Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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    The trailer is here.
    The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. F RS

      Me and many others are so disappointed with the end. It can not be true how this masterpiece ends. Everyone knew that it would be impossible to end the series in 6 episodes. But not like this. 8 long years and then that? We ask for an answer !!!! Take 20 seconds to sign and share it with all fans. Valar Morghulis!!!

    2. Steeve Daw

      Load of bollocks.

    3. Axel

      Arya actually went to America to kill the writers

    4. milad moravej

      I just finished watching season 7 like literally 10 minutes ago, this show is absolutely legendary and this trailer looks great, except the fact that I heard a lot of people didn't like season 8, and I'm really sad because we had 7 fantastic seasons, but not a really great finale...

    5. Lernexperiment

      Me: looks epic! Me: was epic! Others: cry cry cry because of being a child that wanted the other sweets, not the ones they got.

    6. Richard Miles

      Nice Trailer. Anyway guys i'm hungry and i'm making Churros & Hot Chocolate while watching movie. Here's the link guys so that you can follow this easy recipe. Just follow the steps guys...Thanks...

    7. Gabi's art

      I’m still glad that Iron Man was the only Stark to die this year

    8. Ameeruddin Syed

      Shit of Thrones and Shit on Throne Atlast...

    9. TurtleO’Confusion

      It’s fun coming back to this trailer to see which episodes the clips in this trailer came from

    10. Trisha Camille Taong

      It is shit

    11. wendell herradura

      GOT bloopers guys :) Must watch lol

    12. Mihael Prislin

      The music is perfect The scene is perfect Let's forget about all the hate Jon you're the fuckin queenslayer, mate The seven kingdoms are now at peace Jon and Dany shared their last kiss To Bran the Broken his knee he bended And now their watch has ended.

    13. Honk Honk

      Lol what a disappointment. Season 7 and 8 don't exist for me... I'll wait for George, or make my own story...

    14. sebi 16

      The season was sooo bad that even the trailer has this much dislikes......

    15. Bird Lover Vinit

      Please HINDI DUBBED S4 & S5 & S6 & S7 & S8 please RELEASE in HINDI

    16. pheonix 047

      Wait I just realized, the night king didn’t even pull out his sword once in the whole 8 seasons lol.

    17. pheonix 047

      I love how we never even got to see the night king actually 1 on 1 with his sword, instead he just died mad quick.

    18. pheonix 047

      Tbh I liked it more if season 8 was all about the night king then season 9 the throne.

    19. Fates Intertwined

      Dude, I need a time machine so I can go back and warn myself not to watch this dumb shit.

    20. Deliii KentGhetto

      game of tronesniğ amk tammammı sikerimha rekkam çıkıp duruyo zaten piç ler

    21. Yusuf Jorgenz

      so sad the writers fd the fans.

    22. Adolf Hitler

      How to ruin a great show

    23. antonio mendes pinto neto

      A message for future generations. Avoid this season The whole trailer is about night king and they end it in only 3rd episode 😂😂😂

    24. Cathy fav this is so amazing too

    25. Cathy fav


    26. Lightning Farron

      Me watching this trailer: “Oh, I'm gonna love this!” Me watching season 8: “Oh, I hate this so much!”

    27. John Smith

      Well that was a bit of a let down.

    28. Fatima Faris


    29. Captain Kegs

      Congrats, you guys shit the bed

    30. LOVE GOT

      CAN WE PLEASE REMAKE THIS SEASON ? #got #season8

    31. Lego Qui-Gon Jinn

      All still recovering over the utter trash that season 8 was

    32. Pasha Massoud

      A lion doesn't concern himself, with the openion of sheep....

    33. A G

      Worst season. I felt insulted after watching this season. It's an insult to fan's expectations.

    34. KO. BLOGG

      Как же всё могло быть круто, но два еблана всё просрали😭😭😭

    35. sammy sam

      PLEASE make another movie with the history of iron throne how it's made and how is the battle of Targaryen vs Robert Baratheon and how he became lord of the 7th kingdom and how is the history of the dragons and where they comes from, show the first man started to recruit white walkers and army of the dead

    36. Clough Says

      Amazing!!! Screw the fake fans.

    37. Czarny Jastrząb


    38. Nelly Ville

      The show was amazing.... until the last season. The ending was a complete failure. I'm sorry but never again getting into another show lol. HBO and writers wasted my time

    39. jhaz89


    40. jhaz89

      🙂 Before episode 3 😐🤨 during episode 3 😒 after episode 3 🙄 rest of the season 😑 After last episode. 😄 month + later I DUN WAUN ET. I NEVA AV

    41. jhaz89

      I dun waun et. I neva av. She's muhqween

    42. Harry Murphy

      Me before the season started: 😍 Me after episode 2:😃 Me after episode 3: 🤨 Me after episode 4:😟 Me after episode 5: 🤬 Me after episode 6: ☠️

    43. Janiña Mae Mendoza

      I just finished the TV series from season 1 to 8, and I hate to say this but the fucking director ruined everything! It was a great series but only season 8 destroy the story . For me the only exciting part is the war between life and death with white walkers haha

      1. stormbreaker 125

        Not director, the writers


      I just finished watching all the seasons in 1 month!

    45. محمد الشهراني

      When trailer be better than season itself:-

    46. Alver Verzosa pls click the link this one is so cool

    47. mercedita bobis

      This is intense, it is so hot...why can't don't you play and walk awhile check this link to cool you down

    48. Spotyfun

      Rewatching this trailer today makes me cry. GOT finally ended being an enormous pile of shit.

    49. killervegito 99

      Showed such promise😒😒😔

    50. ايفا EvaAdam آدم

      Bran to Jon : you were where you belong ( get out of here ) Bran : I don't want to be the king of the North .. Bran : iam the king of the seven Kingdoms 😁


      The best series ever ...

    52. ny_tech rAvI

      What do we say to The God of Death?. ?

      1. LOVE GOT

        ny_tech rAvI NOT TODAY😭

    53. Asma Alqahtani


    54. PaPa Makichu

      This season was on 20th Century Fox's script and Paramount's CGI

    55. prabhat dutt

      Fuck you writes 🖕🏻

    56. Adrian Cuerdo

      Hey this is nice trailer videos (: i cant wait to watch full video(: am hungry now i want to eat spaghetti,

    57. Robin Banks

      The show wasn’t just murdered but brutally murdered to where you wouldn’t recognize it.

    58. Gr8 Tit

      It makes me shit myself when I think about all the potential that got wasted.

    59. Ashish kumar

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    60. Sebastian Mancilla Calderon

      The worst season has been made in GOT :"(

    61. Sushant Dubey

      Well congrats to George r Martin...... your final book is gonna break some serious record thanx to the writers.....BTW ineffable strategy to promote the book

    62. lawless clan

      you know there is lots secret message in this series for example "at first season episode 1 in 12 min when the lord cuts innocent guy head after some time he died like him ! this mean when you do something to someone or some living being, it will come back to you some how some where , its nature rules , it above physic and religious laws ! but time power is above all

    63. DarkFireDragon

      1. iBot

        dont advertise your shit

    64. Linas 80

      awesome! better watch this trailer with this one if you hungry, check this video link you love it!

    65. The mad king Aerys

      You rushed it and ruined it.

    66. Kevin John Yabot

      Hey, this is an awesome trailer of game of thrones, can't wait for it :). but now I am feeling hungry and you might be hungry too. You might want to check this video link

    67. Schmichard Schmetter

      We all wanted to believe

    68. Pailakordor Bynnud

      What is the purpose of Arya skill? just to get chase by the dragon?and avoid getting burn by the dragon? it's useless.. this season is very disappointing it's suck.. waste of time.

    69. carla luna

      El tráiler fue mejor que la última temporada...

    70. _exe

      No matter how much the last season disappointed me I will always love this trailer due to the finality of it all knowing this may be the last time we see these characters again and the music is so epic that it actually makes me want to cry now that GOT is over.

      1. _exe

        @alex939709 yeah I'm talking about the show

      2. alex939709

        And the books ?

    71. Sphamandla Mkoko

      They should have given 'Honest trailer' the job, not this anguish I see!

    72. mehmet eren ınce

      türk yokmu la +1

    73. Santos Ray Awacan

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    74. Gerald Son

      Watch our version. 15 seconds only. Thank you.

    75. NoobMaster64

      Me : Aha This season GONNA BE AWESOME!!! IM SO HYPED UP D&D : *SIKE* MY N1BB4!

      1. What ?

        It was not their job to finish the story. Its the authors job to finish the story and not some TV show adapters.

    76. Blessing Wilson

      I don't like the way it ended.....please you guys should do something about it.

    77. Justin Fencsak

      Great trailer horrible season

    78. samia rahman jannat

      বাল অফ থ্রোনস

    79. Bru Nello

      They need to make Game of Thrones Citadels card game,i already see BEST SELLER CARD GAME OF THE YEAR 🎉💵💵💵💪🏾

    80. Nancy D

      is there any of you guys like to watch korean drama? if is, whats drama do you watch or have watched?😉

    81. M. Nurhaikal

      You done fuck it up D&D!

    82. Drogon

      Am I the only one who's still pissed of about S8? It could've been the perfect show with 10 seasons containing each 10 episodes. Instead they rushed it with S7 and S8. How it should've gone: S7 > The conflict with Dany and Cersei which ends with Cersei's death. Preferably killed by Arya wearing Qyburns face. S8 > The conflict between the Living and the Dead which ends with the death of The Night King and all his puppets. Explaining the Night Kings motives and why he wanted babies,... I also would've liked that jaime lannister could've sacrificed himself for Tyrion, it would've been more impactful. Including the death of one dragon and a badass fight between Jon Snow and the Night King and when the Night King S9 > Danny's reign, which resolutes in her becoming the Mad Queen and ends with her death. S10 > Realising Jon Snow is the true heir to the throne and that he should be king but he refuses and choses for a system where decisions are made by voting instead and they all decide to destroy the iron throne. And tying up all loose ends. I know we should move on but still, the show could've been legendary.

      1. What ?

        I doubt it could work this way.

    83. Rowley Jefferson

      We needed more of the Walkers, that would have been great, then another season of Cersei, it’s a simple fix yet couldn’t be done lol.

    84. Jecita Novio

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    85. Bannerman

      Everything you did brought you where you are now... The sad Ending.

    86. fro99er2

      What a God dam disappointment I'm not even mad about the ending just how the writers half assed it

    87. Dylan Barclay

      Season 1 5/5 Season 2 5/5 Season 3 5/5 Season 4 4/5 Season 5 5/5 Season 6 4/5 Season 7 3/5 Season 8 2/5

      1. What ?

        Season 4 4/5? Are you mad?

    88. Trainee Pianist

      Stop hating on the season it wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t like ep 6

    89. J Rod

      Fuck season 8 (Jon Snow)

    90. Ali Bal

      Oh it is such a great parody, so where is the genuine one?

    91. leiza belen

      Song of the trailer?

    92. Léo Norval

      Why do this to me US-new recommended ?

    93. elle youtube

      This trailer is enticing! I am so excited to watch since I am a bit late! Might want to check out their costumes

    94. Dan he stand Six o nine

      Ramin Djawadi, you’re a good man. Thank you.

    95. Sujal Bagde

      Dany becomed evil Bran becomed king Arya becomed explorer Sansa becomed Queen Jon becomed idk what Just tell me this what was the point of telling jon is aegon is the heir to the iron throne And if jon goes to the wall and unsullied sailed away to naath and sansa is the queen of the North then what is the fucking point of jon to be in the wall

      1. Jort Manshanden

        Sujal Bagde he is not at the wall, the night’s watch doesnt exist anymore, it was just an excuse to get him north with his wildling friends. That’s what he truly wanted.

    96. hey everybody its Nosaj Ahalb here

      Who remembers my original comment when this first aired?

    97. Raquel Lazaro De Lima Oliveira

      Okay man porque vcs não fazem outra seria tipo before game of Thrones okay translation in the português

    98. Dan

      Sad when daenerys dies

    99. Kadin Jones