Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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    The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

    Published on 4 days ago


    1. robanator awesome


    2. Magmacube tr

      If Mojang really had this in mind then this is simply brilliant. Islam is a controversial (No offence, I am a muslim as well) topic, a prefect place to hide a big reference, as the controversy around it prevents general public from looking through it.

    3. Minion Mafia

      Petscop just uploaded new videos

    4. Derek Graves

      So...Steve is Muslim?

    5. kao chat

      i wonder what mat will find about the mining fatigue the elder give to the player when nearby

    6. Im Legend GOD

      In fact alkaaba is not made out of dark blocks its just covered with it

    7. Soy Sauce

      This video gave be so many brain cells, that after I watched it I finally won a fight with my mom

    8. MiniSoda

      He said “When you drop a cow it gives you, like, cow flesh”

    9. Firstname Lastname

      I do not think that the monument ever sank. The guardians are perfectly made for water, the insides are only fully traversible when you're swimming and prismarine is inherently connected to water(e.g. conduit)

    10. Keyblade games

      Did this really need to be theorized....?

    11. Circuit Scrappers

      Me: **born on the 22** we were on the verge of greatness. We were this close

    12. Devika T. A

      I can’t believe that the cradle of humans was not as interesting as the later periods... think about this! There is so much we don’t know...

    13. - Murray4MVP -

      Matpat do a theory about MosBos

    14. Salty Gaming Cat!!!

      u are one of the greatest youtubers in the world

    15. NoSoundAllEcho

      Put the varsity jacket back up cowards

    16. Kedidir o kedi

      My man this feels like minecraft did this on purpose

    17. Brayden Buck

      you have to do another hello nabor they made a new game with very strange detales

    18. hakan kaynar

      I'm Turkish and I crack laughing when he sad kur'an in a american actiont😂

    19. j123 gpqw

      I believe guardians are like a colony. They do respawn naturally after all. That would also explain how they eat. Some smaller guardians catch fish and they feed it to the elder guardian. Besides they do hunt squids. It could be that they where fish that evolved to inhabit those abandoned monuments and re-enforced their self with prismarin, which we know has some sort of magic in it, thus giving them all these magic abilities. This would also explain why they drop both prismarin and raw fish.

    20. DV Gamer

      My friend and I were yelling the outro all throughout the school day. Most fun I've had in a while."THAT'S JUST A THEORY. A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching."😂

    21. Jay, and Nightshade

      Wish they'd make the underwater mechanics better, so annoying to fight enemies underwater and the drowned should just be removed they're broken in so many ways

    22. Joshua Oviedo

      It’s just a game

    23. INSPECTAH moist

      fishter location

    24. James Byrne

      Now just a theory, but I think guardians are like mechanicle robots built to protect the monument, and from keeping it from being destroyed Edit: I posted this comment to soon and he started speaking about the exact thing I was thinking about...

    25. Noah Woodruff

      another thing their connection to the ziggurats is that the gods would reside in the very top layer, and just below that layer is where the REALLY important people are allowed to go, like priests; and it would make sense why the Elder Guardian, a more powerful and possibly more important figure would be at the layer underneath the second to top layer.

    26. Chicken of Justice

      Matpat do a ark: survival evolved theory please.

    27. Melanie Hoffman

      Matpat do a ark survival theory

    28. Noah Woodruff

      when i was watching the 23 part the time on my clock was 3:23

    29. Melanie Hoffman


    30. Steve Sucks

      At some point you should drop a random f-bomb, like "good afternoon fuckers".

    31. Detetive Noob

      confirmed:obamium is the water temple

    32. Ftmn GoldenjuiceBox

      I thought that it was a evolved from puffer fish But I guess I’m Wong

    33. lps fıstık tv july

      İts not ramadan its ramazan but what do l know (the Muslim words in english)

    34. Muhammad Hani

      I think you got the Kaaba part wrong. The Kaaba isn’t exactly a connection between the Earth and the heavens, it’s important because the Prophet Ibrahim (or Abraham in Christianity) and his son Ismael (idk his Christian name, sorry) built it as the command of God. It was meant to be the first place of worship on Earth. I forgot the reason why, but later it was declared the direction of prayer should be facing toward the Kaaba, around the time when Prophet Muhammad was preaching. Hope MatPat sees this and fixes that part of the video, otherwise I loved this theory.

    35. Daniel O'Neill

      Mat pat! I really think you should make a Game Theory about Stardew Valley's strange ecosystem. With its rapidly changing season and fast growing plants. I think it would be something cool to compare to real world standards

    36. Dhonex _

      Did u ever heard the sound file dark4.ogg ? It's maybe the sound of this god.

    37. Sven

      6:14 ah yes I too drop cows

    38. Selim Yücel

      There is a more forgotten thing from seas and its DINOSAURS

      1. Selim Yücel

        Or extinct creatures

    39. Thom Otten

      I know it wat a water monument is it is Made for Gods and its underwater: THE HOUSE OF WATER SHEEP!!! Its all coming togeter. One like on prayer for water sheep 🙏🏻🐑

    40. Tanishq Bhagria

      Matpat:*talks about history and Mesopotamia* Me:I gtg

    41. Tanishq Bhagria

      My theory about guardians They are crazy Psychos made due to a technical glitch that mojang met when it had those dirt PCs.XD

    42. Benjamin Hammack

      As you put it. LET ME DROWN

    43. LucasOnFire_

      Mat: If you drop a cow its drops you like cow flesh

    44. Star Light98

      Tbh I am Muslim from Egypt and I see this Weird For A Game Like Minecraft To Put Something Like This

    45. I Allenheim

      ok i am on 6.45 now. what i think now is that the guardians are golems that uses fish as a core. like a cybort

    46. ZJG Love Juliana

      _My battery percentage was 23_

    47. TeaTrayMarch

      Tbh Im a Muslim and most important place for me is my bed

    48. Dee Dee

      Hello, I would like to see an SCP theory please.

    49. Thatspiderguy YT

      Then we're they crafted?

    50. Soul knight person

      game theorists: There not animals, there artificial Creation. Me: tries to mine it with a Diamond pic

    51. lualaak

      matpat:Minecraft is muslim me: YAS

    52. Cristian DARIE

      I wanna say that another reason is The Guardians reprezent the priest And the ELDER Guardian is a pope Which most people know its the highest rank of a priest And there is one for a country or if im wrong then its for a continent Seems weird right many Guardians one Elder Guardian Yea thats my theory

    53. mahmoud mounajed

      i like tufa tu

    54. Oh G - Brawl Stars, MSM

      So Guardians are the shulkers of the ocean.

    55. 3000boi

      Yes finally mattpat is talking about the holyiest place in my country

    56. Poor Crafter

      Matapat says kaaba is an mosque Me:Wait,That's illegal

    57. Robbyn Kim

      you know what'll be cool? a terraria theory!

    58. 4qua isyourhomie

      gotta go watch My Hero Mesopotamia. my faviorite anime

    59. Lucario The Skeleton

      Mat Pat Mojang literally confirmed your Endermen theory look

    60. Kajnake

      The charity thing looks kinda iffy "We invited one screaming man, another screaming man and Einstein to see who solves the equation first" Not that Im crapping on them, but mat has been in the FNAF easter egg solving/hunting for years now

    61. Gum Cutie

      Ok so Minecraft is Islamic

    62. Harry Gregory

      Hey can you talk about the physics of Santa sleigh

    63. Rin In A Bin

      There are 23 people in my class at school lol

    64. Joseph Stalin

      We don’t need drowns,we need Villagers.

    65. Drew Antes

      Dude you can't make a thumbnail talkin about drowned gods then not talk about the drowned gods

    66. Xian Hu

      14:34 anyone else see that guardian surrounded by blocks just like he's a part of it?

    67. Yasin Miah

      Don't swear in my Muslim Minecraft server!

    68. 2009 quality account: Jim

      *'CoW fLeSh'*

    69. Mr Stone

      4:54 he literally killed new milo