Following Troom Troom's BAcK tO sChOoL Pranks on Teacher! + TUITION GIVEAWAY

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    Welcome to Troom Troom University, where getting an education is NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe
    ✎Enter ➜ Simply Go To School Tuition Giveaway: ***NOW CLOSED***
    🚨 Winner announcement🚨:
    H💿L💿 everyone! Happy to announce that the 2 WINNERS of my Simply go to sChOoL Tuition Giveaway have been selected and notified! Can I please get a big CONGRATS to:
    1. Shelby, attending the University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering
    2. Sarah, attending the University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies with a specialization in Finance
    Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃
    CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS, I wish them a successful school year and future, and a big well wishes to every other student out there! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, you've got this! You're all doing amazing sweetie🏫👌 💯
    🛎UPDATE AUG 22/2019 (1 YEAR LATER): I caught up with the winners over email🤠
    Shelby, University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering:
    “I’m just finishing up a 8 month coop work term with The Cooperators, where I've been working as Second Level Tech Support. In the fall, I'll be going into my 4th year at the University of Guelph for Software Engineering. I'm hoping to continue with The Cooperators once I graduate, and it's been an awesome experience working with them this last little while :) I'm very grateful to them for working with my school and I'm very thankful for the awesome program staff who helped me land this work term! In terms of career, I'm hoping to wind up in Project Management, which means more school (kinda) once I'm done, but I know that doing this stuff as soon as I can will help me get to where I want to be a lot sooner. Thanks again for everything! I really appreciate it :)”
    Sarah, University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies w/specialization in Finance:
    “I am going into second year, with an honours specialization in accounting. I am hoping to attend law school after my undergraduate degree. Earlier this year, I went to Superior Court in Toronto and watched a few criminal cases live, so I got to experience what court is really like in Canada. It was hands down one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, and it made me realize that practicing law is what I truly want to do. I have also gained an interest in auditing and forensic accounting, career paths I am looking forward to learning more about. Currently, I am working with local businesses and start ups to connect them with Western students and mentors who will provide them with consulting services to solve any issues they may be facing. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people this past year from over the world. I am really looking forward to my next three years at Western. It’s such a diverse place, which is something I really love about it. I really recommend Western to anyone who is considering it, no matter what area of study.”
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    1. Justhallow


    2. Alexandra Boucher

      "No you sexist piece a shit" lmao, Ben puts up with so much, give him something!

    3. Abi World

      9:43, Beyynn!! Don't you know troom troom is only for roasting!!??!!!

    4. Abi World

      Christine is like so good in like the 'accent' on troom troom's host tging

    5. Carrie H

      Is Troom Troom a satire channel???

    6. Melanie Taylor

      When I found out my best friend what is Holo sexual I got so proud of her I almost cried

      1. Melanie Taylor

        I meant to say when I found out my friend was hollowsexual I got so proud of her I almost cried

    7. Aija Valbaha

      i did it but IT DIDINT WORK

    8. Nicolena Bryden

      Lol saw this on facebook and immediately thought of you, Cristine 🤣🤣🤣

    9. Jacob Skacy

      I got expelled for all that

    10. Casey Keegan


    11. Hailey Regelbrugge just watch it and you will understand what woohoo is

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      12:15, shes clearly dissing Jake Paul

    13. Jessica Kowalski

      I would actually like to see her in a school uniform

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    15. The Soccer Artist


    16. Amelia Chan

      I have been watching Cristine for a long time now. She is one of the few US-newrs that I still watch and stick to today, because she really lived by what she believes. I really like her morals :)

    17. Niamh Cruickshank

      I’m laughing to much XD

    18. Kate Macklin

      8:50 Starts dying

    19. Jasmine Ring

      i got expelled and the reason was the principal thought i was doing drugs

    20. Michelle Santoso

      8:50 dying lol

    21. bbeeboyy

      Mom and dad are fighting again :(

    22. TinyBubbles

      Did anyone else notice the just Ameerah thumbnail

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      Why is there a thing of "all teachers have glasses" ???

    24. Alice Casell

      Me and my friend followed a diy stress-ball tutorial without realizing it was by troom troom. Now we laugh at that story.

    25. Hana Kishi

      I remember my friend hated school and he had played some pranks almost everyday and he never got in trouble and he just stopped trying and I was trying to help him and at one point we stopped talking because I liked school but we finally started talking again recently and then we started watching some of your videos and you explaining school and how it’s important and he stopped hating school and now his grades are way higher than before and I’m so proud of him.

    26. Payton Sullivan

      Coming from a teacher, I love that Cristine makes fun of these stupid videos and cares about education! You don't have to go to college to be happy, but school is important! And the scholarship?!?! AMAZING! THANKS FOR BEING LOGICAL, CRISTINE!

    27. Vanessa Betten

      3:42 is literally me😆👌

    28. Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends

      Yes, we are salty and old -One of the 10% of boys who subscribe 🙈🐒

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      This is the content I was to see. Great role models for kids on US-new.

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      Challenge for anyone who see’s this: *Try to actually find actual 5-10 useful hacks*

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      I’m new to your channel and I didn’t know I needed you in my life as both entertainment and as a role model

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      9:03 LOLL ben is dying inside

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      3:00 Menchie licks her bed 3:03 Menchie licks her bed 3:10 Menchie licks her bed

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      my friend's friend bought a iorn following a troom troom hack and said, " Troom Troom made me and adult I just bought an iorn."

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      I like school. I'm still in school. I'm in 4th grade.

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      As a teacher, congrats on your silent lunch.

    62. Meghan Adkinson

      Cristine is so pretty 🥺

    63. Lucy Abahazi

      Honestly Christine, you and Ben don’t need to be relatable you already have our attention, and your advice is amazing, so thank you for your amazing words, ideas, and positivity that you put out into the world, and it ripples through us and it means something to me, and this is the career advice I needed to be confident in my future and my pursuits for later in my life. Thank you ❤️

    64. Areesha Ahmed

      These videos are glitterally soooo funny like I haven't laughed so hard watching a US-new video after a long time. I love this youtube channel sooooo much also I love nails. And cristine

    65. Areesha Ahmed

      This is random but when you say literally u should say glitterally

    66. Amelia Provis

      literally, some year 12's on their last day of school kidnapped a year 8 and locked them ina classroom....

      1. Melissa Williams

        Amelia Provis Jesus! Kids need to chill, as a teenager I have to admit that even I wouldn’t go that far.

    67. will game

      I love troop because I get to do the hacks and laugh at it when the shut don't work so hahaha 😅😂

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