Giant Pitbull Hulk’s $15,000 Puppies | DOG DYNASTY

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    WHILE Hulk might look ferocious, he’s a doting dad to all of his offspring. His puppies are a hot commodity, with the ‘first pick’ of each litter worth up to $15,000. In this episode we see the baby puppies getting their first bath and being photographed, while also seeing one of the older puppies begin his protection training at Dark Dynasty K9s HQ with co-owners Marlon and Lisa. ***Dog Dynasty season 3 is available on Barcroft Animals US-new page and the Dog Dynasty Facebook Watch page.***
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. karan dj

      My dog is pitbull not halti

    2. jaquarius Collins

      Give me a puppy

    3. Snap Crackle

      1:39 i heard you can't let water get into dogs ears but maybe i'm wrong and heard some false rumors so i would be thankful if somebody would explain this to me

    4. Ismael Castro

      Eric Eric Erika e really good one

    5. Marcelo Cisneros

      Rip ace

    6. Arianna Martinez

      See i think this is the right way to teach your dog mostly pits bc people train them to be mean but these ones are great for defense.

    7. fortnite bh

      I hate how they keep the dogs outside

    8. Susan Birch

      OMg i want one ... :)

    9. miguel be gaming

      RIP ACE ❤️

    10. Athan Burnett

      Those puppies are adorable.

    11. Finlay Wallace

      You guys hiring

    12. Puppy fan_girl

      Aw there sooo cute eek I wish I can buy one .

    13. Tabitha Corrigan

      I'm a pit lover but I don't have that kind of money I'm so sad

    14. Tabitha Corrigan

      I want one so much

    15. Jefferson Manly

      Only broke pple sayin they would not spend 15k onna dog🤣🤣 broke boiis

    16. Fortnite Taricco12

      Cool dogs

    17. Mr_ Last5000

      It's just so sad how ace can't see them grow up 😖😖

    18. Mattie Supersad

      Sooooo cute

    19. Trace Buffington

      Thoughs puppies be like: Tnis Water is cold.

    20. Alicia Knight

      He is gorgeous, and he has a lot of potential. He is definitely driven to do work. He is going to be a really good dog. You guys definitely know what you guys are doing.

    21. Hrtless

      Me : Hulk Sit Hulk : You Sit Me : ok...

    22. Carla Swenhaugen


    23. Devin Adigun

      Yay sossa

    24. Daniela Ngom

      Whose heart is not melting to see this absolute beautiful and adorable puppies must be dead 😍😍😍💝😍😍😍

    25. Convoy 16

      Omg so cute but yet so aggressively adorable

    26. Yến Nhi

      Việt nam ơi

    27. Rubber Dong

      Why does the puppy in the thumbnail look like Patrick Stewart.

    28. Gin

      Why do they cut the ears?

    29. alayjah jones

      I thought Sossa was a girl

    30. Arlene Whittaker


    31. Arlene Whittaker


    32. Arlene Whittaker


    33. Edwin Ico

      Aww when I saw general😢 R.I.P

    34. Chritian Vallesteeos

      No don't sell them they can protect you in their future 😔😔😔😔🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶

    35. Jazmin Sanchez

      6:22 that dog is always in the window 🥰🤣

    36. elizabeth ziranhua

      Soo coool

    37. elizabeth ziranhua

      Cool dogs 😎😍

    38. Gilbert Munez

      Post pic of all your dog

    39. fortnite west

      Good job



    41. E. W. Harrison

      You have a great channel and anyone who loves dog's is cool with me. I need some info on how to get a pup.

    42. jetano demus

      Aw so cute there so small as puppies

    43. Viv

      These people are a joke😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    44. Javon Stocks

      How much for a baby 🐶

    45. Christopher Williams

      DDK cannines

    46. Yatana Alvarado

      Them: this dog is 15k dollar me: I WILL BUY ALL THE CUTE DOGS

    47. Nader Ghanem

      Name one of them MAIA R.I.P MAIA bro she was the best dog ❤️

    48. peachy Juice

      6:23 is me, watching all my younger cousins play outside

    49. Kate Strohl

      I love your puppies and I want to buy one but I can't because My mom and dad don't want to have one

    50. rochelle123ist

      Where's Kobe

    51. Rish Plays

      1:49 look at eye of that

    52. Karthikk Gallery

      I want two puppies

    53. Burgandee Iris

      So how many puppies does hulk have because at 2:11 the giant dog is the brother of those two puppies. So I’m really confused on how many kids hulk has. Or are these generals kids? I’m so confused ?!?

    54. S Kalayan

      My favorite dog is giant pit bull

    55. simon komg

      OMG The Pups are soo Cute 😍😍😍😊🐶🐕

    56. Paris DaKing

      I love how hulk was watching 😂😂😩😩🥵🥵ADORABLE

    57. Makhumi Chhakchhuak

      send me some dog in India

    58. Aaron Tewodros

      Those pictures-should be for the puppies passport picture when you go on a trip

    59. Ekayvion Reed

      o my god so cute

    60. Lyn

      Where’s Hulk’s wife?

    61. Cosmoskin Beauty

      name the black pit bull rocky and the jinjer pit bull name it jack

    62. Alicia Bradley

      6:23 XDDD AWWWWW I love when dogs watch over there kids specially Thur a window XDDDD

    63. Shawn Jones

      I was on the bus a girl came on with a guy and two big dogs one of them wasn't accustomed to the bus it was crying and make noise one of the passenger was like ok sweetie everything going to be alright honey she a dog lover

    64. อดิสร ผาหลัก

      ชอบมาก LOVE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    65. grace steele

      You could her that the dog wasin pain and that could if broke his legs

    66. totalpkg69

      Looks like its all about the money for you

    67. patoteto2

      15,000 per puppy or for the whole littler ?

    68. ωнσ αм ι? ωнσ αм ι?

      Do you think pitbull is the strongest dog