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    1 like = 1 emma should move to new york
    also sorry 90% of this video was in my hotel room...i really dont do much... ever
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Hanna Lee

      an icon

    2. Ahnalie Polanco

      Let me save you before you actually move because NEW YORK SUCKS! It’s cool to go for a vacation but never to live you will get soooooo bored and my acne usually is bad in New York and when I go to another state, it’s like CLEAR AS HECK! But please save yourself and do not, I repeat, do not move to new york😭😂😂😂😂

    3. Syrai Mckinnis

      i love her but i hate when she does the alarm thing... the sound annoys my soul

    4. callousedheart

      cσρριε∂ cσммεηт

    5. Ana Arauz

      Emma: *drinks coffee* Also emma 5secs later: Imma take a nap

    6. Millie Walker


    7. RB5 Badgett

      lmao, what is this video hahaha

    8. Angie's Tech Decks

      anyone else notice Emma called her hotel home ..she's moving there in five weeks or less im calling it

    9. Angie's Tech Decks

      Emma says mocha ahhhgg 😂it's mOkA still I flipping love you ❤️😭❤️

    10. Grace Simnitt

      what is it like buying a shirt that's $20+ just to cut it up? very curious

    11. Destany West

      🤩Any small US-newrs wanna help each other out??🤩

    12. Gia Loren

      emma low key need a twin of herself so she doesn't have to do everything alone/ sleep all day. she needs someone to pep her step

    13. Amaya K.

      Imagine being able to afford a random trip to NY, can’t relate

    14. Morgan Nett

      How old are you

    15. Sophia Kelly

      2:52 just scared me for some reason!😂😂😂

    16. Peyton c

      OMG!!!! YOUR SO FUNNY!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Olivia Richter

      if i see another “me - 2019” comment istg i will fucking slap someone

    18. Olivia Richter

      imagine not being fucking broke

    19. steven garcia

      Emma:"im a US-newr" oovaa javar: "huh sweetie"? Me: when im a youtuber and say that to someone and there like what? im like why did i say that- 💀😛

      1. Sorayaa Lovee

        he said “ im sorry ? “

      2. steven garcia

        either huh sweetie or im sorry

    20. Kendall Beheler

      emma: “i can’t buy any clothes because i don’t have room in my suitcase also emma: “look at all the shit i got in this souvenir shop!”

    21. Natacha Cappoen

      "i can't go shopping bc my suitcase is too small" *buys the entire souvenir shop*

    22. liberty coopey


    23. Abbielxo

      14:16 is that a metal straw I see? ;)

    24. _nxlogic_ Supreme_

      Why dont you buy a bag and put the things you want to shop duh

    25. Tasha biscay

      Why does people like her ?

    26. snowflake sparkle

      The knock on the door freaked me out so bad. I am wearing by AirPods and its night and I was like “who the hell is that?!??!?!?” Cuz I was in my room and it sounded right behind me. Emma rlly giving me a heart attack @ 1:30am

    27. Tekyra Thomas

      was it just me or was anybody else wondering what flavor her fro yo was😂 ?

    28. Shareeh Rayisoon

      Yuck doesn't she shower

    29. Jenna Wagner

      imagine going to new york and not seeing broadway shows

    30. elzeta cartel

      Forever alone

    31. Avery Ochoa

      omg the first sparkly ny shirt, i bought that same shirt when i went to new york when i was 8 lmao!!

    32. Rubii Vibezz

      does anyone know what she orders when she gets her coffee? XD

    33. Saryah McCord

      emma: i can't go shopping also emma: does haul for the things she bought

    34. Serena Core

      “I’m so sick of these stupid comment trends” -*ME 2019* 👇🏼 🤮🙄

    35. G Nation

      2:51 Gosh that scared me

    36. xxxBri xxx

      2:50 am I the only one who thought one of her friends was there with her 😂

    37. Delgado3218

      I'm addicted to emma. 😩😩😩 Whyyyy?! ❤️❤️❤️

    38. Sophia Puett

      me, 2019: me, 2019: “me, 2019” -me, 2019

    39. DD Gang

      Omg I love u and declen

    40. Lilly Morrison

      did she sniff her cats ass i-

    41. Omama Sohail

      i wanna be this rich

    42. Anne's life

      What is the outro song that you use

    43. katie barr

      emma: i have no space for any clothes also emma: *goes on a shopping spree*

    44. MeeZy StudioZ

      Im just trying to figure out why it is, exactly, that I enjoy this content so much..... 🤷‍♂️ Edit: These comments tho...🙆‍♂️ -I waNnA bE DiFfereNt

    45. B

      Accidentally had my volume way up for that beginning “HIIYe” like imagine what the ppl around me thought💀

    46. katie wetherbee

      I have that pink shirt that she got from the souvenir store lol

    47. Berni McClelland

      ur a good egg

    48. Ava Dieckmann

      I live in nyyyy

    49. Blair French

      come to my house

    50. Natalie Khelashvili

      my sister met her when she went to brandy melville

    51. Private Events Management

      Try tumeric lattes. Weird as fuck

    52. Private Events Management

      Ifeel like im your friend.

    53. natalie solis

      What do use to edit ??😭

    54. All4fun :::

      The editing in this video is soooo good!

    55. Alana Toledo

      Emma --- should move to New York ! near me !! yess #neighbors

    56. Jonah Davis

      Emma:”I’m a loser” Also Emma: “I’m in Paris for the Louis Vuitton show”

    57. Estarr12

      Wait where did Declan go?

    58. Matthew Cox

      Was just curious, are you gay?

    59. Ellie Hesford

      I wonder what she does with the cat

    60. Ελιζα Γαβριηλιδου

      New hair looks so good on u😊

    61. Joud Shaker

      U r sooo disgusting

    62. Elizabeth Carney

      you with dark straight hair in a middle part with glasses = so so pretty

    63. Jenna Averill

      i think ny emma would be superior emma

    64. Cali Tenney

      Emma's content is so dry

    65. Vienna Scheffer

      Emma your the best don’t be more positive you be you your awesome seriously your the best you tuber ever I love your videos

    66. Sarah STANDFIELD

      emma in every video: I’ve been having matcha a lot lately

    67. Amy Macdonald

      no offence but you're famous for kind of nothing and this video is just you bragging. you just wanted to go on a trip so you book an 8 hour flight to New York and act like its nothing. then just sit in your room and do nothing and complain. you don't even seem grateful for your fans who are the people who basically gave you this life


      Do you sometimes see a comment that has a lot of likes and then your like dang it i should of put that🤦🏼‍♀️

    69. Robinson Crusoe

      Why are girls so insecure about everything?

    70. Beau

      Oh wow!!! Man you kids are so annoying! all you do is repeat something in the video.... come up with actual thoughts instead of just repeating someone else's thoughts, you brainless sheeps