FC Barcelona - SCC Napoli (4-0) HIGHLIGHTS

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Ann Arbor, Michigan - For 47 minutes on Saturday at Michigan Stadium, it appeared that Napoli and Barça were headed for a scoreless draw. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over.
    Clinging to a 2-1 aggregate lead after Wednesday’s triumph in Miami, and with the second half barely underway, the Catalans scored four times in 15 minutes to run up a 6-1 aggregate lead over Napoli, for all intents and purposes clinching the La Liga Serie A Cup with over 25 minutes to play.
    Luis Suárez opened the scoring in the 48th when he set Antoine Griezmann free on a give-and-go, only to see Griezmann’s shot saved before Suárez swooped in to stash home the rebound.
    Eight minutes later, in the 56th, Griezmann notched his first Barça goal from the doorstep following an assist from Jordi Alba.
    Just two more minutes went by when Suárez scored his team-leading third goal of the preseason in the 58th, providing a clinical finish with a one-time shot from just outside the area that curled past the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper and into the upper right corner.
    Ousmane Dembélé rounded out the onslaught in the 63rd, finishing with a low shot from the right edge of the area, back across the box and into the lower left corner.
    It was a remarkable quarter-hour for FC Barcelona, which for the first time this preseason did not make any substitutions at the half, as manager Ernesto Valverde chose to keep his starting XI on the field in their final match before Friday’s La Liga opener at Athletic Club Bilbao.
    The win over Napoli was consummated at the biggest stadium Barça has ever played in. Michigan Stadium, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, has a capacity for 107,601, and is the biggest stadium in the United States - and the second biggest in the world.
    Attendance here on Saturday was announced as 60,043. With fans dispersed throughout the cavernous seating bowl, one of the game’s most curious moments came midway through the first half, when during a water break match officials posted a message on the Michigan Stadium jumbotrons encouraging fans to “feel free to move down closer to the field and fill in any empty seats.” Within seconds, thousands of fans began percolating down the stands, making for a more energetic atmosphere throughout the rest of the match.
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Miguel Angel Sam Lee

      damn luisito on fire

    2. Bashir Abdullahi

      How far

    3. ともとも


    4. Mark Levin

      Demble shoud play more

    5. Francesco Damele

      Formidabile Barcellona

    6. Sai krishna

      Still waiting for the revenge against liverpool🔥

    7. Goddee One

      messi is the best

    8. Oladimeji Ibrahim

      wait.. the assistant ref is a fan or what? just watching.. refusing to spot BLATANT offside lmao

    9. coogko moim

      are they drunk or something? how many offsides did those judges allowed for barcelona?

      1. lRydeRdiel


    10. Lamiye Memmedova


    11. nobin regmi

      And Bilbao 1- barca 0

    12. Herve Delfosse

      The first 2 goals offside WTF , pppfffff , si That new foot rules ????

      1. coogko moim

        Eljif elmaa seri üzgün :(

    13. DJ Solo

      Bilbao Barca 0-1

      1. DJ Solo


    14. Sascha Duly

      Griezmann ist so eine wurst vor dem tor....wie viele dinger der verballert

    15. PlanB John

      Hahaha hahaha

    16. Napoli 88 Hools

      Cheaterlona two offsides

    17. Napoli 88 Hools

      Watched this game at the stadium had a good time watching napoli but we played like crap

      1. Napoli 88 Hools

        @gonas horok oh yeah it conditioned the game for sure two offside goals :{ but still enjoyed watching my club play

    18. Charming nowhere to hide

      wasnt the 2 first goals offside? or is that rule gone now? have i missed something,

    19. Barwry Offical

      Four gosh sounds Amazing Adelance

    20. EMMANUEL HOPE491

      Barcelona this will be champions

    21. Nicola Abeni


    22. Jerry

      wow that first goal Griezmann was on the other side of the lake

    23. zarovv

      are they drunk or something? how many offsides did those judges allowed for barcelona?

    24. Bobob Bob

      Uefalona classic barca always give the ref a bit of money

    25. حيدر البصري

      اكو عرب اهنا لو بس اني 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😢🙏

    26. Mustafa Gökay

      Fenerin eljaf elması kurtaramadı 🤣

    27. Yunus

      Eljif elmaa seri üzgün :(

    28. Teodor Cuculea

      First goal îs offside. Second goal îs legit.

    29. Rebaz Hamed


    30. Nurdal Uzun

      Pro Barcelonaaaaaaa

      1. Need you now

        the first two goals is offside but nvm

    31. Stefano Marano

      Thieves !!!

    32. Stefano Marano

      Ladri !!!

      1. Need you now

        Che cazzo di arbitraggio è? Una truffa !!! 2 fuorigioco che se succede in italia l'arbitto deve uscire sotto scorta !!! Una merda

    33. Сергей Старцев

      And the winner is..... referee!

    34. spart icuz

      I hate that dam Barca jersey, who ever is responsible for it should be sent to prison.

    35. hen ko

      Viva barça !!!

    36. Lenine Awono

      Come-back FC vs Napolie

    37. Onda Latina


    38. hebbe keke

      wasnt the 2 first goals offside? or is that rule gone now? have i missed something,

      1. hen ko

        Where is messi???

    39. chigo bet

      So barca's fans are saying that frankie is the best Middlefielder in the word but imagine what would happen if he choses other club :D

    40. less kiss

      Imbrogliando anche in un'amichevole con 2 goal in fuorigioco

    41. Dybalax 10

      The debate is over, Ronaldo is the real GOAT of football not leofraud pessidog. Messi once again showed he’s a terrible captain by faking an injury to not play against Atletic Bilbao. Ronaldo would never fake an injury to not play a difficult match, and if he was he would be cheering and managing from the sideline unlike pessidog who was would instead blame Higuain or Kevin Durant. If UEFAlona ever want to win the UCL they should sell Messi who is holding the team back from success.

    42. Gerardo Torres

      Griezzman te best

      1. less kiss

        SSC* Napoli

    43. Max Ros

      Che taccart

    44. Cesar Martinez

      4:40 👯‍♂️ kiss cámara pls !!!!!

    45. Piergiuseppe Travaglia

      Che cazzo di arbitraggio è? Una truffa !!! 2 fuorigioco che se succede in italia l'arbitto deve uscire sotto scorta !!! Una merda

    46. Coolsjam kingdom

      the first two goals is offside but nvm

    47. Redzer Lima

      Where's Messi

    48. cancarella nevsky

      2 goals from offside..🙈

    49. XtremFlips !

      Go Antoine Griezmann

    50. Safwan Sudin

      offside..bitch please..

    51. Benny Xavier Benny


    52. Edgar Almonacid

      Taba adelantado en el primer gol

    53. Pahmi Pamungkas

      Goal offside 🤔

    54. S.h현수

      Where is messi???

    55. Golden Miss

      Viva barça !!!


      Se acabo el futbol a ITALIA,

    57. Tarjan Tamang

      off side goal wtf

    58. HighLights FaMa

      SSC* Napoli

    59. ciro laezza

      Imbrogliando anche in un'amichevole con 2 goal in fuorigioco

    60. All Time Awesomeness

      7.7 million subscribers and 7.7 million viewa😮

    61. Konrad Mazur

      Milik was the best on the boisko

    62. boo sailor

      stronger without messi

    63. Andrew Jones


    64. Yan ar go

      Ils sifflent pas les hors-jeu ?🤔 si non pas mal dembele 👌

    65. Ferko Miko


    66. Fury Donnie

      No spanish people here?

    67. mark jeffers

      That's the Spanish league over for another year then lol barca will win the league by 15 points

      1. mark jeffers

        @Fabio Bianco I know but as good as they were last year then add griezman and de jong you'd have to say they are stronger tho I see they have lost their first match maybe athletico can compete with them after all

      2. Fabio Bianco

        A friendly match doesn't mean anything.

    68. Huỳnh Minh Vũ

      The editor should have cut the Griezmann’s pass to Suarez in the slow motion scenes rather than just the goal from Suarez. It brings back the good Tiki Taka feeling.

    69. Nico Criq

      Les hors jeu ne compte pas en amical ?