Gohan Meets a Siberian Husky! (Best Friends!)

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    My husky Gohan got to play with another Siberian husky! Twins! Comment below what was your favorite part?
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    1. Gohan The Husky

      Gohan meet his twin, another Siberian husky! What was your favorite part? Want to see more videos of these two? Please subscriber to GTH2, let's reach 100k subscribers if you love Gohan!! ➡️ SUBSCRIBE to Gohan’s Second Channel! - us-new.com/client-gth2gohan 👕 Grab Gohan’s Merch: teespring.com/stores/gohan-the-husky 🎥 Things/Items I use for Gohan: www.amazon.com/shop/gohanthehusky 📷 Follow Gohan’s Instagram: instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ 👍🏼 Like Gohan’s Facebook: facebook.com/gohanthehusky 🌐 Gohan’s Updated Website: www.gohanthehusky.com/ ➡️ Subscribe to our channel: us-new.com/client-gohanthehusky Support us on Patreon - www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky

      1. Just love music and Stuff

        Gohan The Husky Hi I’m your biggest fan

      2. Just love music and Stuff

        Gohan The Husky Max is fat I like it

      3. UThief

        My favorite üart was when they looked out from the window

      4. ALPHA DOG #STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!


      5. 05 - 11


    2. Tyisman the King

      Aww max has 2 different colored eyes that is awesome

    3. Manh Nguyen

      Oh man it's so so cute

    4. Tuğbay Deniz

      gohan is such a chill dog. kiss him for me. :D

    5. Tyler-James Ellwood

      Huskies are the cutest dogs ever as well as labradors but huskies are just too cute

    6. 0Z73CCD

      Idk why I thought of this but if he even tried to sell gohan I would be thinking this man is the stupidest person in the world but I would be the first person to offer 1 million dollars for him

    7. I’m cool dude The best

      Gohan and Max best friend forever

    8. Wyatt Riley

      I think he responded so well because huskies as a breed especially like to live in packs, you should get him a sibling or 2

    9. Chronic

      Gohan means rice in japanese

    10. Busy

      It looks like max is tryna eat Gohan

    11. Yoel Badi

      gohans body language seemed very unsure about max

    12. Kelt

      bowl of water next to electric outlet, very smart

    13. Ankit Tandon

      Plot twist Max is gohan's father 😁

    14. Tonisha Graham

      How can you tell the difference between the two dogs they look alike

    15. Omar 2358

      ur voice like hatake kakashi

    16. Stick Reacted

      Wait. Is that lumine!?!?!?!

    17. TsumTsum Pup1028

      Adopt max

    18. FullyAlive

      I've notice that huskies greet each other and show affection a lot more like wolves than other dogs do licking nipping at the muzzle ect. I kind of love it xD

    19. Mangykey

      looks like your feeding them chocolate 5:39

    20. Adam Daniels

      my dog has the same colour eyes

    21. BABA PRO

      Türker buradamı +1

    22. SUB ZER0

      Max: alright tomorrow, we shall revolt against the humans then Gohan: yeh yeh yeh for sure but like not this one, he aight

    23. thien dao

      bruh that look exactly like me DOGGGG

    24. x FamousDev x

      My heart can’t take this 🥺❤️

    25. Dr. Bepis

      I legit thought Zeus and Gohan were making a crossover

    26. Stone Nich

      I wish im a pet. So that i can be cute....

    27. shawn0md

      They don't seem to be friends at all. I seriously don't think Gohan likes Max.

    28. Oof Oof

      I wish I had a husky :(

    29. tablecloth guy adventures

      Another twin to gohan the husky yeah and why gohan twin have diferent eyes

    30. Aleyna Çabuk

      Gohan is such a gentleman

    31. XxShadow XxBladexX

      Here you are experiencing the true art of DOG Jiu-Jitsu

    32. 9k_legends

      Goten the husky

    33. Piggie Bacon

      They both are sooo cute

    34. Lilianna Alpha wolf

      There so adorable Gohan:do u have Instagram Max:No Goan:Snapchat? Max:Still no Gohan:then what do u have? Max: A life...😎😎😎😎

    35. Cool boy Hope

      You know dog can understand human

    36. Obito Uchiha

      I want one your lucky

    37. CJ Link

      I have a siberian husky. She is my profile picture. My dog also has blue and brown eyes! One full blue, one half blue/brown

    38. krishna kanth

      I think your dog has parasites in his stomach thats why he is not getting fat.

    39. Marianaguci

      Mom: what are you watching? Me: Gohan meets a Siberian husky

    40. Mojos World


    41. Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe

      Max literally looks like a wolf! He is so adorable!

      1. Miguel Rojas

        Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe But at the same time, despite him being older and having his grandiose looks, he doesn't exude dominance on Gohan or vice versa. They treat each other like genuine brothers. That's really special to see!

      2. Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe

        Miguel Rojas So would I XD And indeed, he does look like an alpha wolf.

      3. Miguel Rojas

        Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe He looks like this grand alpha wolf. I'd love to raise a husky puppy to his level!

    42. DXMON

      Where do u live bro?Also nice vid

    43. Judith Andryta

      Look at their fluffy tails!!! Aaaahhh !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. King_Ayden -

      Wait are you keeping max?

    45. Marcus Cervantes

      face reveal

    46. Suzzi - The Russian Samoyed

      My experienced in life syberian huskies and russian samoyeds both can be really best friends 🐩🐕.. both breeds are friendly, jolly and funny love them alot. 💖❤

    47. Andy Thanh

      gohan and max are so cuteeeee

    48. Andy Thanh

      gohan and max are so cuteeeee

    49. Andy Thanh

      there so cuteeeeeeee

    50. every vids on


    51. Grier Diehl

      Those two are great together. My favorite part was watching them run at the park. We'd enjoy more videos with Max and other friends of Gohan.

    52. Ninoskha Fernandrz

      Max has a rinegan and a blue byakugan

    53. The Rainbow Youtuber

      Max’s heterochronia looks awesome.

    54. Axel Rhaine Cabardo

      Max is so cute when hi close his eyes

    55. Wolfy Walters


    56. Death_BroH20 YT

      Ленин и Сталин

    57. MrHousecup

      I love how they are so gentle with each other!

    58. Drauqr -

      What will happen to the channel if Gohan dies?

    59. Ryaphloshion

      When I saw this, I immediately regretted not watching much of your videos ;-;

    60. Dzenis Lulic

      Gohansplanet ROAD TO 💯

    61. Nenad Trajkovic

      I want them to eat meat and drink vine

    62. ㅕL O N E L Y ㅣ K O O K I Eㅑ

      max is like *GRAAHHDHJ* when gohan sniffs him (or whatever he does)

    63. David Thiele

      Nappa: vegeta what does the scouter say about gohans cuteness Vegeta: it’s over 9000

    64. Lay Gaming TLT

      Where is goku??

    65. Dark Hero

      Maxs walks up...the first thing Gohan checks boii/girl loll

    66. Senju Clxn HD

      Max looks like he has some German Shepherd in him. Brown and blue eye. I have a German Shepherd And I’ve seen mixes of them. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    67. what

      Not to be mean Bro but you should take max you know gohan needs a friend just like us I know your his friend but that's not enough he needs a dog friend too Excuse my English I know I'm bad

    68. Veronica Rodriguez de la Luz del Topo

      "he has two different eyes". Oh, wow, i didn't know normal dogs had two same eyes :v

      1. Ger Vang

        Cool story bro.

    69. Pewdiepie Fanboi

      Cute doggo

    70. WEBTOON TV

      Max islam bigger than gohan

    71. WEBTOON TV

      There are so cute💕💕

    72. Asmith Singh

      He's biting gohan

    73. Shubh Sharma

      Please brought a new friend for gohan

    74. Shubh Sharma

      How's is Waiting from India hit the like button

    75. Shubh Sharma

      Love from India

    76. DDSam

      should've named him Kikashi....fits more with his heterochromia condition. Means two colored eyes. and also the lighter fur color

      1. Mansi Pratap

        Yup.. He is unique husky

    77. defalter boyz

      Owner: I bought someone for you Gohan: so curious Owner: gohan guess who Gohan: fuck the shit and say Owner : here is your friend Gohan: what the hell do you think I am not gay i don't wanna strike penis to penis

    78. STOMZY

      Why does max look like he is a rare dog with blue eye and a brown eye which I think is a cute dog.

    79. Jackplayzroblox jack007800

      Awww best friends 👬

    80. Ankit Majhi

      4:02 looks like he’s about to laugh Xd

    81. GarryLive Beast

      2:38 that dog looks so adorable and cutie i just want to hug her

    82. Huskies Channel the stupid special Ed kid

      Now make a channel called max the husky

    83. Justin 187erz

      max looks like a fat wolf

    84. The triggered Bongo cat

      You could have gohan get a girlfriend

    85. Pure-_-Bond

      isn't the other Husky Trunks?

    86. 1dog 1fish

      We got sausage boii and calm athletic boii

    87. NightShade YT

      You should have named him Goku😂

      1. im always SALTY

        The other husky should be goku because he is older


      Lol Gohan is now GAY

    89. Lil 808 cal x

      At 2:24 he’s so cute when he does that

    90. Jaesha

      Poor Max. Glad he stayed with you for a bit. That’s probably the most exercise he’s had in a hot minute. 😲

    91. Robash Sandhu

      I don't know which one is cuter..so gahhh

    92. ATTY. GADON

      While my dogs lick each other lips

    93. lol, no

      lmao i think Krypto is nicer looking then Gohan tho

    94. TheGhostWithTheMemes

      What’s better than one husky? The answer is 2 or more

    95. vikramaditya nath

      Please buy max a collar I feel sorry for him

    96. Just_BriocheXYC

      Did someone know Magyar Viszla thats my dog and he‘s also so friendly a very nice dog(gohan and Max also)

    97. Hamza Salama

      Ooo cut

    98. Nilesh Jha

      Max = shouto ( my hero academia character ) . There eyes are the same

    99. Locklan Con