Goats LOVE This! They Have a Sweet Tooth!

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    Molasses tubs are a large part of my livestock feeding program though the winter months.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Rhaine E. Daize

      I love Isick. He's a good looking buck.

    2. Lucretia Wrolstad

      Nothing for chickens?

    3. Chad Tubbs

      He's goin to town thanks for sharing

    4. Chad Tubbs

      Hey Daniel

    5. Pat Williamson

      Really like your videos.

    6. Debbie Holmes

      What breed of goats do you have? Don and I on Cedar Canyon Farm have 80 acres. It's probably not as big as your place but we have worked hard for 15 years, clearing pasture. I'm thinking about getting some goats for meat like Dutch is. Don hunt's on our place and gets a few deer every year. Our son Delon, got a 15 point, non-typical dear a few years ago on our place. He mounted the horns himself. Be safe and blessings to you and your family! Love y'all, ScooterπŸ›΅

    7. Angie Kyle

      Isaac is beautiful! I love his horns!

    8. X X

      Question: are the ingredients in these non GMO? I believe you stated they are organic but what about GMO's. I often get concerned with this because in the end humans are the end consumer

    9. Jody Hicks

      Where IS Lambert????

    10. Wpr Jersey

      So cool he reached out to you and he allows you to film inside his place. I'd like to see them made if you can get back there for that.

    11. Denver Patzack

      can I have a shout out #Oklahoma

    12. Felicca Sampson

      I missed this video. But Isaac loving that all by himself 😍

    13. StAndrew65

      Towards the end of the video, I love it when Bear makes an appearance......his tail pops up behind your left shoulder! LOL Unfortunately, that's all we get to see of Bear during this video. :( Nice to see that Isaac has adjusted well to your farm and to you! Maybe you can give Big Mac some face time in a future video. And, NO, not when you have him processed! lol Take care!

    14. bogger 51

      Love your farm!

    15. Linda Vestal

      Love field trips!

    16. anthony thibeault

      Just curious......isac is a damn good looking boy......if you can get a close measurement of his horns from tip to tip......if hell let you. Just never seen goat horns go out like that .....pretty cool! Dont try to measure just for me if he gets wild.......im just curious.....not worth getting hurt or pissing him off with his does arpund

    17. Colleen Callanan

      I cant lie. I want to lick it and see what it tastes like. LOL I would love to see the whole process of how the molasses mixes are made

    18. Chicken Gal

      Where can you get these around in Oklahoma? Are they listed as tubs for cattle? We have tsc near us

    19. atsection

      Bummer...we can’t use these for deer here in MI due to the new β€œbaiting” law that was passed by the mouth breathers in Lansing.

    20. Ida Vallejos


    21. Gary Pollard

      I believe that we have one of those places here in eastern Oklahoma. I think they put their product in a cut off barrel tho. They ship all over too! Not quite as big as that place tho.

    22. Vicki Burt

      I LOVE FIELD TRIPS, I never saw this on any other Homestead videos.

    23. Jim White

      Teexxxass, hiss bbooooo Daniel, you know it is Bevo BBQ season don't you???? Better be careful getting down that deep in enemy territory!!!!!

    24. Dillon Bullard

      So when you feed them the tub do you leave it out 24 7 and when they have that do you have to feed them grain to

    25. sMn SALTY

      Love the uploads brother. I am new to the goat raising, (I have 2 for starters) I am curious if you could make something about what scouring is? (If you haven't already) Thanks for the informational uploads bro.

    26. Katrina Johnson

      I tried giving my goats some and it gave them horrible diarrhea a few days after they had it.. and it just kept getting worse and worse so I took it away and their diarrhea went away! Have you ever had issues with your goats getting diarrhea?

    27. Fraction YT

      Do you rabbitsπŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•πŸ˜ πŸ˜±πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ€

    28. Harold Emery

      Hey Daniel good morning Every time I see your new buck I can’t believe how awesome those horns are he is so cool can’t wait to see the kids from him as always thank you for sharing your day and be safe on the interstate

    29. Melissa Jarvis

      Yes, I would like to see a factory (in production) tour.

    30. Kentucky Motorsports

      Get you some Deer Cane aka Deer Cocaine that's a product I use here in Ky.

    31. Ken Smart

      Would love to see a full tour.

    32. d Tl

      Love your beautiful flag.

    33. Bennystropical swimmig wolf

      really enjoyed the video great job!!!!!!!! Safe Travels πŸ‘£ πŸ‘£ very interesting looks good

    34. KJKFarm

      I put water on mine sometimes so they don’t break their teeth trying to eat it

    35. Bebe Reyes

      Wow! You got to take home alotta loot! Thanks,QLF.

    36. Steven Sargent

      Isaac is like hay where is the jack hammer.

    37. Wayne Taylor

      Yep make a video of it Woking

    38. Shawn Fox

      Do these make way to not needing a mineral block to eat the fence and posts

    39. Anthony Spicer


    40. C Kay

      Very interesting, great to see! Can’t wait to see the trail blocks in use.

    41. Justin Mills

      I enjoy seeing how factory's work. Please make one on how it works.

    42. Pure Living For Outdoors

      Can’t wait to see the video of the deer pics! I feed my deer dried molasses with rice bran and crushed corn and some secret stuff but the deer LOVE it!

    43. Wayne Watson

      Woah, moving up by going to Texas πŸ’ͺ😁 Dang, like chocolate to a woman 😁 lol @ Issac It doesn't eat through your fence either πŸ™„ God bless you all.

    44. Amy Wahl

      I would love to see how they make those tubs, and the plant in full work mode

    45. Jackie Horsley

      wow Isaac Is going to town on that on that stuff Its like cat nip they go crazy for It

    46. cynthia franco

      the love it licking there lips so funny if it is good for the goats feed it to them and i bet the cow will love it to and the deer to

    47. jdcpac

      I would really like to see how these are made.

    48. Pamela Sk

      Love the video. Info I need. Less feed, less cost. Daniel, can wethers eat these tubs and not get kidney stones? I have 2 I use for clearing blackberries.

      1. Pamela Sk

        Thank you.

      2. Arms Family Homestead

        Yes but they need plenty of forage or hay.

    49. Wesley Hackney

      I grew up not far from whitesboro on a farm both of Sherman

    50. Lacy Farms

      Lots of commercials.

    51. The Wilding's Landing

      Would this substitute a mineral block?

      1. The Wilding's Landing

        @Arms Family Homestead, awesome! Thank you!

    52. Kamden Gosz

      Pleas go sub to kam gosz

    53. BigfootFarmer

      I will have to try that. I am always looking for something new for my Kiko's.

    54. Duane Cherry

      Isaac is cheating using his teeth. Show him the label that says it's a lick.

      1. The gardener

        As hot as it still is it may get soft and quickly disappear. Been there and seen that. lol

    55. Gibson's Chickasaw Homestead

      It will be very interesting to hear more feedback you have. Glad Isaac likes the first tub!

    56. Bev Sullivan

      This was a very interesting and informative video. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the factory tour and the best thing was the huge American Flag!! God bless America!

    57. Hidden Heights Farm

      Cool video, thanks for sharing!

    58. Shonnon Guest

      Survey says - FULL TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. Jenifer Fillyaw

      Does that tub have copper?

    60. Dwight Harrison

      I will try those tubs for the deer

    61. Charles Hunter

      I feed tubes like crazy to my cows I'll have to check that brand out


      A Homestead in the countryside is a wonderful way to live / Independent / Life / Liberty / Pursuit of Happiness πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ us-new.com/online/video-65YRQB48gVo.html πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    63. Tim Baswell

      Did not know isaac was that big he is a big boy Mr arms. Thank u for another wonderful video Mr arms I really enjoy watching ur videos much love from Atlanta Georgia.

    64. geoffreyjones2000

      I love it... I'll start with a chocolate tub and maybe a bacon tub sir

    65. HolidayHills Dirtpatch

      Interesting product. Never heard of it. Sounds very beneficial. My question is, does it draw bugs or rodents?

      1. HolidayHills Dirtpatch

        @The gardener thanks for the info.

      2. The gardener

        It draws flies bad in the summer. It's really a winter feed. Plus a lot of them get too soft in the summer then they eat it all too fast.

    66. Tonya Hoover

      Be safe out there on the road Daniel.

    67. Amy Van Hoy

      It was very nice to see this awesome factory love seeing America working so cool

      1. Amy Van Hoy

        As a little kid I would eat the grain for the horses I loved the molasses and oats

    68. Tonya Hoover

      I would love to see a tour of the plant.

    69. shownanshipkingg

      Shoot I should have come and said hi!!

    70. Linda Chipps

      No body is going to get a y while Isaac is there