Goodbye Social Media.



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    Fletcher Beadon -

    How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain --
    The NBA's happiness crisis --

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Noah lee

      Happy early bday Casey

    2. GiuseppeM

      Except that’s his job, and the time spent on social media is part of his daily routine. But he didn’t tell you this because of course this video is BS.

    3. Sebastian Coiscou

      3:28 now imagine 4 hours at video games. . . ¡Shit! I'm wasting my life

    4. MongoSaqqara RadCats

      I tried fakebook a few years back...I last about 3 months...had 175 friends that I didn't know...cancelled was the most phoney, self promoting instrument i've ever seen...but I do understand why the kids and angry me-too cuckoo's like it.

    5. Diamond OFFICIAL

      Casey is backpack kid but older

    6. Tony Gillilan


    7. Praetorian

      I quit too.. zero regrets! All benefit.

    8. Dakota Jones Productions

      Hey! I just wanted to say that you inspired me to make a US-new channel and I base a lot of my videos around your style of vlogging. For the past couple months my subscribers wanted me to make merchandise. I created a brand and I would like to send you a shirt in appreciation for inspiring me. If you could wear it in one of your videos that would be amazing!! If you read this message tell me your size.

    9. SilvisGamingLv slivis

      Roses are red Violets blue I came for the comment So did u

    10. Gamer077510 Roblox

      If you found this comment You have an addiction to scroll

    11. Beer Vibes

      Which BMW car your wife were driving ? Kindly someone tell me the model


      1:50 you would be in so much trouble at my school

    13. Denver Tube

      11 million haaayyyy !!!!!

    14. Charles Parker

      I remembered that I deleted my Instagram and my account, for 2 months. It felt good, and now I created a account. And I only follow my family members & close three close old friends.

    15. Margaret Mager

      You are screwed as you cant get off the US-new treadmill. Go back to New London and live a happier life raising your kids on the water. Breathing NYC air is like smoking a pack a day.

    16. CCX

      Dude thank God. But in all honesty there's genuine reason to have social media anymore. Unless you're craving attention.

    17. Ana EnViaje

      There was "social life" before "social media". I try to exercise real social life more than the one online. I would like to hear more about your experiment. Is it giving you good results?

    18. Muna Tina

      Casey saying he wants to spend less time on US-new and more on family, is his nice way of saying he is Sick of making videos. Great.

    19. itsvamy


    20. Team Gartin

      We love you Casey!!!

    21. TheManJordo

      How do you look at how much time you’ve spent on Twitter and insta

    22. Dylan Callaghan

      WHERE IS MARLIN the ups guy??? like if u remember

    23. steven720p

      Ok then no more Casey vids cause I need to focus more on my life

    24. Mike J

      Thumbs down this video

    25. ༼༺Sam༑Sandhu༻༽

      Its not that bad I do 5h a day I’m destroying my life I’m actually insain

      1. ༼༺Sam༑Sandhu༻༽


      2. ༼༺Sam༑Sandhu༻༽

        4.30 of that 5 is listening to music so ye

    26. Eu gen

      I am spending zero minutes a day for instagram and twitter. only youtube is my addiction :D

      1. Eu gen

        and league of legends ^^

    27. Daniel Bedford

      You are actually, at the heart of it,"a super insecure guy". You need other peoples acceptance to justify what you are doing! If you didn't get any "likes" your life would be very different.

    28. Patrick salamankas

      social media like facebook twitter and instagram are to big people today are to dependent on tech if all the server farms in the world went out at once and never came back humanity would be screwed 😨😨😱

    29. Mishary Sulaiman

      and you think you use social media a lot ? 49 mins a day is not a lot at all

    30. Chelsea Louise

      I feel you on this. and trust me, an hour on both of those is sadly really good. most people are way worse.

    31. Steffens World

      I would recommend a 10 or 20 day meditation retreat (-: Without phone

    32. BingPlayz YT

      It Okay I don use those But I Have one problem I Cant leave youtube without watching videos that are over 3 hours total/day XD RIP ME I enjoy this video as well as other . Keep Up !

    33. Riau repiu

      Salam dari riau pekanbaru bos.. *Singgah ke channel kami ya boas..* *Mkasih boas kuuu*

    34. Mahalo Aloha

      I hope Candice prompted you to chill on the social media. It really does waste so much time, and leads to unproductive behavior. Good on you Casey. Family comes first.

    35. Sarah Zahir

      If only story option was life would be less anxious.

    36. Josh N

      Hey Casey! Check out the Light Phone 2, going light is the idea. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

    37. 987 MoOZ

      Haha fait poussé autre choses et prends des vacances

    38. Jay Mitchell

      Hey... US-new is social media

    39. Hertage


    40. Nerd Alpha

      sou português!

    41. Theodore Dsouza

      At the time 00:57 there is a person at the door

    42. Jak Devaney

      keep a book on you at all times, when you reach for the phone, reach for yo book. we all have moments of nothing everyday, that social media fills, but it can be filled with other stimulations.

    43. Lil Salt

      Anybody notice how kind of looks like the teacher from glee

    44. singhgagand11

      Just like anything in life...too much of anything is bad. Social media has brought together group of people or communities that share the same minds or hobby. For example, set of photographers, video editors, and etc. However, choosing to spent all of your energy online means that you're putting in less energy elsewhere which can hinder ones mental or physical health. Just use it sparsely.

    45. Rodrigo Polo

      Dems can't handle social networks, so their influencers recommend to quit social media hahahaha

    46. Phuong Do Cong

      ok goodbye youtube and I can never watch your videos on stage

    47. Ramona

      Lol 😂 now what ppl moved to twitch and tic tok now, 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦‍♂️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅‍♂️

    48. Reedboss82 Gaming

      Y is your screen time over 10 hours a day

    49. Filipe Tucunduva

      Hey Casey, what's up? could you you talk about your tattoos in one of your videos? Don't you get worried about not having breaks in the middle of NYC traffic using boards?? Love your channel and your personality. You're awesome. Im still trying to watch ALL your videos as quickly as possible hahaha. Keep it up the good work! You rock!! Peace out bro!!!

    50. killing joke

      Life After Social Media? what's Next? 🤔

    51. Superior Block

      ughhh i thought we were finally getting rid of you

    52. steve jobs

      The money just pays for one more day at the motel and then I start over but if I can build a company through this creative process then maybe there is a light at the end of this dark long tunnel i been trapped in

    53. steve jobs

      I do it for free I do it to fill the empty feeling in my self

    54. steve jobs

      I never do anything for money

    55. steve jobs

      I want to do concling now and things that help me and that’s why I vlog it’s not for money

    56. steve jobs

      And I’m so confused about being an adult because I been such a loner I don’t understand how to act around people

    57. Abhishek Sharma

      Deleting my youtube also from phone Any video i want to watch will do it on laptop

    58. steve jobs

      I never took advantage of people people would use me up and throw me out when they didn’t need me anymore and I worked so hard and helped so many people build nice homes and never build any home for my self

    59. James Miller

      Guy dresses like a teenage kid and acts like one too.Give up the skate board and grow up.

    60. steve jobs

      All I ever did was be a good person and do good things for people and was hated and discriminated against

    61. steve jobs

      And when I tried making friends in LA everyone was evil

    62. steve jobs

      I used to say your not lonely if you like the person your alone with but that’s a lie

    63. steve jobs

      I never had a normal life I never had a home or a family. Since very young age I always felt alone and was even homeless in 7th grade until now so I never had a real girl friend or job or stability. And I lost track of time. And I trued so hard to do the right thing but it was Hard for me never having anything and I wish I could work harder and make videos that people will watch

    64. steve jobs

      I wish to make it on US-new just so I can have a home and see my daughter one day when she is older and my life is not a disaster relief effort

    65. steve jobs

      I think about my daughter and that helps me stay sober and never want to do meth again it also helps me to want to make videos to be like look baby I was always here for you I made an attempt to be in your life everyday even though I couldn’t be in your life everyday

    66. steve jobs

      Wake up alone and have nightmares

    67. steve jobs

      I have nightmares now

    68. steve jobs

      I don’t talk to any one and no one knows me

    69. steve jobs

      I feel like I hear things I’m always hearing things and I don’t know if it’s real or my emaginationz

    70. steve jobs

      The dr doesn’t give me anything for anxiety so I need to go to other outlets for help

    71. steve jobs

      I use some other drugs just to take the edge off it

    72. steve jobs

      It’s very very hard withdraw I quess takes years to feel normal again

    73. steve jobs

      And since I quit meth I been feeling way more depressed and lonely then ever before

    74. steve jobs

      I be honest and say when I feel a certain way

    75. steve jobs

      I would spend a million dollars on a watch and then get lost in the hours and minutes and seconds that haut me every freaking day I can’t help it the clock still ticking and it drives me bonkers and all the drugs in the world can’t help me from the hurt feelings of being alone

    76. steve jobs

      Making videos is my last cry for help to my family that abandon me my daughter in Beverly Hills and everyone that ignores me everyday. It’s my last cry to the world that people love each other more.

    77. steve jobs

      On this platform we can change the game. WEBETRU the pajama network wants to reinvent TV

    78. steve jobs

      My long term goal is that WEBETRU the pajama network be a video sharing platform like Netflix only for amature film makers and it be really easy no friction for film makers and watchers to connect and innovation in film making will grow exponentially through this platfrom because it will feed its creators well we will feed the artist and creators lots of money. We won’t be like google and starve the creators wee will pay top dollar for the best armatures and people will flock to are app and not US-new because we will give them a lot more opertunity

    79. PrideandPerformance

      If you want to get away from social media and phones. Go on a transatlantic cruise!! I’ve just spent 14 days coming from the Caribbean to the uk and only had phone signal for 4 days of that so was forced to cut down on it and felt much better for it.

    80. steve jobs

      Good thing about vlogging is there’s no friction I can be consumed by it and use it is a way to help my self and grow up and mature I look at vlogging as my religion my self help and so I don’t care if I never make any money from it. I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care. I learn more from vlogging then anything. My whole life was a waist and my videos are the only beauty I got out of this mess and my videos are the only time I don’t feel alone

    81. steve jobs

      I’m very sensitive and not good at dealing with people that’s why even with carpentry work I don’t like to deal with the people I just like to do the work because the people add a lot of friction to the work that is not necassery

    82. steve jobs

      I’m trying with all my power to do the right thing and make a living and when I try and do the right thing humans make it so hard for me and I’m fought with so much resistance

    83. steve jobs

      I don’t want to accept this life anymore

    84. steve jobs

      I know every ally in NYC and LA for the past ten years I grew up wondering around in every side street from Beverly Hills to courtland

    85. steve jobs

      Stay here in NYC and build a super nova empire from the sticks and dust alleyways of New York City

    86. steve jobs

      West cost will burn you out so fast

    87. steve jobs

      I would vote no on going to LA it’s a good way to lose a lot of money

    88. steve jobs

      I want to grow up now and let my roots be in New York City

    89. steve jobs

      People think jus because your poor and homeless that you don’t have feelings anymore. That your heart can’t brake anymore. But it still brakes and it hurts a lot

    90. steve jobs

      And it hurts me a lot everyday to go out into the world and see people with good life and me feeling so lonely and hurt and abused and no one cares

    91. steve jobs

      I like girls but I’m scared of them like a kid because I never had a girl friend only once and I’m still shy and insecure and it’s not normal for someone my age

    92. steve jobs

      I want to have friends and not be scared of everyone and have a girlfriend and not be scared of girls

    93. steve jobs

      Depression is a mother that I never felt so much. But the last couple years for me were very hard. Only I feel I know what my problem is or was and so I’m trying to address it and stay in one place and be stable. I never been stable. I want to stay in one place for years and years and stop running

    94. steve jobs

      I used to buy and sell watches on Westlake macarthur park LA and been to the beverlyhill pwn ship and met Dino so it was a profound moment to meet producer Michael and he is now one of my top bloggers that I follow. I don’t watch tv or go to the movies much I just watch a couple of vloggers and do my own thing

    95. steve jobs

      The other US-newr I watch just got a half a million dollar watch

    96. steve jobs

      I have no self I’m just a collection of energies that have burnt them selves out and now I’m drained and there is nothing left and so I get down and pray every second for love to save me.

    97. steve jobs

      How much value do we give human connection. How can I be surrounded by millions of people everyday and always feel so lonely and out cast and unloved. Pretty shitty feeling. Depression is part of the withdrawal struggle from four months ago. I will never do that again. I want to feel normal and have friends and maybe even a girl and family one day. It seems impossible for me. But I can still pray for it. Pray and pray and it hurts a lot when God ignores me. But I don’t want to give up.

    98. steve jobs

      I don’t have anybody on Sunday’s

    99. steve jobs

      On Sunday I’m very lonely

    100. steve jobs

      I want to crawl under a rock here in nyc and pray to God for salvation