First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!



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    Ooyy - Retriever from Epidemic Sound

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. IHavBigDek

      Hey i live in nebraska 🙂

    2. yasser diab

      Stradman you shouldn’t give the Supra a exhaust because then the Supra might not have the pops and farts any more so please don’t give it a exhaust

    3. Desa San Jose

      Modify your supra😊

    4. SnugLynx

      2jz the supra

    5. Latif Rehan

      Install supra rear wing . And rear widebody Fender . Then it looks,👌

    6. Latif Rehan

      Nice . Install Spoiler

    7. LittleKane 07


    8. Itz Tide

      Can you get a massive gt spoiler

    9. preston.roebuck

      That’s cool that you were so close away. I’m from Omaha so about 45 mins from Lincoln

    10. Brody Johnson

      1:41 ur welcome

    11. Rick Hon



      Why is there no sound in most parts?

    13. Alan Klosinski

      I loved that Corvette!!!!! WOW!!! Sounded so cool

    14. Manny G

      Did he get that oil change yet though?

    15. Mrinal Dutta

      I don't hate the supra but if there is any mod to elongate it from the back the car will look great!

    16. Mike NoLimits

      That reaction dude at 1:32 had me laughing for minutes hahah ✌🏼

    17. Marilyn Chathury

      straight pipe it

    18. Famida Cassim

      You are so stupid,you don't take solar masmellow with you

    19. Dauntless

      Damn, the audio go during wrap and prep? the copystrike demons take the music down??

    20. Clearly Not Fadhil

      Can't wait for the full supra build

    21. kfrancis Masicat

      Change the color of your mags in to the white

    22. Garrett Rinehart

      Get headlight and taillight tint too

    23. Julia Jeffery

      are you going to stay in Utah when you move?

      1. Brody Johnson

        Yeah he is

    24. Canadian Gujjars

      At first I though he had bad taste in colors until I saw the senna and the super 👍great job

    25. JYDEN

      Is ti only for me, the sound was weird, when he got window tint?

    26. Serge Do

      Poor focus.

    27. stu

      Does anyone know where he has got all his money from, is it just doing these vlogs?

    28. grafizi

      Wrap the mirrors black

    29. thefabforces

      do duonuts

    30. FajardzT

      Wheres the full b-roll?

    31. shouldhaverunit

      1 like = 1 respect

    32. Gurmender Grewal

      Manual box Supra conversion available. USD $12,000

    33. DkJelly

      Down Pipe it, they sound so sick when they are down piped,👌

    34. The Young Explorer

      I think ur mic got messed up by the corvette

    35. Toxic Cock

      Straight pipe the 2020 supra

    36. shane gatia

      do a gold digger video

    37. Ivan Lopez

      James keep making great videos I have been subscribed for 5 yrs now and will never unsubscribe!😀

    38. Laur R

      Supra needs hood mod! Check it out

    39. steve golden

      Swap a 26b engine in there.............

    40. Hansen Henry

      Poor Poor Poor little bird...

    41. KC Creations


    42. Jeffy got fire

      For the supra put a BIG ass wing on it

    43. garethallen666

      Shut up

    44. Diane Lee

      Lower the supra

    45. Dark Vulcan

      Why were the clips of them working on the car (washing, applying the window tint, etc. ) silent?

      1. Window to the Universe

        Too lazy to do a montage video

    46. Oliver Campbell

      Upgrade blow of valve

    47. 24k Savage

      If the police don’t want tinted windows why don’t they ban it

    48. dwight tsanchez

      Seriously , what are you on ?

    49. lietson goncalves

      I’m confused why does he call it the 2020 Supra if it was made in 2019.

      1. Ivan Lopez

        lietson goncalves it’s called the 2020 Supra

    50. Benedicto Fabro

      i want the supra to have a wide body kit if you coould strad

    51. jimmy swan

      Best mods. Take b58 to the dump. Install 2jz.

      1. jimmy john

        Stop it, you're embarrassing the rest of us jimmy's.

    52. steven Moya

      Hey pal lay off the coke

    53. Airsoft Teamm


    54. Sam Foxley

      There’s no sound when the window tint is done Just me?

      1. Han Freeman

        Mic was messed up the whole time, loud ass Corvette broke the mic 😂😂😂

      2. Tyler Wells

        Yeah no sound

      3. PutSomeDsonThatBlink

        Yep, he must have used a copyrighted track

      4. Joshua Williams

        Sam Foxley just you

    55. Sam Foxley

      Why don’t you use manual in the supra as manual is better that full auto

    56. Kyle Burns

      I live in Nebraska

    57. Snowball Rsx

      Exhaust !!!!!

    58. Zackary Spang

      That snap at the end tho

    59. Brian

      whats with the red mirrors on the Supra? Can't stand it

    60. Taj Lewis

      The LC500 should have been the new Supra at least it’s made by Toyota and it looks just like a new gene Supra and has the horsepower to say so 🤔 who’s with me on this one and if you haven’t seen the Lexus LC500 check it out before talking shit

    61. brianmcg321

      Easy mods: 1. Sell Toyota 2. Buy 2020 Corvette 3. Profit

    62. L Face

      Wide body mite not fit in the garage.

    63. [Osu]Overlord Official

      Did youtube strike the music? xD

    64. Area 51 Raid Team leader

      Widebody lower it tune it/engineswap exauhst

    65. RealUpdatedGamer

      Good thing they were SIMPLE

    66. Lil Ty

      Is it the beautiful state of Utah or udder garbage

    67. Troy Garcia

      waste of $

    68. Keller Racing

      James buy a 650s

    69. Cole T

      You should buy a motorcycle

    70. Yuh *

      Utah really is absolute utter garbage. I moved there from Cali for a few months and it sucked. Cali is way better! Omm!!!