the oil in the water, it goes right back out, you add the oil/butter in afterwards, stir it well, and close the pot

    31. cem kahraman

      "GORDON LOOKS FOR A NEW CAR" Gordon:is the seats seasone? THE WHEELS ARE BLAND!!! You fucing dealer!! Dealer:yes chef

    32. Elucid

      When he called that woman a stupid cow, I was honestly hoping Gordon had a heart attack and fucking died.

    33. Jan Berkemeier

      If I ever go to Hell's Kitchen, I swear I won't complain if my food doesn't arrive - I'll just saviour every second of behind-the scenes drama, yelled across the restaurant

    34. Rusaarules

      I'll be that guy. Shrimp is good raw or cooked.

    35. Dukeljk

      My question is, why do they allow these people to have so much shit punched in there face? Lips noses, pretty disgusting.

    36. MarcusT

      Wow, a reality show that has a tantrum throwing chihuahua and incompetent competitors? What suspense.....Can't believe this show has been on for years

    37. Joshua A

      embarrassing tv programming. I hate it.

    38. My YoutubeChannel

      This Stuff is like watching Rookies in a Bootcamp, those poor Souls :D and Gordon is the fuckin Devil himself hahaha

    39. Diamonds Are Forever

      Aren't there any new seasons or why are there still clips from such an old season beeing uploaded

    40. Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs

      Did he just say the water isn’t seasoned? He is a fucking idiot

    41. slaymyface135

      Me:*eating microwave burritos* Also me: what a fucking idiot who doesnt season the fucking water stoopid

    42. Sir_Positive

      1:58 I'm like her, I easily forget that fast, Welp. My dreams of going to hell's kitchen has shut down.

    43. Sir_Positive



      He's such a little princess

    45. mike

      this is stressing me out just watching lmao

    46. Obey Bizoh

      “Seeeeeeeth... you can go fuck yourself” idk why that was so funny to me

    47. Christian Gordon

      Seems like these ppl crack under pressure fast and arent very organized. Send em to a busy mcdonalds kitchen for a few months, that oughta get them adjusted.

    48. Yagurl Maliya

      5:03 “I’m joking, you stupid cow” HOW DID SHE KEEP HER COOL?! If that was me I would’ve cried on the spot😭

      1. ILanT

        well, that probably wasn't her first time cooking under Ramsay's supervision (or she's just not a fucking crybaby)

      2. Cozmik Ora


      3. sehyun


    49. Rocky jet Daguyen

      **Gordon Ramsay inhales** **Breathing intensifies** *Why isn't the air seasoned you imbeciles!*

    50. HTS Gaming

      ᘜOᖇᗪOᑎ: *TᗩᔕTᗴᔕ ᔕᗩᒪT* ᘜOᖇᗪOᑎ: ᑎOT ᗴᑎOᕼᘜᕼ ᔕᗩᒪT

    51. Luis Flores

      SoMeBoDy ToUcH My SpAgHetti

    52. Ryan J

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other. You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me." She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. "But I don't want anything else in the world.

    53. Kaiser Frost

      What is this stupid crap? He's not a drill sergeant LOL! Why don't they talk normal instead of this "yes chef" garbage? And are you going to drink the water the pasta cooked in, or are you going to pour it down the drain? Exactly. Boil the pasta in plain water like a normal person. Stop wasting salt.

    54. That Person

      6:20 "Get your fucking fingers in there." *Hmm...*

    55. Christian Woodhouse

      I love how she called Ramsay arrogant . If there's one thing he isn't it's arrogant he definitely has the skills to back up what he talks

    56. violet rose

      ramsay: what’s going? colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “ONE MORE” colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “ONE MORE” colleen: “four caesar salads. three shrimp, one plain” ramsay: “LAST TIME” colleen: “four caesar salad chef! three *fuck fuck fuckkkk*... *what the fuck was it?*” colleen: “*i have no idea what’s next. he’s been making me yell*” me: *oooh fuccck off you cheeky donkey!!*

    57. Abigail White

      He called her a fat cow

    58. MiraManiac

      4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain. 4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain! 4 cesar salad chef 3 shrimp 1 plain! 4 cesar salad che- AUIDUPIUWIUTEBIUAHDn

      1. Xnuk Ek


      2. 3spotkushGen129

        Most underrated comment

    59. Anna R

      I hated Colleen is this season.

    60. Tony Aviles

      As funny as this shit is. The restaurant business is super hard. I feel for these people. I sure as hell couldn't work in that kitchen. I'd probably snap and start slicing and dicing every one

    61. Rowan B.

      I love Gordon but this 5:00 was so not cool

    62. mike jones

      Imagine how he talks to wife when she be do something wrong 😂

      1. Ashoikie Saunders

        If you watch his interviews with his family you would have known that business and personal life is two different things.

    63. red_phayes

      The water is rAw

    64. Jotin S

      And you dont need salt to cook pasta unless your a sheep following Fool. you posh gits

    65. Jotin S

      ramsey is a fucking Gimp, waste of a good underpants

    66. Aaron T

      Gordon: "What's wrong with this water? Taste it." Giovanni: "I don't know Chef. I think it tastes fi--" Gordon: "IT'S RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    67. Just some Azian

      Man you could say gordon is getting SALTY xDDDD

    68. The Bastion

      5:07 that hurt

    69. thatfalloutkid

      Bet you he yells at god for not seasoning the oxygen.


      4:58 total savage