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    AMAZING FISHING CHALLENGE where I had to find all my own bait before I tried to catch fish!!! Found a TON of bait but was SHOCKED to see the variety of fish species I was able to catch!
    Check out this MONSTER FISH I Caught from a TINY Canal!!!
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    #fishing #outdoors #adventure #challenge
    Rod/Reel/Line/Baits used:
    -Natural worms & hellgrammites
    -Genie Jar (Holds live bait)
    -Major Craft Benkei 6'4" light/fast travel rod
    -Shimano Ci4+ 1000 Spinning Reel
    -Suffix 832 braid (6 lbs)
    -Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (6 lbs)
    (Above Links are Amazon Associate Links)
    Location: Patapsco River in Maryland
    Date: August 9th, 2019
    Primary Pattern: Hellgrammites in deep holes
    Time Fished (+harvesting bait): 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Air Temp: High of 88 degrees
    Water Temp: 78 degrees
    Water Clarity: 24 - 48 inches
    Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the SW up to 6 mph
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Hunter Holbert

      #1 is called a yellow belly not blue file

    2. TracerGaming

      That spider is called a "crab Spider". I know lot bout wildlife.

    3. john hetcel

      a bullet spider

    4. Timko Timi

      Like for the helgramite gift

    5. Anthony Vicente

      That spider is a brown widow

    6. david chestnut

      1:47 the Asian moves really help😂🤣

    7. Landon Jenkins

      Love your vids especially this one

    8. PG_Gaming

      That looks like a crab 🕷️

    9. bax Prosser

      You’re making me hungry


      Ocean : i got crabs that pinch fishers River : that's cute . i combined a centipede with a crab claw as a head

    11. a zed

      Drop that hellgrammite on your junk if you want to be considered for next seasons Kings of Pain TV Show.

    12. ayela pili

      gg got

    13. fly shop bum TV

      The random dude was a total jerk

    14. jdkaye

      I think the first bluegill was half pumpkinseed

    15. Bugs Buagas

      im your biggest fan men, can you give me fishing rod and reel. my rod was broken and i just borrowed my reel from some friends. thanks

    16. Loading BadContent

      That I called a crab spider

    17. Gabriel Constancio

      Its a Pearce

    18. Snowy

      Brave wilderness ✌️

    19. Ant Caster


    20. Elaine Ariesta


    21. ProBlack 1314

      14:44 sunshine bass or striped bass?

    22. Nick Ewing

      Crab spider I've seen one before

    23. Jermaine Miller

      U definitely gotta come to dundalk md and do some fishing

    24. Milan Cooijman

      men: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yup they hurt a little but

    25. DnA Slasher

      It’s called a Dobson

    26. Chad Boettcher

      You should go to a bass pro shops get the biggest crank and swim bait then fish with them

    27. Elias84

      I used hellgramites ALL the time growing up! They literally catch anything! Awesome to see you using them in this video!

    28. KleinJan Boshoff

      U talk too much

    29. Pablo Flores


    30. Alex Klein

      The spider is an Orb Weaver!

    31. Michelle Porter

      Orb Wever spider

    32. Terris Wilson

      1rod the best fisherman ever you make me inspired to fish for bass big ones you’re the best

    33. Martin Mcdonagh

      I love fishing

    34. Klayton Parris

      I want to see a whopper plopper creek fishing challenge

    35. Julia Kerr


    36. Richard Columbia

      Normally don't watch your videos just cause I don't have time but you for sure got a like on this one, good shit on giving the kid that lil creature👏

    37. SanttuVlogs

      day saver 5:20:))

    38. Fishing, hunting, bmx And other stuff

      This man on crack that’s not a molly it’s a large mouth bass if you look up molly is a tiny fish

      1. KooKooBird Plays

        He did not say molly.

    39. nicholas maharaj

      This dude looks and acts like he's on crack... good fisherman tho

    40. Yakumaツ

      8:07 i got the exact same pocket knife model! :D

    41. hermione teves

      That's spider is an arachnid

    42. Squashy Cat

      That spider was a crab spider

    43. Christian Reed

      You dont put Hellgramites In water they live under the rocks and find air pockets

    44. Rudy Lopez

      How did you like the travel rod ?

    45. Heidi Ballay


    46. Buzz L8yr

      7:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    47. SOLitude Lake Management

      Wow I am so glad I found this channel :D

    48. Joseph Staszewski

      I like how he offered his stuff to those people this guys real cool.

    49. Brian Loguidice

      First video of yours I watched and you got me to sub for putting those kids in a good fish with that helgermite awesome work

    50. Aaron Dominguez

      The rock bass looks like it had sniffed crack before you catched it.

    51. SharkoPlayz 28

      Keep them happy ?there about to be bait for fish

    52. Aidan Murray

      cool Beans!

    53. FISH FLOPS

      If I was in the vid and had the net I’m a god with a net the most I got in 1 scoop is 35 fish

    54. Elijah Hess

      hurt a little bit!!!!!!!

    55. gemma phillips

      A black red back

    56. Cole Davis

      Your gonna drown and kill all of your helgramites... This dude is absolutely horrible.

    57. Amir Fauzi

      "Kamu sangt hebat"(malaysia) in english u are awesome :) your fans from malaysia

    58. Steven Campbell

      It’s called a or waiver

    59. outdoor life

      Congrats on the stripped bass!

    60. outdoor life

      Looks like an orbweaver

    61. outdoor life

      You have inspired me so much! I want to start a US-new channel on fishing, animals, and hiking!

    62. FE4R_paceYT

      That spider is a spider

    63. JT VLOGS

      U said rock bass but that really reminds me of a red eye could be wrong but it doesn't matter lol

    64. Tanner Tuggle

      If you need advice on how to hook them hit me up... I've been fishing with them since I was about 8...great video bud

    65. Chad Thompson

      The spider is called a orb weaver.

    66. Jessen Fernando &Playing Games

      Thank god it not a Hermit Crab

    67. Claudia Bartolo

      You inspired me to go fishing

    68. Brodie Gregory

      I am mike and I am going into the bite zone of the helagrite

    69. Alexgamer CoolXD

      The new bear grills