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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. The ACE Family


      1. Marie Mpanga

        Wowwwwwwwwwww omg this song is amazing

      2. Juliette Villegas

        Yes the song is so good

      3. Arianna Mitchell

        The ACE Family I absolutely love the song I can’t wait for more this was amazing and worth the wait Love you ACE family ❤️♠️

      4. Brenda Colon

        RAQUEL GUAJARDO you are so mean

      5. SaraAliciaAshley Hernandez

        Omg i was waiting for it i loved it 😍😍😍😍💒💒 Hi I Wish I Was A Member Of The Ace Family 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    2. Yahir

      This shit is trash lmao

    3. Taliyah Magnolia

      From what I’m getting from these comments is if you don’t like the song, give back constructive criticism, or share YOUR opinion you’re a fake fan, hater, jealous,etc.

    4. Kimora WELLS

      Y’all need to get a life,And shut up 🤐 with all the hate it was an amazing video!!! He wanted to do something nice for his Girl...And to all y’all saying youtubers feel the need to sing.If you is real then you know they been singing for like 3 years now !!!I Love The Ace Family 🥰❤️❤️

    5. Evan Hanson

      My favorite part is when the video ended 😂 that shit was fucking trash

    6. Andra haha

      “see son, you dont have to be talented to be famous” episode 1000

    7. Gamble 503

      Rip off songs much?!?!

    8. Andra haha

      austin demonstrating that he has 0 talent in 3 minutes straight

    9. Olivia Baker

      Number one, Why is this nesecary? U guys aren't even equestrians and even if u do ride u obviously can't tell when a horse is uncomfortable doing something and obviously r stupid enough to hold a horses head into a frame THE ENTIRE TIME! Also that bit used was absolutely disgusting

    10. Taliyah Magnolia

      I thought the point was to “leave them fancy clothes behind” why’d they dress up?💀

    11. Nour 04

      Omg the music is so cool . I have in my head all day

    12. justsufyan33.

      Who else is thinking about this: Giddy up let’s ride, oh I’m hpv...

    13. Entretenimiento Tv

      0:17 who else apart from me saw the horse with the🍆 😂

    14. Sebrine Stollenwerck

      The horses in the back at 01:00 IM DYING

    15. Charlotte Vanderkamp

      The auto tune be like 📈

    16. Official. Matthew

      This is lowkey fire who agrees 👇🏻

    17. Fatima S.

      I love how they promote themselves to be “family friendly” yet..make a song about a woman riding her man😂😂 Also of course Catherine didn’t sing we all know Austin runs that house she’s just with him to make $$$ off of his bullshit

    18. Briannah Lailanii

      wth is this

    19. Chris Perez

      Auto tune at its finest 👌

    20. Nour 04


    21. Sara josaas

      IS THIS SONG ON SPOTIFY?!?!!!! I love this

    22. Sara josaas

      Ahh i love this

    23. Profit Emmanuel love Jesus

      Like for the horse

    24. Aaleyah Shah

      Is that Nicole laeno in the side?? I lovvee the song!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    25. Kara B

      Couldn’t they teach Austin how to play real chords

    26. Manjot Kaur

      It's so good 💖

    27. Clarissa Guillen

      I like this song and video super cute at the end. I'm rooting for ya.

    28. paula_dre_john Johnson

      I really liked this new intro

    29. Abner Aiman DC

      So much autotune... I LOVE IT!!

    30. Elida Rodriguez

      Love it

    31. noreen ansarii

      I love this song

    32. Gerardo Caldera

      I love the all white outfits they look fresh

    33. Mrs. Unspoken

      Who else noticed they had restricted the comment section 😲

    34. Andrea GG

      Did anyone see that they were doing tik tik dances

    35. ThatchickAmber Brown

      I do not understand the point of the song

    36. Qisteena Adam

      😍😍 😍

    37. bssni touir

      They drop a “music video” and they don’t know how to act wow they haven’t posted anything no Christmas vlogs or what ?

      1. bssni touir

        Horrible song and video👎

    38. Bonnii Lowery

      Hello auto tune 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    39. yee yee

      i just came to a realization that the dancer on the left is charli d’ amelio

    40. jordin Murray

      I love this song i can't stop singing it and watching the video

    41. Raghad Benfaraj

      Sorry but this is song is so bad

    42. sclassmichelle

      I love this song. You guys did your thing. Definitely on replay in my car. Love the video keep it up. I love you ace family😘😘😘

    43. Abdi Dahir

      Dunno how ace family get so much attention there so boring

    44. R. Hands

      Dang the dude behind Kida was completely blocked...🤦🏽‍♀️ Would hate to b him 😂...catchy song tho

    45. Beeg Succ

      this n**** couldn’t take the time to learn a few dance moves for a music video smh

    46. Trizick Chadwick

      I wanted country music I got rap so time to kill myself

    47. PRiyanka Singh

      Can't get over this song guys.

    48. Teresa Cuellar

      Loveee the new song!! Good job Austin !

    49. The Hari Patel Show

      Its a 7.7/10

    50. jess stevo


    51. Chantell De Lange

      why didint c sing

    52. My_Dads_Mistake •

      Nice autotune but lyrics are garbage as well music isn’t your cup of tea why don’t you try something else?🧐

    53. Nayoka Le Fleur

      Horrible song and video👎

    54. Free Bird

      Catherine was in the video for very less duration

    55. Ride every single stride

      Lord I like your videos but seriously another video of people who know nothing about horses being stupid with them just do something else fml

    56. Gabriella SEIULI


    57. areeba malik

      Thats shit i swear, horsecrap

    58. Bozo The Clown

      is this awful song meant to be an apology for all the times he cheated on her...?

    59. Shan grega

      Kept wonder which dancer everyone is talking about then I’m like that’s right you can’t see him.

    60. Isabel Oliffe

      put that horse in an english saddle rn it’s too pretty to be in a western

    61. Facts First

      I luv this song

    62. Isabel Oliffe

      i saw youtubers + a horse and though twice about watching this video

    63. Lauren

      Whoever filmed this didn’t want to arrange the dancers better 👏🏼👏🏼boy in the back👏🏼👏🏼

    64. chella K

      THIS SONG IS FIIIRRREEE🤪hope to see more music in future 🙌🏽

    65. Jimin‘s Jams

      They just asked TikTokers to dance😂

    66. Whirlmina Liaina

      The way the boy in the front pushed of austin

    67. Jordan Pearson

      What fresh new shit is this.... I feel like sticking needles in my ears

    68. k k

      The boy in the back was awesome❤❤

    69. Jackie Palace

      Why is the lip syncing so bad.. no disrespect lol like did you not practice this enough 🤣

    70. Osheen Chaudhary

      It is super duper AWESTIN!