FISH Rescue HUGE MISTAKE! *Tiger Catfish Juvenile*

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    Fish Rescue huge mistake dropping a prized Tiger Shovelnose Catfish! Special Thank You to Anthony!
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    1. _Toxicelf _


      1. Rebecca Roberts

        tiger shovelnose

      2. Jesus Fruit

        Domingo Ureña ye bet

      3. Fortnite_pro_karder Tryhard

        @Fishing with Leyton that's cool

      4. Domingo Ureña

        @Hephaestus Restorations i ask the owner of channel if hes dominican and support to him from kissimmee florida cuz me and my friends we from dominican Repúblic and we support

      5. Hephaestus Restorations

        Domingo Ureña Speak English and I might understand you

    2. Astine eli Castillejos

      The tiger cat fish

    3. Dffirent Different

      I was here when you had 40k but now you at 1mill

    4. braxtonwest 15

      My oscar killed all of my fish and my eil

    5. Xai Vang

      if you guys donate kois plz let me know thank i live in cali

    6. JT TV

      Love your channel man🤙🏽

    7. Anthony Damac

      Shovel nose cat fish

    8. Hexx

      Last time I watched you was when u had 17k! Wow good stuff bro congrats with them subs dude

    9. fortnite pro and ant lover

      u know anything about fish?

    10. brayden amazing

      Catfish is going to be all good

    11. steve fazio

      get a bull's eye snakehead

    12. FS Knocks

      Oscar aka Clyde could survive the longest

    13. Bill Tate

      The Oscar would have more chance of surviving in the monster pond!!

    14. Gacha_brianna

      The Oscar will live!

    15. Eric The Beyblade king

      The ocar

    16. DezFTW

      Did the Oscar survive?

    17. Hampton's Mobile


    18. na9oooooooor

      Who’s the old man sitting at the back

    19. Gam Hio


    20. Mustak Ahmed

      What happens to shamu ?? I want to know.

    21. My Equine Life

      i think the catfish would survive

      1. My Equine Life

        damn it was the oscar

    22. chris Kiser

      I guess the Oscar because I used to have Oscar's not know how they are

    23. breon smith

      They are some butyfull fishes

    24. Sophia Vogel

      Tiger catfish

    25. John Junior

      Oooooooooooooo YA

    26. Audreyana Cabell

      The tiger shovelnose can last in

    27. Adelaida Garcia

      The won that has stripes

    28. Octa Pad

      The long black one could survive

    29. jojo Medeiros


    30. chiydah edwards


    31. chiydah edwards

      you don 't have semolima what happed to him

    32. Raymond Zerr


    33. brian bond

      Really use the word Guy's wayyyy to much to the point it's annoying

    34. Hunter L

      Oscar or shovel nose

    35. Tango Man 69

      Wow clickbait xd

    36. Jason Haddock

      rip shamu rip i have been on this channle since you caght him

    37. Raul Gutierrez

      the oscar will be the best i believe in the monster pond

    38. Sandir plays fortnite

      You are a legend

    39. daniel berggren

      Did I guess right? I guessed Oscar. yeah

    40. clutch god

      The tiger cat fish

    41. Emmie Cardin

      Who else here is from kentucky

    42. Austin Anthony

      Tiger cat

    43. Poky C

      I dont even fish but this guy makes it look fun

    44. Mitch 10

      Bro was stoned af

    45. Mary Beth Tedrow

      U need to shave

    46. Andrew Jones

      Let me fry 1 with some rice & peas😁😁😁

    47. Michael Stephens

      all of them

    48. Abdul Khan


    49. SAMSQUATCH Moss

      I caught a tiger catfish in a lake in Northern Kentucky Camp Ernest.. Some one had to let it go but I caught it with a huge bluegill it weight 30 pounds and they bark like a dog when outta the water..Never seen one till I caught it..I thought I caught a dinosaur..I put it back in there it's probably huge by now that was 5 years ago..They are definitely beautiful..

    50. PowerHouseBoys

      “Tilapia love eating tilapia” Me out loud “Owhh that’s fucked” 😂😂

    51. The NOTORIOUS 1 TJR

      I have to go fishing with you some

    52. Railpoler

      •takes guys fish he raised from them being a baby• •gets home and puts in pond with big fish• “Who’s going to survive? I’ll feed these fish first so they don’t get eaten right away.”

      1. Alex

        I don't know how this guy have soooo many followers, is a clueless person. Has no respect for the animals in general. I've seen him play with them a lot of time, but maybe, just maybe, he doesn't even realize what is doing. Because like i said before, is clueless.

    53. Travs Newvids

      👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 fuck you

    54. GeneticPuddle504

      I’ve never been into a channel like this but the fish at 11:11 made me sub!

    55. Rose Wish

      That Oscar is smart and beautiful he backed up when those huge healthy fish came close.

    56. Rose Wish

      10:46 me as a little savage.

    57. Rose Wish

      1:09 you've been ReJeCtEd. Oof.

    58. Caarter Holt

      Shovel nose

    59. Hunter Corden

      Tiger shovel nose hybrid

    60. Deadly DoDo

      the orange fish

    61. tabitha pruitt

      My turtle. Friends

    62. tabitha pruitt

      What kind are they mine are just like them but babies

    63. Christopher Ortiz

      You're videos are the best You are the best US-newr ever

    64. bugle_ boi

      The Oscar

    65. Adnan Saputra

      You get red tail catfish and bass

    66. David Billetdeaux

      Did the Oscar survive in the pond you put him in?

    67. Chronic Awareness

      he has molly in that water? shit lemme get some

    68. Tara Furukawa

      I saw those when I went to Lethbridge when me my auntie, uncle, 3 cousins, dad, brother, and grandma went to a chinese restaruant with a chinese buffet. There was a bridge over some sort of coin pond with coy. You couldn't throw harmful coins in there. It was awsome also everyone didn't like the food when they took a lot. LOL😂😂

    69. Champ Hall

      Bs. Never watch this ASSHOLE people. Dum fuks

    70. VIP ALL DAY86

      The Osker will survive he's a dinador. I CAN'T SPELL

      1. VIP ALL DAY86

        Lol I just read this for the 3 time I'm dead 😂 dinador

      2. Edward Sullivan


    71. 1stNavage Nari

      Hi zac you were on swap people


      the oscar can survive in the monster pond

    73. Hunter Bragg


    74. Demonte Carson

      Tiger catfish

    75. Bram Ryckmans

      why was it a huge mistake

    76. Henry Marcolini

      The catfish

    77. Jason Washington

      Bro was low key mad he drop the fish😂😂😂

    78. Ranarda Anderson

      The Tiger shovel nose

    79. MrMaintenance

      15:15 the big red fish care about the small fish

    80. Diaan Craukamp

      If I was you I wood took one of Jammu

    81. EvoXXX Bih

      You the only youtube thats real OG

    82. rumbispluscompleequalstick

      tiger shuvel nose

    83. angeloeastblanco

      Took exactly 10 min. To get to the point....👎

    84. aboe34

      And sometimes even the flowerhorn

    85. aboe34

      Cuz they’re aggressive...Casper ALWAYS picks on my peacock and ariuana

    86. aboe34


    87. aboe34

      I have an albino Oscar Named Casper and a shovel nose named stripes

    88. C Easter

      Why are you such an asshole

    89. Dutch

      Rule of thumb, never release and exotic species, and always kill them when you catch them.

      1. Earth


    90. Eli Dogan

      The Oscar

    91. Teresa Green

      Tiger catfish

    92. Jonats t.v fishing and art

      Hi im,a fan of your videos can u help me subscribe to my videos thank you

    93. Robert R.

      Throw some driftwood or something, looks lame.

    94. Thanos_ Chungus01

      Imagine u put a big alligator gar in the monster pond

    95. pro gamer

      Good vids I live in kansas I got a pond with a 5 lb bass large mouth and I 7foot gar coi and carp

    96. mrsquid

      Ponds look like garbage and the fish look banged up. Is the pool pond the best you can do theres no features and its shallow.

    97. Brooke Gray

      The tiger catfish

    98. Payton Roberson

      cat fish

    99. CJ Outlaw

      Oscar n the Shovel nose