Film Theory: The Joker Is Not Real (Joker 2019 Spoiler Free)

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    This year we are getting a seemingly brand new take on the classic Batman villain, the Joker. This version stars Joaquin Phoenix as a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck - a new name for the old character. People are saying it's a whole new origin story for the Joker and I think that's true... but maybe not in the way most people are thinking. I think this Joker is not actually REAL! What do I mean? You're about to find out!
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Zakariah Kassem

      Dame it I watched this at night by myself

    2. Nicolas Santana

      Arthur Fleck its the joker from other DC "Universe"

    3. Jordan Matthews

      Now let's watch poor MatPat be wrong again.

    4. Just Nierninwa

      Fun fact, a typical symptom of schizophrenia is often delusions of grandeur. This fits perfectly with what we're seeing!

    5. Mr ChiefLoud

      Alex Jones has better take on this movie.

    6. AXEKILLER _311

      So basically joker is supposed to be a more interesting reboot of the king of comedy

    7. Kim mie

      Since you pointed out that his mom looks young, I started to wonder..... is his mom a hallucination too? Or a hostage? (Sorry, I know the hostage thing is a stretch 😆)... but when he’s dancing with her in the trailer... it kindaaaa gave me a Norman Bates vibe... dancing with her corpse or something....

    8. Rick J-420

      Joker has always been shown to be an unreliable narrator, even to himself about who he is and why he is. So I would actually be pretty happy if they went this direction with this. A personal prediction, I have a feeling that Arthur has that disease where he has forced laughter like the videos Phoenix watched to practice his laugh. There's probably going to be some tic that shows that his laughter is involuntary but at the end of the movie, once everything comes crashing down he's going to let out an epic laugh but this time, no tic. Showing that now he "gets the joke" and he's actually laughing himself. A slow zoom in on his manically joyful faces as all hell breaks loose around him then BOOM credits. JOKER. Directed by Todd Phillips.

    9. Maxwasagooddog Is back

      I got an ad for Joker on this vid lol

    10. NeoAce 7

      His feet are moving in strange patterns? So dancing is strange ? Moves his feet into a dance position or some sort. How is this strange ? Idk it just seem strange to put this as a reason

    11. Dustin Kunish

      The way fantasy and reality mold leaving you confused is the same way schizophrenia actual works you fade in and out of reality confused on not really knowing what’s going on

    12. fluffshi

      I once started laughing at stairs

    13. Molon Gangsta

      I literally write like that and I’m 14 I- (disclaimer not the people don’t blah blah blah I’m talking about the upper half

    14. tara lovesspicynoodles

      I got the trailer for the joker as an add on this 🤔

    15. tara lovesspicynoodles

      Just yes

    16. BlackRonin

      Maybe there will be a five year time jump during which he becomes more of the mastermind we know. It's worked before.

    17. KittyCon

      If it’s not real that means his is gonna drive himself mad, This is probably character build up.

    18. Bostumo

      That laugh caught me off guard lol!

    19. Romina Constenla

      Imagine the vast of Suicide Squat having to stand someone sending them used condoms and death rats just to have him do the worst rendition of the joker.

    20. E

      Wow, somebody did more than just their homework.

    21. Kieran Cheale

      The beef bit killed me 😂

    22. toriel

      can i just say so.. lets say somebody beats you up and you start crying but then your body just forces you to smile and laugh is that close to this jokers mental illness?

    23. Neil Mukhopadhyay

      I just have a are you assuming that joker has schizophrenia. ...that term is what psychologists use when they cant tell whats wrong with you...thats not really an fact joker has even made claims to some sort of super consciousness ( if we are indeed talking about the same joker here)...

    24. Mr. Black

      Yeah do i say this... you're fucking wrong. Ive seen it and trust me... you're very very wrong

    25. Luis Gonzalez

      Oh no I’m sorry 😞 I know you said no spoilers but I can bear to watch it yet. I’ll have to come back after I see the movie

    26. Saad Mansoor

      joke is on you

    27. gavin Driscoll

      It’s pretty clear he is not the real joker. We don’t know the real jokers name or backstory. He probably doesn’t have one so this can’t be the joker.

    28. Omega Scrap Baby Chan

      I feel sad for JOKER in the theater.

    29. ChoralAlchemist

      VERY COOL! Super interesting. My husband was looking forward to this movie so much and now we’ll have even more to think about when we watch it. Also, thanks for the jump scare at 15:00, got me good. ;)

    30. Scott Alex Brandon Parasram

      Joker !! A mental mad man - nope. A mental mad man doesnt know martial arts, business, create a laugh gas that turns u into zombie like him, joke bombs, knows not to get shoot and set up traps. Lol Joker is a Batman without restraint. Simple- he is The Joker!

    31. BumbadawgTV

      If it was a genetic remake of the, "King of Comedy" I think--despite the fusion of Gotham and an update--it would be disappointing. I think it is more likely that he has multiple personalities..forged from abuse and other tramas. That their is a jekyll/hyde sort of thing at work. But--dunno. Looking forward to the film.

    32. Rudolfo Phillips

      If this turns out tto be true they had better save their own asses by having him wake up to a blinding light then a doctor leaning over him yelling "Jack! It's ok Jack we're here you had an accident in your room" or something like that haha

    33. James Burns

      Making a film theory on a move that ain’t out

    34. Random Idea dude

      It sounds like joker. Everyone who’s a good friend knows he’s a guy who lies about his life using movies

    35. Carlo James Millano

      well I don't have schizophrenia but my writing sucks

    36. Preston Leven

      The killing joke: a semi telling of the Jokers .origin where he is a Comedian named ARTHUR! Don’t say this is the first time this has been his name when that graphic novel came out 30 years ago. Just saying.

    37. Azul Alas Arjona

      if ever this is true... thank you for the spoilers...

    38. Luis Martinez

      That was a complete spoiler.. With the comment at the end you just desperately spoiled the movie... Mattpat you are so desperate...dislike and unsubscribe. You spolied my most awaited movie with a dick move

    39. Myles Morris-Tomlinson

      Joker creepy

    40. Lewis Pastars

      I have a bad feeling that this is more progressive Hollywood social commentary with a focus on the ‘mental health community’. I just don’t see how they can spin a violent psychotic murderer as positive.

    41. Michael Hayden

      We live in a society, the movie

    42. PartyGawd

      I can't wait to see the next theory on this new joker movie

    43. Move Advisor

      I saw the movie and your wrong on all accounts! The movie is so deeper then what you think it will be. Easily the best movie I’ve ever seen.

    44. Kasey Combs

      15:00 it’s midnight, MatPat. You didn’t have to make me through my phone

    45. Waluigi Is the best

      Gamers rise up

    46. RageFire

      does the movie got that pencil magic trick though?

    47. Emperor Orthopox

      He was called Arthur White in some of the earlier comics

    48. GiantsJack

      great vid, hope u were right

    49. GiantsJack

      jesus, i'm a schizo. i'm the joker. thanks!

    50. Jacob Weaver

      I am IN LOVE with the shot of Joker preparing to walk on stage and the curtain is in front of him

    51. Cyrus The Great

      MatPat this theory is gonna flop because it's DC and the movie is called JOKER.

    52. Freetimer

      Poison Ivy asks Harley Quinn-“Who are you dating?” Harley Quinn responds with - 0:41

    53. Psyifinotic

      its already been confirmed in one of the reviews

    54. Dev'sAdvocate

      “The worst part of having a mental illness is that people expect you to act as if you don’t.” I felt that.

    55. Cactus The Bad The Lucky Cowboy

      When i clicked on this video, the ad i got was the Joker trailer

    56. The real AUDEL

      It’s stupid, joker is a great fighter, smart and great at tricking and twisting people, they’re making an autistic joker in this movie

    57. Oh Shoot

      Dang I got a joker ad during the video

    58. lilzues4335

      maybe he is imagining his life as terrible so he thinks that what he is doing is justifiably because he thinks he is a victim of circumstance

    59. Yune

      for some reason I believe everything you said might be true

    60. Dan Reaper

      Here's my theory about the joker movie. I'm going to buy a ticket and watch it and see how it ends LOL

    61. Ertürk Ersöz

      You are correct. Just watch the video of intervention of Joaquin Phoenix:

    62. Caio R

      You clearly hasn't researched enough. They've made it quite clear that the Joker in this movie has a real life disease that makes people laugh uncontrolably at any time...

    63. Judy ThatzIt

      I’ve been on Tik Tok so much I just tried to double click the video to give it a like 🤦🏽‍♀️

    64. DJ N

      Oh God, the SNARK...please... You had Zack Snyder and you couldn’t handle him...FFS. Such amazing blindness

    65. Natural Bae Love it!

      Can you see Child’s play old vs child’s play new

    66. Jon Ross Campbell

      His laugh is a tic, already been explained.

    67. Knox Bros

      Thing is this is probably true but that wouldn’t be his name because even the joker doesn’t know his own name

    68. RMGLEXu

      @The Film Theorists hey buddy I can see ur point but if he isn't real (as a joker) then what is "Batman Dark Knight" about? the joker in there seems to be really similar, and we do know that the dark knight joker was real and this joker movie is basically him(joker) in the beginning of his infamous crime life. So if the joker from DK is real and this joker movie is the joker from DK but In the beginning then how is he not real?? anyways im kinda mad b/c u ruined my hype for the movie

    69. Валера Дзасежев

      *7 things out of a big list of symptoms being correct* Matt: It's almost an exact match! I'm sorry but what?

    70. unmarkedX

      I hope you’re wrong . This would be totally gay