Get Ready for Bold (and not so Bold) MLS Cup Playoff Predictions

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    It's time to break down the brackets! Find out who Jimmy Conrad, Charlie Davies and Calen Carr took as in their Audi MLS Cup Playoffs Predictions.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Gabe Erickson

      Who is here after sounders won the cup

    2. Maleny Mao

      another bold cup for the rave green 2019

    3. Rob Koll


    4. Lorric Logging

      Charlie? Charlie!

    5. Kiran Moore

      The first guy literally just chose the higher seed

    6. TheSmokedTaco

      this didn't age well

    7. A Khrushchev

      Hahahaa.. Seattle vs TFC. Part 3!!!

    8. John Parks

      Could've been more wrong lads

    9. Ito Ito No Mi

      Bunch of clowns thinking Chivas 2.0 are gonna win the cup lmfao

    10. Sandy Mejia

      Wow you guys are bad at this.

    11. The Guv’nr

      LOL not they got those picks right.

    12. Mauricio Jimenez

      Here before seattle vs Toronto in the final 😂

      1. Adrien Regelbrugge

        Such a different final than them

    13. Yacoub Alatrash

      Who's here after (Seattle vs Toronto) final has been determined?

      1. Lorric Logging

        I knew we’d win! Harveen?

      2. Sanjar Javed

        Yacoub Alatrash me

    14. Julian Whitworth

      This didn't age well. Especially for the west

      1. Lorric Logging

        Julian Whitworth Seattle best


      Who here after Sounders beat la fc💙💚

      1. Turo Dre98

        Let’s get it 🏆🙏🏼💚💙

    16. JahonZ612

      Lmao no1 believed in the sounders but here we are in the finals now

    17. DanCamMoro

      Hmm LAFC didn't age well

    18. Emily Mast

      Sounders will win.

    19. Satisfying City

      toronto won lol dont expect that

    20. Chamberlain Achilihu

      ATL is getting scary, they tryna take it like back to back. This had never happen in the game of sports. No way, ATL. We can not afford to whatch ATL with another huge parade. Ain't nobody a cartoon. If ATL win this cup again, they will be in the guiness book of world record.

      1. Kountry Swagg77

        I'm hope so it's been tough on the city this year far as sports go besides United 🙏🏾

    21. Chamberlain Achilihu

      Toronto FC is hot as hell, no doubt.

    22. B Mac

      You still really like how NYCFC prepares ?

    23. Herman Esau


    24. Nibsti

      Toronto beat NYC without Altidore :) nice try

    25. Eevon

      "Its gonna be too much for Philadelphia " -said no one ever

    26. 427TTM6

      Born in LA but live in Atlanta ... so I’m comfortable with that final but so far LAFC have choked in the finals like last year and this year in the Open cup. On the other side Atlanta already have two cups to show this year.

    27. Keven Ramirez

      LAFC is not going all away la galaxy is going all away

    28. Andrew Miller

      Oh hell nah, the LA Galaxy are winning it all!!!!!!!!! 6th Cup baby is coming. Make the miracle happen, Let’s Go!!!!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💙💛💙💛✨✨💫💫⚽️⚽️🔥🔥💪👊👌👍

    29. Sam Iel

      The same matchup 3 Times in the regulär season. I dont like it. But i hope that will be soon a thing of the past.

    30. Anonymous Three

      My prediction LA Galaxy is gonna take the cup

    31. Anonymous Three

      My prediction LA Galaxy is gonna take the cup

    32. Carpet Climber

      Play a ton of regular season games, decide it all in the final four games. It's stupid and unfair.

      1. Lalo Villa

        @Carpet Climber I respect your opinion.

      2. Carpet Climber

        He's still worth watching.

      3. Lalo Villa

        @Carpet Climber then you shouldn't watch at all. Zlatan was worth watching in his prime.

      4. Carpet Climber

        @Lalo Villa Nope, I just think it's a stupid format. I only watch MLS highlights because of Zlatan.

      5. Lalo Villa

        aww what's wrong did your red bulls lose?

    33. Kendal Rush

      Atlanta has been betting la for so long

    34. AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew

      well he got the Eastern bracket right but on the west bracket 3 out of 4 rsl won against portland timbers on yesterday and they play the seattle in the Semifinals

    35. Aaron Taylor

      This aged very well

    36. Black Girl Magic

      These comment whewww chile. Ya'll needa stop hatin on Atlanta. We are the strongest. Get used to it

    37. Bassam Zayed

      TFC smashed DC 5-1

    38. Catch 22

      What if clubs played the other clubs from the other conference instead (eg. 1st West v 6th East) ⚽️

    39. GTVAGETA


      1. Rowan Hicks

        3-1 Let’s go sounders

      2. Gatordog 127

        5 stripes Go ATL!

      3. FernychubsTV

        Atlanta is a beast of a team

    40. Mobile Gaming Express

      I’m here after everyone said that Portland was gonna win against RSL

    41. Finn McBride

      Lol lol lol you thought RSL wouldn’t go through they won dumb dumb they are some much better than Portland

    42. Hector Ambriz

      RSL all the way and we are the famous s l c and we dont give f@!+K who ever you may be

    43. transfomersrocks

      Seattle winning it all

    44. David Calderon

      Its gonna be Galaxy vs Nyfc in the final

    45. Alexis Cruz

      Why are there no second leg

    46. Artem Kozello

      Who’s here after Portland lost to rsl 🤣

      1. mantis1s1k

        forget that, who's here after LAFC lost to Seattle?

      2. Landon Pickett

        I’m here after Portland lost to RSL who lost to Seattle

      3. Finn McBride

        I have an idea you are exactly right good job

      4. Tyler Napier

        Finn McBride rsl is just better than Portland sorry:)

      5. Finn McBride

        ME! Portland SUCKS

    47. Carlos ROMAN MUÑOZ

      Noooo Sorry no saben de futbol.

    48. Anthony C

      Too bad nobody will watch because every game outside of the first round is on a week night. The MLS is a joke.

    49. Liam Love

      This a joke? LAFC have NEVER be a the Galaxy, LAFC are over rated. Zlatan will break LAFC.

    50. J Money

      Galaxy have never lost to LAFC

    51. pbugsmommy

      Lays go aufc

    52. Bo Tiller

      It would help to have some more analysis with the picks.

    53. fatrat22

      LAFC chokes in games that count. I think Galaxy will barely make it and will eventually win the cup for the 6th time!!! Go Galaxy!!!

      1. Raul Raul

        Galaxy only plays good against LAFC! But...considering that this is only lafc's second year, compared to boringxy since 96! There's no way LAFC doesn't win this time.

    54. Prashun Adhikari

      I want Zlatans Galaxy vs Rooney United in the finals .

    55. UTHRGUY

      Real Salt Lake will win. They are wrong.

    56. Blake Arnesen

      My final is going to be Seattle vs nyfc

    57. Shane Baker

      Galaxy vs the Philadelphia underdogs

    58. Arturo Barrios

      Please keep jimmy conrad on these type of segments!

    59. AZN Productions

      This is why European football sees MLS as a joke. No real analysis or thought put in. Also MN is going to beat LA. Galaxy just can’t defend. On top of that they’re at Minnesota where it just snowed? No way do they make it though

    60. Tenzin vlog

      @nycfc will win

    61. Michael Cox

      So the guy picking the western conference is a joke! LAFC will get zlatan.......again and really Portland? We all know Portland sucks, the real green will move on, born in 74!!!

    62. Blizzrd

      The final will be LAFC for sure in the west and either TFC or Atlanta in the East. I do agree it's LAFC's year this year to win the whole thing.

    63. Catch 22

      There are too many clubs in the MLS Playoffs, even though they are single elimination matches, theirs still 7 out of 12 clubs from each conference 🇺🇸 ⚽️

    64. Drew Castronovo

      El Trafico and the Cascadia Derby? Hell yeah

    65. Holly W

      They lost me when they said Portland over Seattle.

      1. Sterling Marshel

        Seattle has not lost a playoff game on their home turf in the last 11 meetings.

      2. Rowan Hicks

        Sounders are going to win the cup🤷🏻‍♂️

      3. Tyler Napier

        Holly W good job on your win and good luck against who ever you play

      4. Lincoln Hawthorne

        That prediction held up well hahaha!

      5. Tyler Napier

        Zbuckner hmmm that didn’t last did it

    66. lizbeth arredondo

      Where are my timber fans at! 💚🌲

    67. Lee Gutierrez

      If fc dallas Can win just one game I’ll be a happy camper

    68. nicolas02 24

      Lafc gonna choke, you heard it here first

    69. Pedro Grimaldo

      It won’t matter liga mx teams will still be better than mls

    70. Missael Rivera

      Seattle Sounders all day