FISH Rescue HUGE MISTAKE! *Tiger Catfish Juvenile*

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    Fish Rescue huge mistake dropping a prized Tiger Shovelnose Catfish! Special Thank You to Anthony!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. _Toxicelf _


      1. Rebecca Roberts

        tiger shovelnose

      2. Jesus Fruit

        Domingo Ureña ye bet

      3. Thiefs_CashMoney Pro Clan BY da way

        @Fishing with Leyton that's cool

      4. Domingo Ureña

        @Hephaestus Restorations i ask the owner of channel if hes dominican and support to him from kissimmee florida cuz me and my friends we from dominican Repúblic and we support

      5. Domingo Ureña

        ? Eres dominicano

    2. Brandon Parks

      Do have any jaguar Cichlids there my all time favorites?

    3. Jahhdaman 4x

      Bruh you not even catching shit

    4. Jamie Sprinkle

      I love

    5. Jamie Sprinkle


    6. Brayden Gardner


    7. Xx-_VIPER_-xX pro

      I have 17 baby shamu's

    8. Kristin Hasselblad

      yellow fish will survive!

    9. HE DP

      Oh turtles...are they friendly or chomp my fingers off??? doesn't matter anyway coz ur nuts about fish & whatever! Ur crazy for fish❤!

    10. Bo K6


    11. Kay Elliott

      Amazing vid!!!

    12. BrutikusMaximus

      the redtails can easily eat that oscar, i suspect the peacock can as well

    13. venomousviper56 h

      Ok I used to like the channel but at this point I tells like you get fish knowing they will be aggressive to get new vid ideas

      1. Samuel Chung

        venomousviper56 you are mean

    14. David De LA Cruz

      Dude u r a bad Azz at fishing..


      Mosh pit koi

    16. Jason King

      put the tiger shovelnose catfish in their

    17. Lane Schippert

      Oscar I love your US-new channel

    18. Original Jay

      When the tiger catfish was flickering in the net I jumped also

    19. Jeff Burris

      The one you dropped

    20. Zacattack 22

      When I was five years old my uncle had a Coe Fish pond and I would always catch them and put them back

    21. Samuel Starr

      the koi in these rivers here in Missouri are reaching 30inches easy and they swim in huge schools, turns muddy water a pretty orange, and also eating all our bass population :(

    22. Kelly Farrell

      Oscar dish would be able to im a new subscriber hi to kelly awsome name lol and im following your friends also im enjoying them

    23. Captn ron

      Holding game fish in a tank etc is illegal I will be giving this video the game and fish inspector

      1. Captn ron

        @Matthew Kelley Really mathew coming from avillage idiot like you I take that as a compliment

      2. Matthew Kelley

        old white fart got nothing better to do

    24. AA.Vidz

      Let's give it a knock.."Halloo, Hallooooo!" 🔥😂😂

    25. BertMan G

      You are nuts with passion man! Love it!

    26. Ed P


    27. Sue mason green

      Always ! put your hand over the top of the net , to stop the fish jumping out , you need to be more careful .

    28. Jay

      If Zach was an actual Pokemon trainer, he would be that one dude with 6 Magikarp

    29. Warrior Z3


    30. Warrior Z3

      The shovel nose tiger would be able to

    31. Warrior Z3

      Kelly stop saying Jesus

    32. Kimmy Boz

      Dude I love fish They’re so relaxing to chill n watch🙏💪🏼

    33. Eian Games

      Tiger Oscars can get 15 inches long and weigh 2 and a pounds also they eat small fish and are very aggressive

    34. Dizzapizza

      Catch em all fish: I will find save and loving homes for each and everyone of them 5 seconds later Down in the comments put which of these fish will survive in this giant pond of vicious fish

      1. Standard Style


    35. Nicole Medina

      The Oscar will survive he will get huge

    36. Soft eboi

      catfish obviously

    37. In Cognito

      RockStarSuites....your ads suck ditchwater

    38. In Cognito


    39. Walter Donham

      intro volume way too high

    40. mark dalton

      I just found your US-new site and I love it , congratulations on the 2 million subscribers .

    41. Dave Brittain

      Gorgeous Koi!

    42. Nick Holden

      I’m genuinely pissed off that you fed the tilapia tilapia. And an up pussy the peacock doesn’t hurt pussy ass for makes me fucking pissed

    43. Tyrease Wilson

      Tiger cat fish

    44. Fatcow Sub

      Long boy

    45. willmelt gaming

      "No stress" fish " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

    46. Blake Fults

      The tiger cat

    47. o/tv

      Cat fish

    48. mason cosper


    49. GT3582R LSVTEC EJ8

      I have to say that I'm surprised that you chose to put the oscar in the pool with the big ass fish. Oscar are very aggressive fish, especially as they get bigger, but I would still be hesitant to put that oscar in with those huge redtail and that big peacock bass. Really though bro, that peacock is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't think of a better use for that old pool.

    50. Uttam Magar

      Oscar might survive?

    51. Phil Hughes

      I new it was the oscar

    52. freebird1963

      wtf with the title man ? comeon clickbait all you got going for yourself ??? geesh

      1. SaltySailor609

        freebird1963 uhm he put that he rescued a tiger shovel nose and he made a *huge mistake* by dropping the fish. Bit of an exaggeration I don’t think it was clickbate tho

    53. Evil Jen

      What happen to shamo fish

    54. Candida Long

      Tiger or Oscar

    55. Bruce Cheney

      I was yelling fuckin grab him why did he dick around with the net when he jumped out

    56. jake fer

      dmnit im addicted to this channel now!

    57. ICEBERG News

      You should have a tarp halfway over that pool for shade

    58. K Van Zile


    59. Kaleb Little

      Shuvl nose

    60. Mooi man !

      None of em survived guys

    61. Jaycen Pullins

      Shovel nose

    62. Marco McCrorey


    63. Midwest Reviews

      can anyone answer this question. How do the fish not get eaten by raccoons at night?

      1. darkfire3760

        Magic apearently

    64. Rick G

      That's like putting a juvenile kid in prison poor Oscar he won't be sleeping for a few days 😅🤣😂

    65. Joey Brown


    66. Jerry Michael smith

      The tiger

    67. Sneaky Snape

      That is literally what happened when I bought my redtail catfish 😂 just jumped and was floppin on the ground but catfish are tough. they can take it. im still tryna get a shovelnose.

    68. Susan Tanksley

      What are the Red tail ,are they Baby Sharks 🤔🦈🦈

    69. Matthew Wilcox

      I thought the tiger was going in

    70. Chris Lloyd

      The oscar no question