Goodbye Maia: The OG Pitbull Who Started DDK9’s | DOG DYNASTY



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    HULK’s great-great grandmother Maia is the OG of dog breeders Dark Dynasty K9s, the pitbull who started it all. Acquired by DDK9s founder Marlon Grennan as a 10-week-old puppy, Maia - whose name means ‘female warrior' - has produced generations of the finest protection pups. But the 12-year-old was diagnosed with terminal cancer a year ago, and now DDK owners Marlon and Lisa face an impossible decision as they decide whether or not the time has come to say goodbye to their beloved matriarch. The story is featured in the new season of Barcroft TV’s hit online show Dog Dynasty, which has racked up more than 150 million views on US-new and Facebook. The show follows the fortunes of Hulk and the other DDK9 protection dogs, which sell for between $5000 and $25,000 and has catapulted Hulk to global superstardom, with the loveable giant having his own dog food brand and merchandise line.
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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Miranda Moore

      Hard pill to swallow.

    2. butchtropic

      Just had to have our 15 yr old pitt put down 2 weeks ago, I was crying like a kid, so many memories fly though your head, (and still do).

    3. qjwjejd whwhwhw

      General died now maia died😭😭 I hope they have happy life in heaven

    4. Kitty and Unicorn

      I’m so sorry

    5. Tegan McKenzie

      I cried the whole video. I can relate cuz my first ever dog had to get put down a year ago. I feel the pain that u guys feel. So sorry to hear this happen all good wishes to u

    6. Crap App90

      if maia died then what happend if hulk dies

    7. Mike Dziak

      There's a reason we call dogs " Man's best friend ". Cried more for my dog than my parents. My boy " Ace " had a tumor but Im positive I'll ser him in heaven. Can't wait

    8. TTV BTW

      Sorry for the lost like ace Mia 😢😢😢 rip rip rip 🙏💔

    9. DiamondRubyJewel


    10. raylin estevez

      I’m soo sorry 😭😭😭😞😭 rest in pease ❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞 she had a very very good life ❤️😞😭

    11. Jesper_117

      Damn that is a lot of family members gone in a short time, Maia, Ace and General i can only hope they were not in a lot of pain during the last few days of their lives.

    12. mimi s

      Aww hearing her cry she was ready to go rip beautiful

    13. Keegan Erwin

      I’m so sorry

    14. Keegan Erwin

      I’m sorry but yes she is in a better place

    15. Ada Williams

      My grandma said when animals die they are taking away sickness cause maybe something could have happened to you

    16. Bella’s Channel

      Did Maia die

    17. ttv Makadebin

      Sorry for ur loss

    18. Tamir ahronee


    19. Wrecksheeps

      Just what i need a good cry to bring me back to planet earth. Beautiful Dear Maia rest in piece girl.

    20. SL TOXIC101

      My dog was 15 when he passed we grew up together

    21. Maria B

      Sorry it's one of the hardest things you have too do for your family pet I kow you going threw I had to sent my German sherpard to sleep she had the same thing your pet had she arthritis in her joints on her hips could not sand the pain she was going threw I still remember my Sasha now I have my Rottweiler Bruno just hoping he does not go thew the same thing my Sasha did thank you for sharing your VIEDO 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    22. Lilly the Bunny

      I am sorry for you but if you nuter and spay your dogs, the percent of them getting cancer will decrease.

    23. MadMaximus TV

      She is really old

    24. MadMaximus TV

      How is she still alive

    25. MadMaximus TV

      I don’t wanna be acting bad but

    26. MadMaximus TV

      I’m not fully in thru the vid yet

    27. MadMaximus TV

      Or if she does die

    28. MadMaximus TV

      I literally LOVE dogs so I hate seeing them die

    29. MadMaximus TV

      Dude I’m literally crying

    30. dannyboy A

      isnt she supposed to be great grandmother and not great great great grandmother according to marlon's explanation

    31. Redtgaming

      maia built a kingdom and made such a strong loving hard working family if she could speak she would tell everyone everyday how much she loves and how proud she is of her children and marlan she will be missed at least we know shes happy even in death

    32. Redtgaming

      I want a fanfic of geana and ghostface how they met and made their children is that weird??

    33. Allstar Music

      You need to stop with these sad videos make me cry every time I’m literally crying right now RIP

    34. SB

      Watching videos of pets having to go makes my cry fully. I remember losing my cat last year and it was so damn sad, I couldn't bear it. Now I feel empathy for all owners losing any kind of pet.

    35. Leo Makepa

      Is gosht face still alive??? 😯😯😯😯

    36. Squampa Noopnoop

      I hate it when people do thats shaping of their ears or whatever its called

    37. Syn City

      Lisa is such an amazing woman she is definitely his backbone to hold him up when he needs it ❤️ I strive to have love like that one day

    38. BIG DOG GUY


    39. Jovanny Lopez-Melendez

      Who else is watching after general died so sad 😢😭😭

      1. Kaii Kursha

        Same its so sad 😞

      2. Andy Armgardr

        Me :(

    40. TXO Eskah

      R.I.P maia and general

    41. Warped World

      I know I'm late but dam. This kills me. The only living things on the face of the planet that are capable of unconditional love.

    42. Vic France

      I follow you guys and we don't know each other but, I truly wish I could be there with you and your family R.I.P. Maia. May God Bless you and your family bro!!!😥😥😥

    43. yellowman dlee

      never cried when someone passed but balled my eyes out when I had to put my pit down... R.I.P Kula

    44. bulletstorm storm high score bulletstorm

      I will come and work at your place for free if you train me I absolutely love dogs

    45. Lottie Pug

      This was heart breaking & I cried such a shame to lose your friend & we all cry when a pet is taken through illness .. All the negatives shame on you all. R.I.P Maia x

    46. Cup of Ice

      i cryed so bad

    47. Jesse James

      10:34 these vets are nothing else than the big pharma! I healed my grandma and my mum's dog thyroid mass aka tumour aka cancer with high potent homemade THC + CBD oil. It's so sad to see all these people go through these terrible emotions when they could have healed everything by themselves. Truly makes me cry every time I see someone go with such pain.

    48. Hennry Scott

      I was balling my eyes out the whole vid

    49. Car Rider

      They should never take it to put dog done coz my dog was like that and I had done some home remedy after few days he was ok 👍 u just don’t take it to the rspca to put the dog down. Leave dog home let him do his thing naturally they can fight disease on their own, huge mistake to take it to the pet doctor and put it down HUGE MISTAKE THEY CAN RECOVER at home

    50. STEEL CLAN

      Who cried watching this, I did

    51. Shifukato Zumojitaku

      R.I.P Maia. Goodbye ole girl

    52. Jazlyn Perez

      When marlon was walking and he sitted on the grass and layed there and cried in my head I was like awwww marlon 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I loved Maia ): R.I.P love you Lisa and Steve and marlon 💜🖤❤️🥰

    53. Marcus MC


    54. frostykamHD

      rip ace and maia

    55. Μαριος Στυλιανου

      I salute u i also jabe what u vall a dog i call my brother when he dies indie

    56. hackhampride

      So guy renching when you have to put down your furry family member.

    57. Senders 123

      R.i.P Maia 😢😢😢


      shoud turn those run down green houses into dog kennels or training areas ...wouldn't take much at all and would have crazy space for little money

    59. MJP HOHAIA

      So many family much sadness once thy pass over.. It is wat it is.. they lived the life with you n ur wife..If i was one of them I would be so damn happy ezi maia..og

    60. Celi Ignite

      The people who disliked this is a fat adopted dumbo.

    61. Ashton Díaz

      the worst thing about having a dog is losing it. Rest in peace Maia

    62. Sagor Bomzan

      RIP Maia..🐶😔

    63. Aliyianna Espinoza

      Who else was crying sm!

    64. Iniquity Adatiel

      I cried for dam sure, I know how it feels man. R.I.P great great grandma Maia...bless your soul for all you've done. "A Mans Best Best Friend"!!!

    65. silvio Mejia

      This guys inspired me on how good he is to his animal

    66. Roland Bishop

      RIP MAIA 🙏🏾 🙌🏾 🤲🏾

    67. Talayia Clark

      R.I.P MAIA AND ACE😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😫

    68. Andrea Walsh

      I'm so sorry, my hearts breaking for you all!

    69. Joshua Uduma

      Also the people who disliked the video needs to burn in hell eternally.