Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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    I ain't worried bout nothin
    I ain't wearin na nada
    I'm sitting pretty, impatient
    But I know you gotta
    Put in those hours
    Imma make it harder
    I'm sendin pic after picture
    Imma get you fired
    I know you're always on that night shift
    But I can't stand these nights alone
    I don't need no explanation
    Baby you're the boss at home
    You don't gotta go to work
    But you gotta put in work
    You don't gotta go to work
    Let my body do the work
    We can work from home
    Let's put it into motion
    Imma give you a promotion
    I'll make it feel like a vacay
    Turn the bed into an ocean
    We don't need nobody
    I just need your body
    Nothin but sheets in between us
    Ain't no gettin off early
    Oh, yeah
    Girl gotta work for me
    Can you make it clap
    No hands for me
    Take it to the ground
    Pick it up for me
    Look back at it
    All on for me
    Put in work like my timesheet
    She ride it like a '63
    Imma buy her no Celine
    Let her ride in a foreign with me
    Oh, she the bae, I'm her boo
    And she down to break the rules
    Ride or die, she gone go
    I won't judge, she finesse
    I pipe her, she take that
    Puttin' overtime on your body
    (C) 2016 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment"

    Published on 4 years ago


    1. maria júlia

      oi brasileiro

    2. Cassaundra Grove

      I love this song if you do not I am so mad at you jk not mad hehehehe

    3. Colton Whiting

      Camilla aaaah

    4. Ivan OMG

      Y que hace la negra

    5. Johanna Milena Gil Aguirre

      La de negro nunca canta

    6. ii_Cringley

      This Channel: 13.1M Subs Camila Cabello: 13M Subs Normani: 1.06M Subs Ally Brooke: 1.02M Subs Lauren Jauregui: 727K Subs Dinah Jane: 291K Subs

    7. Sophia

      Go to 2mins and 18 seconds wat a hottie 😍uff

    8. Lyne Makaya

      Elles sont trop belles et elle chantes toues bien 😘💓💖👏

    9. Narendra Painkra

      cheerleaders be like work, work, work😂

    10. Guilherme Sampaio


    11. Emilly Souza

      Quem sente sdd? :(

    12. Geoffrey Mbugua

      This girl's light up my days.

    13. Astle Gonsalves

      they broke up because they were fired from work for hoeing around and not building the house on time🤯

      1. Astle Gonsalves

        don't @ me, coz I'm a FREAKING HARDCORE HARMONIZER xoxo

    14. Umaima Imran


      1. ii_Cringley

        Except camila. RIGHT??!!?

    15. Gilbelys F Flores

      La que esta vestida de negro no ISO nad

    16. Sieanna Roy

      wait a min i think i see camila cabello like if you do

      1. ii_Cringley

        Everyone does lmao. If you didn't know camila cabello was in fifth harmony then you've been living under a rock.

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    18. Fiyara Babahe


    19. camila jauregui

      Melhor e maior hit de uma girlband

    20. popular. dezz

      Wait it says 2.2b views the first time I've seen that many views on a video

    21. Joker JP

      Legend has it they still constructing the building.

    22. Brandon De Simone

      When they tell you, it will take time to build your home.

    23. Jude Devaraj

      0:46 what's she tryna do? She: loosening my ass nerves He: wait what, WTF?

    24. Parthib Pandit

      1:47 this is where our insecurities started...

    25. Yeet_the_beet

      Back to the kitchen

    26. Interesting Knowledge

      2:20 ronaldinaho entrance

    27. THE WASabiCowboy


    28. Preethi Rajendran

      the bag was too small for him

    29. Katail Green

      why do they sound the same????

      1. 9ine6ix Harmonizer

        Because she incredible

    30. VanillaBubble Bath

      When this came out me and my friends danced on a pole as a joke at my middle school and out crush’s saw us. I’m still disappointed in myself

    31. Robin Clinton

      OMFG😱 never knew this song hit 2.2 billion views 👍 It's all cuz of Camila's voice 😝😍

    32. V. L.

      Contruyendo una escuela rural en El Salvador??????????

    33. Brandon Russell

      Imagine it be in 2016 again when we felt happy vibes, summer 2016 was fun asf and very little people where sensitive and vine was still her and TikTok was still and was still here will you go back the 2016 days?

    34. Akira A McLaren

      No dudes pp is that long

    35. Xuân Bi

      Camilla 💗💗

    36. Julia Melo

      love, beautiful

    37. Marlee Well

      Wait, is Camilla Cabello in Fifth Harmony!? Please tell me! I'm not too positive if that was her or not.

      1. Marlee Well

        @ii_Cringley Ah.. okay. Thank you!

      2. ii_Cringley

        She was, but in 2016 she left. Now She has a great career. Check her out pls.

    38. Aubrey Penns22

      2020 babes 💜

    39. MinnesotaRascal

      I gotta get through this. I gotta get through this. I gotta ma- gotta ma- gotta make it through.

    40. Rick Cotton

      Tbh I think Camila cabello is more popular than fifth harmony

    41. Gabby Cooksey

      I listened to this since I was a little girl

    42. Gerson Sousa

      Love you fifth harmoni

    43. Gabi

      Lol look what happened after Camila left 😂 the group isn't a group without her 😂 even demi said Camila shines and girl got a boyfriend now booo 😂

    44. ginevra olivieri

      1:18 It's been four years and I still don't know what these sounds are

    45. Big Brother

      Work work NicE

    46. Il-Eliminated-lI

      Alter die erste hatte die Probleme mit ihren Stimmbändern :D

    47. Hamada Sidou

      I swear that I've dreamt that I'm the one who made fifth harmony come back together 😭😭😭 I wish it was true I really miss them💔

    48. Breeya Schatschneider

      My first song I listened to with my bf ❤️

    49. Nemanja Panic

      2:56 I want to punch her

    50. Kushagra Chauhan

      Is there really construction going on 🤣😂🤣😂

    51. eddie johns

      I Love your music camila and Shawn mendes 💝

    52. eddie johns

      I Love your music camila Cabello and

    53. Jungkook love

      อู้ววววววว ว้าววววว😃

    54. Tahajod Heartent

      That was slutty

    55. Dre Taylor

      Who else wants to go into construction now 👀

    56. Isabella Sandlin

      Imma put this song up on cleaning day.

    57. Official rosie IDV

      Is that camila Cabello in the middle?

    58. JoJo Alhndi

      COOL and CETT

    59. Diego Mariano


    60. Jarodd Justin

      i miss this legends

    61. อุษาพร คงสุวรรณ


    62. อุษาพร คงสุวรรณ


    63. อุษาพร คงสุวรรณ


    64. adrianofiorletta

      Tbh, hot girls wouldn't work at a construction site 🤣🤣

    65. pcfaria79


    66. Lambo Lambo


    67. Lily Clark

      I really like the song but I don't get what it means .

    68. korilakkuma

      constructer : ladies fifth harmony: yeah constructer: it’s time to make a new building called IKEA fifth harmony: ok ally: wait, what is ikea i don’t know what it is? constructer: ally, ikea is a furniture shop where people can buy so many furnitures. ally: oh ok Camila: what do people need to buy at ikea? constructer: people need buy bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms 🚽, and desks and other stuff . Camila: oh ok Lauren: how much are those prices when u buy any furniture? constructer: well Lauren, u see it will depend on how much price is in each furniture to go into ur effort and to get ur balance checked? Lauren: oh ok Dinah: are we also building a cafeteria at ikea? constructer: yes we are Dinah: YAY 😁! I’m so excited to build that cafeteria maybe some delicious 🤤 😋 food/snacks! Normani: where are we building ikea at? constructer: we are building at Cerritos town center? Normani: oh ok so that way people can show up to find any furniture what they want to pay their bills constructer: exactly fifth harmony: YAY 😀😄😁all of us are so excited for ikea! hahaha 😂🤣 get it! good joke huh?

      1. Baby yoda Baby yoda


      2. Leah Thorne

        korilakkuma I’m not patient enough to read all this

    69. Andra Gomes

      Solo vengo a ver el vídeo para llorar nuevamente después de un tiempo T__T

    70. Carmenalbarado. cruz albarado. Hernandez

      Like sin son las mejores