frog commentary 4



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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Pü55ÿ Kâť

      That "Did everybody just forget about me or what" just describe me

    2. Cowboy Rex

      1:42 he slapped Dah booty

    3. 10,000diamondeyes

      1:25 Oh sh#t AAAAAAAAAAAA 1:35 You ass AAAAAAAAAAAA 😂🤣

    4. Memey Boi


    5. Chungus Bunny

      *Bitch stop pulling me away* 🤣

    6. manhavai

      Do you f'kin want to brawl btch? James 2019

    7. Casey Carter

      1:03 ayayayayayayayayayayayay

    8. Omrawr

      Getting some big Arbie and the Chief vibes here xD

    9. UgotoSan KanjiFreak

      I like how they turn to face each other when the voices start. It's so weird but the timing is impeccable.

    10. Sthefanie Santos

      very nice when u pick them up and they do this: X very very nice

    11. C.C. Cummings


    12. Ben nii

      "BeckY i swEar To fUcki--"

    13. Lesli Tyler

      “Ron you need to share”...says the toad hogging all the food and absolutely not sharing. James is a hypocrite.

    14. Ashley Burries

      Becky I swear to Fu*$&#&&**$$@-+ ☠️☠️☠️☠️

    15. Kraken Hunter

      Every other frog: Ribbet. These frogs: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OH FOOD MeLm.

    16. Hidden Lily

      Anyone ship Becky and Ron to the point where you are not mentally sane anymore? Me too! My favorite ship

    17. Flores Jose

      Me: Funny as hell, but where's the "lemme smash?" and "no" from thumbnail, 0/10 Alexa: AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    18. UgotoSan KanjiFreak


    19. Denny Hamlin Fan 11

      Nissan commecial on the screen in the background LOL.

    20. Tatiana Reed

      I think more people need to appreciate James' vine knowledge and refrence tho... Classic 👌💯

    21. Xander Corp

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Frogs getting dragged back: A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

    22. Chloe


    23. Got any Beans

      It’d literally 1:20 am in da morning why am I watching thisisis. 😂💃🏽 🌙

    24. Nctzen And multifandom gurl

      You should make a merch that says melhm and that say Stupid bitch. And the names of the three frogs if you agree plz don't like but make a comment

    25. Fnaf Fan777

      I like how they tell each other to share yet all three of them get mad at each other when it’s one of there turns! 😂

    26. Derek Lasalle

      The way Ron says fewd is just classic.

    27. Crazy Blueberry

      James why don’t you step back before my froggy foot goes in you’re froggy 🅰🆂🆂

    28. Leanne Paxton

      I never knew just how much I needed this in my life! 🐸 MELM

    29. Leanne Paxton

      I’ve watched all of these so many times and I swear this one is the funniest!

    30. Reitanna Seishin

      james is a little too quiet

    31. SAiKA

      This commentary is my favorite out of the series because of the sheer amount of "screaming but not really" that is going on

    32. Linky Link

      Becky I swear to f@%king God 🤣🤣

    33. Linky Link

      James you bitch 🤣🤣

    34. Starwatcher the Nightwing

      *RoN wHaT dId I tElL yOu AbOuT hArASsInG jAmEs FoR eAtInG*

    35. LordCastle


    36. Sunshine


    37. Münster Let's Check

      I love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is so absolutly stupid 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. nnninaaax


    39. trains are cool

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAA did we kiss yes i think we did funny

    40. J Y

      *james ya betch*

    41. somebodey toucha mah spaghet

      *puts James away* James: AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

    42. Raspian Kiado

      "becky i swear to fuckin-" I love the cutoff at the end. Added another 1 to the 10/10 I was gonna give this vid.

    43. U.S.S.R


    44. Spider Girl

      I love James

    45. Guardian of the sea

      we need subtitles on this

    46. Lil Pea

      1:08 *_RESPECT_*

    47. Kara Deniz

      That frog is so feminine

    48. The_Admiral


    49. Trin Murray

      What are you feeding them?

    50. 1,000 subsrcibers without videos

      Thats a toad.

    51. Goth Babe

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 "do you want a phucking brawl bitch let's fucken brawl"

    52. IncrediblyStrange

      those are toads

    53. Midnight_ Taffy

      I love the eating sound 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. deku is ok

      *froggy foot up your froggy ass...*

    55. Doggo Woofer

      Let’s fuckin brawl

    56. Sweef_20

      What is this frog food?

    57. Bilhelm

      1:44 James claps Becky right as she melms

    58. Swusie Quesie

      😂😂 Did we kiss? I think we did. 😂

    59. Fᴇᴜᴇʀʙʟᴜᴛ [RAGEMODE]

      I love these frogs, they are actually really beautiful.

    60. vL_General


    61. RoyalbusterHD

      James:"melm" Ron:"melm" Becky:"did everybody just forget about me or what?"

    62. GGoWoGames

      "Did we kiss?" I THINK WE DID" sent me to hell

    63. Dan c

      What you feed them? I thought amphibian only ate live food

    64. acheesyboxplane !

      James: Do you want to F*cking brawl b*tch Ron: Yeah let's F*cking brawl Food: in a stop this right now

    65. Jayden Whatley

      “I’m gonna shove my frog foot up your frog ass”

    66. Jayden Whatley

      “James you bitch”😂😂😂

    67. Anthony Barraza

      Please make more don't stop these haters flex on them you r funny asf bro God bless you

    68. King Neo

      Can you tell which is which

    69. Feels good man

      Why is this so goddamn funny