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    Guys, there is gist o! Fans came hard on #Mercy over private jet joke; #Ike is Mercy's handbag? #Diane signs multinational deals; #Ifuennada lies to her fans; #SouthAfricans show us how love is done and more. Just grab a popcorn and enjoy this one.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Michael Onyeka

      Just a question guys! Everytime everyday deals signed by many people in Nigeria. Who are their employees? What are they producing? Does it mean there's so much companies in Nigeria? It seems the high unemployment rate in Nigeria has gone down. Nigerians and always deals. Fake life everywhere.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        My dear, there a lot f companies in Nigeria who know little to nothing about marketing and advertising. And having a public figure who is the talk of the town at the moment talking about their product is one cheap and easy way to get their companies in their consumer's faces.

    2. oziza pesemi

      wait oh which one is pregnancy ring again

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Lol, don't mind my gist mouth. When I am in my element, I can just say anything o

    3. oziza pesemi

      haba na....mercy was obviously joking na

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Me I weak o

    4. Adeola

      I want the Cindy gist biko

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I have dropped it o, check my page dear

    5. Natang Renata Nakoma

      That joke wasn't funny! Mercy is shameless! I hate her for these her acts!! And hommie I use to like you but now eh!! I'm really trying to like you again but you give me reasons everyday not to like you

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Why now? What have I done o?

    6. Olly Jay

      🍎🍒🍎What am I waiting for? 💖🍎I gotta propose to you for Mr. Biggs💖by fire by force, u must to marry me🍾🍻🍾

      1. Olly Jay

        @Talk2UrHommie TV .. 😘Woww, 're you really really sure? Don't want you walking out on me in public, saying No 🙄🙄

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Lol, I am waiting o

    7. C&M Lilies

      Those talking rubbish are not Mercy's fan. However Mercy will sure get a private Jet soon.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Time will tell o

    8. Vivian ukadike

      Ur hair is super lovely

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear

    9. tolu olarinoye

      Hommie pls d cindy gist

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        It is already up my dear. check my channel and watch the gist

    10. John Attah

      i need the video pls

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        It is already up my dear. check my channel and watch the gist

    11. uche nnadi

      We need the gist

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        It is already up my dear. check my channel and watch the gist

    12. Tee.y Elion

      Luv ur new look Hommie. It's good to rest

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear

    13. Mmadu Esther

      Mercy is just joking haters please leave her alone

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I agree with you dear

    14. Kendra Ken

      Looking gd girl.. Love watching your channel.. U are really giving me the real gist

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot boo, I am glad my videos are of value to you.

    15. kate chinny

      Hommie I have followed you to US-new oo, I am still waiting for the clearer picture of your hair, you promised to take pictures and post on instastory, I never see am oo. You look beautiful babes.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        My love, oya go to my Instastory right now, I have posted the video and I even gave you a shout out, so go and see the full view of the hair dearie

    16. Oladunni Oginni

      Omy pls upload the Cindy's story I want to hear from you. And ur hair really looks NYC. Pls where did u do it cos me sef wan go do my own

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        My darling Oladunmi, because of you, I will edit the video this evening and post it up. I made my hair at Modssalon in Lagos and they are good.

    17. Imelda njisah

      Hommie i have appointed myself as the "Invisible Director of Hommie's Looks" i like ur recent looks: growing more beautiful by da day. U know what works for u. Wow! I like da way u always balance ur gist: nothing bias

    18. Winifred Egwame

      Diane's wasn't slow it was a work in progress. No need to rush anything she is going to go far in life with lots of talent plus good character

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Hmm, that is a good way to look at it and I concur my darling

    19. Winifred Egwame

      Mercy was just joking i watched the video

      1. oziza pesemi

        yeh it very obvious that she was joking

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I agree with you too

    20. Jenny Odili

      Am Happy for Ike like seriously at least my prayer worked for him,yes Ike should follow her around biko before person thing become another person thing,and as for mercy she should calm down with this PJ thingy abeg no rush in life abeg ,where is she running to ,no rush in life jor she's too desperate and is too bad for her, Devil uses what we cherish most to hunt use

      1. Jenny Odili

        Talk2UrHommie TV she was serious

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I am happy for Ike as well. But you really Mercy is desperate though? Me I felt she was joking o

    21. Flawless gogo

      U loookk beautiful todayyyy❤️❤️❤️

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Awww, tanska lot my darling 😘

    22. Mams Enow

      This Mercy's private jet matter tire me o! Hommie l love your new look.💕💕

      1. Mams Enow

        @Talk2UrHommie TV You are welcome. I see.

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot my darling but I kind of believe that she was joking though.

    23. Ezeji Oluchi

      Pls upload d cindy's story

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I will edit the video this night boo

    24. Bwalya Mukuka


      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks dear

    25. Daniel Maria

      Hommie please where did you do your hair, in the East here nobody understand what am talking after showing them the hair. I have the color park

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I did my hair in Lagos. You know what, I just posted a video of the whole hair, all the sides and how they did it on my Instagram Story. So go to Instagram now, I am @talk2urhommie there and watch the video. You can record your screen as you are watching it and show your hair person in the East my dear

    26. Fatmata Gbetuwa

      Hommie can u ple tell me d total deal's that mercy have signed, love u. From Sierra Leone

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Hmmm, kindly go to my Instagram page, I am @talk2urhommie there, I have an account of all the deals the housemates have signed so far.

    27. Daniel Maria

      Mercy, Diana and Ike keep moving. The jet God will give it to you

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV


    28. Daniel Maria

      Ifu should be quite

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I just taya for her o

    29. Chioma Chukwulobe

      Omy ur tea is very sweet!! Plx post d cindy video jare.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot, I will edit the video this night boo

    30. Blessing Ada

      I love mercy b4, dats y l voted her but now I hate her bcos she is very pompous, take it or leave it.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Aww, really? You think she is pompous?

    31. Blessing Ada

      I love mercy b4, dats y l voted her but now I hate her bcos she is very pompous, take it or leave it.

    32. Henrietta Okpara

      Mercy was just talking haba. That was just a mere word of the airport thing

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I agree with you too dear

    33. Poko Ozy

      Hommie u luk sweet

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear

    34. Vivian Tamakloe

      Ur hair is on Flick😘😘😘

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot darling

    35. chi eziegbo

      Hommie we want the gist ooooo, if you dont give us, who will, its sweet from your mouth😊😊

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Aww, don't worry my dear, I will edit the video this night boo

    36. Oladokun Ifeoluwa .A.

      You look good girl!!! Pls give us the Cindy video

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear, don't worry, I will edit the video this night boo

    37. Ajuwaghan misan

      Omy pls give us the gist naaa.

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        don't worry, I will edit the video this night boo

    38. prince paul

      Good video and fine presenter

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear

    39. Agnes Momoh

      Mercy is too fake

      1. Osigwe Georgina

        She remains a winner chosen by God. God gave her the crown, God will sustain her, she never depended on fans, or any charms or juju, but God raised an army on her behalf. So, if you don't want to support her, quietly leave her alone. God bless all mercenaries fanmily.

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Hmmm, why do you say so dear?

    40. Juliet Umennadi

      people must talk, no matter what. Everyone wanted mercy and ike's ship to sail and now that it's sailing they are complaining again...smh

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Asin ehn, I just weak o

    41. chidinma iwuchukwu

      Mercy was jokiing but bitter kola people will carry it on their head

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I believe that she was joking too dear

    42. Uzebor Franca

      Ope o,finally u don loose ur hair,thank God

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        But I loved the hair o

    43. avril rachel

      Please give us Cindy gist

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Don't worry, I will edit the video this night boo

    44. Vivian Ifunanya Obi

      I like ur hair style Omy

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear

    45. Mercy okems

      I need the video

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Don't worry, I will edit the video this night boo

    46. Buzz Babe

      Those are not her fans, forget. Mercy was only trying to be interesting. For crying out loud, what was wrong with what she said? Thank you for speaking up for Ike. A lot of depressed people looking for who to devour! I'm so happy for Diane. She deserves all she's getting! Congrats to the couple. I'm happy for them! The vacay sure looks good on you!

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Oh the vacation was lovely and peaceful. I agree that Mercy was joking but you know we all see things from different perspective.

    47. Zinaida Turay

      Honmie, I don't think there is any harm on thinking big as Mercy. But was pretty sure when she said she needed a private jet was just like cracking jokes. Mercy is crazy headed so people must not take such personal. Abeg ee be sin for ask for private jet?? Hahahahaha

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        I totally agree with you dear

    48. Kylie King

      Mercy didn't buy herself a house. That 30m cannot buy a house in that location. The house was definitely bought by someone else

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Really, I think she bought it but at a discounted price

      2. Joyce Kuwabo

        Kylie King how is it your business

    49. Kylie King

      I like ifu she tries too hard

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Yeah, she tries too hard and it can be annoying sometimes.

    50. Mabel Akuwa Roberts

      Mercy is completely fake. Private jet my foot

      1. Osigwe Georgina

        So person no go joke again? Abeg true mercenaries knows she was playing.. Lambo remains Lambo... God bless Mercy Eke.

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Really? Why do you think she is fake?

      3. kelvin jay

        I am a mercyeke the lambo fan we the real fans are not angry because we know she is playing and if you're a fan of mercy and you're angry over that please I beg u in the name of God to chill remember we have come a long way

    51. Oga Kemmy

      Theres no harm in small bragging shaaa

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Finally sha

    52. Che Raissa

      She did not say on pafume she said she spend 1m naira but she did not say she spend all the money on pafune madam

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        She said yes on perfumes. The full video is on my Instagram page where she went on to talk about how she has always bought fake perfumes, you can go there and watch it for yourself.

      2. Dorcas Chidi

        @Bisola Raji exactly!! I was about typing so too.

      3. Bisola Raji

        Che Raissa someone asked on perfumes? She responded yes

    53. Oga Kemmy

      I mean obviously mercys level don change so obviously her attitude behavior and lifestyle will change sorry buh thats the truth. When money enta pesin hand things happen

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Hmmm, well, I can't lie, I know money changes a lot of people sometimes

    54. Mercy Ukugha

      You look good happy for my girls oo..more wins to them..biko upload Cindy story I heard the gist but didt see the video

      1. Mercy Ukugha

        I will appreciate it..thanks

      2. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Thanks a lot dear, Don't worry, I will edit the video this night boo

    55. Aladi Joseph

      Is possible God can just send her private jet from heaven directly afterall,all are dreams have be coming to reality

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Finally sha, if you believe you will receive.

    56. Nkolo J.

      Ouuuu girl you look so gorgeous

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Aww, thanks a lot boo

    57. Aladi Joseph

      abeg they should allow ike to enjoy his life afterall is bcos of ike mercy naija normal man will tolerate all what ike went through for mercy with all those her annoying mood swings

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Abi o

    58. Aladi Joseph

      is possible for her to spend that kind of money for perfumes,some people like perfumes like mad,abeg hommies how do I get followers on my you tube channel where I dey talk about how to care for our body

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Be consistent, share your videos on different platforms, add personality to your videos and pray to God for increase.

    59. Jay Pulsar

      Hommie. You're looking good o 😍😍😂

      1. Talk2UrHommie TV

        Aww, thanks a lot darling.