FUNNIEST Marriage Proposals



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    Funniest Marriage Proposals! I’m SSSniperWolf and today we’re reacting to funny marriage proposals and engagement fails! Do you plan on having a wedding in the future? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! Watch GENDER REVEAL FAILS
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      funniest marriage proposals :D do you plan on getting married? summers almost over ;____;

      1. Brianna Elzeer

        Hi SSSniperwolf

      2. Wael Blox.


      3. Ruth Feild

        Sniper wolf there was a glitch in one of your videos I just watched and it was really scary they were too gorgeous I don’t want to tell you and actually have I just wanted to tell you

      4. - The Hopkins Family

        I can't I'm only 10

      5. ꧁༒MoonFøx Prøducts༒꧂

        WHY CANT SUMMER BE LONGER?! Also another problom

    2. Natalie Zside

      I like sweet and sour sauce with my chicken nuggets 🐓🐓🐓

    3. Tika K.

      Sssniperwolf 3:26 U do realize, if u take off ur shirt, anywhere on ur torso can u see a tattoo?

    4. Berenice Villarreal

      I like ranch.

    5. Donielle Bourque

      I use 4 sheets of toilet paper

    6. April Turner

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, I will subscribe. If you do too Wait.... I don’t have a US-new channel 😂😂😅

    7. Khloe Gray

      Honey mustard

    8. Dylantwopoint0

      I'm BBQ guy

    9. Lucas LH


    10. Dandrea Brown

      Honey mustard

    11. Cassie Estrella


    12. Triston Christianson

      I love the one in the banana

    13. Ellie Doyle

      S Sc Sch Scho Schoo School Schoo Scho Sch Sc S

    14. Yakko Warner

      Ketchup or cheese

    15. Emily Kolb

      I love cheese pizza. I would say yes.

    16. Jace JH


    17. Ashley Renner

      Starbucks lattes☕☕☕☕☕🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵💯💯💯💯

    18. Ashley Renner

      Roses are Red Violets are Blue my heart is dead why did I fall for you

    19. Desiree Torres

      Hot-n-spicy buffalo sauce with my nuggets 😯😝

    20. Indian Cheetah


    21. Indian Cheetah


    22. apa2005


    23. Brianna Zimmerman

      No because I don’t know you

    24. Aso Gang


    25. Lola Hicks

      Three things that sssniper Definitely needs to live is her dogs food and toilet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    26. Erica Piatt

      I like ranch

    27. IneedFriendsPl3z ROBLOX - MINECRAFT

      I’d marry any one

    28. Ricky Rudeboi

      . Chese

    29. Gianna Manzo


    30. Eva Ingram

      The front seat of that ride is not scary to me

    31. mcj bull

      the one that I want to happen to me is actually getting a mans

    32. Ángel Coxaj


    33. Billie McDaniel

      Sweet and sour sauce all the way

    34. Brandon May

      Wish I had a girlfriend bro, why Outback calling me out

    35. Britney Romero

      I like some bbq or taco sauce with mah chicken nuggies 😋🤩

    36. Layla Grace

      Honey mustard

    37. Jerome Chevallier


    38. NEKYO underwood

      My mom works at Dunkin Donuts

    39. Jocelyn annabelle kwandou

      I have a wife but i was kids my name is jocelyn and my wife cliff

    40. Camren Anstead

      I like barbecue sauce with mine

    41. Iza Cisneros

      Barbecue sauce with my nuggets 😋

    42. wolf gameing

      Its sad u moved i love that room

    43. jan McGalliard

      Hunny mustard

    44. Daisy Uribe


    45. Benjamin Skaggs


    46. cameran woods

      honey musterd

    47. Katy Padilla

      My favorite sos is bbq

    48. Alma Sparkles


    49. Artsy Fartsy


    50. The Facts

      I like ranch with my chickie nuggies

    51. Gacha OOF


    52. Lavenderpandagirl _roblox H

      Mmmmmm I’m a kid 🦄🦄😂😂

    53. Caroline Votin


    54. Gillian Donovan


    55. GachaChicken LøvesPickles

      You can’t say no to chicken nuggets I’m vegetarian

    56. Lorah Grumke


    57. Mariah Barker

      Honey mustard

    58. Stan Krause


    59. Manny Bee

      Also uhhhhh...white pops took your shhh room =P [P]

    60. Manny Bee

      Like I'll marry you..."just let me recover from my Presidentially sabotaged sky rocketing prince stats" lol muah xoxoxo ❤️


      Sssniperwolf can we get a moo Me moooooooo

    62. Lil' Potato101

      “comment what sauce you like with your nuggies!” I don't know why this killed me laughing 😂

    63. wolfy TOONs


    64. Liela Kakuta

      I LOVE MILD SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    65. Sebastian Glassford

      The first proposal was chezy

    66. boofman 5

      Sssniper the dog one my fam does it another way to tell everyone your pregnant yo would get a pet and a chalk bord and say e.g. nicole r u pregers and she would put it on face book

    67. Dark_ Raven


    68. motherofmusic 2

      The car one is how my hubby proposed to me! Aww yay!

    69. Elizabeth Cameron

      Wtf I'm 10!!!

    70. Help me I’m bored