Following Troom Troom's BAcK tO sChOoL Pranks on Teacher! + TUITION GIVEAWAY

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    Welcome to Troom Troom University, where getting an education is NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe
    ✎Enter ➜ Simply Go To School Tuition Giveaway: ***NOW CLOSED***
    🚨 Winner announcement🚨:
    H💿L💿 everyone! Happy to announce that the 2 WINNERS of my Simply go to sChOoL Tuition Giveaway have been selected and notified! Can I please get a big CONGRATS to:
    1. Shelby, attending the University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering
    2. Sarah, attending the University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies with a specialization in Finance
    Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃
    CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS, I wish them a successful school year and future, and a big well wishes to every other student out there! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, you've got this! You're all doing amazing sweetie🏫👌 💯
    🛎UPDATE AUG 22/2019 (1 YEAR LATER): I caught up with the winners over email🤠
    Shelby, University of Guelph for Computing with a major in Software Engineering:
    “I’m just finishing up a 8 month coop work term with The Cooperators, where I've been working as Second Level Tech Support. In the fall, I'll be going into my 4th year at the University of Guelph for Software Engineering. I'm hoping to continue with The Cooperators once I graduate, and it's been an awesome experience working with them this last little while :) I'm very grateful to them for working with my school and I'm very thankful for the awesome program staff who helped me land this work term! In terms of career, I'm hoping to wind up in Project Management, which means more school (kinda) once I'm done, but I know that doing this stuff as soon as I can will help me get to where I want to be a lot sooner. Thanks again for everything! I really appreciate it :)”
    Sarah, University of Western Ontario for Business Management and Organizational Studies w/specialization in Finance:
    “I am going into second year, with an honours specialization in accounting. I am hoping to attend law school after my undergraduate degree. Earlier this year, I went to Superior Court in Toronto and watched a few criminal cases live, so I got to experience what court is really like in Canada. It was hands down one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, and it made me realize that practicing law is what I truly want to do. I have also gained an interest in auditing and forensic accounting, career paths I am looking forward to learning more about. Currently, I am working with local businesses and start ups to connect them with Western students and mentors who will provide them with consulting services to solve any issues they may be facing. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people this past year from over the world. I am really looking forward to my next three years at Western. It’s such a diverse place, which is something I really love about it. I really recommend Western to anyone who is considering it, no matter what area of study.”
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    1. Susanna Mcginlay

      I was suspended for a week for following troom troom

    2. Silent white

      troom troom; just put your food into your book! me who always sneaks food in class: just follow your intuition thats better! *itS Not A PRobLem AnyMorE!*

    3. Lilly Paiaro

      why dont you just take a pocket knife or a mini gun to school with a holo bullets and holo cases

    4. Ava Waity

      Ben: you need to be wearing your school girl uniform! Cristine: NO YOU SEXIST PIECE OF SHIT simplynailogical: 2018

    5. lemon 'n' lime

      Also the drawing on the blackboad

    6. lemon 'n' lime

      Anyone notice menchie in the background of 0:55

    7. Nadia Rose Zar

      theres a rumour going round that cristine might have a crush on her teacher!!! ooohhh

    8. amina khaton

      I pranked my teacher and I got expelled from school 🏫

    9. The Sammy and Abby Show

      When the teacher uses fishing line prank, why do the students just stay there?🤨🤨

    10. Aris Callejo

      Cristine: Are you doing *COKE?!* Me: No, Im doing Sprite.

    11. niamh rattigan

      I followed troomtroom once It was just one of them catch if thingees, it actually worked

    12. Limonlexi Lolo

      Ms•pussycat 🤨

    13. Letitia Botea

      “miss pussycat” what the actual fuck

    14. Karol Chama

      6:21 THIS IS AMAZING I love this part.

    15. daniela pehar

      I ghot EXPALD!

    16. Bxtch Rxses


    17. Jay T

      She should make a Troom Troom video

    18. Minh Châu Trần

      is this a video about Following Troom Troom's BAcK tO sChOoL Pranks on Teacher! or about hom to torture your boyfriend

    19. Sienna Stoy

      I love it when there’s a whiteboard and it says “troom troom University” 😂😂

    20. AddadQT A

      My sister (age 7) ran into the class with glitter and a spray bottle and fucking sprayed her teach which got her exspelled

    21. Bethan Sheldrick

      Poor Miss Pussycat

    22. Girl gamer

      6:40 omg i cantt😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Fatima Kerek

      Man I realized that in the end they act like my mom and my dad T-T

    24. I like Stuff

      Last year: *dont you want 7million subs? no I don’t care* This year: **has 7million subs**

    25. Luna Mist

      i now go to alternative school

    26. FrancesBaconandEggs

      9:14 has me laughing so hard I can’t breathe Why

    27. Zsófia Mezei

      You dont like school iTs nOt a prOblem AnyMore

    28. XxPineapple_PartyxX

      I did once.....i exploded a pen

    29. shomlak 3

      You should react on danny gonzales troom troom vids

    30. Ashley Dailey

      I freaking love you two so much

    31. silver hornet

      I have a holo/irodecent sequin Backpack I think I spelled irodecint wrong Iridescent?

    32. sugarplxm

      bitch i found a hat at a shop that was holo and i swear if i could i would've gotten that shit and send it to your house

    33. morgan edwards

      Kids at my school did so many of those "sneaking food into class" things from troom troom that my school now does bag checks/wear a mesh or clear backpack or your ass is going to detention

    34. Giulia D'Amico

      Papa Roach moment 😍 Love u Christine, you are so original love it

    35. Moonlight Multi chrome

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    38. Apollo creed

      Cuz u totally aren't gonna get in trouble

    39. Shadowwolf

      I did it because my teacher was really chill and I got suspended for a week

    40. asya timerbayeva-dutt

      Is anyone watching troom troom and actually taking it seriously? No.

    41. Danika Chamney mcouan

      umm I did it was so bad I hurt myself with a paint gun paint and a metal ball

    42. Jaylen Bohannon

      I saw my friend watching Troom Troom today. I almost died.

    43. Brianna Bailey

      Useful school HACK- Go to school, get good grades and stay off the street with a fully belly and a health heart! USEFUL!

    44. Polly Jensen

      I tried and got a F

    45. Esther Smith

      You never know. Troom troom could still be at school...they probably got held back alot of times because of how stupid they are

    46. EmmaJean

      Get me a man like Ben

    47. Mia Riva

      12:02 look at cristene’s face 😂

    48. Triton

      why does cristine have the perfect voice to be a troom troom narrator??

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      Every time you say BEYYYYYN my dog looks at my computer and looks confused haha.

    50. PinkyBelle YT

      Cristine should be the narrator for troom troom

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      Simply:ohh beyynnn Ben: yea Simply: time for troom troom Ben:yay

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      Troom troom university

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      Who else scrolled through comments to see if anyone actually followed a troom troom video 😂

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    57. Adventures With Bella

      I followed an life hack and it told me to freeze a bag full of water and freeze it and I I will get something I don’t know. Anyway I ended up frezzeing a bag full of water lol

    58. Katelyn Halverson

      I followed a troom troom video and I got sick from eating a food they told me to make.

    59. Elis Veys

      I did try these

    60. Chelsea W

      When I’m bored I’ll sort a US-newrs videos by oldest and laugh. But troom troom videos where actually a lot different and make some sense

      1. fluffycorgyu

        Not..not really. Troom Troom is trash

    61. LivvyPlays

      Cristine: I don’t like school I wanna be a US-newr literally me in 2016

    62. Willow Lafferty

      i followed a troom troom video and only threw a banana at my teacher and only got exspelleld got held back 1 year because i couldnt go to school because i was exspelleld

    63. Lucita Lou


    64. Animals gymnastics And more

      I did it was the white chocolate in a lip bam container my teacher was just looking at me

    65. dream killer

      I got kicked out of that school😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. fluffycorgyu

        that's not funny lmao

    66. Chicken_nugget _UwUz

      I made a edible glue stick and someone snitch on me ;-;

    67. Arabella Guinnane

      I love how many sides there is to Cristine

    68. Angry Duck

      I’m currently sick so I’m watching cristine to help myself- Because because sick sucks.

    69. Katie Lyn

      You can really see where bens questioning his life choices

    70. Stacey Smith

      When I say the thumbnail I thought I was a pile of rubber bands XD