Getting Smashed By Hulk - The World's Biggest Pitbull | DOG DYNASTY



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    The owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has described the pain of being flattened by the gigantic 175lb beast. Marlon Grennan, 31, is the owner of protection dogs company Dark Dynasty K9s - home of the world-famous pitbull Hulk. During a training session at their New Hampshire HQ, Grennan was clattered by the giant dog, leaving him sprawled on the floor in serious pain. The huge hit is featured in the second season of Barcroft TV’s web series Dog Dynasty, which follows the exploits of Hulk. Series one was viewed over 150 million times and catapulted Hulk to global superstardom, and the loveable giant now has his own literary agent, dog food brand and merchandise line.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Joel Rodriguez

      That's not a pit bull.

    2. Ralph Vandervoet

      4:39 is deze man nou Nederlands of wa met zijn zit en blijf

    3. Jonny Vasquez

      Who else really wants to know what hulks Bite force is measured pounds per square inch

    4. Charles Ricks

      These titles smh

    5. Akabane Hisoka

      So Daenery's dragons are reincarnated into pitbulls. Damn.

    6. Akabane Hisoka

      So Daenery's dragons are reincarnated into pitbulls. Damn.

    7. Firman Neneng

      Halo hulk kamu keren...

    8. Danniellou Leon

      That dude looks like tupac.

    9. Omar Abu

      Did anyone notice how dilated dudes pupils were at 3:00..... dude is defiantly on something

    10. Roy Douma

      Why is he talking and training in Dutch? @4:36

    11. I kick life's ass

      At least if you're pregnant you're gonna have a 500k litter

    12. homer simpson

      Why does he say the commands in dutch at 5:00 ?

    13. Kelvin Santana

      How much would you charge to train my dog email me at

    14. seek god

      How much power does hulk have for a bite

    15. Dionne Young-Duncan


    16. Samet Yüce

      3:00 its not always protection 3:27 all i really do has to do with protection you guys got that?

    17. santi 15

      I hate hearing the phrase family dogs bc of the huge number of small children and babies that get mauled to death by pitbulls each year

    18. Nathan Cera

      RIP ACE

    19. Сука Блять vuurwerk

      Why is he teaching the dog dutch commands?

    20. Ivan Ivanov

      Who is here to rewatch the beatiful king of pitbulls after his dea..... i dont wanna to say it..😥😥

    21. Ghostbuster317

      1:30 the howl

    22. Aehsaas jha

      Bhai mere ghar me 3 pitbul hai bhai

    23. H George

      Is this really a pitbull because it doesn't look like one to me

    24. Diaz Diaz

      Show the parents?? If it is a pitbull

    25. 7AMANY Alsaleh__Kw

      Rip ace

    26. Tommy Anderson

      Hulks the fattest American bully on earth Getting squashed by the fattest bully on earth

    27. Gasson Teddy

      Big strong dog. Pitty about the owner theres not much of him.

    28. Reufika Sefika

      Derick's on drugs obviously

    29. Drop the Chalupa!

      Honestly, it looks a bit more like a Cane Corso pit mix to me. I can see some of it in the face. I also saw there were other suggestions that he could be a bandog or an American Bully.

    30. Maureen Thurston

      I have another question if you'd be so kind to answer when you get a chance. I was wondering when you train all your dogs to be protection dogs. Is this for the police, or just anyting? I was just wondering because all your dogs seem to stay with you. I didn't know if you lent them out or how your business works. Or do you also train other dogs that need to be trained? And then you get paid for your

    31. Maureen Thurston

      Hi what do you feed your dogs? Love watching your videos, it's really awesome that made your dream come true. Very inspiring to me and I'm sure many others. God bless both of you and your fur babies

    32. Daniel Williams

      do you think any pitbull puppy can be trained or do they have have to come from a good bloodline?

    33. Pink World

      Ooooh please someone have to shoot this man and his stupid mutts in heads

    34. Eric Galicia

      At the end he get hurt and the wife is non supportive lol

    35. the one one

      Rip ace

    36. Blades 22

      It depends on how they are trained, make them social or unsocial, your choice. I have very unsocial gsd's they stay on my private property I dont want anyone on my land. I also have a German shepherd that goes everywhere with me, he wont bite unless put on guard. Know of one of hulk's offspring that turned on its owner, a friend of mine. He pushed the dog over the edge, he got many stitches. All up to the human that trains

    37. kk allDay

      I'm currently homeless with my 2 dogs I know how it feels to be close to my dogs and know what it's like to have that loyal die for you protection

    38. Radha Maharaj

      R.I.P ACE

    39. Tyler Wallis

      I would a better chance of robbing a highly secured bank than Rob DDK

    40. Anon Sidious

      To me this is exactly the kinda show that keeps giving pits a bad name. Small guy with a big dog to make up for ego issues and lack of courage to handle most things himself. The dog is fantastic and hope he has a long life and continues to do well despite the perception the dog is clearly loved and loves being around people. However the context of the show is not very good for the image of these amazing dogs.

    41. Jackson 49

      Rip ace Rip general

    42. sLiMeE._.ant14 Powe

      Hulk is a beast

    43. Makayla Campbell

      Hulk hits like a truck no he is a truck

    44. Aeddon Ramgoolam

      Hulk isn't that big 😂I saw bigger lmao

    45. Tammy Williams

      Miss the genaral

    46. i miss peep

      rip the general & ace ♥️

    47. Dugbas

      This dog is a MUTT, no a hater just pointing out none of his dogs are PITBULLS, they are Msstiff type cross's, good at what he does trining wise but don't label them PITS when they clearly are not....and i thank you

    48. Elder Ayala

      And rip general

    49. Elder Ayala

      Rip ace

    50. Elder Ayala


    51. Norvell Arnett

      R.I.P General and Ace


      Shoot that big mutt. Shoot all pits

    53. B R

      What's up with the back of his legs?

    54. Alfonso Herrera

      This is not a dog, is a cow, good stakes.

    55. Isabella Benjamin

      I want u to tran my dog

    56. Electric EelGaming

      If i saw a guy robbing this house I would feel like the robber is innocent.

    57. Candyslim501

      Mac Dre came back and is training dogs now. Whatever, I'm happy

    58. CHARM B

      Rip General and Ace

    59. Animal Loverjulian

      Even if I was a black belt I wouldn’t want to mess with hulk

    60. leah joy

      RIP General

    61. TONY Harris

      Have you ever had neighbors that wanted to take your house because of your dogs or have you ever had neighbors that wanted to get bit by your dog so they could have a house to stay in help me understand why my neighbors are so nasty when my dogs are doing nothing they come and break the gay Kik the gay try to break down the gate they don't even broke the gay where I got to put new wood in the gate now

    62. TONY Harris

      I got me a couple of dogs pretty good dogs in the backyard but my next door neighbor cut down all these trees and broke the gate now he don't want to fix it but he fix part of it and left the other part Willy Wonka code enforcement come over give me a ultimatum but here it is not my neighbor my dog's them broke out the back because he cut all the trees down and so-called bleed fix the fence but it ain't fit now the next door neighbor the in front of me is going through the woods kicking on the other side of the gate is there are in cahoots to steal my house and get the kids main by the dogs help me understand why these black people and bees Korean are so mean when they don't have to be they in America you in here where you got a good life but yet you still don't want to work for nothing you wanted given to you

    63. Alex TNB

      Hes Dutch the dad ik ben ook nederlands

    64. Chester Villaruel

      Ace is so smart 👍🙏

    65. Fred Roehl

      Loving the gold chain on hulk

    66. Jack Robinson

      Common leave the ears, this is cool but leave there damn ears!

    67. Lucius

      Do people own these dogs to feel tough or what? Picked on at high school?

    68. Ghastly Dragon 10

      I want all these dogs

    69. Hailey Manes

      I love how there are pit bulls dying in shelters and you want to keep breeding

    70. Gabriel Martinez

      Seeing ghost face in the beginning damn 🙂