First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!



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    Ooyy - Retriever from Epidemic Sound

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Z4VIAT10N 26

      RIP the bird it tried to take a closer look at the supra and you know

    2. NeonCreeperLord

      No Kidding you were about 10 miles from me at the start of the video

    3. Jerry Lopez

      At first I thought it was whiteboy7thst maybe twin

    4. Robin Mwangi

      U are the man u are the first. To have a supra 2020!

    5. Shreyak banerjee

      James i am your big fan I am a 9 year old boy

    6. cathy naval


      1. Robin Mwangi

        He is!

    7. frostwolf_ jdm

      I live here bruh it was on car spotters on Facebook and i was mad

    8. Louis Greenberg

      your going to wrap right

      1. Robin Mwangi

        He is!

    9. Aaron Greenlees

      Please stop with the whoosing

    10. Walter FJK

      Man love the energy and content! You are an amazing person James!

    11. Buds4Life LF


    12. Buds4Life LF

      What was your first car? Lol

      1. Robin Mwangi

        His gallardo

    13. Cole Fawcett

      How much time would having window tint shave off the qtr mile time being a mod and all ??

    14. Ritvik A

      When u live in omaha and missed out on stradman visiting your city

    15. Scott Meridew

      Welcome to the beautiful state of Utah ... where there is only one road in and out ... lol.

    16. Charko

      speaking of Carbon, i found a Bugati Chiron 1/40 delivered to the US and to the world Full exposed Carbon Chiron

    17. trunks ko

      pesssewwww ... lady and gentleman

    18. carter flame


    19. ᑭᒪᗩYᗴᖇ Oᑎᗴ

      Ur the BEST US-newr ever I wanna be exactly like u when I grow up!

    20. jonleigh1001

      Whiplash from your camerra movements

    21. jonleigh1001

      Gotta wear pants with a senna door

    22. jonleigh1001

      Car looks mean (apart from the red mirrors)

    23. Daniel Gamer 8

      The Stradman: This thing needs an exhaust!! (Aka The thing being the Subaru) Me: smh I agree dude The Stradman: In some scenarios this car sounds amazing!!! Me: wait what... 🤨

    24. Vong Lee

      Even if I have money I will not buy that BMW.

    25. Nick Alonge

      Your Supra needs te37 rims

    26. MSB Squadz

      Wide body kit

    27. MSB Squadz

      Wide body kit!

    28. MSB Squadz

      Widebody kit!

    29. MSB Squadz

      Wide body kit!

    30. MSB Squadz

      Wide body kit!

    31. MSB Squadz

      Wide body kit!

    32. Chase Washington

      Cinematics with no music?

    33. Jake Jackson

      I just met the owner of gp customs and got rev his new Supra amazing car

    34. Shawn White

      Did you forget to put music on the Cinematics?

    35. pittbullninja

      He said cams... its it's a pushrod tho 😅

    36. KyleTheHammers

      give it a big wang

    37. Vina Martin Ato

      Like your videos man you rock🤘🤘🤘

    38. tjissabird

      I know exactly what road that Senna drove on thats crazy

    39. Marc Siegenthaler

      The aventador looks so good with those wheels

    40. jaisu dhaliwal

      Is this the first super car with many windows

    41. Minty

      what i want on your car is new Wing or a single turbo

    42. crospotter13

      Hey Stradman love your Supra! Speaking of the miles - there was a brand new Supra from Cyprus on Gumball 3000 where it covered more than 3000 miles just on the rally and problably just as much on the way home - would be interesting to see which one has more miles :D Cheers from Croatia man!

    43. DarkWolf 2007505

      Straight pipped

    44. IHavBigDek

      Hey i live in nebraska 🙂

    45. yasser diab

      Stradman you shouldn’t give the Supra a exhaust because then the Supra might not have the pops and farts any more so please don’t give it a exhaust

    46. Desa San Jose

      Modify your supra😊

    47. SnugLynx

      2jz the supra

    48. Latif Rehan

      Install supra rear wing . And rear widebody Fender . Then it looks,👌

    49. Latif Rehan

      Nice . Install Spoiler

    50. LittleKane 07


    51. Itz Tide

      Can you get a massive gt spoiler

    52. preston.roebuck

      That’s cool that you were so close away. I’m from Omaha so about 45 mins from Lincoln

    53. Brody Johnson

      1:41 ur welcome

    54. Rick Hon



      Why is there no sound in most parts?

    56. Alan Klosinski

      I loved that Corvette!!!!! WOW!!! Sounded so cool

    57. Manny G

      Did he get that oil change yet though?

    58. Mrinal Dutta

      I don't hate the supra but if there is any mod to elongate it from the back the car will look great!

    59. Mike NoLimits

      That reaction dude at 1:32 had me laughing for minutes hahah ✌🏼

    60. Marilyn Chathury

      straight pipe it

    61. Famida Cassim

      You are so stupid,you don't take solar masmellow with you

    62. Dauntless

      Damn, the audio go during wrap and prep? the copystrike demons take the music down??

    63. Fifi

      Can't wait for the full supra build

    64. kfrancis Masicat

      Change the color of your mags in to the white

    65. Julia Jeffery

      are you going to stay in Utah when you move?

      1. Brody Johnson

        Yeah he is

    66. Real Bean Guy

      At first I though he had bad taste in colors until I saw the senna and the super 👍great job

    67. JYDEN

      Is ti only for me, the sound was weird, when he got window tint?

    68. Serge Do

      Poor focus.

    69. stu

      Does anyone know where he has got all his money from, is it just doing these vlogs?

    70. Grafizi

      Wrap the mirrors black