Five Finger Death Punch - Inside Out (Official Lyric Video)

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    Official lyric video for 'Inside Out' from the new album 'F8' - out worldwide Feb. 28th 2020.
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    Published on 4 days ago


    1. Five Finger Death Punch

      Pre-order now and receive 'Inside Out' -​

      1. Crypted Demise or Vaulted Death

        Very inspirational dawg

      2. Dakota Long

        I'm going to your concert in Kansas city next year. Cannot wait to hear this be played🤘🤘🤘

    2. Batter Skull

      Am i on the poser side of US-new?

    3. Mike Conley Jr

      I absolutely loved the first 3 records...and the fact that they're such big military supporters. This is the most exciting thing I've heard since American Capitalist. SPC Conley approved!

    4. Allan Huff

      In a wierd way this song would definitely fit the chatacter Bakugo in My Hero Academia

    5. Matthew Estrada

      i love this song!

    6. rob lenn

      Cute .

    7. Nellybenelly

      Been listening to this on loop for 5 and half hours now, its 7.30am. I dont regret a thing

    8. kyle cotto

      So much occultic symbolism here All seeing eye of Lucifer Freemasonry compass Ouroboros snake That geometry pattern is one too but can't remember exactly, Showing you Allegiance ffdp or did you sell out? If either what a shame, side note it's hard to headbang to such tame rock when you listen to death metal 😂

    9. Barry Stalford

      Always love FFDP...whatever happened to the deathpunch coffee from BRCC. That was my fav and now you cant find it anywhere

    10. The CNA Student Kaitlyn

      I want my Graduation gift to be tickets to FFDP in April ❤️🖤❤️🤘🏻

    11. Fuck You

      It would sdeid ueh rapoy ibs havushs sbajd. Aosbt us r xjaid s dyshsx dbaops. Dj djzvs stsshs bsbrhd usirvs jmmm sudnie DJs sjsjd sgaiaos sgisowbxbsodjArvus wejxkau😛(**_):-(:-\:-D;):'(:-\:-*(TT):,-):-[;-)>.....

    12. blsfan1973

      Sounds like .... well it sounds like shit

    13. Cameron Motionless

      Was wondering what this was at first lol, but I like the song

    14. Jesus Lares

      Best one since wrong side of heaven

    15. Rhett Simbulan

      4:00 - 4:29 👌💆‍♂️😌

    16. Taking Ship

      This song is fricking awesome🤘

    17. Nick Landry

      I can fuck with it.

    18. XGreyJediX

      F**kin hyped!!!!! I own every Death Punch album. My ears are ready.

    19. Garlitz Hyperformance Garage

      🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 Fuck yeah!

    20. Tornado

      Love this band a lot

    21. Wellenthon Rosa

      Another satanic shit band. Freedon for your souls ? Freedon??? Live for fame , "pleasures" and glory. Glory for losers.

    22. Angela Blanton

      Vocals are amazing

    23. deadly Goliath

      Hell yes they are still crushing it

    24. Cira Dutra

      Sonzão da porra!! Vcs são muito foda! 😍

    25. Corran Freel

      Not gonna lie just jizzed my pants

    26. John Paul

      I love five finger death punch to death, but they seriously need to branch out in their song meanings and lyrics

    27. Brandon Smith

      Whoa! Just heard him say money isn't important..yea right....that's why they don't play small venues and a whopping$150+ to see live..and then someone pays triple fold for a meet and greet and the band act's like pricks...awesome

    28. Charles Parnell

      Man I thought all music was going out..... apparently not!

    29. stephen sherman

      I love the symbols in the video. , " I'm not a dog, I'm not a slave"

    30. Darkest Light Meat

      I dig this song, but I'm kinda getting tired of hearing "I knew it all along" in about every other song.

    31. Jair Dantas

      Nice Song 👌

    32. Paul Jamieson

      They lower them selves down, So they bring us up 👍

    33. Ralph Liggins

      Can't wait to see the show on the 9th!

    34. drummermatt1000

      I hear alot of old ffdp in this song!

    35. DeathGun197

      Fucking love FFDP kinda and most of the Dislikes are 12 Year old Kids and Christians

    36. Nicholas L

      I love this but it isn't 5fdp

    37. -Bear -

      Somewhat a Motograter (with Ivan) feel to it, good sound for them now, much better than previous.

    38. Praveen Kumar

      Faadu...awesome...Oh Man!! Damn

    39. Miguel Veilleux

      Can't wait to hear the other songs of this album 😍😍❤️💗

    40. Zell dincht


    41. no anime

      December 14 Omaha here I come!!!!!!!!

    42. mlg evan 0ver9000

      This trailer for inside out 2 makes the movie look like it was made by a psycho

    43. pepe the frog

      This album is one way to kick start 2020!

    44. Flying Skalitz

      poo poo

    45. ArtisanTony

      well snap, i thought I was seeing a cool conspiracy video lol

    46. Kaleb Boyd

      This song rly hit me hard but in a good way. This is like my life and my friends life. I rly love this song and im gonna tell all the metal heads i know about it. I love five finger death punch.

    47. Justin Gutierrez

      Sounds like COD music!🤔🤔

    48. ITzEnigma

      I have always loved FFDP I don't understand why people can hate such an amazing band

    49. Jonathan Ellis

      Killer song! The beginning reminds me of Kamelot then right into FFDP sound!

    50. Jon Rambo

      .....not impressed. Lyrics are not well thought out, they just have a word at the end of each verse that almost rhyme.

    51. Aaron Slaughter

      Another mundane song from FFDP

    52. José Americo

      oh yeah

    53. Reborn

      Love these Lyric videos, can you make one for Jekyll and Hyde? It's the song that currently describes my life the best.

    54. BestV

      Как всегда, FFDP неотразимы, эта песня шедевр !!!

    55. matthew barcomb


    56. Sepher

      man all their songs are the same

    57. Joppa Denores

      This is like 10 intros in one

    58. Life Of Chris

      Jason’s solos are so lame and repetitive no feeling just cookie cutter

      1. poop head

        Yea his solos are very bland. This band is pretty much disturbed 2.0 where every song sounds to similar

    59. Budzy Arhcive

      That psychoanalytic version of the Free Masons symbol in the video is a sorcery. What the fuck is wrong with you FFDP?

    60. Adney Skate

      Som pesado, muito bom, perfeito, aqui no Brasil, os fãs são muitos. Só tem som loco, 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    61. Rigoberto Gonzalez

      I was starting to think FFDP was heading the way of Disturbed; too anthemy. I really like this one and it came at the perfect time. Good job guys!

    62. The Sunshine Family

      Amazing song from an amazing band! Can't wait to hear the new album!!! 🤘🏻

    63. Doug Dominicali

      Oh... I thought Pixar put FFDP on its movie

    64. Gaétan Simon

      I LOVE ITTTTTT !!!!

    65. Kyle simmons


    66. ChickenIsTheBest

      This song is so good, can't wait to see them live at the end of January



    68. Gaara's A Serial Killer

      Y'all are back!!!!

    69. Andrea Gusa

      When I have terrible days I listen to 5fdp and ivan inspires me