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    SSSniperWolf back with more FUNNIEST KID TEST ANSWERS :D I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hiiii guys what kind of summer videos do u wanna see?

      1. Gtg Fazedgaming

        SSSniperWolf hell is my word

      2. GCV HAPPY


      3. HolySmokes


      4. Catharina i


      5. Fernando Garcia

        SSSniperWolf funny

    2. Aaron Lowndes


    3. Marwaan Ahmed

      I love school

    4. Mei Mei

      W H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K Wasting Half Of My Energy Wasting Old Raspberries Wasting How Many Wastings Were There The Answer Is 4 Wastings Take The S Out And U Get Wastings... Actually It's 5

    5. G.A.P Vlogs

      Teacher: Discribe school in one word... Me: Prison.

    6. Abigale Blake

      shcool is hell

    7. That Random Puppy Lover

      Hello friends

    8. Omar Potter

      One word that describes 🏫 School is Prison

    9. Glitch creepy pasta daughter of Toby and clockwork

      **hugs SssniperWolf** I wouldn’t roast you!

    10. Steven Johnson

      Ok i gave my teacher 20 money and gave me a F

    11. cat-boy 999


    12. Bill Thegamer110

      School sucks

    13. savage one


    14. Gtg Fazedgaming


    15. Godseye

      Test: In which state do the particles have most movement? Me: New York 👌🏽

    16. Matthew Griffiths


    17. Game Girl

      School = Prison

    18. Correina Shea

      Sssniperwolf it means it's impossible for him to not die and he will eat potatoes

    19. Jordyn Wilson

      Love your vids

    20. Mark Payton

      What is the shortest distance between two points? JOHN CENA!!! Lol, just being random, here...

    21. Jaime Pulido


    22. Seth Limas

      School= prison

    23. Little May

      Kid think school is fascinating Teen think school is worthless

    24. Logan McKelvey


    25. Nightcore Darien

      School is HELL

    26. Kimberly SanchezGonzalez

      When I was in second grade and would take a reading test and would have to read a passage it always say:read the passage down below. And then when I was done reading it would say: why was Mary a bad friend. And I would write down my answer and then It would say: explain how you know. And I would write down because I read the passage.

    27. josh main channel


    28. Zachary Fleurimond

      I think you would have to give them more money for them to give you a good grade

    29. StrawberryIceCream

      The word to describe school is f

    30. gaming with jamere

      La tour

    31. leah Willis


    32. Tommy Foster


    33. K a z o o o


    34. Isaiah Hall

      Yo mamma

    35. Fnaf lover serra

      One word to describe school okay STUPID

    36. Aashrit Skull Xtreme

      I would describe school as Helllll

    37. Cajun-Faye Terry

      If I ever met you I would faint

    38. chantel harris

      I Still I'm school

    39. unicorn gamer

      I discribe school as prison

    40. Gacha Potato Games


    41. Gacha wolf lover 123456


    42. McKella Bushell

      I can mahatma gandhi

    43. Kai6six9 K69

      A baby boii

    44. lil haspa

      Your old video had the one about pee

    45. Kai6six9 K69

      4:14 HELLLLLL🤬👹

    46. Shae Shae draws

      Fun is school. School is fun

    47. Preethi Preethi

      Lots of people in India or ME

    48. Audrey Xox

      little kids school is *boring* teens SCHOOL IS *HELL*

    49. Stariania The Lunacorn

      HE- HEL HECK

    50. Meriem Juhar

      My mom buys Gucci bags for my teachers since 1st grade

      1. Dabi

        Meriem Juhar That's it I wanna be your teacher.

    51. minimalism simple

      I got a bunch

    52. kenny family

      School is Heaven

    53. Amelia Patterson


    54. matstapat 120

      Tater tots

    55. Clodes Lynnae


    56. Vidyun Agarwal

      7:33 u should google mahatma gandhi in ur free time(if u have it). He was nominated for the title of "Person of the Century."

    57. Aliyah Fowler


    58. Presley B

      My description of school...PRISON

    59. Chris And Gabby Dominguez

      I love it

    60. Amber Hull

      School is Gail

    61. Maria Rodriguez

      My name is Jonathan

    62. Tony King


    63. Kids Ferrell


    64. Branwen Sidfrids


    65. Kemaya Carlson

      I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but you keep reacting to the same ones over and over.

    66. KittyGamer

      School **Smsrtness-noise**

    67. Kiwii Juice

      Im in year 6 rn and it aint so bad i think ill describe it as "Fun"