Gohan Meets a Siberian Husky! (Best Friends!)

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    My husky Gohan got to play with another Siberian husky! Twins! What was your favorite part?
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Gohan The Husky

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      1. OMG Jesus Hernandez

        Gohan The Husky what happened to the other dogs eye?

      2. Shaily singh

        Max's channels growth is not growing😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😨😩😩😩😨😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

      3. Eric Porter

        You should do hide and seek with max and Gohan

      4. unoquemira1985

        My favourite part is when they go to the park.

      5. Danny saidurovas

        You hit 2 mil

    2. it•tRang

      Max is a thick boy. Both are good boys 🥰

    3. thomas kowalcky

      I have had eight Siberians over past 25 years... sometimes as many as five at a time. Am convinced they recognize their own kind when meeting new dogs... react totally differently than when meeting other breeds.

    4. Elijah

      Gohan looks confused 😂😂

    5. AmyLovesDoggos

      8:11 if max was a little closer in the front he would've hit that tree.

    6. Chris Matthews

      What an earth is there to dislike in this video idiots!!! Love ya content bro keep up the good work

    7. Lightning Driger HD78

      Y ' know that Max has his own channel

    8. Nicki Miranda

      What my two huskys have different eyes two 😱🐺🐺

    9. hemu kurra

      This is probably the most lifeless dog

    10. Bill Douridas

      How old is it

    11. Jinu Yang

      Is gonna Alaskan has sky

    12. Leif Hasoon

      Gohan the husky is the best dog

    13. Jorge Diego

      Why are you filming the dog is eating that is weird and gross

    14. Manolis Kafesakis

      Wow Max is 10 years old and he is that playful! WOW

    15. Partha Kundu

      Show your face

    16. Chaylese Williams

      Why dose Max have a chane on his neck😑

    17. Justin Bolivar

      How come Gohan is so quiet? My husky is always like OURF WOOF AROOOOO.

    18. Its Remoel gamer

      3 dogs that i Must Love and greatest dog 1 SHERPA 2 GOHAN 3 K'EYUSH

    19. Rojus's Stuff

      Max looks like a wolf from behind :)

      1. Spicy UniCron

        You looked at a wolf's butt? 😐

    20. boxyfox

      make gohan and max play hide and seek together

    21. Bubby Flinn

      Awww twins

    22. Rat way

      My husky is 14 years old they are youthful mentally regardless of the age 😁

    23. Kevin M

      If Max is 10 years old how old is gohan??

    24. Aiden Pierre

      what kind of husky is gohan?

    25. Joel Balasbas7u

      Max is that max

    26. Matteo Wei

      Lazy gohan

    27. Jordan Games

      said 999k views... when i clicked the video it said 1,000,005 views....

    28. Cindy M.


    29. Living in the Philippines

      Gohan your the best husky!

    30. Lentz Twins

      yo my name is max get on my level

    31. Johannes Teilmann Petersen

      Im so glad that no one commented wHOs ThE BeST boY LikE gohan coMmeNT mAx

    32. Zél Pandá

      Im so happy for gohan and his best friend 😁 Also i want to buy a merch!

    33. Vanja Sesum

      I like max ❤️❤️ Let’s go bro max

    34. Alya Stars


    35. evaxam yt

      1:15 im Max too


      Gohan is so weak Are you giving him food daily

    37. Jerik Lu

      Why does that husky have a orange and normal eye

    38. Daniel Lumene

      Pls do a face review of your owner

    39. Daisy The Shepwieler.

      Maybe Daisy and Gohan can be friends, Check out Daisy The Shepwielier!

    40. Divyam Garg

      So cute♥️♥️♥️♥️

    41. ATTIX

      All time when I was hearing the music I always thought the phone is ringing🤣🤣🤣

    42. ATTIX

      All time when I was hearing the music I always thought the phone is ringing🤣🤣🤣

    43. jprexy 913


    44. jprexy 913

      I used to have a Siberian husky named harley but he got shot

    45. Jesus Peres

      Is that how they play or they fighting

    46. InjusticeDre

      How about, Gohan Reacts To Himself On US-new! (Like so he can see it!)

    47. Mukuba Chibwe

      Max and Gohan are besties already

    48. Arda Gacha TR

      Very nice channel subscribe now! Guys

    49. Salim Saloom560

      After this video I became a dog lover

    50. Marine Feinberg

      I’ve seen these ,guess their older videos .want to see newer ones.where do I start?

    51. Isaackiki06

      What type of husky is gohan

    52. Ximena Baez

      The two are beatiful But i like more Gohan

    53. jamiya so cute

      Park he says side of the road he ment

    54. Varg Siberianhusky_King

      Do you like Siberian Husky? Like it.

    55. LÎL MÏSTY

      We're you scared when you met the other husky for the first time

    56. Marissa Pagwagan

      max is bigger than gohan


      He should meet a Alaskan husky

    58. John Michel

      Is Gothan a Siberian Huskey too?

      1. John Michel

        Gohan* sorry about spelling it auto-corrected me

    59. vasu sharma

      U r making a lot of mony because of ghoan

    60. Jajdd jjahdj

      Gohan I like the husky that's my favorite dog

    61. Duc Quang

      Đồ vô học dốt nát. Một chữ rặng đéo ra

    62. Peepeepoopoo Army

      He no Attac But he protecc And he thicc But most importantly... Happiness comes from Gohan and max the snacc attacks

    63. Daniel Lumene

      Why is max biting gohan

    64. Fortune YT

      Do a dog burglar prank on gohan-make a random dog enter the house all hyped😂😂

    65. ItsYebo5877 f

      Is gohan a Siberian husky and if not which type of husky?

    66. mrbrown702

      I heard that dogs cup there tongue’s to get water

    67. Perfectly Noob

      I love it !

    68. ali castro

      We all got that one new friend that goes straight inside the house just after sayin Hi. 1:40

    69. Erin Loper

      Max looks thicc compared to gohan!

    70. Catalin Cozia

      Fiberian hufky :)) love it!!!