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    Gerard Butler's trainer, Joe Dowdell, CSCS, reveals the workout he used to prepare Gerard Butler for roles in films such as Law Abiding Citizen, Den of Thieves, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen.
    Gerard Butler's Full Body Workout from Angel Has Fallen | Train Like A Celeb | Men's Health
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Radel Munive



      He train for den of thieves?Lol

    3. Andrew The Transformer

      I like the clock faces as a teaching point on the landmine torso rotation. Easy for the client to follow.

    4. ꧂Oddish꧂

      This is Sparta!!!

    5. Phillipe Knippel

      Gerard is hot.

    6. Dallas Cowboys

      It's called working out not training 🙄🙄 fucken trendy ass noobs

    7. Tony Xie

      i don't care about lean. i just wanna be big and have people scared of me

      1. Busta Rhymes

        Haha grow up.. it takes an amateur lightweight to knock out a big guy

      2. Wraith Gaming

        That's your inner bully talking... I used to be like that too bro... Until I grew up... And actually became humble. Be humble.... There's always someone stronger... Ive been doing powerlifting for 7 years now and did bodybuilding for 4 years... So i know buddy...

    8. sarah slye

      Butler was a stud in 300 Keeps letting his body go to crap

    9. Mace Mace

      Great! Thanks do you have a building regime?

    10. A Munro

      Charles poliquin called Joe dowdell the best transformational trainer he knew

      1. Tony Xie


    11. đức béo


    12. Cpt. Marley

      I'm tired of these kind of video "training like". A lot of v.i.p. look in fit and very rounded fur few months, the time of a movie, and then? Fat, very fat or out of fit.

    13. Spiritualistic

      Who is George? F**k George..

    14. Jordan Brown

      His physique is awful lol

    15. Jitu surrender

      Men's health I'm disappointed that's too vanilla workout this workout is for people who likes to post pictures of them selves on Instagram while training without a single drop of sweat, so man up and post videos with good materials instead of using Hollywood celebrities names as a click bates, there are many amateur channels out there that beats you by light years

    16. Bon Jovi

      He looks like a really old alternate version of john krasinski

    17. Beany 57

      I fell asleep... Did it get livelier lol

    18. Julia Tank Hurd

      Check out the pain when these guys are in late 50’s and early 60’s-OUCH!!!!

    19. juandenz2008

      It's true a lot of actors use steroids, but Gerard doesn't look like he is on steroids to me. IMO that physique is perfectly attainable with regular workouts - his muscles aren't that large or defined.

      1. Spiritualistic

        He was definitely on steroids during training for 300 and Gods Of Egypt. He hasn't maintained the size he once had.

    20. GerardButlerArtPhotosImages .SDCDLLOYD

      Good to know! Sharing on our Gerard Butler Fan Site! : )

    21. Daniel

      We need to get a Chris Evans workout

      1. Quatie

        It's just steroids like all these celebs

      2. gamalier andres

        Daniel its just bodybuilding. Google Captain America workout

      3. Jason Lombardi

        Here is the routine - 1.) Tren 2.) Gay butt sex 3.) More tren Now you are big jacked gayboii chris evans. There you go.

    22. ujustgitshrecktscrub!bettergitgudeh?

      Came here for the salty "bet the roids helped" comments. Jokes aside, I like the emphasis on stability a control. Cable rows and an exercise bike finisher tho? Too vanilla

      1. Spiritualistic

        Salt is not required but steroids were for Gerard Butler ..

      2. Balyeet Bhagaloe

        ujustgitshrecktscrub!bettergitgudeh? Its well known hollywood actors take steroid for a role

    23. Bilal Haldys

      Den of Thieves workout? What? Beer and doughnuts and a pizza finisher at midnight???

      1. Sean Anthony

        Hahahahahahah I burst out laughing 🤣😂😅

      2. kLemiLLionAIRe

        Bilal Haldys lol I was thinking the same thing too. But I think the couldn't say how he got in shape for 300 because that was done with another trainer; Mark Twight or something at Gym Jones.


      Good program right there A lot of primal pattern movements Squat, bend, push, pull, twist... missing a lunge but you got a few leg exercises there already so it’s good 👍🏻 Finisher good for burning fat ..i like it

    25. Seth Kardos

      i prefer a more lean, functional look

    26. Mani Matter

      Steroids. Nothing else

      1. Duke of Haphazard

        You have no clue what you are talking about if you think gerards aesthetic is only achievable through steroids.

      2. VlakoDread

        If you think you need steroids to get a body like his, you're entirely mistaken.

      3. Spade

        @Valentino Davis i agree

      4. Valentino Davis

        I'm fucking sick and tired of people like you on US-new says oh he is on steroids quit saying that like for real it's pissing off